Thermostat pump buzzes but does not pump

Mechanical thermostat doesn’t pump water

If the thermopot is slow to pump water or stops pumping at all, this indicates a clog or breakage of certain parts. A more common cause is that the pump is malfunctioning. But do not immediately get a new thermopot, as first you need to study the nature of the problem, and then you can try to remove it without the help of others.

In order to help check without assistance to others cause malfunctioning thermopot, should know its inner workings. Thus, in fact, at least any thermopot consists of the following parts:

Exactly the latter component is often the most common cause of water failure.

In order to check the correctness of this mechanism, you must simply pour water into the thermopot and try to pump it out. Here also depends on the type of pump. To activate the automatic pump, it is quite easy to press the button on the control panel. And to pump water with a cylindrical shape must press it at least 2-3 times.

If the water supply is not carried out or there is a narrow stream, then there is a clog or breakage of the mechanism. You can try to disassemble the thermopot and fix the problem with your own hands.

A principal point! Before you begin to repair the thermopot, it must be disconnected from the mains, as well as to drain all available water inside.


A typical thermopot houses two circuit boards:

Both the master will inspect, revealing the presence of swollen capacitors, burned resistors, unusable fuses, torn tracks. Faulty radio elements are replaced with new ones, soldering, contacts are restored by tinning.

The first examination concerns the presence of fuses, the integrity of the elements. If the replacement is unsuccessful, the new element burns out. the electronic circuitry is the cause. Thermopot affected by short circuit (sudden uncontrolled increase in current).

The rating of the resistors is given by the colored bars. Typical problem is detecting the beginning and the end of the marking.

Electrolytic capacitors ruined are easier to spot. the cylinders are swollen. Beginners looking for ways to repair a thermopot are interested in the appearance of the broken capacity. The answer will come automatically, only a defective capacitor will be found. The appearance of the cylinder suggests: the barrel is 100% swollen. Particularly bulge the sidewall (imported ones are cross cut).

Diodes are harder to test, but the semiconductor burns less often (silicon keeps temperatures below 150 degrees Celsius). Desolder the element, wire both sides. The arrow marking shows the direction of the flow of positive charges (lean the positive probe of the tester).

Torn board tracks need to be sanded down with an emery cloth, stripping away the lacquer on the metal. The shiny surface is tinned (soldering irons), docked, and covered with solder. Will last for decades. Mechatronics wizards repair, and it works.

The design of a thermo-hemoth

Repairing a thermopot is more complicated than restoring the normal kettle to working order. In addition to the heating element and power button, there is a device to control the temperature of the water in the tank. It turns on heating and turns off the heating element when it reaches a predetermined level. This part is powered by the 220 V mains.

The structure of the thermopot, the main parts and their purpose

In theory, to boil water and maintain the temperature can be one heating element. But if the heating element is of small wattage, it will take a long time to heat the water. And if it’s a big one it’s going to waste a lot of energy. That’s why they usually use a dual heating element. more and less powerful. The first is used for heating, the second. to maintain the temperature.

In theory, one heating element can boil water and maintain the temperature. But if the heating element is small power, it will heat up water for a long time. And if it is big. will be a big power consumption. That’s why they usually put a dual heating element. more and less powerful. The first is used for boiling, the second. to maintain the temperature.

In addition, there is a pump that pumps water from the tank. If there is an electric pump, it is usually low-power, powered at 12 or 24 VDC. Consequently, there is also a voltage converter, and it, too, can cause failure of the thermopot.

This is Why Heat Pumps May NOT Be The Future

Fast repair of the thermopot: frequent breakdowns

If the thermopot constantly breaks down, you need to take it to the repair shop or deal with the problem yourself. Repair kettle is better to start with disassembly of the body, remove the lower plastic part, and unscrew all screws. After that all the electronics are accessible. The electrical component of the product is open to determine the fault. It is of fundamental importance to fix the thermopot after a complete disassembly. Evaluating all the components with the view in the instructions, you can establish the causes of failure. maybe the stainless steel tank is broken.

One of the frequent breakdowns of the thermopot is the breakage of the indicator panel

The reasons why the thermopot does not work:

  • The display panel does not turn off.The opposite happens, the complete lack of operation of the device and the indicator panel. In this case you need to check all wires and contacts. Check the boil regulator.
  • The main switch does not work.Check all the temperature switches and whether the wiring on the bottom of the switch works properly.
  • Water is heated but not boiled.When you turn on the boil, the thermopot turns off and does not perform its primary boiling function. In that case, check the contact for breakage or a full boiling detail.

