Vetorok drier with a tray for marshmallow

The best budget dryer for fruit. Vetorok, Rotor or Suhovey?

Electric dryer. an indispensable thing for those who procure for the winter fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and berries. With this uncomplicated device can prepare unusual sweets, such as marshmallow. On the domestic market, the leaders of sales are inexpensive dehydrators Vetorok, Rotor and Sukhovey. Popular and Radiozavod Dachnik, Petromash Ryzhik and Neptun dryers. Since not every buyer is ready to pay more than 5000 for a dehydrator, we decided to compare budget and well-known models. All are popular among Yandex users.Market, got a lot of good reviews on various sites.

As a rule, for a low price you can buy convection dryers with mechanical control. For devices with a timer, digital display and other additional functions you will have to pay extra, and a lot. Rating participants are approximately in the same price category, they have similar characteristics and functionality. But there are significant differences, which are worth paying attention to before buying.

For comparison, we chose such cheap dryers:

Spectrum-Pribor ESOF-0.5/220 Vetorok. a popular dehydrator, which is chosen for its ease of operation and compactness.

Rotor SSh-002. roomy and versatile dryer, suitable for the preparation of candied fruits and marshmallows.

Neptune 5. budget model with an impressive capacity and transparent plastic trays.

Agroplast Suhovey MP 8. electric dryer with a bright design and an expanded set of trays in the kit.

Review of the Vegetable dryer “Vetorok-2-6”: sun-dried tomatoes and meat. it’s easy!

The world view, sometimes, makes miraculous cartwheels. Here you are as a schoolboy thinning out a tomato jungle on vacation instead of fighting in “square” or “knives” with your neighbors. You curse all this stuff and you are 100% sure that when you grow up, you’ll never do this garden stuff. Then a quarter of a century flies by and suddenly you realize that you need to learn how to get aphids out and why buy dried tomatoes if you can make them yourself, and the rest of their twists is also a cool topic. In short, the rebellious adolescent spirit is drowning in the shallow and cozy swamp of petty bourgeoisie.

You can buy a Vegetable dryer “Vetorok 2 6” on Yandex-market

There is also a huge selection of vegetable dryers on Aliexpress

  • electronic control
  • power 600 W
  • Number of pallets: 6
  • 30 liter capacity
  • adjusting the drying temperature
  • plastic trays
  • overheat protection
  • making marshmallow
  • sizes 40.5x39x47.5 cm

Vegetable dehydrator on the market in abundance, but in a patriotic impulse, I decided to buy a native “Vetorok 2-6”, which, it seems, is actually riveting (and not molding stickers with their logo on a generic OEM) somewhere in the Kursa “Spectrum-Pribor” company. Well, not that the only gust played a role, in fact, all determined the numerous positive reviews on this dehydrator. Actually, on the product page on Yandex-market they are in bulk.

Because of the age (veg dehydrator was bought in 2020m) photos of packaging is not left, and I do not think that it is important. Ah, upd. The neighbors, inspired by us, bought the same dryer last week. So here is the package. Not artistic, but honest.

Like most other vegetable dehydrators, “Vetorok-2-6” consists of a puff cake with a motor, an impeller and a heating element in the base on which a multilayer transparent tower of trays is mounted. The number of the latter, as far as I remember the manufacturer’s page, varies depending on the version of the “Wind”. In general there is nothing fundamentally new and structurally complex here.

The lid has an air outlet and a drying time cheat sheet is glued around it. useful tips for drying hides a nondescript manual. Well, to be fair, this is exactly the situation where you should not judge a book by its cover.

Expectedly, it lacks some design gloss of big Western brands of dehydrators. To be fair, there is also no kolkhoznoy wretchedness nameless dryers from ali. The device looks simple, but it doesn’t crinkle the eye. However, I would not care even if it was made according to miserable designer models of Soviet home appliances.е. looked like a byproduct of some seismic weapons specialist. If the vegetable dehydrator works well and does not cost much, then I would not be particularly affected by the design a la coffin of textolite with a motor from the “ant”.

So, there are two versions. transparent and opaque. For the convenience of evaluating the drying process, we chose the first one

Of all the controls, there is a simple temperature regulator. In the reviews they wrote that it would be nice to have a timer well, yes, probably it would be nice, but until I came across this question, the thought of a timer did not even occur to me.

