The stove fireplace for a country house on firewood

Power of the stove-fireplaces

On the one hand it is simple, but on the other hand there is a nuance that is important to consider. And it lies here. in each model of the furnace in the data sheet specified its capacity parameter. over, manufacturers claim that 1 kilowatt of oven output will heat 10 square meters per square meter of your living space.м. of your room. It seems to be simple, but the fact is that the premises are different in height, and, accordingly, the rooms of the same area, but different height ceilings have different air volume. It turns out that the formula connected to the area of the room is not accurate, because it does not take into account the height of the ceiling.

Experts of our company to determine the required power of the furnace strongly recommend to base on the volume of the room, not the area. Calculate as follows: 1 kW heats 20 cubic meters of.м.

Thus, a stovefireplace with a declared power, for example, 8 kW can heat a room up to 160 cubic meters.м. (8×20). To determine the volume of the room, just multiply the height, width and length of the space.

For the convenience of our customers on our website in all models of stove-fireplaces already indicated for how much volume they are designed: https://nkamin.You can get the most out of them in a couple of months at most

Always take extra!

Do not ignore one rule: if you plan to stove-fireplace not only to admire, but also to heat. Choose a stove with at least 30% power reserve. There are several reasons for this. First, manufacturers can specify the maximum power that only a stove-fireplace can provide. And secondly, the quality of insulation in your country house or cottage can have “weak” places and the heat will “go” faster than usual.

Stoves for cottages

Without these heaters, it would only be possible to live in the house in the summer. Yes, and then a couple of months at most. To make your dacha season last all year round, you just need to buy a stove for dacha in our online store. In the ProKaminy catalog you will also find stoves-fireplaces for cottages, which not only perfectly cope with the heating function, but also look beautiful.

Long-burning fireplaces

Our Internet store offers a wide assortment of furnaces-fireplaces of the long combustion. This function is provided by the possibility of regulating the intensity of combustion. In intensive mode the stove stays on for some time, usually 20-50 minutes. During this period, the air in the room is heated to a comfortable temperature. Then the stove is put into economy mode, during which the wood does not burn, but smolders, thus maintaining the desired temperature for a long period of time. Depending on the model of the stove, its characteristics and the type of fuel used, the time between loading wood is 5-8 hours. Our online store offers to buy a fireplace stove continuous combustion from the budget to the elite models. Our managers will help you to choose the best variant for your house.

Advantages of wood-burning stoves

Furnace fireplaces are in demand among customers of the Destashop online store for many reasons, including:

  • Efficiency. The efficiency of wood-burning stoves for the house can reach 90%, and the heated volume. 230 cubic meters. м. Long-burning appliances can maintain a comfortable room temperature for more than 6 hours.
  • Safety. Design features of the heater and availability of the door with fire-resistant glass that reliably protects the room from possible sparks, not interfering with the enjoyment of the live fire in the hearth.
  • Universality. Country house fireplaces can burn wood, wood briquettes, and some models can burn coal.
  • Variety of configurations. Wall and multi-purpose devices are suitable for large rooms, and for small rooms, corner products that take up a minimum of space will be ideal.
  • Longevity. The use of materials not susceptible to corrosion and deformation, guarantees a long service life of wood-burning stoves-fireplaces.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Heating devices are equipped with a primary air regulator (power regulator), which allows to save fuel.
  • Functionality. Many fireplaces are additionally equipped with hobs and ovens, as well as water circuits for connection to an existing heating system, which allows you to heat a large area with one device. Such stoves-fireplaces are indispensable for country houses and residential houses in the settlement without a central gas pipeline.
  • Large selection of models of different styles. Manufacturers offer products with a refined classic and concise modern design.
  • Simple installation. Most stoves-fireplaces are lightweight and do not require special preparation of the room for its installation.
  • Reasonable price. It is much cheaper than a traditional fireplace or brick oven.
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Wood-burning stoves

Wood burning stoves. versatile, which can be used to decorate the room, as a backup heater in case of gas or electricity outages and as the only heating device in a private home.

more favorable price and easy installation, if compared to the arrangement of a classic fireplace (no need for a foundation, facing);

economical use of free space;

Working stoves-fireplaces can be left unattended;

when moving the equipment can be dismantled and take with them;

many models can replace not only the heating boiler, but also the kitchen stove;

Depending on the material, the entire array of stoves-fireplaces can be divided into three groups.

Cast iron stoves-fireplaces are attractive because of their reliability and durability. Alloy is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, so the stove does not “behave” even when sharply heated and cooled. Yes, cast-iron stoves-fireplaces require more time to heat up, but they warm the air more evenly and give off heat long after the wood is burned. The design of cast iron models mainly classical with baroque and gothic elements. But you can find models in the modern style, in particular, there are many of them among the products of brands Vesuvius, Etna, Dovre, Invicta, Liseo and Supra.

