What cooker hood for a studio apartment

Which cooker hood for your studio apartment? Top 5: The best recessed hoods

Gorenje DU 5345 W

A three-speed electric motor is the power behind the hood: In spite of its size, it has an output of up to 300 m³/h, which is enough to clean the air in a kitchen of up to 10 square meters. Modes are controlled and lights are turned on by buttons on the front panel.

  • Easy to operate. One button for each speed and one for the dimmer.
  • Ease of installation. the hood is screwed dowels, then you only need to close the lid.
  • Low weight.
  • Can be operated in extraction and recirculation modes.
  • Price-performance ratio.
  • Thin metal of the case. Does not affect the operation, but there is a general feeling of “flimsiness” of the construction. Can feel the panel pressed through in some appliances.
  • Air noise in the enclosure and ducting is noticeable at high speeds.
  • No enclosure grounding. But the motor is in a plastic cover and does not come into contact with the hood body.
  • Energy efficiency class “E”

Mid-priced, budget-friendly appliance in its category. If a small kitchen needs a reliable “workhorse” with the simplest possible control, the purchase will fully justify itself.

Kronasteel Jessica slim PB 600 white

Hanging multi-purpose extractor for small kitchens with three-speed motor, up to 350 m³/h. Can be connected for recirculation and diverting modes. All control is done with five buttons. power to the unit, three modes of operation and backlighting.

Pros of Kronasteel Jessica slim PB 600 white

  • Bulb for lighting is in the front, not against the wall. An option for the fans, but most often busy are the front cooking plates.
  • Grease filters take up almost all the bottom surface. less need to wash the hood itself.
  • Convenient location of the control buttons. all modes of operation are clearly visible.
  • Carbon filter included.
  • Inexpensive compared to similar models.
  • Thin metal housing. If there is a chance that the hood will get caught in the process of operation, it is better to put additional washers on the mounts, so that the body does not sag.
  • No gaskets in the joints of the housing parts. if you install them yourself, then the noise level is significantly reduced.
  • The low price affects the overall quality of materials and workmanship. a white hood can be fitted with a black power cord.

The cooker hood handles its main task, i.e. air purification, without any complaints. It makes sense to prefer another model only after comparing the noise from the fans, but it largely depends on the quality of the duct installation.

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LEX Simple 600 Inox

The combination of the economical three-speed motor (180 watts) and the 340 m³ output is sufficient for a medium-sized kitchen up to 10-12 m² in size. The low weight of 4.5 kg makes installation simple and the intuitive push-button control and low noise level make operation comfortable.

Kitchen hoods. which one to choose?

What features are recommended to choose kitchen hoods and which ones are better to use and maintain?? When buying, experts pay attention to the following parameters:

Manufacturer. The longer the company is on the market, the better the reputation of its products. It is desirable to choose appliances from proven brands.

Dimensions. The diagonal dimension must not be smaller than the width of the stove or hob, and the depth must not be too far from the edge.

Height. This parameter, inherent in fireplace models, determines the distance from the duct to the edge of the umbrella. When calculating, you should consider that the edge of the umbrella should not be lower than 0,6 m from the surface of the stove.

Output. The parameter defining the volume of extracted or filtered air. The capacity of some models starts from 150 m3 per hour and reaches 2.5 thousand m3 per hour. To calculate the required capacity, take the cubic volume of the room, multiplied first by the hourly rate (12 m3 for each cubic meter of volume), and then by the equipment factor (1.5-1.7 for an electric stove or 2 for a gas stove). Add 10% for each metre of ductwork and 10% for higher loads.

Noise. The quieter the motor, the more comfortable the hostess will be. High-performance cooker hoods can be quieter if you choose a twin-motor model.

The control. The control panel can be equipped with buttons, sliders, sensors, or completed with a remote control. The touch-sensitive models are easier to clean because they are easy to clean and don’t let grease get inside. Slider control is particularly suitable for systems with frequent power fluctuations.

Filters. Grease filters are more often used in flow-through models. These filters consist of a metal mesh that can be easily washed and cleaned when clogged. Carbon and synthetic filters are installed in recirculation hoods. They are replaceable components.

options. The presence of a switch-off timer and a sensor for the state of the filter will greatly facilitate the operation and maintenance of the device.

For kitchens larger than 12 sq. м

For large kitchens, you have to choose hoods with a minimum capacity of 650 cu.m. m/h. Also worth installing in a studio kitchen or a large dining room with a cooking area.

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Elica Ciak LUX GR/A/L/56

Built-in appliances with a very high output of 700 cbm. m/h is sufficient for a kitchen area of at least 14-15 sq.m. м Front width necessary for installation: 558 mm, the package includes an aluminium filter, but a carbon filter can also be used. Features include a depth of just 28 cm when folded down, LED lighting with two 2.5-watt bulbs, and an attractive design that works in most areas.

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The extractor fan has 3 speed modes, the settings can be controlled with sliders and the power consumption is less than 0.12 KW. At the same time the model has some disadvantages. the noise level at the maximum output exceeds 60 dB. Although in its normal state, when selecting the first or second speed, the noise load does not exceed the recommended values for a kitchen.

Zigmund Shtain K 142.6

Suspended model with performance up to 1050 cfm. This oven has a power output of 600 mm per hour, making it ideal for standard gas cooktops of the same size. Features a powerful electric motor and enlarged casing, as well as tilted installation to save space during installation.

It has 5 speed settings, a filter change indicator and non-return valve, as well as two LED lamps for illumination.

LONDON STUDIO APARTMENT TOUR: modern & minimalist 40 m² / 400 ft² studio

Among the features of the model. 3-year warranty, during which all repairs are free of charge, and another 2 years, when the owner will have to pay only for repairs, but not for parts. And also controlled with an illuminated electronic knob.

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