Wax cartridge for depilation how to use

I’ve been trying to remove body hair at home by myself for a long time. At first it was just a simple preparation of paste for shugaring, I used it long enough, the first can of paste I bought in a store, then cooked myself. But for me that procedure is not very convenient. For me it was ideal for the film wax, but for a large area needs a lot of it, it comes out expensive, so for the legs I decided to buy a wax in a cassette, to apply it was convenient and all that.

From ItalWax brand I have a film wax, no questions about the quality, and so the cartridge from this brand. Also for these cartridges are sold wax melters, but I bought my first cartridge to see if I like it, so no wax melter yet. I will also tell you how to heat the wax if you don’t have a wax maker at hand.

I have the aloe variant, I don’t know what the difference is. The girl in the store consultant said that the darker the wax, the better it removes tough hair. I just chose at random.

The cartridge was originally in the film, but there is no cover on the roller, which is a disadvantage, because there is a need to somehow close the spout for storage.

The plastic is quite thick, but you can see the amount of product through it and, in principle, its texture. You can see very well when the wax is ready to go.

One side of the spout is slightly beveled, so it is more convenient to apply it. The gap between the roller and the spout on both sides is different, of course it is wider on the side from which it is supposed to be applied.

If the wax is very well heated and already liquid, while you hold it upside down, from the gap may leak.

How to prepare for hair removal at home and what you need?

Before removing hair, it is necessary to scrub the areas on which you will remove hair. There should not be any irritation and inflammation. Before waxing, you need to degrease the skin. I don’t have talcum powder so I use burnt alum, same effect. It helps the skin to stay dry in the process and less traumatic for the exposure. Previously I neglected this point and had to wax for a long time after. The talcum powder removes hair better.

If you’re using wax on areas where you know for sure it’s going to hurt, put something on to reduce the pain. The most budget-friendly option. It’s menovazine, sold at the drugstore. It cools the skin and is great for reducing pain, even on the bikini area.

Also need a wax melter, but I do not have it. That’s why I did the water bath first. We heat the water, then I wrapped the cartridge in a bag and put it in there. As an option this would work, but I ran into a number of problems. Like the bag tearing and the cartridge getting wet, but that’s okay. It can heat unevenly and we need to heat the entire cartridge, especially at the roller. Cools quickly and then a long wait for it to heat up again. In general, this option was not very convenient, it took me a long time.

Next I decided to heat the cartridge in the microwave. I was afraid that this option would not work, something would explode or something. But nothing happened. The plastic itself does not overheat, but the wax warms up quickly and, most importantly, evenly. I can heat them on the go, it doesn’t take long. You can use them right out of the microwave.

It is also good to have a remedy, which removes the residual wax. I thought I’d just take it off with any oil, but no such luck. Normal oil just glides on the skin, it seems as if all washed away, and after the skin dries, we see the wax on the skin. That’s where I panicked, but I found a tissue to remove the wax from the wax strips and used it. They’re good for the job. Actually there are special products for this purpose and it’s better to get them, there are budget options.

Well, for the operation you need wax strips. I got it from Kapous, it’s thick, doesn’t tear when tearing, behaves great. I do not advise to use just cut paper, I have not done so, but in theory I assume that the wax will soak the paper and you will not tear it off even. You can cut the cloth, but it’s not economical, you need a lot of cloth, plus it’s soft and can tear unevenly from the skin.

After the procedure it is necessary to use a remedy against ingrown hairs. Many people use a scrub. But if the skin is already traumatized by the procedure, you do not want to make it worse, so I advise to buy a special product. It can be any spray or cream with acids. I have a spray of AHA acids. I apply it after the treatment and then a few times. No ingrown hairs.

Do not overheat the wax, otherwise you will get a burn. The melting point is around 40°, so the main thing is not to overheat it. do not overdo it. The roller should be held at an angle in the hand, to apply the wax the second with an angle to the skin. The wax must be well heated, otherwise it will pull the skin. If the wax hardens, it is better to heat it immediately.

The peculiarity of using just this type of wax is that it should be applied along the hair growth, and to remove the strip against the growth. With the film wax everything is different. The strip is not torn upwards, not sideways, but parallel to the skin. The skin is better to hold with your hand, so the pain is less and the skin is less traumatized. If it really hurts, then after removing the strip, put your hand in the area, this will soothe the skin faster.