Steel stoves- fireplaces are lighter than cast iron ones. Compact models can be installed on the upper floors of the house without additional reinforcement of the ceilings. They have a more diverse assortment and more interesting design (many products with decorative cladding). Steel stove-fireplace can warm up the room in 15-20 minutes, which is valuable for those who rarely go out of town: no need to wait long, until it will be comfortable in a cooled down house without outerwear. But the stove-fireplace also cools down quickly. And steel is more “capricious” than cast iron: it tolerates temperature fluctuations and humidity worse. Although these disadvantages are almost negated by the combustion chamber lining and the outer cladding.

Combination stoves-fireplaces. with a steel body and a cast-iron firebox (sometimes also with a stove/door/grate pan) or, less frequently, the opposite. Combine the advantages of both materials. They weigh less than fully cast-iron products, while winning over steel stoves in terms of heat output and durability. Cast iron and steel models may also have linings and cladding that improve the performance and appearance of stoves-fireplaces.

How to choose a wood-burning stove by function

First, you should decide exactly what you need a wood-burning stove for. This will help to understand what functions are important and what functions you can save on, and more accurately set the filters in the catalog.

If you are planning to heat a stove-fireplace house or part of a country house, the power of the equipment is of primary importance. On average, to heat 20-25 m3 requires 1 kW of power. Accordingly, you need to calculate the volume of the rooms that need heating (area × height) and divide it by 20 (by 25). But it is in an ideal (read. almost unattainable) conditions. In reality, the power is “taken away” by bad insulation, large windows, complex configuration of the house, low quality firewood, etc. Therefore, in order not to freeze in winter and to avoid overspending fuel, it is worth to pick up the stove-fireplace with a power reserve of 10-30%.

Recommended features and options:

Wood Stove: Best Wood Burning Stove (Buying Guide)

All-welded/integrated housing, small, tightly closing door. The fewer joints and seams, the better the tightness, respectively, the draught and heat dissipation;

Air is drawn in from the outside to eliminate the oxygen deficiency;

there is a long burning mode; you can connect a water circuit (when the house has many isolated rooms, through convection it is difficult to “deliver” heat to all corners).

If you like to look at the fire, choose stoves-fireplaces with glazed doors and sides. If installed against a wall or in a corner, models with panoramic or prismatic glass, with two or three panes of glass, in the center of the room will provide a better view. with two parallel or four panes of glass. Not superfluous will be a system of “clean glass”, which will save you from the tedious struggle with soot.

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If the wood-burning stove will stand in the basement, garage or kitchen and perform purely utilitarian functions, you can choose a product with a blank door or with a small glass. Such models are affordable, compact, unpretentious in care and durable, so there is a great demand for them.

Wood burning stove-fireplace. A convenient and safe alternative to standalone gas stoves (working on propane tanks) for summer houses, which are not connected to the gas and electricity. In addition, if you cook with the same equipment that heats the house, you can save on fuel.

There are two types of stoves for the kitchen. With only a cooking top and with a cooking top and an oven. The latter are inferior to the former in terms of variety of styles and cost more. But in the cottage, you can pamper the family with homemade casseroles, stewed porridge and soup, baked goods with berries from your own garden.

plate material. What suits you best, “unbreakable” cast iron, practical steel or elegant glass ceramic;

the size of the cooking surface and the number of burners. if you plan only to heat food and boil water, one burner will be enough; cooking is more convenient on stoves with two burners;

the dimensions of the oven. in high ovens (e.g. La Nordica Italy, Hark Regina ovens), you can cook on different levels and put 2 dishes (3-4 trays) at the same time;

stove, fireplace, country, house, firewood

if there is a lid that protects the cooking surface from dust (necessary if you use the stove rarely).

The efficiency of the stove directly depends on the competent installation. You can not only choose the model suitable for your purpose from more than 2000 options (with certificates and warranty from manufacturers) but also order professional installation of heating equipment.

determine the best place to install the stove fireplace and the way the chimney output;

pick up the chimney and accessories for installation;

will make a heat-resistant base, and if necessary, fire-resistant wall cladding(s);

Will deliver, assemble and install the stove-fireplace, connect to the chimney;

stove, fireplace, country, house, firewood

will conduct a test run and demonstration of stove-fire capabilities.

If you do not have a clear favorite in the catalog, our consultant can help you with the choice. We are in the stove business for over 10 years and we value our good reputation. We do not aim to sell more expensive or less marketable products, but we focus on client’s needs and budget.

Fireplaces in our store ➦ Shop. ☎: 7(495) 902-57-82. Sandwich chimneys 1mm thick from the manufacturer. Low prices. High quality. Delivery in Russia.

To order installation and mounting of the chimney for the bath, cottages, houses CALL ☎: 7 (495) 902-57-82.

