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The best thermopots: 2022 rating

The Thermopot is an electric device, which combines two important functions: heating water to a predetermined temperature and maintaining it for a long time. A large list of manufacturers specializes in the manufacture of thermopots with different configurations, volume, design and price policy. To buy the most suitable model today we will look at the rating of the best thermopots in 2022.

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Thermostats, like any other appliance, have both positive and negative aspects. To discard all doubts about the advisability of such a purchase, you must familiarize yourself with them.

  • The thermopot has a larger tank volume than conventional electric kettles. This is ideal for large families or those who often host guests. No need to repeatedly turn the appliance on and boil water.
  • Water does not have to be boiled, it can be heated to any temperature that will be set by the person through the built-in control panel. Most models have 4 modes of water heating.
  • The body of the thermopot during operation is not heated. This reduces the chance of scalding to almost zero.
  • Economical power consumption.
  • Using a thermopot is convenient because it is enough to heat it once a day. The rest of the time it will simply maintain the optimum temperature for the household.
  • Excellent heat insulation properties.
  • Thermopots are large in size, which would make them uncomfortable to pick up. For more comfortable use, the device is equipped with a device for pouring water. It can be a manual pump or an automatic pump.
  • Long service life if you follow all the rules of use specified in the accompanying documentation.

Despite this number of advantages, the kitchen thermopots are not without disadvantages.

Of the disadvantages of thermopots the following should be highlighted:

  • The impressive size of the electric device, which takes up a lot of space in the kitchen or living room.
  • High cost compared to conventional/electric kettles.
  • They take longer to boil fully, compared to electric kettles.
  • The need for regular cleaning of the interior from scale.

What to look for when choosing a good thermopot?

Design and principle of operation

The main structural elements of the thermopot:

Advanced models are equipped with audible and light alarms, filters for rough cleaning.

Очиститель воды и Термопот Xiaomi Viomi Smart Water Purifier Hot Drinking Water

Principle of operation:

  • Water is poured into the flask.
  • After turning on the device, the integrated heating element brings the liquid to a boil.
  • The second heating element maintains the water temperature at a predetermined level.

Thermophotes are equipped with an electronic system that controls the temperature of the liquid inside the flask.

When water cools down, the unit automatically brings the liquid to boiling point or heats it to a temperature consistent with the set program.

The most popular models for reliability and quality

Below we present a brief rating-review of thermopots, which were highly rated on the criteria of quality, reliability and on budget characteristics. Among them there are the most popular modifications for 3 and 5 liters.

Panasonic NC-EG4000 and its separate modifications

Thermos kettle with 3L capacity and 700W power, closed heating coil and special white plastic casing. Cup filling at the touch of a button. automatic. The temperature of the liquid is adjustable. The inner coating includes charcoal, which improves the quality and taste of the water. Chlorine compounds can be removed by force. There is protection against overheating, as well as a power lock in case of overheating. Drip coffee function through the spout.

  • Availability of drip mode;
  • Non-stick coating of the flask;
  • The workflow timer;
  • no heavy steam when boiling;
  • self-cleaning process;
  • Rotary base.

Polaris PWP 5011D

Capacities of 4.5 l, 750 Watt, closed-type spiral. Stainless steel body. Equipped with a display, timer, heat retention function. With five temperature settings. Ideal for home or office. With a rugged flask and housing. Moment of switching to the active mode is adjustable. Equipped with LCD display with high-quality backlight and multi-step regulation of the heating temperature in the range of 40-98o. Includes carrying handle.

Kitfort KT-2504

This product from a well known local brand, 2600W power, 2,5L capacity, with a power indicator, closed coil and five heating modes. Housing is made of special plastic. Instant heating, by using a gentle-flow boiling method.

Panasonic NC-DG3000

Perfect replacement for an electric kettle. The product has a capacity of 3 liters, 700 watts and is made of plastic. Equipped with four modes of operation. The flask is treated with a layer of activated charcoal, which simplifies the care of the device. Choice of operating modes by pushbutton control. Product with information display. Filling water is both automatic and manual (pump). Timer.

  • drip method of coffee making;
  • On timer goes off in the range of 10 hours;
  • Equipped with a self-cleaning system;
  • Equipped with a swivel base.

Zojirushi CD-LCQ50

Thermophot 5 liters, 800 Watt, made of high-strength plastic. Equipped with LCD display. Temperature mode is adjustable. Equipped with a delayed start function. Can be filled with water without pre-cleaning.

  • Indicator of malfunction;
  • timer switches on in a range of 7 hours;
  • Significant capacity;
  • japanese assembly;
  • Equipped with a steam protection;
  • does not turn on without liquid.

