Washing machine error cl what does it mean

LG washing machine. error code CL (childproofing)

Any home appliances in most cases requires increased attention, so before you start to operate it, this applies, in particular to the washing machine LG, you should carefully read the user’s manual, so then there are no unnecessary and unnecessary problematic issues in the process of operation, and would not have to fix the washing machine. To one of these issues in the process of operation of the washing machine from the company LG, it is necessary to refer the occurrence of error CL.

The function against unauthorized access of your child is activated.

It should be noted that this code appears when the laundry is already loaded in the machine, the corresponding washing program is selected, but when you press the START button, you do not hear the usual sound of water gaining, but instead the letters CL blink on the display.

In principle, get upset and run to the phone to dial the number of the service center and wait for an urgent visit of the masters, in order to repair the machine, though, is not necessary. The thing is that this error is not even an error. After all, the LG washing machine is equipped with a function, the so-called protection of the control panel from unauthorized access by children.

When this mode is activated, absolutely all the buttons on the control panel are locked, except for the power on button. And, in some cases, the washing machine can cause the activation of this function, by itself. It must be said that the importance of this function should not be underestimated. A child, playing, can easily break or the control panel, or even a washing machine. And the more expensive the washing machine, the more “delicate” it is, and not every workshop will undertake to repair too complex equipment.

What does CL code mean?

If the LG washing machine writes error CL, it does not mean failure. This code informs the owner when the “Child Lock” mode is enabled. Therefore, the panel with the buttons is blocked, which prevents you from pressing the keys during the washing.

Small children can both rearrange the program, turn off the wash, and break the L.G. machine. Multi-function appliances are equipped with many functions, so its panel is too sensitive and prone to breakage. This is what the security code is for.

Why does the code appear?

As we said before, the CL (Child Lock) error does not report a malfunction.

You have filled the tank with laundry, started the wash, but the machine does not make any sound, only the CL lights up on the display. The fact is that if the lock has been set once, it remains in place for the next washings, even if the LG washing machine is disconnected from the mains.

The error stays on until it is disengaged.

The blocking occurs spontaneously and does not turn off

If the LG machine is in good working order, it will not be difficult to activate and deactivate the “childproof” mode. But what to do, if when washing machine is switched on the display shows inscription cl, and it is impossible to unlock the machine by pressing buttons, no matter how much pressure is applied. it is an error? In essence, there can be several options for this malfunction.

  • The cl lock spontaneously activates when the washing machine is plugged in and will not shut off, and therefore it is impossible to set the washing program.
  • The cl lock is activated spontaneously during the washing process (e.g. at the end of the wash before the rinse).
  • The lock cl is activated by the user, but it does not turn off or turns off every once in a while.

In this case it is necessary either to apply for help to service or try to repair LG machine by yourself. To fix it yourself you will need to disassemble the washing machine by removing the control module. Then using a multimeter you will need to examine the contacts of the super rinse and prewash buttons, as well as the on/off button. Most often the causes of the above faults are oxidized contacts of the buttons, frayed wires or defects in the control module board.

Important! If after checking the electrics you are convinced that the problem is in the control module board, contact a specialist. By yourself it is better not to repair this detail.

note, if your LG washing machine display shows cl inscription, at the same time the control panel does not work, do not hurry to panic. In this case it is not an error, just your machine is child lock and you need to release the lock by pressing the super rinse and prewash keys at the same time. Only if the child lock is not released, we can say that there is a malfunction.

Why do they need the described lock mode??

Setting the childproof lock

Parents and other relatives of small children are well aware of the restlessness of children. They are especially interested in all that is forbidden: the forbidden buttons they must “poke” and press by all means. It can be activated in exactly the same way as it can be deactivated, as already described above.

This inhibit can only be activated during the washing process. The machine shows a CL error on the screen after activating it. When the washing process is finished, the function continues to be active. It can only be deactivated specifically by holding down the above-mentioned buttons.

If this is not done, the machine will refuse to work during the next washing and will show the CL error.

washing, machine, error, does, mean

If your appliance displays this error and you are unable to disable the childproof lock by yourself, please call for service.

How to lock and unlock a car

All modern LG automatic washing machines without exception have a child safety feature. Regardless of model, the child lock is activated by pressing two buttons. These are: “Super Rinse” and “Prewash”. The location of these buttons varies from model to model. They can be under the display, above it, to the left of it. Finding the right buttons is not difficult, they are connected by a thin line, interrupted by a smiling latch.

The procedure of activating and deactivating the lock is not very complicated. It is only necessary to press these two buttons simultaneously and hold them for 3 seconds. As a result of such actions, the child lock will turn on or off. Different models of LG washing machines are locked in different ways. Some disable all buttons without exception, others all but the on (off) button. In either case, the panel is locked, the indicator lights CL.

Cl- error code? These letters are not a mistake, it is a child safety device

A modern washing machine is a rather complicated appliance. Not all users are able to immediately understand the available operations and the errors that sometimes occur. From time to time the following situations occur.

washing, machine, error, does, mean

But nothing happens. Instead of the expected murmur of water. silence, and CL error appears on the washing machine monitor.

Specified CL error. decoding

Appearance of the letter combination “CL” on the LG automatic washing machine display means that the special lock, designed for small children (Child Lock) has been activated. This mode provides for simultaneous locking of all keys, except for the “start” button. What it’s for?

washing, machine, error, does, mean

It protects the LG machine from possible tampering by small children, turning off the machine by them or changing the mode by accidental pressing. It is possible that it was activated by accident or deliberately in the last washing, but you forgot about it. Perhaps other family members did it and forgot to warn. However, this fact is not worth worrying about. A CL error code is just an information message, but not an error.

LG washing machine error code CL/LG washing machin technical problem

Is it possible to turn off this mode of LG machine by yourself?

This operation can be done by the user himself. To do this, he should press and hold down the two buttons simultaneously for about three to four seconds. They may be indicated by a picture of a child’s pacifier or a baby’s face with a padlock.

In addition, for various models of the unit, these may be the following keys:

Cl error code LG Washing Machine Hindi urdu

What is the purpose of the described lock mode?

Parents and other relatives of small children are well aware of the restlessness of children. They are especially interested in everything that is forbidden: they will certainly have to “poke” and press the forbidden buttons. Turn on this mode can be exactly the same way as the turn off, as already described above.

This inhibit can only be activated during the washing process. The machine shows a CL error on the screen after activating it. When the washing process is finished, this function remains active. It can only be deactivated specifically by holding down the above-mentioned buttons.

If this is not done, then the next washing machine will refuse to work, and will show the error CL.

If your appliance displays this error and you are unable to disable the activated inhibit by yourself, call the service.

The solution to the problem

Note the following point!If it is written in the manual that activation of this mode completely locks all the buttons on the panel, but the on/off buttons remain operational, it may indicate a malfunction of the control module.

Now you know what the CL error in your LG washing machine means, and what to do if it appears on your display during a wash.

Useful tips for repairing washing machines

There are a few common breakdowns that you can fix yourself. They are determined on the basis of specific signs:

  • If the panel is locked and the CL indicator light is showing, it is worth carefully reading the manual. The fact is that this model is characterized by a large number of problems with the lock, and even after the completion of the working program the device will not unlock. All you have to do is press the super rinse button again.
  • If the machine locks this panel, or at the end of the working program is not possible to remove the lock, it is about the need to dismantle the control module. You will also need to ring the buttons with a multimeter, because they are responsible for the lock. They need to be thoroughly cleaned.

If you are not confident in your own strength and possession of the skills in the technical sense, it is worth to contact the service center, where the specialists with a high level of skill.

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