The split system leaks into the inside of the room

Causes of water leakage from the indoor unit

A common cause of dripping is the drainage pipe clogged on the wall of the enclosure facing the building. Clogging is usually caused by insects crawling in the outlet. Obstruction of the outflow of the liquid, which causes its retrograde flow.

How to remove. By blowing out the drain pipe. Even a slight displacement of the unit may be enough to push the remaining jammed water out.

The air conditioner is designed with small passages to allow fluid to drain from the front to the back. If the terms of cleaning are violated the passages will gradually clog. The water which has not left the front part will leak out of the case.

How to fix. You can try to clean the technical holes with a thin wire or a knitting needle. Just don’t overdo it, so as not to cause more damage. Clogging can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. If these measures have not eliminated the problem, you should call a master from the service center.

When warm air jet hits the air conditioner cooler, it causes massive condensate buildup. At the same time there are literally splashes of water flying from the air conditioner.

How to fix. The defect in the case where the air penetrates into the inside should be carefully treated with an insulating material.

In case of Freon leakage the evaporator of the indoor unit is covered with ice. Such a problem is usually encountered in the period of switching the equipment into heating mode. This leads to intensification of the violations: the leakage intensifies, uncharacteristic noises occur, ice chips can appear in the outgoing air stream.

How to fix. The reasons that lead to freon leakage usually cannot be corrected by yourself! Cracks in the pipelines, breach of tightness of copper pipe expansion joints. Such defects require special skills and are usually repaired in service centers.

Appearance of the liquid leakage right after the air conditioner installation can indicate a crack of the drainage pipe.

How to eliminate. The breakage may have occurred due to the careless actions of the master-installer, and in this case the replacement is done free of charge by the company that installed the equipment.

A less serious problem that can occur during installation is an insufficient angle of inclination of the drain pipe, which leads to fluid stagnation in it.

How to fix. A repairer is required to install the drainage channel at a sufficient angle for complete drainage of the condensate.

The leading positions in terms of frequency in such situations takes a clogged drain pipe. Dust, dirt, insects are accumulated inside and they hamper the free outflow of the liquid to the outside. As a result condensate is accumulated and it causes water drop from split-system, but not outside but inside the room. There are three ways to clean the drain hose:

  • using a long wire;
  • by cutting off 10-15 cm of the tube from the street side;
  • With the help of professional equipment, working under high pressure.

If you can not eliminate the cause with improvised means, and the water from the split system is dripping, it is necessary to contact specialists.

Causes of appearance of water from air conditioner inside the room

There are a lot of reasons which can cause a split-system leak, so it is necessary to look at each of them more carefully.

temperature difference

Sometimes drops from the air conditioner can appear because of a trivial difference in temperature on the street and indoors. At a low outdoor temperature the condensate turns into ice, and in the morning it already melts and leaks in the form of droplets. Solving such a problem is simple enough: you should insulate the sector in which the heat exchanger is located. You can use the usual glass wool for such purposes. Once the insulation work is done, the problem with the leakage is over.

Improper installation of the system or its elements

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  • Sometimes there is water leaking from air conditioner when it is raining outside. In that case, the cause is likely to be the wrong location of the drainage hose, for example, the angle of inclination is not respected. The use of instructions and the correct positioning of all elements will help here.
  • As a prophylaxis you can install a canopy over the outside of the split-system. It will protect the enclosure from falling snow, and even more so water, which will be formed when it melts.
  • Another reason for water in the room from the device can be a wrong installation of the outdoor unit. If it is installed without a bevel, when it rains and snows, the drops will seep into the room. Independently fix it is difficult, but here’s a claim to the masters who were involved in the installation, it is still worth. If there is no guarantee, you can try to caulk the cracks around the body in places where water leaks, but it is worth remembering that this is not really useful for technology. To place the unit at the right inclination on their own will be quite difficult.


Another reason why there were drops of water inside the room after a period of use, can be the loosening of drain tubes or their depressurization. What to do in this case? It is possible to cope with the problem yourself, to do it you can do the following

It is very important not to overdo it, because at a great force it is possible to tear a thread, which will greatly increase the cost of repairs.