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Thermopots are designed to maintain water temperature. Electricity consumption will not exceed 20-50 W/h. Some devices have an option to automatically heat water to a certain level. The metal receptacle of the thermopot, where you fill the water, is in a plastic or metal case. After a certain temperature is reached, the water can be poured into the mug by pressing the pump or a special valve. Thermophotos can also have a delayed start function and water shutoff in case of lack of water or insufficient water supply. Some models are capable of rotating on their axis. You can also find options that have a self-cleaning function and are protected against accidental pressing of the valve. Comes with russified menu. The device features a backlit display, a handy measuring scale, and a built-in timer. Beeper indicates the end of the program, and the display shows the information about the set mode and water temperature. Operation of the thermopot is simple enough and understandable at an intuitive level.


Pros: Simple and reliable thermopot Centek 750W has a capacity of 3 liters. Boils water in 20 minutes and automatically switches to indefinite temperature maintenance. A good option for home use or installation in the office kitchen. Features a convenient carrying handle and rotates 360° (can be used like a samovar and sit guests around it). Produced by a Russian company using foreign components.

The body of the best thermopot for value for money is made of stainless steel. Scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Three different ways to fill: by hand pump, with an electric pump or by pressing the button on the spout. Non-water safety lock and watertight start-up feature. The 150cm long cord is detachable, so you can put it in the sink and quickly fill it with water.

Concealed-type heating element allows you to clean the thermopot from limescale and dirt. If desired, you can take Centek CT-0089 in the trunk of the car at the cottage: it will not take much space, weighs 2 kg and will help warm up in cold weather.

Disadvantages: design for the amateur.

Oursson TP3310PD/DC

Advantages: Swiss brand Oursson compact thermopot is designed for boiling and maintaining temperature of 3.3 liters of water. The body of the device is made of bright plastic. The most popular coloring is “green apple”. LED display with bright backlight on the control panel. 5 temperature settings available: user can choose from 40-98°C. Oursson TP3310PD is useful in the preparation of baby formula and porridge. warm water is always available.

The base of the thermo kettle has a rotating element that rotates to either side. Water delivery is realized by means of an automatic pump. Fully filled basin boils in 30 minutes. Child lock and water lock. Delayed start timer allows the home thermopot to “rest” overnight. Can be set to start after 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours.

Oursson three liter thermo kettle’s safety mechanism blocks the start-up when it runs out of water. Users in the reviews write about the quiet operation and the absence of annoying beeps. The model is made of quality materials, the first start-up does not smell of plastic or metal. Tank capacity enough for 2 days for a family of 3 people.

Disadvantages: no self-cleaning function.

Panasonic NC-EG3000

Advantages: Panasonic thermopot combines the best features of electric kettle, dispenser, cooler and thermos: quickly boils water and maintains the set temperature during the day. The streamlined shape body is made of white glossy plastic. Easy to keep clean. just wipe the sides of the appliance with a damp cloth. Inside the 3 liter flask uses a special non-stick carbon-based coating, which improves the quality of drinking water.

Current level of the three-liter thermopot is displayed on an external scale. The user can turn on a water-supply, start boiling again, set the child lock and choose one of 4 temperature modes (from 70°C up to 98°C). The maximum power of the appliance is 700 W. Thanks to the vacuum insulation U-VIP device maintains the set temperature of the water longer and consumes less energy. The thermopot can be rotated by 360° thanks to the special disc located in the base.

It is worth noting that the Panasonic NC-EG3000 has the ability to reduce the chlorine content in the water by boiling for a long time. The pump is electric. a child or an infirm old man can pour the water. The economical thermopot will be appreciated by coffee lovers, because the drip spill function allows you to brew ground beans better.

Top 8 best inexpensive thermopots for home and cottage

What is the best thermopot for the home, if you look at the quality and reliability? Consider the top 8 electric devices at a low price.

Lumme LU-299

Lumme LU-299

A good inexpensive kettle, made of stainless material. There are two buttons on the body. water supply and boiling again. Two colored gauges tell about the degree of water heating. In general, the operation is simple. it is impossible to get confused. Volume. 3 liters, power. 750 W.

Pros and cons are hard to note here, as it is average in quality thermopot. However, over time (after a few months) there is a deposit.

Panasonic NC-PH30ZTW

Panasonic NC-PH30ZTW

Another budget kettle with water heating function, the volume is 3 liters, but the power is only 700 watts. From the pluses we can distinguish the presence of two modes: 60 degrees. for baby food and 95-98 degrees. to boil water. Another advantage is a good thermal insulation, so that the heat is retained for a long time even when the device is turned off.

