Washing machine whirlpool error icons

Special error codes, or how the washing machine Whirlpool warns of failure

Often Whirlpool washing machine errors appear spontaneously, seemingly for no apparent reason, but many of them, in particular related to poor drain operation may be a consequence of negligence to the device. The occurrence of a number of faults can be prevented by following a few tips.

All models of Whirlpool washing machines have a drain filter. This simple device is designed to protect the drain path from debris, threads, scraps of fabric. To ensure that drain errors occur as infrequently as possible, it is a good idea to remove and clean the filter regularly. Frequency of cleaning is specified in the manual of each specific model, in any case, the procedure should be performed at least two or three times a year. Detergent clogging can block the ducts inside the machine and cause the program to stop unexpectedly. Avoiding this is simple. You only need to periodically remove the powder tray and rinse it under running water. Inspect the intake strainer at least twice a year and clean it if necessary. This is the strainer at the machine’s inlet. The frequency of cleaning depends largely on the condition of the water supply and the quality of the water in the system. A clogged strainer can cause the water to flow slowly into the drum or to stop the water flow altogether. After each wash, when the laundry is removed, do not immediately close the door, you should leave it ajar to allow the “insides” of the machine to dry. Washing with hot water helps to clean the interior of the machine. It is useful to sometimes run a wash program at 95 degrees with the addition of a small amount of detergent

This will remove any dirt that may accumulate in the drum and pipes. It is important to check the condition of the drain hose. It is one of the weakest points of the machine

It can be stepped on accidentally, put a heavy piece of furniture, too kinked. Overflows and blockages are a frequent cause of faulty drains. The condition of the filler hose is equally important. Cracks and kinks in the hose are not acceptable, this hose must be replaced immediately. To avoid leakage during washing you must regularly check the condition of the door cuff. It must be soft, elastic and in good condition. To increase the life of the cuff it is recommended to wipe it with a damp cloth after the wash.

To keep the appliance in good condition and for a long time, it should be cleaned regularly. A moist cloth may be a good idea. In case of serious dirt, you can use cleaning products, but they must not contain abrasive particles, otherwise you can scratch the panels, which will affect the appearance of the device.

Errors on the washing machine‘s display are not a reason to panic, they are a signal to the owner, a reminder that the machine needs care. If you keep the machine clean, clean it periodically and do not let water stagnate inside, errors will occur rarely and the machine will last a long time.

Table with error codes for Whirlpool washing machines

Pressostat (water level sensor) does not work

Press “PAUSE/CANCEL” twice to reset the error. If there is no water in the washing machine:1. Make sure the water tap is open.2. Check the fill hose for kinks and foreign objects (plugs), and also check the inlet valve grid.3. Check the function of the inlet valve. If there is water in the machine:1. Check the drain pump for proper functioning.2. Check the condition of the water level sensor tube. Check its connection to the drum and pressure sensor.3. Check and make sure the problem is not in the siphon.4. Check if the wiring harness is fully connected to: inlet valve, water level sensor, drain pump, central control unit (CCU).5. Check all hoses for leaks.6. Check the function of the level sensor.7. Check the function of the central control unit (CCU).

Increased draining timeFirst 4 minutes the display shows “Sud” error, then after the fifth minute it shows F02 error

Press “PAUSE/CANCEL” twice to reset the error.1. Check the drain hose and make sure there are no kinks or blockages.2. Check the electrical contacts of the pump and make sure the pump is working.3. Check the drain pump filter for foreign objects.4. If the error occurs again after going through all the steps above. Replace the drain pump.

Check the temperature sensor, heating element (TEN) and heating element relay.2. Check sensor to heater and relay connections for continuity.

Check continuity of connection between motor and motor control unit (MCU) and between motor control unit and central control unit (CCU).2. Check motor function.3. Check motor control panel.4. Check wiring harness.

washing, machine, whirlpool, error

Check the continuity of the motor wiring harness connection to the motor control unit (MCU), and between the MCU and the central control unit (CCU).2. Check motor control panel.3. Check motor.4. Check wiring harness.

Check the drain hose and make sure it is not clogged or kinked.2. Check the continuity of the wiring harness connection to the drain pump, pressure sensor/switch and central control unit (CCU).3. Check/clean drain pump filter if clogged.4. Check and rule out a broken drain pump.5. Check and make sure that the inlet valve closes completely.6. Check and verify that the pressure sensor is working properly.

