Verkhniye Kotly aeroexpress train station

How to get to Domodedovo Airport

Aeroexpress. the most reliable and fastest way to get from Moscow center. The travel time will be about 45 minutes. At the same time, it is a rather expensive mode of transport. a one-way ticket for one person is 400, but there are discounts when you buy online, round trip, subscriptions for multiple trips and other. Aeroexpress to Domodedovo departs from Paveletskiy railway station.

Aeroexpress has an intermediate stop Verkhniye Kotly. It will be convenient for those who live in the southern districts of the capital, near the MCC and the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line. The MCC Verkhniye Kotly station is literally meters from the aeroexpress train station of the same name. From station “Nagatinskaya” of Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line to station “Verkhniye Kotly” of aero express train about 15 minutes on foot.

From which subway station

You can quickly and easily get to Aeroexpress stop at Paveletskiy railway station by metro from any part of Moscow. Not far from the station there are entrances to Paveletskaya metro station of the Koltsevaya and Zamoskvoretskaya lines (brown and green branches, respectively).

verkhniye, kotly, aeroexpress, train, station

How to get from the subway:

  • If you decided to get on the green line to Paveletskaya station, then you have chosen the best route. Get in the first car when moving from the center or in the last car when moving towards the center. Leaving the car at the station, just climb the escalator and you will immediately find yourself in the station building. Follow the signs to get to the Aeroexpress platform.
  • Exit from “Paveletskaya” station of Koltsevaya line is across the street from the station. If you are going by the brown line, then after getting off at “Paveletskaya” station better change to the radial line for trimmer and get into the station building from the vestibule of the station. If you are outside, you can get to Paveletskiy railway station by turning left through the long underpass to the exit

Where is the Aeroexpress at Domodedovo Airport

Aeroexpress terminal in Domodedovo is located to the right of the terminal building next to the arrivals area of domestic flights. So, if you stand with your back to the air terminal, the aeroexpress terminal is on the left, and it is clearly visible.

Getting to Aeroexpress at Domodedovo Airport

For more information, call the hotline 8-800-700-33-77

Aeroexpress schedule from Sheremetyevo to Moscow

DepartureCircular Arrival
05:00 05:22 05:35
06:00 06:22 06:35
06:30 06:52 07:05
07:00 07:22 07:35
07:30 07:55 08:10
08:00 08:26 08:40
08:30 08:56 09:09
09:00 09:25 09:40
09:30 09:53 10:06
10:00 10:22 10:35
10:30 10:52 11:05
11:00 11:22 11:35
11:30 11:52 12:05
12:00 12:22 12:35
12:30 12:52 13:05
13:00 13:22 13:35
13:30 13:52 14:05
14:00 14:22 14:35
14:30 14:52 15:05
15:00 15:22 15:35
15:30 15:52 16:05
16:00 16:22 16:35
16:30 16:52 17:05
17:00 17:22 17:35
17:30 17:52 18:05
18:00 18:22 18:36
18:30 18:52 19:07
19:00 19:22 19:37
19:30 19:52 20:08
20:00 20:22 20:36
20:30 20:52 21:05
21:00 21:22 21:36
21:30 21:52 22:05
22:00 22:22 22:35
22:30 22:52 23:05
23:00 23:22 23:35
23:30 23:52 00:05
00:00 00:22 00:35
00:30 00:52 01:05

Aeroexpress ticket offices work at Belorussky station?

Cash desks at the Kievsky station work in normal mode from 5:30 to 00:30 every day.

Cash desks at Sheremetyevo Airport itself open from 4:30 to 00:30 daily.

The ticket office at Okruzhnaya station is open from 5:25 to 00:52

verkhniye, kotly, aeroexpress, train, station

Aeroexpress to Sheremetyevo Airport from which station?

Aeroexpress daily runs to Sheremetyevo Airport from Byelorussky Railway Station, stopping at Okruzhnaya Station on its way to the Airport.

Aeroexpress Sheremetyevo travel time?

Journey time is 35 minutes with one stop at Okruzhnaya station.

How to get from Aeroexpress to Terminal D at Sheremetyevo?

Terminals E, D, F of Sheremetyevo airport are connected with terminal “Aeroexpress” by pedestrian galleries. According to the image below, follow the signs.

Aeroexpress trains between Domodedovo and Paveletsky Railway Station will stop at Verkhniye Kotly

The trains “Aeroexpress train” plying between Domodedovo and the Paveletsky railway station will make a stop at the platform “Verhnie Kotly” of the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow Railway (MRR). have informed in press-service of the company.

“Aeroexpress trains running between Paveletskiy railway station and Domodedovo airport will make an intermediate stop on a new platform “Verhnie Kotly” of the Paveletsk direction of the Moscow railroad from December 28″. is spoken in the message.

verkhniye, kotly, aeroexpress, train, station

It is specified that the trains will arrive at the intermediate station seven minutes after the departure from Paveletsky station and 35 minutes after the departure from the airport. Cash desks and ticket printing machines of the company for passenger convenience have already been installed on the platform. Access areas to Aeroexpress are marked by appropriate navigation signs. To get on the train you will need to show a ticket at the entrance to the platform and keep it until the end of the trip.

“The emergence of intermediate stops “Aeroexpress”. It is, first of all, a new level of comfort for passengers. They can choose the most convenient for them place for boarding and disembarkation, to make a change from Aeroexpress train to the necessary type of public transport. And for the residents of the nearby areas the trip to Domodedovo airport will now take only 35 minutes. Alina Bisembaeva, the general director of Aeroexpress LLC is quoted by press service.

