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Malfunctions in robot vacuum cleaners: the best troubleshooting methods

A robot vacuum cleaner is a very complex electronic and mechanical device. And, as you know, the more complex the system, the more vulnerable it is to failure.

The most reliable manufacturers can not give a hundred percent guarantee that at some point the device will not fail, because, in addition to internal causes, there are many external factors, such as a powerful electromagnetic field, for example.

But experts say that it is possible to deal with malfunctions of robot vacuum cleaners even at home.

The dimensions of the robot

One of the key parameters of a robot vacuum cleaner is its overall dimensions. It is clear that they are directly related to the size of the furniture (or rather. the height of the niches under it). For today’s robot vacuum cleaners, the standard height is 8.5-10 centimeters, but if necessary, you can pick up and more “stocky” model height of 8 centimeters or even slightly less.

The general rule is the following: before choosing a robot vacuum cleaner it is a good idea to inspect your apartment and measure the height of the lowest nooks and crannies, where our robot should go. If there are no such places, you can safely disregard this parameter.

The compact iBoto Smart X320G Aqua has a diameter of 30 cm and a height of 7.5 cm

Much more interesting are parameters such as the diameter of a vacuum cleaner (if it’s round) or the length of its edge (if it’s square). On the one hand, a more compact device is less likely to get “tangled” among the household items and will be able to get closer to the corners. On the other hand, a larger body will allow you to put inside a more powerful motor, a larger dust container, etc. д. The most common are robots with a diameter of 30 to 35 cm.

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As for the square robot vacuum cleaners, their main advantage is that they can precisely “enter” the corner and collect dust there more thoroughly. In an open space, their cleaning efficiency will be the same as in round models. So the advantage of square models is rather doubtful: of course it is pleasant to see the corners of the room clean, but those areas are only a small percentage of the total area. Therefore the indicators like general quality of mopping come out on top while choosing a particular model.

Fixing Roomba Error 9 and Circle Dance

Signs of a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi are easy to use, so you’ll know right away if they malfunction. A red light will flash on the unit and a loud beep will sound. Then the device will report an error code: it will either be displayed on the screen or emitted with an audible alert. Memorize or write this code down to learn what exactly is wrong with your vacuum cleaner.

Pay attention to the location of the vacuum cleaner before fixing the problem. A fairly common reason for the beep is that the height sensors were closed or the mechanisms are clogged with dust.

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Rating of the best

You don’t need to learn the article by heart to know which robot vacuum cleaner is best. Identify the most important features of devices for yourself and choose according to them. And for the lazy ones we have prepared a small top of the best robot vacuum cleaners in different price categories.

Panda iPlus X500 Pro

Can be found in 2022 even for 4500. Of serious disadvantages short-lived Ni-Mh battery and primitive behavior. The device has no distance sensors, so it moves by touch, constantly crashing into all obstacles. There is no base, you will have to charge it like a smartphone, connecting it to the charger manually.

At the same time it has a good suction power, normal build quality, remote control through the remote control and timer.

BBK BV3521

Another model with an old nickel-metal hydride battery. Other drawbacks include mediocre suction power and the lack of a virtual wall or magnetic strip.

Otherwise, a very decent choice for 8000. There is a wet cleaning, though, enough damp cloth for a small room, after that you will have to wash and re-install it. Easily cope with the maintenance of cleanliness in the house without carpets, can handle a couple of rooms, hallways and the kitchen on one charge.

Clever Clean 004 M-Series

BBK alternative. Ni-mh battery capacity of only 850 mAh, no base. The price is similar, with a rubber bumper on the front that protects furniture from damage and a separately purchasable module for wet cleaning. Height of only 7.4 centimeters. can fit in places where many competitors won’t.

Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite

For 11000. 13000 you get a lithium-ion battery capacity of 2600 mAh, the suction power of 1600 Pa, the ability to overcome the threshold to a height of 2 centimeters, cleaning on schedule and sensor type of surface. Geeks will be pleased with the possibility of control from a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Despite the lack of cartography, not bad builds routes and adequately travels on the premises. A signature feature of Xiaomi robots. one side brush instead of two. Made to avoid throwing debris around a moving device.

iLife A4s

The competitor of the simplified version of Xiaomi. At a price of 11000-12000 offers remote control instead of a separate application on your smartphone. On the behavior looks like its competitor. moves about the same. Slightly inferior suction power, but has wet cleaning.

iRobot Roomba 606

For those who want a quality brand for 15000. It boasts a turbo brush, excellent suction power, 600 milliliters bin and anti-tangling system. A great choice if you don’t need wet cleaning and a virtual wall.

iRobot Braava Jet 240

We recommend fans of robot vacuum cleaners. For 16000 you get a full-fledged wet cleaning, not just wiping with a cloth. There is a dry cleaning mode, map building “by feel”, a virtual wall.

It cleans only 25 square meters on one charge, and wipes are disposable consumables that must be constantly replenished.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

People’s favorite and the threat of big-name manufacturers. With a price from 17000 on aliexpress and 20000 in the official Russian stores, offers a map construction with lidar. laser rangefinder, control from your smartphone and custom russian voiceovers, which you can find on the forum 4pda.

From the disadvantages of dubious reliability lidar (which you can forget, buying a vacuum cleaner with a guarantee) and suction power, which is inferior to vacuum cleaners at a price 2 times higher.

Those who have just purchased, we recommend an article on how to configure a robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi.