The heat sink in the motor control unit (MCU) has tripped

Check the correct installation of the unit and make sure that the washer is not standing near a heat source and that there is adequate ventilation.2. Check harness continuity at motor control box and Center Control Unit (CCU).3. Check moving parts for worn or nonfunctioning components.4. Check motor control panel.5. Check motor.

Regular communication errors between components

Dispenser circuit malfunction

A power surge can cause this error. Try to turn off the unit for two minutes and the error may disappear.2. Check the central control panel.

Check harness connection between motor control panel, motor and central control unit (CCU).2. Check the belt on the motor.3. Check motor control panel.4. Check the motor.5. Check harness.

SUDS LOCK” has been triggered (machine locks if excessive foam occurs)

If the machine has been filled with an excessive amount of detergent, start the “Rinse/Spin” cycle, followed by a normal wash cycle without adding detergent. This should clean the machine from excessive detergent.1. Check the drain hose and make sure it is fully inserted and has no kinks.2. Check the wiring harness at the drain pump, the switch (level sensor) and the central control unit (CCU).3. Check the drain pump filter for foreign objects. Clean.4. Check drain pump.5. Check water level switch (sensor).6. Check the central control panel.

Door lock mechanism is broken or removed from the door.2. Check door lock-switch-sensor unit.3. Check harness connection at drain pump, switch (pressure sensor) and central control unit (CCU).4. Door lock-switch-sensor unit does not work.

Door lock mechanism is defective.2. Check the door lock switch-switch-sensor unit for foreign objects.3. Check harness connection to door lock-switch-sensor unit and central control unit (CCU).4. Door locking-unlocking unit does not work.

Recall that consumers who do not have practical skills to repair Whirlpool washing machines, error codes for which are presented in the table above, for the elimination of defects should seek help from qualified specialists of service centers. In the case of a house call to the CM repairman, give an alphanumeric code in advance to notify that the technical device is inoperable. It will help repairmen to prepare for the elimination of the breakdown, providing for the availability of the required set of tools and spare parts. Timing of repair work in such a situation is significantly reduced, ensuring the prompt return to operation of an irreplaceable home helper.

Repair of washing machines “Virpul” with their own hands

Start the job by preparing the equipment. This also applies to your safety: unplug the machine from the mains, turn off the water inlet valve. Now you can understand the causes of the problem and determine what to start repairing.

Troubleshooting Drainage Problems

You may well have encountered the following situation: you loaded the laundry, started the washing, and at the end the machine refused to drain the water. There may be three reasons for this:

You can check the system for clogs without disassembling the washing machine. Start by unscrewing the filter:

  • There is a small door under the door.
  • Open it, put a container under it.
  • Unscrew the filter plug counterclockwise.

Remove debris from the filter screen. Through the opening of the landing hole you can inspect the impeller of the pump. Sometimes it is blocked by hair, threads which wrap around its axis. Clean debris from the impeller.

Washing machine Whirlpool error f08

Now check the hose. A direct connection to the drain often leads to clogging. It is much better to connect the drain hose with a siphon. It is easier to clean if necessary.

Cleaning the drain is carried out by special means or the help of a plumber is needed.

If the parts are cleaned, but the drainage has not improved, then check the spigot and the pump. For this you need to put the body of the washing machine on its side.

  • Take out the powder dispenser.
  • Put an old blanket or towel on the floor.
  • Turn the housing on its side.
  • Unfasten the strainer clamp. Remove it from its place, clean the blockage. You can rinse the part with warm water.

Restore heating

Your stuff gets rid of dirt well thanks to the high temperature and detergent. In cold water, the powder does not dissolve completely, so the stains do not come off well. The heating element in the washing machine is responsible for heating. Limescale is a common cause of its failure. To check or replace the element, do the following:

  • Disconnect the wiring, remove the thermistor from the body of the heater.
  • Check the heater for malfunction (read “How to check the heating element in a washing machine” for details on the diagnostic process).
  • If the element has failed, then twist the center nut and squeeze the bolt inside.
  • Take out the old heating element, clean its seat from debris and scale.

Some suggest installing the old gasket on the new THEN, if it is intact. We recommend to change the gasket too, to eliminate the risk of leakage and a new replacement.

Independent repair of the motor

Notice a slow rotation of the drum? Outlet is still wet and not wrung out? Time to check the condition of the motor brushes and drive belt.

