washing machine indesit wg824tp how to use

Indesit WG 421 TP User Manual

Save this manual. It must be kept in the washer-dryer set in case of sale, transfer of equipment or when moving to a new apartment, so that the new owner of the equipment can get acquainted with it

The rules of its operation and maintenance.

Read the manual carefully: it contains important information on installation and safe use of the washing machine.

Make sure that the equipment has not been damaged during transport. If it is found to be damaged. do not connect the machine. contact your supplier immediately.

Cover the openings with the plastic plugs provided.

Keep all the parts; you will need them for later transport of the washer-dryer.

Whenever the machine needs to be tilted or moved, the bolts, the rubber buffer and the spacer must be inserted at points A and B, in order to avoid damaging the internal components.

Do not forget to remove the above parts after moving the machine.

Do not allow children to play with the packing materials.

After positioning the appliance, stabilise it by turning the front feet

(see Ref. Figure.). To do this, first loosen the locknut, after completing the adjustment, tighten the locknut.

After positioning the appliance, check that the top cover is level and horizontal, with a deviation of no more than 2°.

Proper alignment of the equipment will help avoid noise, vibration and misalignment during machine operation.

If the washer-dryer is on a carpeted floor, check that the base of the washer-dryer is above the carpet. Otherwise, it will be difficult or impossible to ventilate.

Connection to the water mains and power supply

Make sure the hose is not kinked or pinched.

The water pressure must be within the values specified in the table in the Technical Data (see Technical Specifications). с. 3).

If the water pipe is not long enough, contact an Authorised Service Centre.

The drain hose can be extended with a hose of the same size, if necessary

It is acceptable to extend it with a hose of the same size

Warning! The appliance must be grounded!

Connect the machine to the electric network by means of a two-pole socket with grounding contact (socket is not delivered with the machine). The phase conductor must be connected via a MCCB, rated for maximal current (trip current)

washing, machine, indesit

16 A, and with a response time of no more than 0.1 s.

In the presence of grounding contact socket with three-wire cable with copper conductors of cross section of at least 1.5 kV in the vicinity of the proposed installation site of the machine. mm (or with aluminum conductors of at least 2.5 kV). mm), do not make any adjustments to the power supply. In the absence of the specified socket and wiring it is necessary to carry out their installation.

Do not run the ground wire alone.

washing, machine, indesit

It is recommended to use PPV 3×1,5 380 GOST 6223 type wire to complete the electric network-

It is allowed to use other cable grades, providing fire and electrical safety during machine operation.

Before you plug in the machine, make sure that

l socket and wiring meet the requirements outlined in this section of the instructions;

l mains voltage and frequency correspond to the machine data;

l The socket outlet is earthed in accordance with the safety standards described in this section of the manual.

If the plug does not fit into the outlet, replace it with a new one that matches the outlet, or replace the power cord. Cable replacement must be performed only by qualified personnel.

Do not use adapters, double and

more sockets and extension cords (they constitute a fire hazard). If you feel their use is necessary, use a single extension cord that meets the safety requirements.

Equipment that is not connected in accordance with the safety standards for high power home appliances as described in this manual is potentially dangerous. The manufacturer is not liable for damage to health and property caused by failure to observe the following installation standards.

After completing the installation, it is necessary to perform one cycle of washing with detergent, but without laundry, on the program of 90°C without prewash.

Indesit WG 824T User Manual [ru]

Your machine is reliable and easy to use. We advise you to read these instructions carefully.

It will help you to get to know the machine and its features, and it will be your assistant for many years

Your laundry is not only soaked in detergent solution in the water but also constantly sprinkled on top.

Thanks to the double-acting washing, the active agents penetrate so deeply that washing at 60°C gives the same results as washing at 90°C in a conventional machine.

The machine automatically adjusts the amount of water used for washing to the load size, making the best use of water, energy and detergent.

(Models WG 824T-830TX-834T-835TX-836TX-1031TX-1231TX)

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without notice that do not compromise the performance of the machine. Some options,

The values given in this manual are approximate and the manufacturer is not responsible for minor variations.

This equipment is designed for indoor use. Under no circumstances use the equipment outdoors.

This equipment should be used at home for domestic laundry according to the instructions. Industrial use is not intended.

Do not allow children to use the equipment without your supervision.