In addition to the vegetable peeler comes with a manual and an optional tray for marshmallows. It seems that there should also be a tray to collect fat dripping during meat drying. In general, as far as I understand the “Veternik-2” has several versions with different equipment, you can look at the manufacturer’s page.

The trays are thick enough, without molding defects. It has a diameter of about 39 cm and is 5 cm high. In the photo they are in an unsightly working form. Well, sorry, scrub them for the sake of beautiful pictures of the desire and time did not have, I think the veggie-cooker is probably the third week has not been off.

Underneath the trays there is a metal circle that covers the heating element and the impeller, attached to the motor hidden in the base. It’s that simple.

Actually, that should have been the end of the review. Vegetable dryer works in my dacha since last summer and, as I said above, the last three weeks, as ripe tomatoes, works nonstop. It does not make much noise, last fall it was in the hallway next to the bedroom and did not disturb the sleep at all.

So, no doubt, the purchase was very successful not in that it helped to dry a mountain of mint, basil and hawthorn (they can be dried anyway), but in the main thing for me. drying tomatoes. I really, really love them. I do not share categorically with anyone and slowly savor. And the tomatoes themselves, and the spice-soaked butter that makes it so good to dip a nice fresh white loaf from the bakery into. By and large, for me, the answer to “why do I need a dehydrator??” comes down to just the drying of tomatoes. If you have not heard about this wonderful dish, I will tell you and you will understand that there is nothing complicated here.

a) We take a lot of tomatoes. Something on the scale of cherry cream. I don’t like to use too small, because they shrink to the nanoscale. The experiment with big, fleshy tomatoes cost me about a liter of twists and wasted time. the tomatoes just didn’t dry properly and the contents of 3 cans went to the compost. However, I suppose that they can be dried too, the main thing is to adjust the process, but I just did not bring them to the right stage of dry rustling.

Tomatoes are washed, cut in half or in quarters, based on the volume, and put on trays. Last year I dried some of them in the oven (yes, you can do that, but the yield is smaller and far from as convenient) and sprinkled them immediately. It turned out great.

Initially it seems that the result of all this drying will be abundant.

In the end, the tomatoes dry out like this.

And from one pallet very few tomatoes come out.

Next you need spices, and here it all comes down to personal preference. My set consists of salt, a little sugar, “Italian herbs” and a good portion of garlic. When last year I dried them in the oven, I sprinkled them with spices right away.

Next, all that’s left is to fill them with oil and close the lid. Of course, there are nuances here, too.

a) It’s better to heat oil, but not to boiling! you can use a cooking thermometer with a dipstick, or you can set the oven to 95 degrees and leave the oil in it. Last year I closed with regular “Oleynaya”, this year I got a huge discount (360 rubles per liter) on Yandex-Market pretty good olive oil. It’s worth clarifying that on AVito a liter of olive oil (not suitable only for frying pomace, and declared as extra virgin) are still selling in cans for the same price.

By the way, “Oleina” was delicious as well.

b) add a little balsamic vinegar to the oil. There is a question of taste. This year we do it with it, in the past we did without it. But there are plenty of recipes where vinegar is included. Here, in short, space for experimentation.

c) Pour it better in layers. Put a layer, tamped (!), poured. Repeat. And then the old fashioned way. turn the jar upside down, allow it to stand and check it in a few days for the bombs (i.e. bloating of the lid), turbidity and evolution of gases. I recommend to put somewhere on the napkins, because if things go wrong, the jar can squeeze out quite a bit of oil.

Then all we have to do is wait a couple of weeks and eat it.

The second dish we often make in the vegetable jerky machine is jerky. There’s plenty of recipes online.

The wife usually takes a chicken, soaks it in brine, squeezes it under a crutch, sprinkles pepper-garlic and puts in the dryer at minimum temperature. In principle, if you keep in the freezer, then, as far as I understand, you can not keep in the brine. The cold will kill all the harmful microflora and parasites, and the salt can be sprinkled on top.

The meat, of course, shrinks a lot, but you have complete control over the taste and the process. And it comes out cheaper than store-bought.

Prepare meat chips in the vegetable dryer is very simple and fast. If you put the meat to dry at lunch, you can eat it the next evening. However, there are also variables here. mainly the thickness of the slices. If you pick the right spices, it’s really good.