The most sensitive part on the legs is the back, so only heated wax is not advised to apply immediately to the side or close to it, it is better to start from the top.

I bought a cartridge to use only on my legs. The hairs on my legs are thin, they were the test subjects for all the experiments, so they no longer grow so actively. They are dark, it does not hurt to remove the hair on my legs. On the contrary, it’s the most convenient area where you can do everything yourself.

cartridge, depilation

The packaging of warm wax is roller cartridges or cans. The cartridges vary in color, depending on the skin type intended:

  • pink is for sensitive skin;
  • Green. for tanned skin, with fruity flavors (citrus, kiwi, etc.).д.);
  • blue. for any type of derma.

Either a cartridge wax-melter or a water bath is needed for liquefaction. Application is carried out with a special roller or spatula. Removal is similar to the cold method. with non-woven strips.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Wax cartridges differ from conventional depilation in many ways. The main advantages include:

  • Wax is easy to apply, the removal procedure itself does not take long;
  • Savings in formulation due to precise dosing;
  • The heating temperature is low (compared to conventional wax), this avoids injuries and burns;
  • Large selection of waxes by type of additives included in the composition. This allows you to choose an option that suits your skin type;
  • The nozzles for a wide and narrow area;
  • During the procedure, the wax does not stain other surfaces. There is no leakage;
  • Painfulness of the procedure is minimized due to the thermal effect. The skin softens and the pores open up;
  • Can be easily used by yourself at home;
  • Affordable price policy.

The main disadvantages of waxing include the painful procedure. It is not possible to eliminate the discomfort, but it can be reduced. Also depilation with cartridge wax has a number of contraindications:

  • The presence of unhealed cuts, burns and other skin damage;
  • Irritation, inflammation of pustules or pimples;
  • Fresh insect bites;
  • Pigmented spots, moles, warts;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Individual intolerance or allergic reactions to the components.

Popular Brands

There are many brands of wax for waxing in cartridges, and almost each of them presents a whole series of options for every taste. Among them there are young, recently appeared novelties in the market of goods for hair removal.

Wax cartridges Depilflax

This is probably one of the most popular brands, having produced numerous series of cartridges:

  • Depilflax Pink. Wax for the effective removal of short or stiff hair, with bactericidal action, nourishing, soothing and moisturizing the skin. It contains nutrients and smells pleasantly of rose.
  • Depilflax Brazilian. Dense, quickly tears off stiff and short hairs, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, making it feel velvety to the touch.
  • Depilflax Premium Gold. Suitable for all skin types (especially sensitive skin) and hair thicknesses. Sticks very well, and the admixture of gold pollen in the wax makes the procedure even more visually pleasing. This wax retains its set temperature for long periods of time, so you can take your time with your procedure (very important for beginners). Plastic and effective product.
  • Depilflax Natural For All Skin Types. Free of additives, dyes and fragrances, suitable for people prone to allergies. Gives a soothing skin effect already during the treatment. Suitable for medium to fine hair.
  • Depilflax Strawberry. Strong antioxidant properties, transparent. Gives your skin a long-lasting smoothness and softness. Works on all hair and skin types.

Of course, this isn’t the whole list of waxes by this brand, and it could go on for too long. But one thing is clear: among such a variety of options from Depilflax any woman can find the perfect one for herself.

White Line Line

Just as popular and as varied as the previous series, the White Line line presents its interesting offerings:

  • WhiteLine-flex Raspberry. This wax already contains talc. Soft, removes even short hairs the first time, without breaking them. Non-sticky, works on all skin types and hair thicknesses.
  • White Line-flex Crème Rose. Contains rose oil, has nourishing, moisturizing and healing properties. Smooth, removes very short hairs, including stiff ones. For different skin types.
  • WhiteLine-flex Wine. Contains grape seed extract. Does not flake the skin, applies evenly and thinly, covering the hairs densely, but not the skin surface. Suitable even for very short hair of any firmness and for all skin types.
  • WhiteLine-flex Algae. Highly plastic wax that immediately removes hair. With seaweed extract, useful for dry or sensitive skin, no sticky feeling, economical.
  • WhiteLine-flex Amber. Very mild, without harmful dyes or fragrances. Economical, suitable for sensitive skin and all hair types.