If the thermopot does not heat due to a breakdown of 2 spirals, there is no point in fixing it. It takes a long time and a lot of money. If there are many defects, it is easier to get a new one, because the repair of the wiring and the tank in total will be expensive.

How it’s set up

Note that despite the presence of a mass of advantages, the thermopot has specific disadvantages, in particular:

  • High cost. much more than a standard electric kettle;
  • Low boiling speed (compared to electric kettles);
  • Increased power consumption due to the constant turning on and the need to work in temperature maintenance mode.

The unit consists of a housing, external elements of the control panel and internal technical devices.

The housing is made of different materials (depending on the model of the unit):

A combination of these materials is also possible.

The shape of the housing also depends on the model. Often, it is either a half-cylinder or rectangle.

For ease of maintenance and care, almost all models are equipped with a removable flask, which pours the water.

The device is also equipped with a control panel with buttons that allow you to set certain modes of operation.

AC condenser will not run just hums

Since the unit in question combines two traditional devices at once. a kettle and a thermos. inside there are two heating elements at once:

  • One is directly responsible for bringing the water to a boiling point;
  • The second performs the function of maintaining the temperature at a predetermined level.

Due to the fact that the thermopot is quite heavy and bulky, the manufacturers have equipped it with a special button for water supply. This is very convenient. just put a mug under the drain hole and press the drain button. For pumping water is responsible special water pump. the pump.

All thermopots are also equipped with electronic stuffing. namely, a control chip that processes commands from the user, and the power supply.

Why the thermopot does not pump water

The domestic appliance has a simple device. Basically it consists of a tank, a heating element, a control system and a hand-operated or electric pump. It is the latter element is responsible for pumping water. If the thermopot pump pumps badly or it does not work at all, the reasons should be looked for around this node.

The simple design of the thermopot makes it possible to fix most of the problems yourself

The termination or deterioration of water pumping occurs for the following reasons:

The listed malfunctions are common to a thermopot with an electric pump. However, there is another kind of technique with a manual pump. It works from the mechanical action transmitted by the hand of a person.

If the hand pump does not pump water in the thermostat, the reasons should be looked for in the following nodes:

thermostat, pump, does

The listed faults are detected by external inspection. No complicated tools are needed for diagnosis. You’ll need a multimeter to check the electrical components. To get to the pump, you will need to disassemble the cover or housing of the thermopot, which depends on the specific design of the device.

Power Problems

When the electric pump stops pumping water, the diagnosis similarly begins with an inspection. If there is no dirt inside the chamber, the problem lies in the motor power supply. Here you will need a multimeter and basic knowledge of electrical engineering to perform diagnostics.

Before you check the thermostat pump, begin a multimeter continuity test from the power cord. Often the wire breaks at bends, areas near the plug. If it turns out that one of the wires is sprinkled, the cable is replaced. The next element is testing the socket on the thermostat where the power cord is plugged in. The contacts may be fried or loose.

The electric pump motor is powered by 12 volts DC current. If you have a knowledge of electronics, use a multimeter to check the diodes of the rectifier unit. It should pass current one way and not pass current the other. Check the power supply itself. When the water pump on a Tubular Heater does not work, you should use a multimeter to test the coil resistance. The motor of such a device is energized by the Tubular Heater. If it fails, the water supply will stop.

thermostat, pump, does

If you have no knowledge of electronics do not despair. There is another way to check the electric pump. Applying 12 volts to the motor from the battery. If it works, pumps water, the problem is in the control system. When the motor shows no sign of life, the entire pump is replaced.

The principle of the thermopot

To understand the causes of failure and have a better idea of how to repair the thermopot, you should familiarize yourself with the principle of its operation. First, the device boils water like a normal kettle, and then the control module of the device comes into action, which through the thermostat monitors the set minimum temperature of the liquid and, as soon as it falls below normal, immediately turns on the boiling again. For heating, the thermopot uses a second heating element, which is always less powerful than the main one, because its functioning is very fleeting.

