Veet depilation cream how to use

Varieties of creams for hair removal Veet

Each of these creams is suitable for use on the legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. Cannot be used on the groin area (deep bikini), face and chest. Make sure that the product does not come into contact with mucous membranes.

Depilation with Veet cream

Modern women carefully look after their bodies, hair, teeth, nails. The good thing is that now there are enough different cosmetic products that help them in this. With the beach season approaching, the question of removing unwanted hair becomes especially pressing.

A smooth skin. The dream of many women who seek to achieve it with a variety of means to remove unwanted hair. One of them. Veet depilation cream, which helps to solve the problem in minutes.

How does the cream work

This substance aggressively affects the protein keratin, which is the main component of hair structure, thus destroying the hair shaft. The follicle remains unharmed.

In order to weaken the hair roots and slow down the growth of the hair shaft, substances such as soy, Usurian hops, and other additives are added to depilatory products to affect the follicle.

Did you know.? The first mention of body hair removal dates back to ancient Egypt. Women of those times used arsenic for this purpose.

Types of creams

Manufacturers of brand Veet have provided creams of different actions. For those who are particularly sensitive to various cosmetic products or who have irritation from razors. a special emulsion Veet for sensitive skin. Those whose skin is prone to excessive dryness, you can choose emulsions with oil components of flowering plants. Those who are accustomed to using grooming cosmetics during hygienic procedures in the shower, are offered a depilatory product just there.

Vit depilation cream instructions

Cream depilation has long been something exotic. Probably every woman is tempted by such a purchase, but did they all get the desired result?? Not at all, and all why? Yes, because few people know how to use it correctly.

Veet. one of the most popular brands, which has managed to get into their ranks as ardent fans and bitter opponents, but the fact remains. it works! The main thing is to observe a few simple rules, about which we will tell today.

Vit depilation cream is a cosmetic product designed to eliminate unwanted facial and body hair.


  • Urea. Is a natural ingredient for moisturizing the skin. Thanks to this component epidermis cells during the procedure are actively saturated with moisture.
  • Potassium thioglacolate. It is the main component of all depilation creams.
  • Calcium hydroxide. Is alkaline in nature, thus it is able to regulate the acidity level of the cream. The substance also acts as a preservative.
  • Talc. Softening ingredient. Talc absorbs excess moisture and prevents redness on the skin.
  • Glycerin. Moisturizes the skin.
  • Sorbitol. Performs the same function as glycerin.
  • Other ingredients (flavorings, etc.).д.).
  • Aloe Vera extract and vitamin E. These substances can be found in products for sensitive skin. The ingredients help deeply moisturize the cells and prevent redness of the epidermis and protect it from environmental damage.
  • Carite oil and lily extract. The ingredients help nourish the skin, prevent dryness and flaking.
  • Lotus milk and jasmine essence. Used in creams for normal skin.

Useful properties

  • Eliminate dry skin. Vit depilation creams work very gently. In addition, moisturizing ingredients (glycerin, sorbitol, etc.) are included in the products.), thanks to which depilation, even on dry skin, is painless.
  • Strengthening the cell structure. The epidermis becomes firmer during the treatment. This is due to the presence of shea butter in the product.
  • Additional nourishment of the epidermis. Vitamin E and essential oils in the cream enrich the skin with beneficial substances during the session.
  • Redness and irritation prevention. Talc and aloe vera extracts are responsible for this property.

The cream’s action is based on the alkali in the formula. The latter helps to destroy the hair, so that the unwanted vegetation becomes discolored and falls out.

Variety of Vit depilation creams

  • Cream designed to remove hairs on sensitive epidermis. The latter tends to be prone to irritation, rashes and allergies. Vit product for sensitive skin contains aloe vera and vitamin E. These ingredients soothe the epidermis and deeply moisturize the cells.
  • Cream designed for depilation of normal skin. It also contains moisturizing ingredients. The product has a pleasant fragrance.
  • Cream designed to eliminate unwanted vegetation on dry epidermis. The latter is characterized by a tendency to peeling, itching and burning. Shea butter, which is included in the product, helps soften the skin.
  • Cream with a high concentration of shea butter. Characterized by a high concentration of the specified component. This ensures that the skin is soft and moisturized after the procedure, and the risk of unpleasant consequences is minimized. In addition, shea butter triggers a powerful cell renewal process of the epidermis.
  • “Vit Suprem Essence. Suitable for dry and normal epidermis. The product contains esters that soothe redness and promote deep hydration and cellular nourishment.
  • “Vit for Men. Designed to remove stiff and thick hairs. Has a peculiar odor. Regular use of the product leads to a significant slowing of hair growth.
  • “Vit in spray form. Apply only on dry skin. Easy to apply. Same properties as similar “Vit” products. Three kinds of spray are produced: for dry, sensitive skin and Suprem Essence.
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Interestingly, all varieties of creams for depilation “Vit” (with the exception of men’s and spray) have analogues in the form of a product for the procedure in the shower. In this case, instead of a spatula the kit includes a sponge. Try both and choose the one that suits you best.