That’s all. Vegetable dryer in general and “Vetorok 2-6” in particular turned out well. Neighbors, recall, looking at our family conveyor belt, recently ordered the same.

In addition to curing meat and drying tomatoes for the winter, you can easily prepare mushrooms, berries, compote mix, make chips from apples and bananas. In short, you can choose from a lot of options for a relatively low price.

Still, good, living all summer at the cottage, it would be worth to dry pastilles, but I somehow do not get the hands. There are a lot of stories on the web about how to make mashed potatoes on a vegetable masher.

If you wanted to choose a good veggie maker, then I am in every way ready to recommend “Vetorok-2″. This dehydrator works for the second season and I do not have the slightest complaint about it. If you had any interest in buying it, I hope my review of this veggie-sucker convinced you. I personally have not regretted the purchase even once.

I wish you a delicious harvest and a long preservation!

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Review: Electric dryer for fruit and vegetables Vetorok-2. Super appliance. dries everything! Now I won’t lose my apples)

Vetorok-2 dryer made by Kursk manufacturer SPEKTR-PRIBOR.Included instructions and a memo with a description of the drying time.

The appliance is powered by a heating element that produces warm, pressurized air. Of course there is noise, but it does not interfere much even at night.

The base with legs that take the vibration off

Trays are placed on the base. I have the transparent ones, I like them better than the white ones. You can control the process without opening the lid.My set has 6 trays. They are not fixed in any way. They are easy to rearrange. You can use it all at once or as much as you need. Here is a drier in loaded state.

There is a mechanical knob to regulate the degree of heat

I cut the apples into slices as I get them, here they are on the tray, I spread them out not thickly

And after 8-10 hours (I put it on the night for economy) the result. The apples retain their color and flavor.

I store apples in eco-bags Goroh Bags As written in the instructions, you can dry (dried) fish and meat in this drier, for the drip juice has a tray, so it does not trickle into the ten.

On the lid of the dryer is a slider with a memo on how much to dry, and you can dry everything!

A huge plus is the ability to make marshmallows. I did it two ways. I boiled the apples until soft, then blended them and crushed the raw ones with a blender, both with or without sugar. And do not bother with the meat grinder and grinding through a sieve.Mashed potatoes poured into a special tray, greased with vegetable oil, which is placed in a tray

Pastilles to be rolled into tubes and sliced. Tasty and nutritious!

I am very satisfied with it. Vetorok 2. Saving of lost apples.To take care of apples. Will be experimenting with other products. Costs on average 3500 Marshmallow trays separately 300-400 (better to have at least 3-4 pieces). I recommend for purchase!

Tray transparent for the dryer Vetorok found 274 products.274 item

Marshmallow tray for the Vetorok 2 zebi dryer 754851.The 016 can be used on the Vetorok-2 dryers with 5 and 6 tiers, white or transparent. Fits not only these dryers but also other similar ones. Characteristics: The product is made of food plastic. Dee.

Marshmallow tray for the dryer Vetorok-2 zabi 754851.016 can be used on dryers Vetorok-2 on 5 and 6 tiers, white or transparent color.The product is made of food plastic, outer diameter 35 cm, inner diameter. 6 cm.Designed for cooking pasta.

Compatible. Vetorok 2-6, Vetorok 2-5 (transparent and white). Original

Transparent grate pallet for dryers Vetorok-3 and Vetorok-5 (ESOF-0,5/220). Manufactured by the same company as the dryers. Diameter 29 cm, height 5 cm. Holds up to 1 kg of food on 1 pallet

Suitable for models: Vetorok 2-5 Vetorok 2-5 transparent Vetorok 2-6 Vetorok 2-6 transparent Diameter 35 cm. The tray is designed for making marshmallows of any fruit and berry material. How to make marshmallows in a vegetable dryer? Step by step recipe: 1.Prepare a berry bouquet.

Special additional transparent tray for electric dryers Vetorok 2 (not suitable for electric dryers Vetorok ). With it you can dry even more fruits and vegetables in your favorite dryer

Transparent trays fit any model of the Vetorok 2 dryers as interchangeable trays. Comes in a set of 3 pcs!

