The transfer of the radiator in the apartment

Requirements for coordinating the transfer of the battery

When deciding to modernize their home, many people think about making drastic changes. It is possible to include the transfer of the radiator. The reasons for changing the location of the radiator of the house heating are many, for example, the desire to optimize the placement of furnishings, plans to demolish the section of the wall where the radiator was previously.

Important! As an independent measure, such a procedure as the transfer of the battery heating. it is not redevelopment and not remodeling of the living space.

Moving the radiator has no effect on the redevelopment of the dwelling. Why? Heating radiators are not shown in the technical passport of the premise and they are not on the BTI-plan of each floor of the apartment building. But it is still unacceptable to perform such an event without approval. This will lead to the fact that the alteration will be considered illegal, which means that fines or other sanctions cannot be avoided.

Features of the method

Only by following all the subtleties of technology, you can replace radiators with freezing quickly and without negative consequences. Employees of “Vodokanalsbyt” perform their work without errors. High quality and safety of installation is confirmed by risk insurance for 5 000 000 in “Alfa Insurance” insurance company.

Replacement of batteries by freezing is carried out in the houses of “PIK-Comfort” and other managing companies. When ordering a service:

  • There is a five-year warranty on equipment and materials;
  • Checkout of the measuring engineer, delivery of new batteries and dismantling of the old ones. for free;
  • There are discounts for pensioners and citizens of other privileged categories.

Replacement of radiators by freezing is done on a turnkey basis: you only need to call. and the company’s employees will develop a project, select and install the equipment of the required capacity, test the system under pressure.

When it is better to change the radiators in the apartment

It is time to renovate the interior of your apartment, and this means that the old radiators also need to be replaced. In this type of work, there is a lot of prejudice about when it is still best to change the radiators. In summer, winter, autumn or spring? In a heating period or in summer season? In this article we will try to explain the pros and cons of each possible option. Well, you decide for yourself when you’d better install a radiator heating.

Let’s start with the most popular misconception. “It’s better to change in the summer because you don’t have to turn off the heating risers and drain the water,” is what the vast majority of people think. And that’s not true.

As we all know, there is a heating season (autumn-winter), and there is a non-heating season (spring/summer). During the heating season our apartments heating standpipes are cold, but does this mean there is no water and you do not need to contact the building maintenance service or housing maintenance company in order to drain the water?? It doesn’t mean that at all. In 99% of cases, there is water in the riser pipes and leave it there so the pipes do not “grow” rusty. Water just “stands” in the pipes and does not circulate. Of course there are cases where there is no water in the system, but it is usually when local utility services are purposefully preparing for winter, changing pipes in the basement or replacing pumps. Determine yourself the presence or absence of water in the risers is impossible. Only the chief engineer of the HOA or the management company can know this. So you will need to take care of a few days before the work takes place to drain the water in the riser pipes at the time of replacement.

transfer, radiator, apartment

The main advantage of doing the work in the off-heating season is that it is very easy to agree to drain the water, because.к. Hot radiators at a temperature of 20C outside is not necessary for anyone. In fact, here the pluses of work in the off-heating season end and a huge minus begins: the water in risers under pressure will not be supplied before the heating season, and it means that the quality of work and the level of radiator heating can be checked only after a few months. (Heating is usually turned on in the 20s of September)

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During the heating season, standpipes are always filled with coolant, and in order to do the work, you must agree with the building manager or the housing and utilities department to turn off the standpipes. In fact, it’s as easy to do as it is in the summer. Enough to apply to the chief engineer by phone or with a statement on paper. Then he will give you a receipt, which you can pay at any bank branch or online. That’s all! All the difficulties of draining risers with DEZ or utilities are over. We are very fond of painting ourselves in the head of the angry employees of housing and communal services, which at any of our requests grudgingly snort and are constantly rude. In matters of water drainage from risers such a problem does not exist, because it simply costs money, and the money needed all. DEZ and utilities are no exceptions, but we got a little distracted from the topic.

The most important advantage of replacing the batteries during the heating season is that you can immediately check the quality of welds and threaded connections (in our case, a tap is screwed to the pipe and the radiator, and everything else is welded). You do not have to wait for the water supply in the fall to make sure that the batteries are heating well and the installation is made qualitatively.

Plus, in the heating season the cost of the work somewhat falls compared to the summer. There are seasonal discounts.

Aren’t the saved nerves and money enough to pay for changing the radiators during the heating season?

All the pros in one app

332 reviews left by customers in the last 12 months. Of these 324 are positive.

Prompt and efficient. Installing two regular heating radiators after plastering the walls in a new building.

Installation was done quickly and efficiently, he bought all the necessary materials at normal prices. Had a radiator installed in the kitchen, I will apply again in the future

Heating, Installation of bimetallic radiators

I like punctual people who do everything clearly and to the point. Andrey has helped us even with the tasks that were not specified in the TOR, took us to get the missing parts. Did not charge extra money. I was very pleased with the work done. Thank you

Heating, Installation of bimetallic radiators

Great Quickly, accurately With Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the process and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on how the previous craftsmen should have done it right

Heating Installation of steel radiators

Heating, Installation of cast iron radiators

Great Specialist! The radiators were properly installed. When a problem happened, he came and fixed it. All work under warranty for 2 years.

Sergey told us what radiators we should buy and what parts we need and made an agreement with a plumber from a building management company. Two craftsmen came at the appointed time (Sergey himself did not come), everything was done very neatly. We are satisfied with the result.