About Veet hair removal creams

The cream is a chemical means of depilation. The cream contains an active ingredient that softens the structure of hairs. The mechanical action of removing the cream with a spatula or sponge helps remove the softened hairs from the surface of the skin.

veet, depilation, cream

Depilation creams are suitable for everyone?

Creams can be used by all women, even pregnant women, provided all the requirements specified in the instructions for use and precautions. We recommend that depilation procedures be carried out in the presence of an adult if you are under 16.

How long can the cream be stored?

Veet depilation creams can be used within 3 years from the production date, which is indicated on the package.

How long must the hairs be for best results??

There are no restrictions on the length of the hairs. Remember, however, that it is recommended that you allow 72 hours between depilatory procedures.

What is the best way to remove Veet depilation cream from your skin?

Use a spatula to remove remaining cream, then rinse the skin with water and wipe gently and dry.

Can Veet Shower Depilation Cream really be used in the shower??

We recommend applying the product before you start showering. It’s better to apply it on dry skin, which spreads the cream more evenly. Use the soft, colored part of the sponge to distribute the cream evenly. Do not rub it in. Make sure all hairs are covered with cream. Wait at least a minute before showering. Then take a shower as usual. During the first two minutes, avoid exposing the areas treated with the cream to a direct stream of water. After a total of three minutes of application, remove a small amount of the cream with a white sponge. If the hairs are easy to remove, massaging in circular motions remove all the cream. If necessary, leave the cream on for a little longer, but no longer than 6 minutes in total (cream for sensitive skin can be left on for longer). It’s that easy!

How to use Veet hair removal cream | Veet cream review

Won’t the cream wash off, and won’t it stop working when I get in the shower??

The cream contains a special ingredient similar to that found in waterproof mascara. It repels water and lasts as long as you shower. Avoid exposing the treated skin areas to a direct stream of water.

To wax your skin successfully, you must do everything according to the instructions. Before you open the tube, make sure your skin is ready for the procedure. Before waxing, you should:

  • Clean the skin of impurities.
  • Check that there are no scratches, wounds, pimples and other defects on the dermis.
  • Make sure you are not allergic to the composition. To do this, carefully examine the composition, you can test for an allergic reaction. To do this, treat a small area and see what happens after a few minutes. If there is no redness and itching, you can depilate the entire area.
  • Provide yourself with good light and everything you need (warm water, tissues, towel, etc).).

Now consider the detailed instruction of Veet cream for intimate areas and underarms depilation.

  • Tear off the protective film.
  • Apply the cream on the desired area and distribute an even, not very thick layer over the entire surface, where there is hair. Note that the composition must completely cover the hairs.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes. Before you remove the entire compound, remove the cream from a small area with a spatula. If the hairs come off easily, you can peel them all off. If not, wait a little longer.
  • After you have used the spatula to remove the bulk of the cream, proceed to wash the area with water.

The cream may contain grape seed or aloe, these components take care of the epidermis, help moisturize. To make your skin even more groomed, it is recommended to additionally treat it with a moisturizing cream after depilation.

How to use it correctly?

To achieve the desired long-lasting results without negative consequences, it is necessary to perform the chemical depilation procedure correctly. Hair removal Vit depilatory tool is as follows:

  • Well steam the skin and make a light scrubbing, removing dead skin particles and expanding pores. This will ensure a lighter epilation.
  • On the cleaned and dried body area with the special sponge or spatula, going in the kit, in the direction of hair growth apply the depilatory cream evenly and thickly. Leave the product on for 5-10 minutes. Exact exposure time is written on the package.
  • Remove the cream with a spatula, moving against the growth of villi.
  • If some hairs remain on the body, repeat the procedure.
  • Rinse off any remaining cream and dry your skin.

When using a depilatory agent in the shower it is necessary to remove it with a special sponge under running water. To better understand how chemical depilation is performed, we recommend watching the video tutorial.

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