Collector motors draw current to the rotor through the brushes. They are installed on the sides of the body. The rods of the soft material parts will wear out, causing the motor to stop working.

washing, machine, whirlpool, error
  • Dismantle the back wall.
  • Remove the drive belt. Inspect it. When stretched and worn out, the part should be replaced.
  • For the first replacement of brushes, it is better to take out the motor from the housing.
  • Disconnect its wiring, unscrew the bolts.
  • Disconnect the brush terminals, remove them from the housing.
  • Replace if more than half worn. Insert the new parts into the holes and secure the wiring.

Squeeze out problem may be caused by bearing wear. In this case you can hear extraneous sounds: squeaking, humming.

Fixing the leak

The Virpool family washing machines have the unpleasant feature of quickly corroding the cabinet. Some parts of the machine are made of metals, which quickly become corroded, which can lead to leaks. Damaged panels need to be replaced, painting them will not help.

Leakage can come from the sunroof cuff. Rubber is sensitive to prolonged moisture accumulation. If it is not wiped down in time, the collar will wear out, crack and leak. Only a complete replacement will help.

  • To remove the inner clamp, you can dismantle the front panel or loosen the clamp screw through the top cover.
  • Then carefully remove the rubber.

Reinstall the new rubber in reverse order. Lubricate the edges with detergent to ease installation.

Check the electronics board

Problems with some of the electronics manifest themselves in braking modes, incorrect start of programs, “glitches”. Repair requires circuitry of control module.

This is a job best left to the handyman. And you can inspect the board yourself:

  • Remove the top cover.
  • Remove the detergent drawer.
  • Remove screws on control panel perimeter.
  • Disconnect the wiring from the module.
  • Remove the upper guard by undoing the latches.

Browning or oxidation on the board surface indicates a malfunction. Take the part to a service center or call a technician at home.

Special Codes

Besides the main one, there is an additional list of error codes produced by Virpul appliances. It is also presented in the user manual. Let’s understand what kind of faults and malfunctions we are talking about.

  • FH(F01). Only the first LED lights up. The machine alerts that the system does not “enter” the water. There are several possible causes: low pressure in the pipes, a blocked stop valve, a clogged inlet valve, self draining (if the drain hose is not properly connected, the tank is filled and immediately emptied). The problem can also be caused by a broken level sensor, damaged wiring or a defective electronic module. The algorithm of actions for repairing the washing machine will be different in each case.
  • FA(F02). Light 5 and 9 are blinking. It means that the “Aquastop” function is activated. This most often occurs due to leakage. Leakage of the system is observed if the tank is damaged, defects of the manhole door collar, rupture of connections, etc. Less often it is the malfunction of the control module.

If the Virpool machine is leaking due to a “cracked” tank, it is advisable to refuse to repair the assembly and think about buying a new washer.

washing, machine, whirlpool, error
  • FP (F03). 5, 6 and 8 lights illuminate at the same time. Machine informs about failure in drainage system. liquid is not taken from tank to sewer. Possible causes: broken pump, clogged drain hose or waste filter, damage to the main control board.
  • Fod (F18). The 2, 5 and 9 lights come on. Machine stops working due to excessive foaming. Possibly wrong powder or excessive amount of detergent being used. It is necessary to turn off the device, wait until the “soap” cap falls and drain the water from the system by starting the appropriate mode.
  • FDL. Washing machine says the door locking device is broken. You will need to inspect the contacts of the lock. If it is OK, the FDL needs to be replaced.
  • FDU. The door is not closed tightly enough. You can try pushing the door with your knee and the lock will work. If this does not help. you need to replace the LOS.
  • bdd. The code is specific to “verticals”. LEDs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 are lit. Unit is reporting a poorly closed drum door. Proceed as follows: Press and hold the “Reset” button for 3 seconds. Drum must open. Then raise the washing machine lid, re-close the doors and activate the desired mode.
  • F A very rare code found only on modern Whirlpool. Informs that the software was not updated through the Internet. In this situation, you should contact your service provider or service center.

Deciphering the errors will help to narrow down the range of possible breakdowns. This will make it easier to bring the machine back to life. Depending on the complexity of the upcoming repair, you should decide whether to do the work yourself or call the service center.

Panel failure

Error F06 in Ariston washing machine is typical for devices of Dialogic line. They are equipped with various sensors, sensors that allow you to choose a program depending on the type of laundry, water hardness and other parameters.