Problems with the drainage system

In some cases air conditioner leaks due to clogging by dust in the filtration system. Both the tube itself and the hole through which the condensate comes out can get clogged. Nothing to worry about. Today there are a lot of ways to clean such a system. Blowing, mechanical cleaning or rinsing with solutions that will contain special chemicals can be used.

Ideally, you should disassemble the entire system to clean every element: sump, drain pan, tube. But not everyone will be able to cope with the correct assembly after performing the cleaning, so it is still worth inviting a specialist, so that no unnecessary parts are left.

How to Fix Wall Air Conditioner AC Water Leak

Moisture forming inside a room split-block is an evidence of well-functioning and qualitative work of climatic equipment. The freon passing through the copper circuit in the evaporator heats up, giving the cold to the room air and taking its heat. This process is accompanied by condensation on the surface of the heat exchanger.

The unit of climate-control unit is completed with drainage system, which includes also a reservoir for water collection, branch pipe. Liquid flows from the evaporator into the tank and from there it is drained outside the equipment via the drainage hose. Drainage can be organized both outside the apartment, and in the sewer pipe.

How To Fix Wall Air Conditioner AC Water Leak || Fix Leaking Split System Air Conditioner

The quantity of condensed liquid during a day can be different. It depends on peculiarities of climatic equipment, chosen temperature mode, temperature of outside, room air, location of the internal module and so on.д. During hotter periods, the split unit operates at full power for a long time, which is accompanied by a higher level of condensate buildup.

The built-in drainage system is designed for the maximum amount of liquid to be removed and must be able to cope with it. If from the internal block of air conditioner the condensate is flowing, it is an evidence of split-unit malfunction, which has a definite reason.

When conditioner works twenty-four hours a day in heavy heat, the system can not cope with condensate drainage. Here you only need to disconnect the device from the network, remove the tray and pour out the content. After this split unit will work in a usual mode.

The most common cause of leaks lack of regular cleaning.

Because of this, the air conditioner can leak due to:

  • Insects in the air pipe. They settle there and obstruct liquid drainage.
  • Clogging of the drain pipe with dust, hair, which come from the room air.
  • Tray becomes clogged. Bacterial colonies and mold begin to grow inside. Mucus then builds up, odor appears and moisture stops flowing into the tube.

Sometimes, the air conditioner is leaking due to improper installation. In this case, the unit begins to leak a short time after installation.

Why it leaks:

  • Drain hose is not positioned correctly: horizontally instead of on a slope, with kinks and bends.
  • The indoor unit hangs without a slope towards the street or is not horizontal.
  • After depressurization of the cooling circuit due to improper flattening of the copper pipes. Freon is leaking and ice is forming on the evaporator. When it melts on the floor begins to flow water, because the drain is not designed to drain large amounts of liquid.

If water drips from the air conditioner or condensate leaks from the air conditioner.

If water drips from the air conditioner, there are several reasons why it happens.

The first and main reason why the air conditioner drips in the apartment is a clogged drain of the air conditioner. It can be caused both by internal factors, such as repairs in the apartment or the absence of regular cleaning, and external. for example, clogged drain of air conditioner outside.

The matter is that while working of split system the condensate is emitted, which acts on the radiator grill, while working the condensate goes to the drainage tub and pours out through the drainage hose or into the sewerage system. If it is clogged, then the water from the air conditioner drips inside the room.Clicking the button to learn more about the main problems of water dripping from the air conditioner and examples of their solutions.

Fix AC Leaking Water Inside the House in 10 Seconds | Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

If water drips from the air conditioner, it happens due to the following reasons.

The matter is that while conditioner is operating there is a condensate which acts on the radiator grill and during the operation condensate goes to the drainage tub and comes out through the drainage hose or to the sewerage system. And it is this drain hose that is clogged.

The first reason, why does conditioner drip in the apartment, is a clogged up drain of conditioner. It happens because while exploitation conditioner passes much dust through it and it clogs the drainage, through which the condensate is moved out.

If you did some repair work in the apartment and the indoor unit was not covered, the dust could also get into the drain and clog the drain.To check it very simply. If the conditioner is dripping inside the room, but is not dripping outside. Look for the problem in the drain.Look through the window. It should be dripping like the picture. it may be less frequent or stronger. but it should be pouring out of the hose.

