Turning the fridge upside down gives

Flipping the fridge upside down will do the trick

Today I finally got in touch with the online store where the Liebherr C 4023 fridge was in stock and priced right (25417, shipping 400, pickup 150 per floor). In other stores, where it is available, its price did not go below 30000

When I asked the service technician about the position in which they transport the refrigerators, they told me that it is transported horizontally. Of course, I was told that’s okay. After delivery it can be turned on for a while to make sure it works, and then turn it off and wait 4-5 hours.

  • During transportation of the fridge on its side, through the pipes from the compressor goes the oil into the system contour, which lubricates the pistons of the pump that pumps the gaseous refrigerant through the same pipes (the refrigerant becomes liquid after the pump). As a result, the compressor is left without the proper oil level. In addition, when the refrigerator finally stands upright, liquid oil drains from the system into the cylinder space. Liquids, unlike gases, are almost incompressible, and the compressor motor will try to do this by squeezing the liquid oil back into the circuit instead of the gaseous refrigerant. As a result, we may get a destruction of the piston system and have to replace the compressor completely.
  • Many compressors are secured in such a way that they can come off their vibration-absorbing mounts when tipped over and jolted in transit. There may also be deformation or even breakage of the tubes that go to it.
  • Bad packaging can bend the walls, damage the rear grill (condenser), or break the door handles.

Of course, the fridge manufacturers are quite reasonable and reinsure themselves by requiring the obligatory vertical transportation of their products. This way they don’t have to take responsibility for the consequences of really wrong transportation (on the wrong side). The point is that if you put the refrigerator on the side opposite to the outlet of the tubes from the compressor, the oil will not go anywhere. That rules out the cause of the compressor failure. But I doubt that the delivery service knows which side of the tubes of this or that refrigerator model! Therefore, I will not take the risk and will not turn on the compressor even for short periods of time, letting the cooler stand for a day, so all the oil is guaranteed to drain into the compressor crankcase.

As for mechanical damages of tubes and compressor fasteners, they are much less probable. I think that the designers are fixing their compressors in such a way that they don’t have any kickbacks. it’s not so hard after all.

Well, the external damages can always be noticed during the inspection of the delivered refrigerator.

turning, fridge, upside, down

So, the main rule after the horizontal transportation of the fridge: not to turn it on immediately, even for a short time, but to wait a day.

The refrigerator will be delivered on Monday night, so I will check its operation on Tuesday night. I think that with such a careful startup, it should last me all its design life (15 years), despite the violations of the rules of transportation.

I note that at the beginning of summer I moved my fridge ZIL horizontally to the summer cottage. I drove it on the right side (when viewed from behind) so that the door would not open, but where are the compressor tubes. I don’t know, I didn’t know this subtlety at the time. Just let it rest for a day. Nothing, it works. It survived the heat. 🙂

P.S.: I just had a conversation with a professional compressor guy at my place of work, and he told me that there are two kinds of compressors for refrigerators: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal. These are the kind of boxes, lying on their sides, which were used on the old Soviet refrigerators. Here they are allegedly can be transported on the side. the oil from them does not go anywhere. And here modern foreign refrigerators are equipped with vertical compressors, and they can not be tilted more than 30 degrees.

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And here is another statement on one of the forums seemed to me quite sensible:

After transporting the refrigerator on its side, be sure to let it stand for at least 6 hours before turning it on, and never act like this: “Let’s turn it on for a second, see if it works, and then turn it off immediately”. I explain the process.

The compressor of the fridge is simply bathed in oil (what you see on the back of the fridge. is the compressor casing and the compressor itself is inside it). At the suction of the compressor has two mufflers (they are also available at the exhaust, but these mufflers are not important to us). They get oil in them when transported even vertically. is splashing. Well, and when transported on the side of the oil there leaks on the full. If you turn on the compressor, the oil from the mufflers will be pumped into the system and will block the flow of freon. Т.е. The refrigerator will work and rumble, but it will not freeze. And in this position it can stand for up to 4 days before it starts to freeze. That’s a good thing. In a bad case there will be a hydraulic shock and it will break off a rocker arm or a connecting rod of the compressor or it will bend the valves. All these reasons can be cured only by replacement of the compressor with a new one.