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I liked the fact that the craftsman patiently tolerates the client’s throws, looking for possible ways to reduce the price before the start of the work. Willingness to spend a lot of resources at a stage when the customer can still break away.

All the pros in one application

332 reviews left clients in the last 12 months. Of these, 324 were positive.

Quickly and efficiently. Installing the two regular radiators after plastering the walls in a new building.

The installation was performed quickly and accurately, he bought all the necessary materials at normal prices. I put a radiator in my kitchen, I will use it again in the future

Heating, Installation of bimetallic radiators

I like punctual people who do everything accurately and to the point. Andrew even helped with the tasks that were not specified in the TOR, took him to get the missing parts. Did not charge extra money. Remained very satisfied with the work done. Thank you

Heating, Installing bimetallic radiators

Great Fast, accurate With Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the process and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on how the previous craftsmen should have done it right

Heating, Installing steel radiators

Heating, Installing cast iron radiators

Great Specialist! Installed the radiators new qualitatively. When a malfunction occurred, I came to fix it. All the work is under warranty for 2 years.

Sergey told us what radiators are better to buy and what parts are needed, and made an agreement with a plumber from the housing and utilities department. At the appointed time came two masters (Sergey himself did not come), all very carefully done. Happy with the result.

New Yorkers Mind Their Business TOO much. Andrew Schulz. Stand Up Comedy

I liked the fact that the master patiently tolerates discord with the client to find possible ways to reduce the price before the start of work. Willingness to spend a lot of resources at a stage when the client can still break away.

Moving the battery when remodeling

When remodeling an apartment often as one of the items planned work includes the transfer of the battery. This most often occurs when demolishing the window sill with the installation of French windows in the enlarged opening. The example below shows a part of the wall between the kitchen (4) and the loggia (4a), where the radiator was located earlier, was dismantled.

As a result, one of the construction measures described in the redevelopment project and technical report was to change the position and design of the heating battery. This redevelopment requires the performance of thermal calculations, proving that heat loss as a result of redevelopment will not increase.

After coordination of this redevelopment, where the preparation of documents was carried out by specialists of our organization, the project was implemented in practice. To see other samples of our projects click here.

Design Prestige

During the construction of complex objects the question of great importance has always been the choice of partners, contractors and suppliers. If you need to find a company that is engaged in installation of electrical, plumbing, heating, pressurization of systems.

Artremont-stroy is engaged in repair and decoration of premises. The company’s employees are qualified to work in the construction field, which guarantees the high quality of services and durability of the results. Artremont-stroy.

Extension process

Before you add a radiator, if it is cast-iron, you should remember that this can be done only after the heating season! After all, in order to add new sections of such batteries, you will need to completely dismantle the batteries. And if you do this in the winter, the entire system will need to be shut off. And if you live in an apartment building, it is unlikely that any of your neighbors will agree to spend a few hours without heat.

transfer, radiator, apartment

Therefore, such a process should be postponed until warmer times. How to add a cast iron heating radiator? Let’s consider the process in more detail. We will need these tools:

transfer, radiator, apartment
  • Radiator or adjustable wrench;
  • Nipples clearly for cast iron radiators (the number depends on the sections);
  • Special gaskets to install them between sections.
  • Side plugs with gaskets.
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So, before you add a cast iron heating radiator, you will need to remove and disassemble it. Do not forget to shut off the water before doing so!

Tools for adding new sections of cast iron radiator

If the batteries are not new, a build-up of rust and dirt can appear between sections. To put on the gasket and connect the sections of the radiator, this growth will need to be removed. This can be done either with sandpaper or with a metal brush.

Before you can augment a heating radiator, we need to lay out our radiator on the floor and additional sections.

Steel element convector radiator tutorial.

When you fasten the nipple, then watch the position of the thread. Begin to twist the nipple on the left side, first it is best to put it about 1 coil on the left side of the radiator. We do the same with the right side.

Augmented cast iron heating radiator

Be sure to make sure that the intermediate gasket is only placed in the middle of the nipple. Radiator sections should fit tightly to the nipple. Now insert the radiator wrench into the radiator, and use the adjustable wrench to screw the nipple into the radiator sections.

To make a quality extension of heating batteries, you need, having screwed the nipple on three or four turns, go to the other side of the sections. One by one, we will tighten the sections until they fit together very tightly.

Now it’s time to install special side plugs for cast iron radiators. Do not forget about the gaskets made of special material. paronite. If there will be rust on the surface where the gasket is supposed to be, it must also be cleaned with sandpaper. And only now you can put the plug. The plugs should be tightened firmly using a pipe wrench.

Tips and tricks

When the owner of the dwelling has decided to replace the old radiators, then before the work is required to read the recommendations:

  • It is recommended to install a faucet, regular or with a thermostatic head. In the normal one you can regulate the flow of the medium by yourself, in the second one this function is done automatically. However, when a thermostat is installed on the battery, it does not need to be covered with a decorative cover.
  • Thermostats can only be installed in 1-pipe systems. In any situation it is necessary to put stopcocks on the inlet and outlet of the battery, when they are not available.
  • Thermal capacity, which is reflected in the technical certificate of the radiator, will not in all cases correspond to the declared indicators. When you make the number of sections by 10% more, it is possible to improve the situation.
transfer, radiator, apartment

When you feel cold in the home in the winter, you may need to replace the radiators. Standard cast iron or steel radiators can get dirty over time. In this case it is necessary to dismantle obsolete equipment and install a new one, but for a proper result it is necessary to know how to do it properly.

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