This equipment is heavy: move it only if you are confident in your abilities.

Before loading a new load of laundry, check that nothing is left over from the previous load.

Do not touch the equipment if your hands or feet are wet or damp. do not use barefoot appliances.

Do not use extension cords. If a longer cable is needed, a new, longer cable with the same specifications should be fitted. Replacements should only be made by qualified personnel.

Close the detergent dispenser tightly after loading detergent. Use detergents designed for automatic front-loading washing machines. Other detergents have a high foaming content and may cause damage to the machine.

Do not pull the cable to unplug the appliance from the socket.

The door window becomes hot when washing. Do not leave children unattended when the appliance is in operation. Close the door to the room where the machine is operating. When the machine is stopped, the door lock is activated after a three-minute delay. Do not attempt to open the door during this time: this could damage the locking mechanism.

Read these instructions for important information

For safe installation, use and maintenance. The washing machine is built according to

Special Instructions

The following recommendations must be carefully observed to ensure effective and unhindered washing:

  • Before we begin, the linen should be sorted by color, paint fastness, fabric structure and the presence of decorative elements.
  • Always check for foreign objects in the s when placing items in the washer-dryer. Even a small metal object during machine operation can cause irreparable harm.
  • Stacking of dirty laundry is recommended taking into account the permissible drum load.
  • Items should be placed in the machine with all buttons and zippers closed. A special bag may be used for better protection of items and washing machine drum.
  • Before you load your garments it is advisable to check the labels and labels to make sure that the machine can run them, or to find out what specific conditions they have agreed to. You wash your shoes in the machine?

I work in the field of household appliance repair. Extensive experience in repairing washing machines and dishwashers.

It is imperative that you unplug the power cord from the outlet! The point is that the Indesit washing machine is designed in such a way that when the machine is turned on, some of the control module is live. And it can be damaged by power surges!

Indesit appliances will flawlessly cope with their task if used properly. Your washing machine’s controls should be treated with the utmost responsibility. Careful study of the capabilities of the unit and its functions will not only achieve a high quality of work, but also keep the device in good condition for a long time.

Washing programs by time and temperature

Automatic washing machine modes (CMA) Indesit are subdivided into basic and additional. The programs are identified in the machine‘s manual and on the powder container panel.

The main

The list of mandatory modes includes programs for washing cotton, synthetics, wool and delicate fabrics.


The manufacturer has provided 4 modes for washing your cotton clothes:

  • With soak. Designed for heavily soiled laundry that needs to be bleached or treated with a stain remover. Cycle time is 150 minutes and the water temperature is 90°.
  • Intensive. Suitable for light-coloured home textiles and clothes with stubborn dirt.

In “Cotton” mode, the drum should be loaded to the maximum capacity specified by the manufacturer.


Synthetic items are washed in one of two modes:

We recommend that you load the washer-dryer at most half of its drum capacity.


Designed for gentle cleaning of wool and cashmere items. Cycle duration is 55 minutes, water temperature. 40º.

The programme is suitable for all types of delicate fabrics, delicate garments, clothes with membranes and fluff (in the absence of a suitable mode). Washing lasts 55 minutes at 30º.

The program does not include a rinse and spin, so after washing is complete, you need to gently blot the clean laundry with a dry towel. Weight of wool or delicate fabrics should not exceed 1.5 kg.


The mode is analogous to the previous program. Heating to 30° ensures gentle cleaning of fabrics, but by increasing the cycle time to 80 minutes things are washed more thoroughly.

As a rule, the basic modes are located on the first positions, but the automatic machines with electronic display (for example, Indezit BWSA, NWSK) may have them after the special ones.

The list of standard programs includes:

  • “White cotton with pre-soaking” (duration. 200 min)., water temperature. 90 °);
  • “60 ºCotton” (190 min).);
  • “Cotton 40º” (175 min).);
  • “Synthetics”. only for strongly dyed fabrics (110 min)., 60°);
  • “Colored fabrics” (125 min., 30°).

For the everyday cleaning of natural and synthetic fabrics the PushWash function can be selected with a separate button. Washing cycle lasts 50 minutes, maximum load is 3 kg and water heating temperature is 30°.