Planet Nails

This is a young brand, a novelty in the field of cosmetology and other personal care products. Introduces its own line of very high quality hair removal waxes:

After trying all the remedies, modern methods such as waxes, razors and other nonsense, I was finally disappointed! Girls, NOTHING Helps!! The hair grows back soon anyway. But it worked for me Read more
  • PlanetNails white. Contains titanium dioxide. Has an anti-inflammatory effect and is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • PlanetNails red. For thin and dry skin. It’s good for underarms and bikini areas.
  • PlanetNails chocolate. Universal, suitable for all skin and hair types.
  • PlanetNails gold. Especially for hypersensitive areas of the face, bikini and underarms, as well as for skin prone to allergic reactions.


A well-known brand already recognized by its admirers. Considered one of the best fat-soluble waxes in cartridges.

Shugaring the feet of the cartridge yourself. convenient and fast!

  • Red. This product by Kapous is suitable for all skin and hair types and for all ages. Good for sensitive skin, no irritation. Gel so the soreness is not pronounced, t. к. The product adheres only to the hair, not to the skin. Very pleasant smelling.
  • Green. Available in a variety of fragrances (kiwi, lime, green apple, etc.).). Especially created for sunburned, sensitive skin.
  • White. It is suitable for absolutely every skin, takes care of it, removes the hair thoroughly, leaving it smooth and silky afterwards.

Kapous presents many more cartridge waxes in different colors, but each has its own purpose and differences in composition. This gives you a great opportunity to choose a variant to your liking.

Preparing for the procedure

Wax cartridges can be used for hair removal almost anywhere. Some girls have even adapted to use it in the fight against unwanted facial hair. Although there are other more convenient ways to do this. But for waxing to be fast and effective, you should prepare carefully for the procedure and buy in advance all the necessary materials and tools for waxing.

First you should buy the cartridges. If we are talking about the hot composition, usually one cartridge is enough for two procedures. But it is better to buy them in two, if depilation in this way will be carried out for the first time. Warming agent may require a little more, which should also be taken into account.

When choosing, note that they can be both narrow and wide. The first are more suitable for depilation of the bikini zone, as they apply the composition is very convenient even in the most remote places. Wide-head cartridges are good for fighting excess hair on your legs.

cartridges can be regular and flavored. Scented cartridges are a little bit more expensive.

After depilation on the skin remains a light pleasant aroma. They do not have any other features. So decide in advance if you want to overpay a little for the smell.

If you intend to do waxing at home all the time, it is best to buy a good wax melter in advance. It is not so cheap, but it will last for several years. The more so that modern wax melts are already equipped with temperature sensors, which allows you to accurately heat the composition and get the right consistency. So the risk of burns even from the hot composition will be minimized.

Also buy in advance vegetable oil to remove residual wax, and a soothing agent for the skin. Immediately after the procedure, the skin will require special care, which will depend on its further condition and beauty.

Waxing is easy, so this procedure can be done in a beauty salon and at home. To speed up the process and make it less painful, to perform this procedure using special devices that are called wax melts for depilation. There are several types of such devices, and you need to know the features of each of them, after which you can decide which is better for you.

What is such a device?

To make the wax for depilation soft, it is necessary to warm it up, it allows it to adhere well to the skin, as a result it perfectly envelops all the hairs, even the thinnest and shortest. The fact that the wax is warm allows you to expand the pores, and this makes this procedure less painful. Another popular way to get rid of unwanted hair is sugar waxing.

Not so long ago, at home the wax was heated in pots in a steam bath, and it was impossible to achieve the desired temperature. This led to the fact that after overheating the wax, there was a high probability of getting burned, and if it was not heated enough, the procedure was ineffective. After they started using modern wax melters, such problems disappeared.

What is such a device a reservoir for wax, a heating element and controls, which allows you to easily and quickly heat the wax to the desired temperature.

The main advantages of the wax melter are:

Cassette wax melter

If you use wax cartridges or cassettes, you must use a cassette wax melter to heat it.

It is very convenient to use such cartridges, they have different sizes, which allows them to be used on any part of the body and do depilation on the hands, feet, face. In the bikini zone is better not to use strips with wax, because here the hair grows in different directions and to remove them use depilation with hot wax.