Vegetable dryer “Vetorok-2U (count 6 sieves) in corrugated container tray for marshmallow. This is a specialized product for making homemade dried fruit, drying vegetables, berries, mushrooms, any herbs, etc.д. With the help of the “Vetorok-2″ you can make meat and fish chips.

Additional solid tray for marshmallow for driers Vetorok-2 diameter 35 cm

Special additional transparent tray for electric dryers Vetorok and Vetorok. Plus (not suitable for Vetorok 2 electric dryers). With it, you can dry even more fruits and vegetables in your favorite dryer

Mesh tray for electric dryers Belomo for curing meat, drying small products, herbs

Number of trays: 6 pcs; Temperature control: yes; Tare design:.Power: 600 W

Convective dryer, mechanical control, 500W power, 3kg, number of trays: 3, drying temperature adjustment

Special additional plastic tray for the electric dryer Vetorok 2 (not suitable for electric dryers Vetorok ). With it you can dry even more fruits and vegetables in your favorite dryer

Additional tray for dryers Voltera 1000, Vetorok 2-5 and 2-6 for fast production of high-quality home marshmallows. The second photo shows a marshmallow tray and a standard Voltaire drying tray (sold separately)

Special additional plastic tray for electric dryers Suhovey M 8, Suhovey M 5. With it, you can dry even more fruits and vegetables in your favorite dryer

Special additional plastic tray for electric dryers Vetorok and Vetorok. Plus (not suitable for Vetorok 2 electric dryers). It enables you to dry even more fruits and vegetables in your favorite drier

“Vetorok-2” is a specialized product for making home dried fruits, drying vegetables, berries, mushrooms, any herbs, etc.д. With the help of “Vetorok-2” you can make meat and fish chips, so popular among fans of refreshments. Very fast drying time and temperature.

Electric dryer for fruit and vegetables “Vetorok-2” is a specialized product for home production of dried fruits, dried vegetables, berries, mushrooms, any herbs, etc.д. With the help of “Veterek-2” you can make meat and fish chips, so popular among amateurs.

The RFD-0157 electric dryer is a modern device for drying vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and herbs, drying cereals and homemade pasta.The device has a flexible setting system. you can set the time and temperature of drying ingredients by yourself. Raisins, apricots, prunes.

Durable removable trays made of durable white plastic will last for many years! Included 3 pieces. And they can be used as extra.

Dehydrator for vegetables, fruits, herbs, desserts, meat, fish Ezidri Snackmaker FD500 created specifically to solve all possible problems and allow the caring hostess easily and with pleasure to dry up to 10 kg of food at one time

Vegetable dryer Vetorok 5 pallets is truly indispensable item of kitchen utensils for a good housewife who prefers healthy food and regularly makes winter preparations. This device is suitable for everyone who has a fruit-bearing garden or vegetable garden, as well as those who love.

Convection dryer, mechanical control, power 250 W, 5 kg, the number of trays: 5, adjusting the drying temperature

Convection dryer, mechanical control, power 250 W, number of trays: 5, adjusting the drying temperature

“Vetorok-2” is a specialized product for the production of home dried fruits, drying vegetables, berries, mushrooms, any herbs, etc.д. With the help of “Wind-2” you can make meat and fish chips, so popular among fans of refreshments. It’s very fast.

L’equip silicone sheet is specially designed for efficient fruit marshmallow drying in dehydrators. Its special shape with 6mm thick borders helps you not to lose any precious product. Silicone is an environmentally friendly material that withstands.

Convection dryer, electronic control, power 550 W, 12 kg, the number of trays: 6, adjusting the drying temperature

Mechanical convection dryer, 400 Watt, power: 4, volume 20 l

Convection dryer, mechanical control, power 520 W, number of trays: 3, drying temperature regulation

ThermMix Vegetable and fruit dryer. This is a device that is designed for dehydrating (drying) vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and berries. Has 5 trays with vertical loading. 500 Watt heating element and fan help it keep the temperature necessary for drying.

Small transparent tray for vegetables and fruits for the Vetorok dryer

Electric dryer Rotor designed for drying vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries, herbs, meat, fish and other products in the home. Reliable, compact and easy to use dryer will help to save for the winter foods that do not fit in the freezer.