In some models (for example, WISL 105) in the list of basic washing modes include cotton, synthetics, wool and silk. In total, this washing machine has 7 standard programs. Only quick-clean, sports shoes and clothes washing modes are special for her.

The Indesit WIUN 105 washing machine has programs divided into 3 categories: for cotton, synthetics and delicate fabrics. The first category includes 5 modes:

  • “Pre-wash”. at 90 °.
  • “Intensive” at 90° (for heavily soiled light colored fabrics).
  • “Normal Washing” at 60 ° C.
  • “Delicate cleaning” at 40°C.
  • “Washing coloured items”. at 30°C.

Modes 6-9 are designed for synthetic fabrics. An intensive wash (6) is washed at 60°, a standard wash (7) at 500°, a delicate wash (8) at 40° and a casual wash (9) at 30°. There are only two programs for delicate fabrics: “Wool”. 10 (at 40 ° C) and “Silk”. 11 (at 30 °).


The set of special modes depends on the model of the washing machine.


Denim easily sheds and stretches when washed frequently in ‘Cotton’ mode. Reducing the temperature to 40°C and spin speed to prevent discolouration and fraying. The cycle lasts 70 minutes.

Dark fabrics

Gentle temperature setting (30º) preserves the color of blacks and other dark items. A wash cycle lasts 80 minutes.

Odour extraction

This feature of the Indesit washing machine allows you to freshen clothes without heavy soiling.

Washing temperature and duration depend on the type of fabric:

Express 15 (Rapid wash)

Express and freshen up modes are suitable for removing stale odour and light soiling from clean laundry. The first cycle lasts 15 minutes at 30º, the second cycle 20 minutes. at 20ºC.

Sports (Sportswear)

Fabrics used for making sportswear have special properties and therefore require more gentle cleaning than ordinary synthetics. When the “Sport” and “Sport Intensive” programs are activated, the water heats up to 30ºC. Run for 70-80 minutes.

Sports shoes

Suitable for cleaning fabric and suede sneakers. Preferably not more than 2 pairs of shoes per cycle. The wash duration is 60 minutes and the temperature is 30º.


A mode designed for washing:

Washing cycle lasts 110 min., water heated to 30º. Use the plastic balls to prevent the filling from crumbling.

After the listed modes there may be icons for rinse, spin, drain, etc. They allow you to adjust an existing program or switch the machine manually in case of a hang-up.

Other functions

The following buttons may be present on the control panel for additional mode settings:

  • “Half load, reduced load.
  • “Cold wash”, “Mode 60º” (program without heating or with water temperature limitation).
  • “Extra wash” (extra thorough washing for persistent soiling).
  • “Eco time” (energy and water saving mode for a small drum load).
  • “Reducing the spin speed”.
  • “Extra rinse” (Extra Spulen).
  • “Turning the Spin Off”.
  • “Easy ironing”.
  • “Drainage of water from the drum”.
  • “Delayed start” (“Timer”).

About the washing modes of the machine Indesit will tell

Review: washing machine Indesit WG 1031 TP. 14 years of service speaks to the quality

Hello dear readers!I want to tell you a little bit about his old assistant. Indesit WG 1031 TP automatic washing machine. This machine used to serve my in-laws long 10 years, and now they have bought a new one, and we rented this one, and the 4th year it serves us.

That’s how squishy it looks, the old, standard design of the first automatic machines.

A little lyrical digression. My memories of my first encounter with a washing machine. 2002 (I am 9 years old), my parents have been saving money for a long time and decided to buy a washing machine. No one close to my family has ever had this miracle. And so, brought it to us (not this review, a similar one), the godfather with his family (my father’s brother) came to visit, they installed this machine, we threw some things inside, put the program and we sit and watch as fascinated. Imagine, 7 people (4 adults, 3 children) sitting and watching the whole 1.5 hours in this drum, as in a movie theater. This picture is still before my eyes:) Mom still says, all the same will be hand-washing, mostly just bedding or large things in the machine. Yeah, but it wasn’t. Tried it out, how it is, and let’s go:)

Well, back to the Indesit machine.It was still available on mechanical control, which is very easy to use. There are two levers, one select the desired degree of water, the second washing program, which is painted in the manual and on the machine.

Now the lever to change the degree of water is somewhere lost, but it can be done without it, and more often all we do not touch it, since the washing, mostly at 60 degrees.