There is a significant disadvantage. there is no automatic water supply, only a manual pump.

Mystery MTP-2450

Mystery MTP-2450

The capacity of this model is 4.2 liters, and the power is 700 watts. So, the full volume of water heats in 20-25 minutes. There is a LSD-display, a thermometer and a timer, which greatly expands the functionality of the device. There are 6 temperature modes from 25 to 98 degrees Celsius, which switch in steps.

The main disadvantage is a strong head of water, because of which you can get burned.

Great Rivers Chaya-9 “Gzhel”

Great Rivers Tea-9 Gzhel

This teapot is assembled in a Chinese factory specifically for the Russian consumer, it is made in the Gzhel style. This thermo kettle has a big capacity. 4.6 liters. It has a power of 800 W for a faster boiling. Various additional functions have no device, only boiling, maintaining water temperature and pouring liquid into the container. All this at a high level, so that this cheap and beautiful kettle is bought by a large number of people.

Hottek HT-973-202

Hottek HT-973-202

A simple thermophot with a volume of 3.5 liters and power 750 watts, which has no additional features, but a simple and very brutal design, comfortable carrying handle, 3 modes of water supply, protection against overheating, removable cover, metal non-heating body. In general, there is everything you need for a regular cheap kettle with water heating function, which is ideal for the country.

Bravo TL-30F

Bravo TL-30F

This model is made in the simplest possible design. white with a picture of colors on the side. The kettle capacity is 3 liters, power. 750 watts. There are only two ways to feed water. manually and automatically, there is no pressing the spout.

According to customer feedback, this kettle-thermos quickly rusts inside the body. literally a year. The fact that the basis is made of ordinary metal, not stainless steel.

Delta DL-3034/3035

Delta DL-3034/3035

Bright teapot thermos, painted in compliance with all Gzhel rules. The volume of the kettle is relatively large. 4.5 liters. The power is 1000 watts, so the water heats up quickly. An unusual advantage. rotating body on the base, so you can pour water from any side. The walls are made of heat-permeable material, so when you touch it, you don’t get burned.



The capacity of this thermopot is 4 liters, and the power is 750 watts. Like its predecessor, can be rotated by 360 degrees with the help of a stand. There is a convenient carrying handle and an auto-off function, if there is not enough water inside.

Overall, a simple kettle with a liquid temperature maintenance function, in a plain style, gray color. There are all three ways to deliver water.

Panasonic NC-PH30ZTW

The small 3 liter thermopot consumes 700 watts during heating and just 25 watts to maintain temperature. It has 2 modes. 60°C for baby formula and 98°C for hot drinks. Vacuum insulation panel placed between the walls of the body, which retains the heat of the water, even in case of power failure and does not allow the body to heat up too much. The proprietary coating inside the bulb reduces the formation of scum. The only disadvantage. there is no automatic water supply, but the manual pump is quite convenient and reliable.

Brand 4404

This model has a very simple control, all the programs and functions have corresponding buttons, in addition the device is equipped with an LCD screen that displays everything that happens with the device. When plugged in the thermopot will automatically bring the water to a boil, then the heating stops. When the water comes to the boil a three times audible signal will sound. If you wish, you may use the timer to delay the start of the boiler for 3, 6 or 9 hours. During this time the appliance will be in stand-by mode, consuming almost no electricity.

The body is made of durable plastic, the bulb is made of food-grade stainless steel, heating element is closed. The thermopot rotates 360 degrees, has a filter that protects against limescale, the top lid is removable, there is a handle for transportation. The water supply is automatically blocked after ten minutes, it has a system of protection against accidental start and against children. In addition, there are automatic systems that do not allow the unit to turn on when the flask is empty. You can set the thermopot so that it keeps a certain temperature of water.

  • Beautiful Appearance;
  • Lid can be removed if desired;
  • Three modes of water supply;
  • High quality build;
  • Large bulb volume.
  • Condensation accumulates on the lid;
  • Pump weakly pumps water in manual mode;
  • It is not so easy to pour all the water out of the thermopot. you have to turn it upside down.


One of the best mid-priced thermopots on the market today. Capacities of the flask for heating water. 4.5 liters. Power of the device. 750 W. A closed heating coil is installed inside. Water can be fed mechanically or automatically. Safety feature. locks the appliance from being switched on without water. Has an option to keep warm. Useful feature. temperature mode selection. There are a total of 5 temperature modes, the lowest of which is 45 degrees Celsius.

  • large volume of the water flask;
  • attractive appearance;
  • good build quality;
  • There are 5 temperature modes to choose from;
  • Quiet operation;
  • handy screen to control the working mode.