Tray axion, breeze YUMGI711142037 For vegetable dryer T33, T43 Outer diameter: 323 mm Inner diameter: 40 mm Material: plastic Color: transparent Suitable for models: T33 T43

Samobranka is suitable for drying all kinds of crops such as fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, roots and root vegetables. You can also dry fish, mushrooms, home-made noodles, marshmallows, crispbread, and absolutely anything that needs to be dried in the most economical way.The most important features: (Optional).

The capillary thermostatically controlled vegetable and fruit dryer is specially designed for drying large quantities of food while taking up relatively little space. The dryer is very easy to handle and versatile. You can use it to bake absolutely anything: fruit and vegetables, berries and mushrooms, meat.

Special additional plastic tray for marshmallow for Belomo 8360 electric dryers. The tray can be installed in each dryer tray.Delivery includes 3 plastic trays.Tray total diameter: 310 mm

Convection drier, mechanical control, 500 Watt performance, number of trays: 8, drying temperature regulation

Convection drier, mechanical control, power 520W, 5kg, number of trays: 5, drying temperature regulation

Pastilla tray is suitable for Belomo model 8060 and for model 8360.Trays can be placed in each drying tray.Tray total diameter: 310 mmCentral diameter: 60 mmHeight of tray: 10 mm

Features home dehydrator dryer for vegetables and fruits “Vetorok-2”: 5 trays 39 cm in diameter, each designed for a load of 2 kg, there is a special insertion to collect fat when drying meat and fish, rotary knob allows you to adjust the temperature from 30 to 7.

Convection dryer, electronic control, power 510 W, number of trays: 20, drying temperature regulation

Mechanical convection dryer, 250 Watt, manual control, number of pallets: 5

Metal dryer Alvin. a unique product: the dryer inherited the ventilation system from the heat gun. Great, powerful air flow blows the product in the trays, and the workpiece passes very quickly. In addition to the usual fruits and vegetables in the SU-1 can dry fish and meat.

The Vetorok-2 dryer is one of the most productive and versatile models. With 6 pallets, it allows you to load almost one and a half times more products than analogues of the same power and size

Heating dryer (without fan), mechanical control, number of pallets: 4, drying temperature regulation

Convection dryer, mechanical control, 400 Watt, number of trays: 5, drying temperature regulation

Special additional plastic tray for electric driers Belomo 8360. You can use it to dry even more fruits and vegetables in your favorite dryer.Includes 3 plastic pallets

Additional tray for cooking marshmallows in Voltera-1000 and Voltera-1000 Lux household electric dryers

The Tefal vegetable and fruit dryer helps you preserve all the nutritional properties of your food and enjoy them even after long periods of time. Thanks to several temperature modes (no heat, 40 ° C, 60 ° C and 75 ° C ventilation for different products and stages) device preserves.

Electric dryer Belomo designed for drying fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms and medicinal herbs in the home. You can also use it to make marshmallows. Electric dryer saves fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms without losing vitamins. The drying process is just like a natural process.

“Vetorok-2” is a specialized product for home production of dried fruits, drying vegetables, berries, mushrooms, any herbs, etc.д. With the help of “Wind-2” you can make meat and fish chips, so popular among fans of refreshments. Very fast.

Samobranka is designed for drying all kinds of crops: fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, roots and root crops. As well as fish, mushrooms, homemade noodles, marshmallows, croutons and anything else that needs to be dried in the most economical way.The most important characteristics are: (Пр.

Vetorok 2 dryer with a tray for marshmallow

This electric dryer (electric dryer) for fruit and vegetables VETEROK-2 ESOF-0.6/220 (higher performance). 6 white plastic trays with a diameter of 39 cm marshmallow tray).

Equipped with a tray for marshmallow. The pallet is designed for making marshmallow from any fruit-berry material. VETEROK-2 is designed for home drying of vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms and herbs. Special insertion for fat allows you to carry out operations of curing meat, fish without contamination of the product. Electric dryer ESOF-2-0.6/220 VETEROK-2 is a modernized and more productive version of the well-proven VETEROK electric dehydrator.

While maintaining the best qualities of VETEROK, namely the rational and efficient distribution of warm air flows, the optimal ratio of power of the heating element and the fan motor, the use of only high quality materials, VETEROK-2 is significantly superior to VETEROK on the volume of fruit loading about 1.5 times and therefore the performance. Power 220V, power. 600W, drying temperature from 30 to 70 degrees C, stepless temperature regulation, double overload protection.