2.The second case. the drain pipe gets clogged and outside, it occurs if it is located parallel to the ground and there flies dust and fluff. In this case, try to look outside and check the drain on the street side.As a last resort, you can blow into this tube, but keep in mind. that then the dirt can get inside the room. as a temporary solution can be used and blowing.

It should be understood that this is a temporary phenomenon. and you have to clean the air conditioner and not only the filter but also the drainage, because it will be clogged with dirt in a short time.

Condensate from the air conditioner flows out by gravity or through the drain pump. Drain pump is an external device and breaks down when it operates in the loading mode, chasing a lot of dust and dirty water through itself. Breakage of drainage pump is one of the reasons of water appearance that is dripping from the inside of conditioner.This is what the pump float looks like. It is most often clogged with dirt.

Another symptom of a broken pump is a characteristic rattle.

Clean the air conditioner more often, and the drain will not be clogged.

Next reason, it’s a loop in the drain when the condensate drains down the drain. Not all installers pay attention, and the builders after them even less, but if the loop is larger than the norm, the water can not physically go through it and stagnates inside the unit. Overflowing, starts dripping.

How to understand it ? We need to find a plumbing closet in the apartment and look at the drain.

5 The cause of water droplets from the unit on the wall side. Water droplets can also appear because of poor insulation of copper pipes that carry the refrigerant. They are originally insulated, but moving or installing the indoor unit could damage the insulation and the water droplets protrude on the body of the conditioner from the bottom.

If the insulation is damaged on the outside. There’s nothing critical, but indoors. Damage. very unpleasant.

6 Operation of split-system with maximal blowing mode and bad heat-insulation from outside wall. When conditioner is working, the evaporator itself (which is inside the block) is cold, and also the inside block of conditioner, which is behind the internal ventilator, is cold. And the external wall, on which conditioner is hanging, is of room temperature. Due to this difference, there are drops of moisture inside the air conditioner. They can be seen under the pivoting blades from which the air blows.It looks more often as on the picture, but such situation happens also because of clogged up drain hole in air conditioner.

An air conditioner is banal undercharged. And because of the lack of coolant frost is forming on pipes and when defrosting it flows out not there, where the manufacturer has foreseen. It is necessary to check and charge conditioner with freon.You can understand it by opening the inside of the air conditioner. if it is covered with frost as on the picture, it needs to be topped up in 80% of cases.

One thing to remember. The conditioner is leaking exactly during defrosting. Therefore it is necessary to check up presence of frost in the first 20-30 minutes as it began to work.

It also freezes because of the totally blocked up inside unit, but it happens seldom in apartments. common in the industry.

When conditioner is not used more than two years, when you start working can also cause the frost, it is connected with the fact that drainage can “overgrow”.

Trivial air stoppages. This is when, because of the bending of the drain hose and blowing of the wind, the condensate cannot come out to the street by itself.

Servicing an air conditioner solves such problems. Call a specialist and we will help you.

How to understand that there was a breakage?

First you need to determine where the leak is coming from.

  • Directly from the internal block itself.
  • Single drops or big splashes are coming through the louvers of split-system with the air streams.
  • Water is flowing down the wall on which the indoor unit is located in the room.

By determining the location of the drip, you can decide how to deal with it.

To begin with a quick check. It is necessary to check the tray for a condensate, if the flow has begun in a period of heat, when conditioner is working in the cooling mode for a long time, it is quite normal situation. When the tank is overfilled, the water will overflow and a leak will form. In order to stop the deluge you should simply take out the water.

Carry out an inspection of the condensate tank in the period of heat should be every few days, because the equipment at this time is working at full capacity, as well as before the onset of cold weather. If after that the dripping does not stop, then there is probably a serious breakdown of the equipment.

What to do if the air conditioner in the apartment leaks?

If water drips from the air conditioner drain on hot days, it means that your air conditioner is working properly and functioning perfectly. But if the conditioner has dripped in any other place, one has to sound the alarm. To find the cause of the problem, you need to know what causes the leak and how to fix it. This will be discussed in our article.

What is a split system: answers to different questions

Mankind is looking for a variety of ways to ensure their comfortable existence, to overcome natural disasters. One of the achievements of man is climate control equipment that helps to achieve the optimum microclimate in a variety of premises, used for work, residence and rest.

Today there are various kinds and types of air conditioners available, which are designed for different conditions. In particular, consider what is a split air conditioner. one of the latest advances.

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