Using a cassette wax melter at home is simple, and to do this procedure yourself you can learn quickly. When buying such a device, be sure to pay attention to what types of cartridges it is designed for.

The dimensions of the cartridge must match the cassette device, without this they will lie loosely in the device and when applied to the body may fall out of the cartridge, resulting in the wax on the furniture surface and remove its residues will be difficult enough.

In addition, it is necessary to look at the way the device is connected to the network. It can be permanently connected to it with a cord, which will disturb you during the procedure. It is better to buy models that are installed in the base, and to apply the wax you remove the device from the base, for a few minutes he does not have time to cool, and while working with him, you do not interfere with the cord.

Jar wax melter

Such devices are used to apply hot wax, heating takes place in jars, the capacity of which is much greater than that of the cartridge and can be heated to higher temperatures. In most cases, such devices are used in beauty salons, but there are also models that are successfully used to perform this procedure at home.

After the application of hot wax in the bikini zone or other areas of the body it turns into a thin film after a while, it is removed without the help of paper or cloth strips, as was done in the previous case.

Before you do depilation bikini or other areas of the body with hot wax, you need to do a small test on the hand, so as not to get burned. The heated mass is applied with a special spatula, this method can be used both on areas of the body where hair grows in one direction, and where it grows in different directions.

Depending on how you will use this device, you can buy it with 1 or 2 jars, but for home use is enough and one jar of wax. Be sure to have a lid on the jar to prevent the heated wax from splattering.

When buying pay attention to the fact that the device has a place to place the spatula, so it will always be at your fingertips. Different devices may have different heating accuracy, so choose the inflammers that will meet your requirements. If the wax melter has 2 jars for heating the wax, it is convenient when each of them can be separately set the temperature of heating.

Combination appliances

For use at home is very convenient to use combined devices that can use both cartridges and heated wax in a jar. The price of such devices is higher, so they are often used in salons, but if their cost does not scare you, you can buy them for home use.

With a specified device you can at home to remove unwanted hair on any part of the body by yourself, including using it to depilate the bikini. In a combined wax maker for each heater is a separate control, so for different waxes, you can set the desired temperature of heating.

The use of such a device allows you to save a lot of time for depilation.

Tips from the experts

We must remember that these devices are not interchangeable, because they are designed to work with different compositions of wax. In a cassette heater, you cannot heat wax that is designed for a can heater and vice versa.

Decide how often you plan to perform the procedure and which parts of the body you plan to treat. If the hair will be removed on large areas, it is better to buy a wax melter with 2 containers.

If you plan to remove hair in small areas of the body and do it often during travel, it is better to give preference to compact cassette models.

It is convenient when the chosen model can maintain the set temperature for a long period of time, then the whole procedure can be performed at once. It is good when there are 2 regulators, this allows you to prepare the wax simultaneously for different parts of the body and greatly speeds up the said procedure. Special holders on the jars make it much easier and safer to use

To avoid hair ingrowth after waxing, it is recommended to disinfect the skin before the procedure. Before tearing off the wax it is necessary to pull the skin well and do everything sharply against the growth of hair, it is better to use a high density wax. To answer the question how to avoid ingrown hairs, after depilation you must use special products, scrubs, and skin should be moisturized, it is recommended to apply to it an oil solution of vitamin E. So that you do not have a question how to get rid of ingrown hair, carry out the specified procedure correctly.

Very often especially after the first procedure of wax depilation there is a problem to remove the wax after depilation. It is not possible to wash it off with water, for this purpose it is necessary to use special wipes which go together with wax cartridges, you can use a greasy lotion or cream, warm vegetable or cosmetic oil will do. Remove the wax from the body as soon as possible, you can not let it stay on it for a long time. It is necessary to properly wax depilation, remove the wax with sharp movements, apply a thin layer, and then most of it should be removed in the process of depilation.

Tips from the experts

For successful waxing at home and to reduce the discomfort during the procedure and after it, beauticians recommend following certain recommendations.

What to do before the procedure

The effectiveness of waxing depends largely on the proper preparation of the skin. About a day treat the skin with a scrub to remove dead particles and facilitate hair removal. The preliminary application of scrubbing agents prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs, as the growing follicle will be easier to break through the thinned epidermis.

