What capsules are suitable for your Delongi

Types of coffee machine capsules and their characteristics. Advantages of reusable models

If you are a passionate fan of coffee and do not imagine a morning without this hot beverage, then of course, you know how to make it. But you don’t always have time for fiddling around with the stove, but you do want something tasty?

This is where the capsule machine comes in: it makes coffee by itself, and all you have to do is keep the machine clean and choose the right capsules.

Pods for every taste

The main feature of the capsule method is the speed and quality of coffee preparation:

Brewing speed. Only 20-30 seconds and you are ready for a cup of espresso or lungo.

Capsule coffee machines require a minimum of maintenance. Just pour in plenty of water and stock up on capsules.

Variety of tastes. Large number of coffee varieties will not leave indifferent even the most picky coffee lovers.

No other brewing method on earth compares to capsule coffee in these terms. The price of capsule coffee machines is 2-3 times lower than that of coffee beans.

What are the capsules for the coffee machine?

The capsules are categorized according to criteria such as:

By number of uses

Coffee pods for coffee machines are disposable and reusable. The first category includes containers that are sold filled with coffee powder. They are hermetically sealed and cannot be reused.

Reusable capsules come with a dispenser and special stickers. They need to be filled with ground coffee by themselves. They should then be sealed with tape to keep them airtight. It is not desirable to store the product in such containers, t. к. The quality of the capsules is not as good as the taste or flavor of the beverage. They can be used up to 30 times. They are then to be disposed of.

By type of beverage

The most common ones on the market are the classic espresso capsules. Manufacturers produce capsules that contain blends for making beverages such as:

Often 2 or 3 capsules must be used alternately to prepare the beverage, so that all the ingredients needed are added to the mug.

The five leaders of the market consist of the world’s best coffee varieties, each of which has its own characteristics.


The famous Swiss brand of coffee machines and coffee machines from the Nestle corporation, which also produces popular brands of instant coffee and Nesquik cocoa for children. Production of ready-to-drink capsules began more than thirty years ago, and today the company offers 16 different combinations. Caffeine concentration measured on a ten-point scale. The best samples have a balanced size of grinding, because large pellets have a weak flavor, and too small. increased density is difficult to brew.

The basis of the proposal is the classic Arabica, some blends are complemented by a variety of rabusta:

  • 7 varieties of “espresso” for a small cup of 40 ml, one of which is the Italian Ristretto, rated at a solid 10 points in terms of strength;
  • “lungo” 110 ml, milder flavor with reduced concentration;
  • “espresso” of three pureorgin varieties, blended from arabics harvested in Colombia, South India and Brazil.

Containers made of branded food plastic and a foil lid, which does not need to open before inserting into the machine, are packaged in 10 pieces and cost 320.


A budget version from Nescafe’s subsidiary, offering more affordable coffee capsules. The main difference is that the weight of the powder is reduced to 6 grams, which makes the drink less saturated. The container is made of similar food-grade plastic.

The Russian market offers more than 20 variations of grain blends, including rare examples with arabica from Brazil, as well as the largest 300 ml portion in the “Preludio” series.

Kits include 16 capsules at 380/420. DolceGusto capsules will fit Krups or Delonghi models and offer flavors:

  • 10 varieties of natural “espresso”;
  • “espresso” decaf;
  • regular coffee with milk
  • cappuccino
  • six kinds of lattes, with two capsules;
  • Hot chocolate with different syrups (mocha, caramel, chococino).


The French development with recognizable packaging in the form of rectangular bags with a flat tablet was made for different coffee machines, but after 2015 the brand was bought by Bosch Corporation, and the main flow of capsules began to be made for German models.

The peculiarity of the products is the presence of a readable code on the package, according to which the coffee maker automatically activates the brewing time and dosage of water.

The density of the coffee powder is much lower than competitors, and the weight of the capsule is designed for 9 g.

capsules, suitable, your, delongi

How To Use Delonghi Nespresso Inissia Espresso Coffee Maker Review

  • three types of black coffee;
  • cocoa;
  • coffee with milk, including latte macchiato for a large mug (300ml);
  • hot chocolate;
  • Related drinks (tea or hot milk).



A young Italian company that was founded in 2005 and has been present on the Russian market for over 10 years. It has relied on blending blends from Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia and Asia without the addition of flavorings or powdered milk. The capsules are made of aluminum and bio-soluble plastic, so they can be called environmentally friendly.

The six-grain capsules contain a version made entirely from the “Robusta” variety with a maximum concentration of caffeine with a bitter aftertaste. The basic set includes:

Compatibility not only with branded coffee machines, but also with Philips models is an additional advantage.