Samsung POWERbot VR-10M7010UW

Korean will please you with its unusual design, mapping, power and thorough cleaning in corners. Independently detects carpets and activates turbo mode. Near the wall and in the corners it pulls out a spatula, raking the garbage under the turbo brush, which wastes a lot of time.

For those who are willing to spend more than 25000 for a quality, but unhurried dry cleaning.

Deebot n79s mine is just going in circles.

Neato Botvac D3 Connected

Robot with laser rangefinder and map construction. Controlled via the Internet using an app on your smartphone. Distinguished by the high quality of cleaning due to high power.

Worth mentioning is the lack of a side brush and a virtual wall. Due to the latter point, the manufacturer has cheapened the model, compared to its others. At times stalls under the chairs, thinking that you can not get out.

iClebo O5

The South Korean company’s flagship, presented in 2018 and on sale in 2019. Instead of turbo brush installed silicone, not winding wool on itself. During operation, the device creates and remembers the map of the house. Controlled by smartphone and voice commands.

Despite the highest quality dry cleaning, wet is just for show. Recommended if you are willing to part with 40,000.

iRobot Roomba 980

The leader of many ratings for only 57000. Well- oriented with a camera, quality cleaning, controlled via mobile app, programmable schedule and timer.

Thanks to the two rubber brushes instead of the traditional central one, it does not get tangled in hair and hair, saving the owner from having to carefully clean the mechanisms.

The brush is not working

Most robots have side and center brushes, as well as a turbo brush. Not surprisingly, one of the types of failure is precisely the breakage of this element.

If the brush doesn’t rotate, then dust, hair or hair is probably the cause. The same reason can also have a negative effect on the rotation of the wheels. How to fix. cleaning from contamination with a special tool, which is usually included with the robot. If this manipulation does not help, the problem may be caused by a problem with the motor or gearbox. This is a reason to contact a specialist.

The problem. Insufficient water flow to the wipe

And finally we’d like to tell you about another situation faced by robot-vacuum cleaner owners. poor wetting of wipes. If you need your robot to wet the floor abundantly and your robot is designed in such a way that water is dripped onto the cloth, there is a very simple solution to the problem. Instead of the valves installed in the tank, you can use a filter from a super-slim cigarette. Diameter is usually suitable 1 in 1, in a pinch you can trim or take a slim cigarettes and use their filter. Simply trim the strainer to the proper length and install in place of the old valve. As a result, the water gets on the tissue more abundantly with minimal interference in the construction.

If you like articles of this kind, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will tell you some more tricky ways to solve these or those problems, and also to upgrade your robot vacuum cleaner. Happy shopping, everyone!

Problem 5. You hear a squeak when the robot vacuum cleaner cleans

often than not, if you hear a squeak when a small cleaner is running, it is the friction that occurs between the wheel and its axle that is to blame. To correct this, try the following:

  • Turn the cleaner upside down, put it on a flat surface.
  • Look carefully: no hair or fur wrapped around the wheel. Even a small amount of debris can cause a squeak.
  • Lubricate the axle of the wheel that is making the squeaking noise with oil. for example, bearing oil. Turn the wheel so that the oil spreads evenly.
  • Do the same with the other wheels. Remove excess oil.

If the robot still squeaks even after oiling. most likely the wheel axle is out of order. If this is the case, please contact the service center.

Does not work

From unwillingness to work on a carpet of a certain color to complete button ignoring and clinical death of the device.

Robot vacuum cleaner does not turn on with buttons or smartphone app. Who’s to blame and how to fix it? The problem is most likely a completely discharged battery. Try placing the device on the base, making sure the base is plugged into the outlet, or plug the charger into the socket on the body, then wait at least half an hour and repeat your attempts to revive.

Robot vacuum does not respond to remote control or start. Replace the batteries inside the remote, as clichéd as it sounds.

The iClebo may not work well or even bounce on the carpet. This behavior indicates a defective or damaged rubber squeegee. Turn the unit over and carefully inspect the squeegee. If it’s damaged or dried out, replacing it will help.

The robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning accidentally sucked water. An unpleasant situation in which you have to immediately:

  • turn off the power;
  • Pull out the waste container and dry it out;
  • Inspect the brushes and wheels for wet and sticky debris, thoroughly clean everything;
  • Dry the device. If your warranty is out and you’re friendly with a screwdriver, we recommend opening the case and drying out the electronics board, all connectors.

Start cleaning on its own

If your vacuum cleaner starts cleaning unexpectedly, the problem may be the schedule. Use the remote control (or app) to delete the schedule and set a new one. Remove the battery and press the power button to clear the schedule and other settings.

Most robot vacuums have an automatic charging feature. When the battery is discharged during cleaning, the device will automatically find its way to the docking station.

If your robot vacuum cleaner can’t find the docking station and wanders around it until the battery runs out or it gets stuck, it may just be a quality issue that you can’t do anything about. However, before you blame the manufacturer, make sure you place the docking station correctly. If the docking station is on a floorboard, near stairs, or under furniture, it will be more difficult for the robot to dock. The docking station should be placed on a hard, level surface in an open space at a sufficient distance from walls and furniture. Try moving the charging dock to a different location and see if it works.

If your robot vacuum was working fine and then suddenly stops docking, it could also be a sensor problem. Check to see if the robot is having trouble moving around the house. Could be bumping into obstacles. Then clean the sensors. If that doesn’t help, replace them.

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