Just before the procedure, take a hot shower or bath to steam the waxed area, sometimes it is enough to put a wet hot towel on it. Steaming opens pores and facilitates hair pulling.

To minimize possible traumas from separation of strips you can put on the body a little baby powder, besides it gives protection from sudden burns.

Procedures after waxing

A couple of days after the session, regular scrubbing is recommended to prevent hair ingrowth. Scrubbing is carried out 2 times a week, for the same purpose use special cosmetics from ingrown hairs.

Waxing significantly injures the skin, the mechanical action of leaving a lot of microscopic wounds that can become inflamed in certain conditions. To exclude the risk of infection, refrain from going to the pool, sauna and gym for 2-3 days.

Give preference to natural fabrics, as synthetic fibers prevent the free circulation of air and increase sweating. Sweat is known to be a perfect breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. If possible, wear loose clothing so that the growing follicle does not change its position and does not grow into the epidermis.

Additionally a few secrets of removing hair on the legs with cartridge wax can be seen in the following video. It is especially recommended for beginners, so that the first procedure went with minimal discomfort.

cartridge, depilation

Step-by-step instructions

Waxing with a cassette wax is a breeze. But to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of burns, damage or insufficient removal of vegetation, you need to study the step-by-step instructions.

Preparing the skin for the procedure

Before depilation with cartridges, you need to prepare the skin according to the following instructions:

An hour before the session you need to take a warm shower, without using cosmetics.Next, the skin should be treated with antiseptic, which can be chlorhexidine or lotion, and apply talcum powder for degreasing. The latter remedy is especially necessary for areas of high sensitivity.

Before using the wax composition, you must determine whether it causes an allergic reaction. For this purpose, apply a small amount of the mixture on your wrist. If there are no signs of allergies you can use the wax as intended.It is important to remember that two days before vaksing you should not visit a solarium, sauna or hot bath. Keep the skin relaxed and unexposed to heat. Also, do not allow overcooling of the areas to be treated.


Although there is no painful sensation when removing the compound from the skin, an anesthetic procedure should be performed to protect sensitive areas from irritation.

Proven ointments and creams are used for this purpose, including Lidocaine and Elma. These products penetrate deeply into the epidermis, providing a long-lasting analgesic effect. For better absorption of the mixture the skin can be wrapped in cling film.


After the preparatory steps the main work can begin.

It is carried out according to the following instructions:

  • If the cassette will be used for the first time, you need to remove the film from its surface.
  • The cartridge must be heated. The duration of the heat treatment can vary from 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the amount of mixture.
  • Turn the heated design upside down for 3 seconds to allow the wax to sink to the nozzle.
  • The mixture can then be applied to the skin, distributing it properly in a thin layer.
  • Bandage tape is glued on top of the wax layer.
  • After a few seconds, the strip should be removed with one sharp tug.

Next similar actions are carried out on the next area to be treated. As the wax cools down, it must be heated in a wax maker or microwave oven.

If you have difficulty tearing off the bandage strip, it may be that the skin is not sufficiently degreased or moisture is present. To eliminate the problem, you need to wait until the material hardens and cools, and repeat the action. It is also possible to clean the skin of the mixture with oil and apply a new layer.

To reduce pain when removing the strip, you need to keep your hand close to the edge of the strip being torn off.

The use of wax to achieve body beauty without unnecessary vegetation has long been known. Over the centuries, the technique has improved, and by today has acquired a modern use. With this product you can get rid of hair for a long time (3 4 weeks). The product for depilation is divided into:

Cold material does not need to be heated. The strips covered with wax compound must be warmed in the palms of the hands, and they are ready for use. Of all the products, cold wax causes the most painful sensation. This is because the hairs are hard to pull out of unopened pores. Hot representatives of wax products need to be heated to 65 degrees. Without special skills, you can get burned, so it is better not to use it at home. The cartridge (or cassette) is a small container of solid polymer filled with hardened wax, which is heated to body temperature (37 degrees). For ease of use, it has a roller on the end, which allows you to distribute the wax on the body with a thin, even layer. Wax cartridges are indispensable for waxing at home, and suitable for any part of the body. A cartridge with a wide roller is used for treating a large surface (legs, arms). The narrow spout is good for waxing the face, armpit, bikini zone.

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