These devices have a self-diagnostic option, which informs about a malfunction. In Dialogic series washing machines with electronic type of control the code F06 appears on the display and informs about the malfunction of the buttons on the keyboard. To access the control panel, which is hidden behind the handle, press on its center.

In Hotpoint Ariston machines the cause of code F06 may be the following

Depending on the type of damage to the control panel, you need to replace the module, wires, check connections. Automatic diagnostics will help to understand the causes of keyboard malfunction.

For example, on an Indesit machine, the code F6 indicates a malfunction of the control panel. In this case the device does not respond to pressing the buttons. In order to eliminate the failure, you must determine its causes, check the presence of electricity in the room, the socket and cable, the serviceability of the buttons and the module.

Additional pictures

Different models of Whirlpool have different functionalities. Each function is marked on the control panel with its own special icon. If the manufacturer wishes to convey important information to the consumer for promotional purposes, they also place it on the body of the washing machine in the form of symbols. But you can decipher these symbols by yourself without any additional instructions.

So, if your machine has a delay timer, you will see a square with the word TIMER inscribed inside and the number 8, 12 and 24. The number indicates the time the model-specific delayed start is possible. If your washing machine can boast a low noise level, the manufacturer will mark this point in the form of a square with a sound wave inside and the inscription “very quiet”. The imbalance control is a square with a circle and a double-sided arc-shaped arrow inside.

“Easy Ironing” is depicted as an iron bounded by a square. There are two dots on the body of the iron, and a pair of horizontal dashes under the soleplate. The drum capacity looks like a bar with the maximum possible loading weight in kilograms indicated. Additional rinsing is indicated by the reservoir of water and the right-hand arc arrow above it. “Foam control”. a very convenient function that allows you to remove excess foam and detergent from the drum with a special pump. is represented by a square filled half with water and half with soap bubbles.

In addition to auxiliary symbols, you can notice on the Whirlpool panel the designations of washing programs (12 in total). Above in the figure we have presented their image. Let’s try to decipher them briefly:

  • cotton. for cotton and linen items that are resistant to boiling;
  • Eco Cotton. an economical program, with extended cycle time and reduced water and power consumption;
  • synthetics. for blended and synthetic material, implies a load of items that do not require special care;
  • fine fabrics. a delicate wash, with a minimum spin and a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees;
  • wool, silk, jeans, curtains. for appropriate fabrics and garments;
  • sports. we wash sports shoes on a low temperature, slow spin of the drum.

When washing sports equipment, it is better not to use standard detergent, but a special gel.

Five Shirts” mode (the icon in the form of a folded shirt) allows you to quickly wash 5-6 shirts at 30 degrees. The “Blankets” program is needed to load comforters. There are also additional pictograms that suggest rare washing modes or individual functions. To understand them, carefully study the instructions.

On-line diagnosis of the washing machine

If your machine stops washing or rinsing laundry normally, there is a malfunction or a breakdown. You can try to find the problem yourself. Run diagnostics

Select which operation your washing machine is not performing:

Does not drain 2. Drum doesn’t spin 3. Does not spin 4. Noises, banging, humming when spinning 5. WASHINGTON doesn’t turn on

Check the washer/dryer drain pump works Check the washer/dryer drain pump works? Yes No I don’t know

Clogging in the hoses of the washing machine If the sound is the same as normal, which has always been observed when the device is working, the cause is probably a clog.

Drain pump doesn’t work! If the sound is consistent with the normal sound of the drain pump, it is recommended to first check the filter intended for the drain.

Drain pump is running and washing machine is emptying after cleaning? Yes No

Drain pump operation The sound of the pump is usually heard immediately, and it is noticeable. If there is no sound, the pump is not working. Find out how to separately activate the water drain program. This is usually a separate option. After the program is started, the pump should start after 1 to 3 seconds. If everything is done correctly and the pump is functional. there will be a buzzing sound. If when you turn on the program you hear no buzzing or other sounds, probably the pump is defective.

Is the washing machine’s drain pump working?? Yes No

If you have found a clog in the machine’s hoses, the hoses need to be disassembled, cleaned and then reassembled.

The water from the washing machine drains well? Yes No

The pump is defective, call a master.