Digital transformation of Aeroexpress management system with 1C:ERP Holding Management

The press service added that from the platform “Upper Kotly” you can make the transfer to the station of the same name of the Moscow Central Ring (MCC), as well as buses, trolley buses and streetcars. Nagatinskaya station of the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya metro line is within walking distance.

Earlier it was informed that “Aeroexpress train” has launched the first intermediate stop on the Sheremetevo direction on “Okruzhnaya” platform where you can take a train to the airport. Boarding in the direction of the Belorussky railway station is not carried out.

You can take a train to Domodedovo Airport from Paveletskiy railway station

Arriving at Paveletsky station, we need to buy a ticket for the train. You can do this in the part of the station, where the suburban trains, not long distance. There are ticket vending machines everywhere. For those who are too lazy to understand, there are ticket offices with tellers.

Note, there are a lot of trains from Paveletskiy railway station to Domodedovo. But we need an electric train to Domodedovo Airport. Do not confuse the Domodedovo and Domodedovo Airport. These are different trains. Between these stations is not a close distance. 3 stops, or 15 minutes by train.

What to do with the machine? Choose a destination. Domodedovo Airport, choose a one-way or round trip, put money in the machine, get change and a ticket for the train to Domodedovo. You can also pay by card. You don’t have to pay for luggage.

Further we pass through turnstiles with name “Suburban trains” (it’s very important)!). You need to put your ticket to the turnstile and pass in 15 seconds. Next, find an electric train to Domodedovo Airport (called “Airport. Domodedovo”) and get on it.

The number of electric trains to Domodedovo Airport is not great. However, there are. Other lines schedule further.

The schedule of trains from Paveletskiy railway station to Domodedovo airport

There are 14 daily train connections to Domodedovo Airport. The first departures at 04:46 and the last at 23:07.

Full schedule: 04:46, 05:49, 06:15, 07:35, 08:42, 13:35, 15:40, 16:51, 17.46, 18:33, 19:21, 20:21, 21:48, 23:07.

In the opposite direction (from the airport): 00:46, 05:34, 06:04, 06:34, 07:05, 07:39, 08:10, 09:18, 10:07, 10:50, 13:48, 14:34, 15:05, 16:04, 17:07, 18:34, 19:19, 20:05, 20:35, 21:35, 23:38.

By the way, the Domodedovo Airport is the final stop for this train. So don’t worry, you won’t miss the right stop.

Even in the evening Aeroexpress has a large number of passengers. Photo from the train, it’s almost empty. Normal train, clean, comfortable, does not smell. 🙂 This is one more confirmation that the train to Domodedovo many people just do not know. For the non-City residents so exactly.

An electric train to Domodedovo airport inside

Railway. Moscow. Belorussky railway station. Aeroexpress area// Москва. Белорусский вокзал

Note that previously the turnstiles on suburban trains and on Aeroexpress were together. And you could get to Aeroexpress with an electric train ticket. That is, to ride the Aeroexpress train not for 500, but for 138. Now in principle to get on Aeroexpress also possible (at Paveletskiy railway station no turnstiles. go and sit down), but when you exit the Aeroexpress there will be problems. The airport fenced off the exit of the aeroexpress train, and you can not go out on a ticket to the train to Domodedovo.

So the popular tiphack, how to get to Domodedovo Airport by Aeroexpress train for 144 rubles, does not work anymore.

Aeroexpress and electric train in Domodedovo are separated by a grid

Aeroexpress to Sheremetyevo Airport from the Belorussky Railway Station

To get to the Belorussky Railway Station, which is located almost in the center of the city on Tverskaya Zastava Square, is fairly easy. If you plan to take the metro to the station, you can get to the city from either the radial Belorusskaya or the circular station. Once outside, you will see Moscow’s oldest train station, which is the hallmark of the city. Following the signs you can easily find the entrance to the station and the platform, from which Aeroexpress to Sheremetyevo Airport. Arriving in advance at the station, you can relax in the comfortable waiting rooms, a snack in the cafe and even check into a hotel, which is also located in the station building.

The starting point of Aeroexpress train is Odintsovo platform. Further to the Belorusskiy Vokzal platform, the train stops at all stops:

  • Odintsovo platform
  • Bakovka platform
  • Skolkovo Platform
  • Nemchinovka platform
  • Setun platform
  • Rabochiy Poselok platform
  • Kuntsevskaya platform (transfer to Kuntsevskaya station of Filyovskaya and Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya lines)
  • Slavyansky Bulvar platform (transfer to Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya subway line)
  • Fili platform (transfer to Fili metro station of Filevskaya subway line)
  • Testovskaya platform (transfer to MCC Delovoy Tsentr metro station, BCL Delovoy Tsentr metro station, transfer to Mezhdunarodnaya and Vystochnaya stations of Filevskaya metro line, also to MCC Shelepikha station and BCL Shelepikha station)
  • Begovaya platform (transfer to Begovaya metro station of Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line)
  • Belorusskiy railway station (transfer to Belorusskaya station of Circle and Zamoskvoretskaya lines)
  • Savelovsky train station (change to Sevelovskaya station of the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya metro line)
  • Okruzhnaya platform (change to Okruzhnaya metro station on Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya metro line)
  • Sheremetyevo Airport station (terminal).

Be careful at Savelovsky Station and Okruzhnaya platform, the aeroexpress train makes a stop, which lasts a minute. Do not be late!

How to get to Verkhniye Kotly Aeroexpress. Domodedovo by subway?

Click on metro route to see step-by-step instructions with maps, arrival time and updated schedule.


In the near future it is planned to make a transfer to the new station Verkhniye Kotly, Paveletskiy direction of MZhD. Also in this place will be the organization of the new transport hub.

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Please advise when is planned to open a passage to station Verkhniye Kotly of Paveletskiy direction of Moscow Railway??

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