The old horizontal compressors were with so-called external suspension. They had springs on the outside and the axle was horizontal. The new ones are all vertical and located inside the casing on springs. Tearing off the springs has to be done with care, namely driving upside down or tilting the top down and compressor backwards of the machine. At a sharp brake the compressor flies out of its place with springs. It can be fixed by replacing it with a new one.

We don’t put food in the fridge on time

Putting too hot food in the refrigerator is a bad idea. This will cause the temperature of the device to rise. But you should not leave uneaten food out in the cold for too long either: Bacteria multiply faster at room temperature. Therefore, you should put the culinary masterpieces in the fridge not later than 2 hours after cooking.

No frosting or frost residue forms in a No-frost appliance. If you see them, it is a signal of malfunction, and it is better to give the equipment for repair. The owners of more modest models would have to defrost periodically the refrigerating and freezing chambers manually. It is better not to use a hair dryer or other methods to accelerate defrosting. hot air can damage the sealant. Because of this it will be less elastic. It is better to let the ice melt unaided. This method is suitable for all refrigerators, but before defrosting carefully read the instructions to your appliance.

0 models of refrigerators: editorial rating

ATLANT XM 4208-000 two-chamber refrigerator

Small two-chamber refrigerator with bottom arrangement of the freezing chamber. With a width of only 54.5 cm, the refrigerator is ideal for a small kitchen, a family of two or a country cottage. Works quietly, reliable, resistant to power fluctuations. The refrigerator has 3 glass shelves, 2 of which can be rearranged by height. There is a drawer for fruit and vegetables. Automatic defrosting, but the freezer compartment needs to be defrosted once in 3-4 months. Excellent price-quality ratio.

Liebherr CU 3331-20 001 refrigerator

Refrigerator of medium size (width 55 cm) with bottom freezing chamber and volume of 296 liters. Quiet, reliable and high quality. There are egg containers, ice trays, bottle brackets and neat glass shelves. The freezer is quite roomy, with three drawers. Defrosting of the freezing chamber manually, the refrigerating chamber. drip, automatic.

Beko RCNK356E20SB Refrigerator

The 59.5 cm wide two-compartment refrigerator in a pleasant beige shade with a bottom freezer compartment and the No Frost defrost system. The refrigerator shelves are made of tempered glass and have the Active Fresh Blue light technology. The freezer compartment has a tray for freezing small items (dumplings) and a mould for ice cubes. There is a display on the outside of the door, where you can see the temperature and operating mode. Buyers especially like the appearance of the refrigerator and the convenient arrangement of the shelves.

Refrigerator Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4201 X R

The fridge compartment of this model is equipped with three spacious shelves made of the durable glass and a bottle rack. A special low-humidity zone is intended for placing fresh fish and meat. The transparent drawer in the bottom part is intended for storage of fruits and vegetables. Equipped with No Frost function, so that frost does not form on the inner walls and the device does not require periodic defrosting. The refrigerator maintains continuous air circulation, which helps perform uniform thermal processing of the contents. Smells do not mix in the refrigerator. This model has a spacious freezer and handy drawers that are easy to pull out.

Bosch KGN39VW25R refrigerator

Refrigerator with bottom freezer width of 60 cm, can be installed in the kitchen, close to furniture and walls, without gaps. Has an AirFresh anti-bacterial filter inside that allows you to control unpleasant odors and bacteria. Operates very quietly and consumes less electricity, keeps food fresh for a long time and does not require defrosting of the freezer compartment thanks to the NoFrost system. There is a large drawer. a moist area. specially designed for storing fruits and vegetables. The drawer can be set to one of two humidity levels for optimum preservation of the nutritional properties of your food.

Unplug and defrost the refrigerator

Before transportation, the refrigerator should be emptied, unplugged and defrosted in advance. There must be no frost or moisture on the walls, so that the water does not start to run off directly into the machine.