#Tutorial #errorcodesWhirlpool-Amana-Roper-Kenmore Washers(Diagnostic Mode)(Reading error codes)

Washing machine does not spin the drum This problem can occur while the washing machine is in operation. Each model has a different drum operation. It rotates according to a preset algorithm, which is set by the program. This principle applies to the spin and wash. If you are not sure if the drum is not spinning or if it is working, put the laundry in the washing machine. Start the spinning program. If the machine is running, it will drain first and then start spinning. In this case, a rotating process will be observed. If you can’t see the spinning, then check the belt. First turn off the program, then unplug the wire from the socket, so that power is not supplied to the device. Now you need to remove the back cover. You need to carefully inspect the drum belt. Determining its improper position or damage is quite easy.

The washing machine belt is torn or stretched? Yes No

Broken drum drive belt If the belt has broken, you will immediately see it. Also, there are often cases when the belt is simply stretched, due to which the drum, respectively, does not rotate. You cannot operate the appliance if the belt is broken. It is important to check whether it is not wrapped around the pulley of the engine, not torn wiring to the engine. The heating element and the temperature sensor may also be damaged if the wires are caught in the belt. It is important to make sure that the belt model is original. In the case of choosing an inappropriate or low-quality product, it will affect the performance of other devices. How do you know what belt you have?? The old one will have a marking on it, compare it with the one on the belt you have on offer. You can also find out the data on the belt by car model.

Faulty washing machine motor If the fault was not found, the block with wires should be disconnected from the electric motor. Carefully remove it. Visually inspect the motor. It may have melt marks, cracks or other effects that are obvious signs of damage. Check tacho-generator and motor windings. It is important to understand that you can only fully explore how well the engine works and whether there is a malfunction on the test bench. If it doesn’t spin, there may be a problem with the motor. Sometimes the reason. not working electronic module. If there was a short circuit in the motor, the module could be damaged but the motor remains functional. Or the wires could be damaged.

Washing machine repair, does not spin laundry After the washing process is complete, the washing machine may not spin enough or not start spinning. First, look, perhaps set another mode, which does not include a spin at all. This is the case, for example, with programs associated with washing woolen items and delicate fabrics. To check separately run the spin. If the washing machine does not drain the water, go to check the pump.

Now the washing machine spins the laundry? Yes No

Repair of washing machines, imbalance Modern washing machines spread the laundry over the drum before spinning. It is necessary for quality work. Check if this function works. Sometimes things get wound up in a tangle that cannot be unraveled automatically in a certain amount of time. This stops the work stage. You need to unwind the laundry yourself, unroll it and continue the work of the washing machine. In this case, it is important to turn off the machine, and then, when the laundry is laid out, turn on a separate program for spinning.

Now the washing machine spins the cloths? Yes No

Repair of washing machines, drum drive repair Now it is necessary to check the belt of the drum drive. Remove the cover, visually assess the condition of the belt. There should be no damage. If the tension is low, the spin may not start. If the belt needs to be replaced, it should only be replaced with an original belt. After replacement, try the program again.

Trouble found, the washing machine spins? Yes No

Faulty motor, electronic module, call the master at home.

Washing machine hums, makes noise when spinning, rattles, sounds like a jet plane. If the washing machine makes noise during operation, making unusual sounds, it is time to pay special attention to it. In this case, a visible breakdown or lack of functionality may not be observed, but the appearance of strange sounds indicates that it is time to look for faults. It is important to understand that a new machine that has just been brought in should be inspected for shipping bolts. If you forget to remove them, noise and vibration are inevitable. So, let’s begin! Turn the drum of a washing machine and listen to extraneous noises.

When rotating, an extraneous noise, hum, rolling of the balls is heard, the drum moves irregularly with slight jamming? Yes No

Indicators of washing machines

If a problem is detected, the washing machine stops working and immediately displays an error. The way of alarming depends on the specific model, rather on its age. Most new models have a display with a segment display that shows the various codes.

Most of the older models also have a built-in diagnostic system, but the results are reported to the user in a different way, by turning on the lamps on the display panel. If we look in the documentation to the machine, we can easily find there a table, which allows unambiguously determining the type of error and identifying the faulty assembly.

The washing machines without display switch on the indicator of no water supply, a number of indicators of the operating mode in order to display the error code:

In addition to these, there are indicators that signal an open hatch and a dirty drain filter. Combinations of these lamps with the “Service” lamp allow for unambiguous identification of the failure.

No matter how exactly the device signals an error, as soon as it happens, you should immediately take steps to correct the situation. It is important to understand that ignoring even a seemingly insignificant error can lead to the need to replace a number of expensive components of the device in the near future.

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