Mystery MTP-2450

If you do not know which company is better to buy a thermopot for the office, without spending a lot of money, then look closely at the model MTP-2450 Mystery. Its tank has a capacity of 4.5 liters of water, which is enough for a large group, and the power is optimal 700 watts. To supply water in the device has provided an electric pump. Also the device has a backlight and the ability to lock the control panel.

MTP-2450 has six modes of temperature maintenance ranging from 25 to 98 degrees. The maximum power of the thermopot in this case is 100 W.

Device is protected against turning on when there is a small amount of water. For convenience there is a display of heating and temperature maintenance mode. The only disadvantage of the Mystery thermopot with its performance and modest price starting from 3 thousand is a relatively short cable of only 75 centimeters.

Endever Altea 2060/Altea 2065

The product is designed for 4.8 liters of water. Provides tea or coffee for a large and friendly family. Becomes a great helper for the office. The power of the product is significant. 1200 watts. Can boil water in minutes. The pump works in automatic mode. Heated by a closed spiral. The double-walled housing is made of impact-resistant plastic. Will not turn on in the absence of water. Thermostat is present. Parameters. 210345270 mm, weight. 2.7 kg. The manufacturer has equipped the product with a water light during operation.

  • Large capacity;
  • versatility;
  • functionality;
  • practicality;
  • durability;
  • The environmental friendliness of the materials used;
  • safety;
  • value for money.

Galaxy GL0605

Inexpensive thermopot of original design with elegant birds on the sides. The body is made of plastic, the heating coil is on the bottom, under the metal plate. Can be easily cleaned from dirt and limescale.

On the panel is a button to operate the electric pump and reboil button. On top. a pump button to manually feed water.

Equipped with a four-stage protection system that will not allow the device to overheat. Children will not be able to open the lid, as it is equipped with a lock. Convenient carrying handle is also available.

Kitfort KT-2501

Not knowing that it is a thermopot of the best series, you can easily confuse its appearance with an ordinary coffee machine. The device has the same rectangular shape, has a similar base and principle of delivery of boiling water, actually speaking, that’s why it costs a lot of money. Although it is not a pity to pay for a modern device, where everything is done in almost automatic mode. This is one of the few models with touch control, which allows you to get boiling water for literally 10 seconds.

Repair features

To fix minor malfunctions of the product you can use your own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists. The type of work depends on the cause of failure. Often there is a problem with the heating element. Common causes: the kettle does not turn on, the indicators do not light up. To restore the performance of the device, it is necessary to check the power cord of the device, to make sure that the wires are properly connected. In addition, you can check the control module, fuse and thermostat.

When the device does not pour water into the cup, the cause must be sought in the pump. If secondary boiling does not turn on, device does not heat water, check power module on circuit board.

If the device does not boil water, and the display indicates the opposite, you must remove the housing and check the elements. When only heating works, the problem is in the heating element.

Sometimes the appliance may malfunction, for example, it may not shut off after boiling water. The problem lies in the faulty circuitry located on the control board. Make sure there is no leakage in the bulb. The problem may also be caused by irregular maintenance of the appliance. In this case it is necessary to boil the water a few times, adding to it the usual baking soda.

If the thermopot does not turn on, and the control panel does not light up, check the wires and connections for breakage. It could also be a fuse or a temperature regulator. If the thermostat does not turn on, also check the contacts. If there are defects in the mains cord, replace it with a new one. Inspect thermal switch connections.

Constant boiling without turning off. a problem with cheap devices with a single thermostat. The problem could be resolved by replacing the switch.

If the kettle shuts off before boiling, it means that the bimetallic plate has lost its properties. You need to bend the contacts or replace the switch. When the kettle does not pump water, it indicates a failure of the water key. This happens when the system is clogged. If clearing the surface of scale changes nothing, check the motor winding. The cause can be found in the bad contact between the button and the connection between the wire and the pump. It is necessary to check the circuit for breaks. If the second heater is broken, the pump cannot receive the necessary voltage.

To disassemble the thermopot, you must unplug it, drain the water, turn it upside down and remove the screws. Then use a screwdriver to remove the plastic ring from the mount. The screws under the ring are unscrewed. After that remove the drip tray, providing access to the pump. Now disconnect the hoses from it by removing the hose clamps. Remove the hoses from the connectors, then remove the top cover. The device is installed upside down, the board is unscrewed and put aside. Remove the gasket by removing the screws. Remove the tray, unscrew the last screws that hold the lid. Then the protective cap is unscrewed. Disconnect the heating element. Check its performance. All elements are also tested. Inspect the casing for cracks. After elimination of a breakage the thermopot collect in the reverse order.

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