The package contents of the Spectrum-Pribor Vetorok-2 fruit and vegetable dryer with marshmallow tray, 6 white sections, depends on the specific delivery and can be changed by the supplier without prior notice!

Dryer, 6 removable sections, lid, insert for collecting grease, tray for marshmallow, documentation.

Product specifications may differ from those shown on the site, please specify the specifications of the product at the time of purchase and payment. All information on the website about the goods is for reference only and is not a public offer in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code We earnestly ask you to check the availability of the desired functions and features when buying.

Dryer for vegetables, mushrooms, apples, fruits. Overview of the dryer Veterok-2, ESOF-0.6/220 part1

The Vetorok-2 fruit and vegetable dryer with marshmallow tray, 6 white sections, SPEKTR-PRIBOR has an official warranty valid for 1 year.

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All reviews of the dryer for fruit and vegetables Spectrum-Pribor Vetorok-2 with a tray for marshmallow, 6 white sections

Review of the dryer for fruit and vegetables Spectrum-Pribor Vetorok-2 with a tray for marshmallow, 6 white sections

Advantages: High volume. It has 6 trays 38 cm in diameter, there is a tray for marshmallows, powerful airflow from the fan, temperature mode from 30 to 70 degrees. Noises like a normal fan, not loud or quiet.

Comment: Tested on bananas and chicken breast. Bananas 5 mm thick at 40 degrees dry for 7.5 hours, had to turn on full power at the end of cooking. Pickled chicken breasts 1.5 cm thick dried at full power for 4 hours. Since there is no timer, I had to connect a separate timer so as not to over-dry and not to forget about the drying process. When drying, it’s best to swap the bottom trays with the top trays since the bottom ones dry faster. I still plan to dry herbs, basil, dill, rose hips, cranberries, marshmallows made of berries at home. It comes with two trays, one for draining the fat and one for the marshmallows. The instructions don’t say which is for the fat and which is for the marshmallow. Had to ask Google which one is for what.

Review of the review of the drier for fruit and vegetables Spectrum-Pribor Vetorok-2 with marshmallow tray, 6 white sections

Pros: Large, roomy dryer, solid plastic. Six trays and a marshmallow tray. Works well. Very happy. Performs its functions perfectly. Bought it for drying tomatoes, fruit, fish. It works.

Comment: my wife really wanted a dryer, I gave her money and told her to buy it. She chose this model, not expensive. She said the reviews were good and she needs it. She is satisfied. Dries everything in it. The helper is indispensable for the preserves.

Fruit and vegetable dryer for Spectrum-Pribor Vetorok-2U (in corrugated box with tray for marshmallow)

Powerful and capacious SPEKTR-PRIBOR Vetorok-2U dryer is the best choice for those who do a lot of home preserves. Thanks to 6 capacious trays it can dry 10 kg of fruits or vegetables simultaneously. In addition to the body itself and grids for drying in the factory set is a container for collecting fat when cooking meat and fish products and a large colorful booklet with interesting recipes available for this model. SPEKTR-PRIBOR Vetorok-2U allows you to select the optimum temperature for a variety of products. Recommended conditions are indicated in the instruction manual and on the top lid of the drying chamber. Model trays are transparent and allow you to visually control the readiness of products. They are easy to wash and do not stain from the bright berry or fruit juice.

Type Convection dryer
Control mechanical
Power 600 W
Number of pallets 6
Adjusting the drying temperature is
Case material plastic
Tray material opaque plastic
Overheat protection it is
Power cord length 1.5 м
Tray height 5.5 cm
Drying temperature 35. 70 °C
Power indicator Yes
Marshmallow cooking There is
Capacity 30 л
Maximum load 12 kg

The dryer is good, it dries a lot at once. The marshmallow comes out great. Washes well with a simple dish sponge. Comes with a booklet with drying times for different products for this dryer., Very handy cheat sheet.

A bit noisy, disturbs sleep at night. Opaque.

I recommend this dryer for people with large groceries. You can dry different foods at the same time.

Very happy with the marshmallow potdon with separations

Very pleased with this purchase, now the whole family is enjoying the healthy goodies!