Here is a container for laundry detergent, and they are written on all the programs of washing. There are 3 categories of fabrics: cotton, synthetics and delicates.

washing, machine, indesit

I, for example, mostly wash cotton at 60 degrees, so we have to turn the lever to “3”.

If you need an extra rinse, turn the lever to “5” and so on, very easy.There are 3 buttons between the detergent reservoir and the control levers. The first one on the left. This is a button to turn the machine on, after pressing it, the light turns on and the machine starts to work.The middle. Is the button to turn off the spin.The last (third). is to reduce the spin speed from 1000 to 600.All the buttons are accompanied by pictograms that you can easily understand which one is which.

стиральная машинка-автомат Indesit w431 tx ex. загрузка 5 кг, отжим 400 об/мин

This is what they look like in working condition. the light bulb is lit

The machine washes fast enough, 1. 1.5 hours and you can load the next wash. The clothes are well washed, rinsed and pressed, just need a little drying and ironing.After 14 years of service, there are some disadvantages of this machine.The most basic. It is unfortunately slowly starting to rust. By painting in one place. the rust comes out in the other one.

The washer detergent container is also darkened in inaccessible places and cannot be washed.

And the last minus. is the noise. The machine clicks loudly when operating the levers, and also makes a lot of noise when spinning. But all these drawbacks absolutely do not affect the functionality and they can be written off to the age of the machine.

Still kept the manual, it is in three languages, Russian among them.Home page with the name of the company and model.

Here are the main buttons and their functions.

There is a table of symbols that appear on clothing tags and their deciphering.

The most requested page (you can tell by its condition). table of program selections.

There are also many other sections on installation, operation, and troubleshooting. It’s pretty easy to figure out.

I do my laundry, you could say, every day, sometimes 2-3 washes in a row, sometimes I miss a day or two. The machine works without failures and malfunctions.All in all, I am very happy with this washing machine, and would be grateful if it would serve our family for a few more years. With this quality, you don’t want anything new!

The first start of the washing machine Indesit

The Indesit washing machine is delivered, unpacked, installed. Here comes the responsible moment. the first power on and start the washing. It is he who helps to identify hidden defects, as well as get rid of unpleasant smells of rubber, metal and plastic, which are inherent in new appliances.

The first “idle” wash takes place at the maximum water temperature (90°C), an empty tank, and a small amount (no more than 10% of the norm) of detergent.

For the first start-up put as long as possible washing mode (as an option, you can use the “auto cleaning”). How to connect an Indesit washing machine to the communications, read here.

To connect the washing machine you can call a master. Find the right contact is possible on the Internet. The master from the company to repair washing machines will work qualitatively and quickly enough.

When you call the wizard it is necessary to name the model of the device and indicate whether there is a supply of all communications for installation.

Repair of washing machines Indesit WG 824 TP

Repair of washing machines Indesit WG 824 TP is not a frequent occurrence. This technique practically does not fail, has a high operating resource and becomes a real home helper for its owner.

Even such a reliable machine may need inspection, adjustment or replacement of parts. Alas, but usually the causes of failure are the actions of the owners of washing machines. Failure to care for and operate the appliance properly can result in malfunctions. Also on the wear of nodes and details can influence such factors as poor quality water with numerous impurities, instability of voltage in urban networks. Factory defects are rather an exception to the rule, because at all stages of production all elements are subjected to strict control.

How to start the program on the washing machine Indesit

To start the machine Indesit machine, you need to load the clothes into the drum, pour the powder into the cuvette and select the mode appropriate to the type of items with the selector. If necessary, reduce or increase the temperature and spin, reduce the duration of washing, if the program allows it. If necessary, you can add an extra rinse, soak and light ironing.

If necessary, the user can program the washing machine for a delayed start, for example, when he comes home from work, to take out and hang clean clothes.

To start the selected mode, press the “Start/Pause” button.

If the Indesit machine is equipped with an electronic display, then during the operation it will show on the display the time remaining to the end of the current program. Otherwise, it alerts you by illuminating the corresponding indicators of the stages in which it is. These are the soak, main wash, rinse and spin icons. If during the operation the machine cannot continue washing for any reason, it notifies about the problem or malfunction by displaying the numeric-letter error code or by blinking of the indicators in a certain sequence.

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