The oldest Italian brand with more than a century of history (bought out by the French CarteNoir and a number of European companies in 2016) has brought the tradition of Italian coffee with dense, high brown crema to the Russian market. Food-grade plastic capsules contain 7.5 grams of coffee. The company offers six espresso options and different black coffee blends. Beans are delivered from Colombia, Brazil, Uganda, Costa Rica and other growing areas of coffee trees. Medium

Disadvantages of coffee in capsules

When buying a capsule coffee maker, you need to consider its unpleasant features:

Attention! Some models of the same brand require different capsules.

At the time of writing, a box of 16 pills each weighing from 6 to 10 grams (depending on the type of drink) of a popular brand costs 369 on sale. For comparison, you can buy a standard pack of ground or grain coffee for 250 grams or less.

Capsule varieties

There are 2 types of capsules: disposable and reusable.


Most coffee machines only work well with disposable capsules. Retail stores sell them more often than reusable ones. The range is much larger, but they are only compatible with 1 type of coffee maker.


These containers are made of plastic. They need to be cleaned, repaired and filled by yourself. They are not sealed, so the quality of espresso will be lower.

Refillable capsules.

Instructions for use

DeLonghi capsule coffee machines are easy to use, as evidenced by the instructions included with each device. Using the Nespresso Lattissima Touch Animation model as an example, coffee is made as follows:

  • Connect the appliance to the mains.
  • Fill the water tank with the required amount of water.
  • Insert the ground coffee capsule into the capsule compartment and close it.
  • Place a cup or glass under the spout.
  • Press the Espresso or Lungo button. To finish the extraction, press the button again.
  • Remove the cup from the tray, lift and close the lever so that the capsule falls into the container to collect the used capsules.

Popular Coffee Capsule Manufacturers

The first capsule machine was invented 34 years ago, in Russia it was launched later. in 1999. In 2020. and more consumers give preference to this equipment.


The history of Nestle goes back to 1866., When Europe’s first condensed milk factory was opened. 150 years later, it is the world’s largest multinational food company. In 1986. appeared Nestle Nespresso SA. Nestle was the first brand to invent and perfect the mechanism of capsule coffee making.

Nestle Nespresso produces about 50 types of refreshment in capsule form.

Nestle offers a choice of 2 systems. Original and Vertuo.

Nespresso Original uses high pressure technology of 19 bars. It offers: espresso, lungo and ristretto, espresso-based cocktails (cappuccino, latte macchiato, flute white). The volume of the finished drink is from 25 to 110 ml. There are 28 flavors in the line.

Nespresso Vertuo is suitable for lovers of large cups of coffee. 230 and 414 ml, in t.ч. Designed to make 80 ml of double espresso, 40 ml of espresso and 150 ml of grunge lungo. The technology is based on barcode reading and the patented Centrifusion innovation. The system is easy to use, all it takes is the push of a button. There are 3 variants of cup sizes and 5 different cup volumes, 28 blends.


The company appeared in America in Seattle in 1971. Starbucks values are quality, taste and a high level of customer focus. Coffee houses operate in 75 countries around the world, and the number of stores is approaching 30,000. In 2019. Starbucks capsules appeared on the market. A symbiosis was formed, combining Nestle’s innovations with Starbucks’ long experience in roasting and blending.

Kraft foods

The company was founded in 1903. By James Kraft. Produces Jacobs, Carte Noire, Maxcafe and Maxwell House coffees.

Together with Bosh introduced the innovative Tassimo system. The appearance of the containers somewhat resembles discs. T-discs. coffee. 9g. Equipped with barcode reader for T-discs, which gives the necessary information about the brewing process. There are 15 kinds in the line.

Porto rosso espresso

In addition to the grain and ground varieties, the Italian company produces analogues of containers for Nespresso. Serving includes 5 g of coffee. Available in 3 types: a classical Espresso, a mild Americano or a strong Ristretto.


The Swiss brand Delicia AG belongs to the Migros Group Holding and has 60 years of experience in roasting coffee beans. In 2010. Cremesso capsule standard developed by Delicia came to Europe. It has a high pump pressure up to 19 bar and fast heat-up time, the manufacturer claims. 15 seconds. The specificity of the system allows spending 60% less energy than similar class A machines. The line consists of 15 kinds of coffee capsules. lungo, Espresso, Ristretto, specialties with aromas of vanilla and caramel, 2 kinds of tea. berry-fruit and Ceylon.


Tchibo GmbH was founded in 1949. The product sold as Tchibo is made in Hamburg and Berlin. The brand created the Cafissimo Compact capsule system, which is different:

  • Practical and comfortable. it has a built-in compartment for used containers;
  • Cost saving. Stand By function automatically turns on after 15 minutes.

Tchibo capsules are widely available in a wide variety of coffee varieties.

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Useful video

Learn more about the working principle of the capsule-type coffee machine from this

The capsule coffee maker is very convenient and easy to use, but is only suitable for people who drink no more than 2 cups per day, because if you drink more, it becomes uneconomical to buy capsules.

Drunk coffee drinkers are better off buying a different type of appliance and pouring regular non-capsuled coffee into it.

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