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Spectrum-Pribor ESOF-0 dryer.6/220 Vetorok-2 transparent (6 trays, the pallet for marshmallow)

Average Rating of Spectrum-Pribor ESOF-0 Dryer.6/220 Vetorok-2 transparent (6 trays, marshmallow tray). 4,73 Total known about 15 reviews of Spectrum-Pribor ESOF-0 dryer.6/220 Vetorok-2 transparent (6 trays, marshmallow pallet)

Looking for positive and negative reviews of Spectrum-Pribor ESOF-0 dryer.6/220 Vetorok-2 transparent (6 trays, marshmallow tray)?

We have collected 15 negative, negative and positive reviews from 11 sources.

We will show you the pros and cons of Spectrum-Pribor ESOF-0 dryer.6/220 Vetorok-2 transparent (6 trays, tray for marshmallows) revealed by users. We don’t hide anything and we post all positive and negative honest customer reviews about Spectrum-Pribor ESOF-0 dryer.6/220 Vetorok-2 transparent (6 trays, tray for marshmallow), as well as offer alternative products similar. Is it worth it to buy. It’s up to you to decide!

The best deals on dryers Spectrum-Pribor ESOF-0.6/220 Vetorok-2 transparent (6 trays, a tray for marshmallows)

Now I do not have enough time for twisting, although I would love to, definitely in the future I will return to this useful activity. But I make marshmallow every year, we really love it as a family. Also, my parents have a lot of fruit in the garden, it turns out absolutely free, very tasty and useful. In a marshmallow I do not add anything and do not even boil, just blended washed fruits or berries. I used to dry outdoors under the scorching southern sun. But I must admit, it is not hygienic, all kinds of animals and is trying to sit down to regale themselves, the dust flies. It also rains, was such that I forgot to bring the marshmallow, of course it was gone, even from the summer rain.

vetorok, drier, tray, marshmallow

This dehydrator (abstruse name for an electric dryer) was purchased this year. On the whole happy. Meat or fish, have not tried drying yet, but dried fruit and marshmallows have made many batches.

6 pallets, 12 kg can be loaded at once

  • This model is one of the most popular, very many detailed reviews.
  • Cheap
  • Pretty reliable looking
  • Huge volume for a large family 12 kg!
  • You can dry meat, fish
  • There is a tray for marshmallows or for grease to drain off meat
  • The temperature range is great from 30 to 70 you can even make meringues (I have not tried it personally, but in the recipe at 70 they languish in the oven)
  • It is transparent (mine) or white. I like the design, nice, nice pictures on top with instructions
  • It comes with a detailed booklet on how to dry things, how much time and what temperature. You want mushrooms or herbs, you want pineapple, sun-dried tomatoes, for every taste in general.
  • I think the lightweight for such a big thing, I was afraid that I would hardly move, but no
  • Very easy to clean and assemble, even a child can do it

Type of dryer:


Power, W


Number of trays, pcs.


Maximum load, kg


Max. temperature, °C


Min. temperature, ° C


Type of control:


Pallet material:


Electric dryer for fruit and vegetables with six pallets Vetorok-2 ESOF 2-0,6/220 has a large capacity and good performance. It’s designed to dry fruits (apples, pears, cherries, etc.).д.), berries, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs. Drying efficiency of at least 80% of the initial product weight at a temperature of 30-70°C and a time of 2 to 30 hours. This appliance also includes a fan with increased capacity.Average life time. 10 years

Vegetable dryer, grease tray, instructions.

Only 6 plastic inserts (with lots of slots), I have them transparent, sometimes white. This thing is pretty big, if the kitchen is small, it will be hard to find space. After all, 12 kg of product can fit in, of course you can not load everything, but I always dry a full.

Store goodies, stands in a cool place. I put the marshmallow in the fridge, some in the freezer. Can be in eco-bags, I have simple bags and baking paper, you can also in foil. Or in a jar and in a cupboard, but you have to understand that the shelf life is so, much lower than in the refrigerator. Pastila can easily get moldy if put in a bag and into the closet, of course dried meat is only kept in the refrigerator.

Drying berries (raspberries, sliced strawberries, cherries), overnight left the dryer, but the problem is that every 10 hours she needs to give rest, 10 minutes. Leave and turn on for 15 hours is not an option. For 9 hours of sleep, berries will not dry out, in general, a couple of approaches usually dry everything.

I highly recommend this model, its disadvantages are not significant, and the advantages are many.

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