If your refrigerator has a water dispenser, empty it as well.

Above the compressor can be a tray for condensate. remove the liquid from it.

Remove shelves, containers, and baskets from the side door of your refrigerator. it is safer to ship them separately so they don’t get broken during shipping. This also reduces the overall weight of the cooler and makes it easier to load.

Transparent plastic tray to collect condensate is located above the refrigerator compressor.

Can a wall-mounted water heater be placed on the floor?

Boilers can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor. It depends on the capacity of the equipment. Water heaters with capacities up to 100 liters are usually wall-mounted. Boilers with a tank of a greater capacity. 150 liters or more to mount on the wall is not recommended, it is better to mount them on the floor.

Does the refrigerator light actually turn off?

But there is a BUT: a niche of size 1 meter long by 70 cm wide and a height of only 45 centimeters.that is, a 50-liter water heater can be placed in it either vertically sideways or horizontally, but “on its back”. There are no other options for installing a standard size water heater.

How to transport your refrigerator in your car

Some helpful tips for transporting your refrigerator in your own car:

  • Before transportation, find out on the manufacturer’s website whether the refrigerator can be transported lying down (it would be a shame to lose the warranty without checking this in advance).
  • If your refrigerator can be transported lying on its side, mark the side on which you will place it. In advance, lay a large piece of cardboard, an old blanket or a rubber mat in the car.
  • It is convenient to use a special loading cart or rigging belts to carry your refrigerator to the vehicle. And of course, you will definitely need helpers.
  • Be sure to secure the refrigerator to the back of the car with rubber cords, tension straps, or any other available method. During the trip try to maintain constant speed, avoiding abrupt braking and unreasonable overtaking.

Avoid damage with a suction cup

Most car owners know that with the help of a pneumatic suction cup you can quickly remove small and large damages on the body of the car, without first removing the paint layer.

This tool is also suitable for removing a dent from the surface of a household appliance:

If you do not have a professional vacuum tool, try removing the small dent with an ordinary plunger.

turning, fridge, upside, down

WARNING! Using a suction pad is allowed only if the paintwork on the fridge is intact.

turning, fridge, upside, down

Another convenient way to fix a bump is to use a minilift to remove dents on the car body.

The tool consists of a centrally located pin for a suction cup and two rubber feet that allow you to securely fix the device on the surface and eliminate the risk of damage to the paint coating.

Using the tool, you can remove dents up to 8.5 cm in size:

IMPORTANT! It is strictly forbidden to remove adhesive residue with sandpaper, a knife and other sharp objects.


Do not perform these actions while transporting the unit:

  • Carrying your refrigerator at an arbitrary angle, such as in the trunk of your car or on a trailer.
  • Move the unit for no reason in any direction. Even a slight movement from door to door or tilting requires time off.
  • Moving the refrigerator unsecured in unpredictable traffic conditions, even for short distances.
  • Carrying your refrigerator into the entryway with the compressor facing forward. If you drive up a ladder, it will also be at the top of the ladder, the oil will leak down and flood the freon circulation system.
  • Carry your refrigerator out of the apartment on its random side, especially with the freezer facing forward.
  • Disregard the requirement to immobilize the compressor and other moving parts of the circuit.
  • Leaving loose items inside the refrigerator.
  • Lifting and moving refrigerator by leaning on its door.

This is not a good way to transport the device, only if you are not a fan of extreme sports:

turning, fridge, upside, down

Turning on the refrigerator after defrosting/moving

The requirements for the delivery of the refrigerator from the store to the apartment also apply when moving to a new place of residence. This applies to new units as well as old ones. If you buy a second-hand appliance, do not plug it in for the required length of time.

After a complete defrost, do not unplug the appliance for two hours. During this time, the condensate evaporates. Spending it washing the appliance and drying the removable compartments.

Freezing in the natural environment

Important! Defrosting should occur naturally. Not allowed to use a hair dryer or put a container of hot water inside. Takes at least 4 hours to completely rid the walls of the appliance and the freezer compartment of ice.

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