Due to the large size and considerable weight of the thermopot, for pouring boiling water into the cup there is a built-in pump. It can be powered by electricity, as in the Marta products. This pump can be set to auto-pour through a control module. There is also a mechanical (manual) pump, like in MAGNIT RTP-002, then the liquid is pumped into the mug by hand through a special spout. Many models (eg: Vitek vt 1187 gy, Saturn ST-EK8032, Mystery MTP-2403 and thermos kettle Bravo TA-65 S) have both types of pumps.

thermostat, pump, does

In addition to the above parts (control module, thermostat, two heating elements and the pump), the circuit necessarily includes a thermostat (sometimes two, as in Maxwell and Scarlett products) and thermal fuse. Their main task is to prevent overheating and combustion of the device. For the correct operation of the electric pump and control module provides power supply with step-down transformer.

In general all thermostats are working by the same general scheme and differ only in minor details. For example, some models are equipped with an auto-off timer. In the budget versions may not have a low-power heating element (as in the products of Vitek and Magnit). But there are thermophones (for example, kettle thermos Polaris PWP 4012D), combining almost all useful features.

The thermopot does not pump water what to do?

Thermopot. a kind of household appliances, which appeared on the market relatively recently. It is a symbiosis of an ordinary electric kettle and a thermos. Water is poured into the device, brought to a boil and kept in it in a hot state. But, like all household appliances, the thermopot breaks down, fail in its electrical components. So before you yourself repair the thermopot, you need to understand its design features.

Repair the thermopot with their own hands: scheme, thermos does not boil and does not pump water, thermopreventor with their own hands

Repair the thermopot in 3 steps with their own hands

Repair the thermopot is possible with their own hands, even without special knowledge of electricity Thermopot invented very recently. After boiling water, the kettle keeps it hot for a short time. It is the thermopot that helps maintain water temperature for a long time. You can always have a cup of tea without having to boil it and wait. But, like any technical tool, the thermopot malfunctions, and you have to fix it. How to do it with your own hands further in the article.

Circuit diagram of the thermopot

In ancient times, the thermopot would be called a samovar, now it is affectionately called a potter. It can not only boil water, but also keep it hot, like a thermos. But if the potter breaks down, you do not have to call a master, and carry it to repair. The work can be done independently. Before using every household appliance, you should read the manual.

Understand how to use the item properly, and what will prolong its use. For example, the thermopot, according to statistics, often break: the indicator panel, the key of primary boiling, secondary boiling, boiling function and water supply.

thermostat, pump, does

All of these failures occur because of the effects of high temperatures on all parts of the appliance.

For example, the housing that protects the entire appliance, must not get hot when boiling.

Very popular are these thermopots: Polaris, Vitek, Elenberg, Scarlett and Alice. The scheme of the thermopot is easy enough that it can be figured out not a professional electrician. But still, the scheme is a scheme, and get into it without a minimum of training is not recommended. Therefore, if the thermopot does not boil water at all or does not perform the function of the thermos, then first you need to study its scheme and understand the principle of operation.

Before you begin repairing your thermopot, you should familiarize yourself with the schematic diagram

  • All elements are located under the protective housing;
  • The water tank is made of stainless steel;
  • At the bottom there are heating spirals;
  • One coil of the thermopot heats, the second maintains the temperature of the water;
  • The thermostat pumps water using a water pump.

Thermopot works in the following way: after pouring water into the thermopot, the lid is closed and the unit turns on. One coil begins to boil water. Thermal fuse turns off the product as soon as the water reaches the desired temperature. Cools water to the desired temperature, set by the user. The temperature itself is supported by a second heating element. The recommended thermal fuse is the Sheng Ping SPF 139 reusable. Therefore, if there was a breakage thermopot will have to fully disassemble it, remove the lid with a button to check the heating element and find out why it broke.

Different manufacturers’ products have different features. For example, a device Vitek has a special button to dial water into the cup. This button is also called a pump or pump. With its help you can fill a cup with hot water and not burn yourself. The circuit board of the thermopot Vitek called RSP22, it is available and easy to do it in special services.

Fast thermopot repair: frequent breakdowns

If the thermopot always breaks, you need to take it to repair or to deal with the problem yourself. Repair of the kettle is better to begin with disassembly of the case, remove the lower plastic part, and unscrew all the screws. After this opens access to all the electronics. The electrical component of the product is open to the establishment of the fault. The principle importance. fix the thermopot after a complete disassembly. By assessing all the components with the view in the manual, you can establish the causes of failure. maybe the stainless steel tank is broken.

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