Furnace-fireplaces for houses with long combustion

Stoves-fireplaces quickly fell in love with many owners of country houses and cottages. Much of their popularity is due to the fact that they create a cozy home atmosphere. In the online store Pechi-tut.In the beginning of the XX century, everyone will be able to choose the appropriate model at a favorable price.

Stove fireplaces

Modern stoves fireplace are famous not only for efficiency and convenience in use, but also for their elegant and stylish design, thanks to which they are often chosen not only for heating the house, but also for decorating the interior. If you decide to use them for the same purpose, pay special attention to the choice of their design.

First of all, pay attention to the general style direction of the equipment. Modern stove fireplace for the country house is often performed in the styles of modern, high-tech, minimalism, country. Stove fireplaces for the home can be austere, luxurious, laconic, ornate, etc.п., So among the many models you can always choose the most suitable option. It is important that the style of decoration of the fireplace match the style of the interior of your home, because otherwise the device will not be harmoniously combined with other elements located in the room.

After determining the appropriate style, pay attention to the shape of the body of the fireplace or stove. If you want to formalize a luxurious interior without a claim to originality, give preference to the classic version. the body, which from the front side resembles a rectangle stretched horizontally. For example, oven fireplace Bavaria, oven fireplace Vesuvius, oven fireplace Meta, oven fireplace Bakhta, oven fireplace Angara 12, oven fireplace Brandenburg, stove fireplace Kratki Koza k9, oven fireplace Yenisey, oven fireplace Oka, oven fireplace Moscow 12 and other popular fireplaces.

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For modern interiors in the style of minimalism, modern or high-tech is better suited elongated in height, rounded, oval, cylindrical fireplaces or even models in the form of a pyramid. Pay attention to the location of glass-ceramic inserts: the luxury trendy models have them not only in the door, but also on the sides.

The next step is to choose the color. For luxurious interiors, “expensive” tones such as gold, ivory, etc. will do. Calm styles, including country, gravitate more toward natural soft shades. straw, sand, beige, etc.п. As for the bright ultra-modern interiors, their decoration can be the product of red, silver, gray, white shades without additional patterns. Simplicity and brevity of such models are fully compensated by the play of light on their surface, as well as the purity of the shade. Keep in mind that when choosing a color scheme of the fireplace or stove, you should take into account the peculiarities of interior design.

Of course, the color and shape of the body are important, but do not forget about the surface texture. It depends directly on the choice of material, for example, tiles for lining the fireplace and stove heat-resistant has an important point for choosing.Among stoves and fireplaces, the cheapest models are often cast iron. However, their design is elegant, in what you will see for yourself, looking at the photos of such devices.

Make the interior more stylish and cozy you can use the equipment, supplemented with majolica or steatite cladding. These materials are characterized by restraint and beauty of shades, as well as the original texture, thanks to which they fit perfectly into interiors in the styles of country and eco. Finally, a great option would be devices with a steel body. They are well suited for ultra-modern interiors.

Fireplaces for everyone

A wide range allows to choose the stove-fire not only by power and efficiency, but also by form, method of installation, design solutions, etc.

In terms of shape, stoves can be rounded and rectangular, and in terms of installation method. wall and corner. This allows you to choose a heater for any room. The chimney outlet in the majority of models is upper.

For single heating choose conventional fireplaces, but if the plan is to use an oven for cooking and heating food, then the rational choice will be with a hob and burners, which can be one or more. Again. all to the customer’s choice.

The stoves-fireplaces with a water circuit are in particular demand, which allows you to heat several rooms and even floors at once.

Design features of our furnaces are that thanks to the convection flow created in the furnace chamber, the entire fireplace is quickly heated and the circulation of air in one direction to avoid the accumulation of soot on the doors and glass screen. Thus the stove is easy to use and always looks aesthetically pleasing.

Top 10 best wood-burning stoves for the country house: rating 2021-2022 and description of the characteristics of the models

Wood-burning stoves-fireplaces are durable and popular designs, characterized by high performance, easy installation.

They are able to heat any area in country, private houses.

The stoves keep warm for 12 hours, not requiring constant refilling of firewood.

They also have an attractive appearance, because the body resembles a real expensive fireplace.

The article presents a review of popular models of wood-burning stoves, based on consumer reviews.

Place Name Price
Top 10 best wood-burning stoves
1 Guca Lava Learn the price
2 Kratki Koza K9 Learn more about the price
3 La Nordica Nicoletta Learn more about the price
4 La Nordica Ghisa Isotta Con Cerchi Check price
5 Brandenburg Brandenburg with cast iron plate Learn more about price
6 Invicta Chamane Learn the price
7 EkoKamin Bavaria See the price
8 Guca Mercury Find out the price
9 Teplodar Vertical Ceramic Check price
10 THORMA Milano II Find out the price
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