What does an epilator do to hair

How to use epilator correctly: tips for beginners

Many people shudder at the thought of waxing, but getting rid of excess hair is something almost all women think about. Epilation, if done properly, will not bring too unpleasant feelings. But before you do hair removal at home, it is important to remember some rules, the observance of which will save you from the fear of this procedure.

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To begin with, an epilator is an electrical device that allows you to mechanically remove hairs by pulling them out at the base of the root. The epilator precisely targets each individual hair, including the root, getting rid of them for a long time. Many of us also confuse the concepts of epilator and depilatory. The difference between them lies in the mechanism of hair removal.

A depilatory is a device or tool for removing hair that is visible on the surface, without affecting the roots. The depilation process is carried out with a regular razor or electric razor, as well as creams for depilation. The process of depilation is very simple and painless, but unlike epilation with an epilator, the effect does not last long. For more details on the differences between epilatory and depilatory, see our separate article.

How to use epilator correctly so it won’t hurt

Using the device without any discomfort is impossible, but there are ways to reduce the pain. During epilation it is recommended:

  • properly steamed the body before the procedure. if the pores open well, then the hair with the root will be torn out more easily;
  • Conduct a pat on the legs or arms before waxing. this will speed up blood circulation and prepare the epidermis for the removal of the vegetation;
  • Use the massage heads. the mechanical action also increases blood circulation and distracts from pain;
  • Apply a special lidocaine-based gel with cooling and anesthetic properties.

Before epilation it is recommended to pluck a little hair with ordinary tweezers. This will help to get used to the discomfort, and when you use the device they will not be as strong.

Attention! We recommend epilating the whole body first, beginning with the most sensitive areas.

Getting ready for epilation

Before you start using an epilator, you need to do some special preparation. It consists of several steps:

  • You should carefully examine the area of the body on which you are going to remove the vegetation, and make sure that you can really use the device for it. Epilation is performed only on clean healthy skin, do not use the device in the presence of warts, protruding veins and vascular stars.
  • If the hair is too short, it is better to postpone the procedure until they grow to 3-4 mm. Otherwise the epilator will miss some bristles, and it will have to go to the same place several times.
  • Too long hair should be trimmed with a grass trimmer before treatment. The more stubble you grow, the harder it will be to pluck. Besides long hairs are often only clipped by epilators without pulling them out.
  • An hour before the procedure you should take a bath or a hot shower, scrub your body with a loofah and use a scrub. The pores will become wider, it will be easier to remove hair.

To the device better plucked bristles, you can use baby powder before the procedure. It will make the hairs a little thicker, the device will be easier to catch them.

Before using an epilator for underarms and bikini area, you need to wipe your skin with antiseptic or alcohol solution

How to use epilator for the first time

To successfully use the device for the first time, you’ll need to follow the standard epilator manual. Shortly before the procedure you need to take a hot shower and steam, and trim the hair to 3-4 mm if they are too long.

Epilation for the first time is better when there is no need to go to any event. If you find that it causes irritation, redness, and itching, at least the side effects won’t ruin any important plans.

Most epilators support 2 to 3 speeds. The first time you use the slowest speed recommended. The procedure will take longer, but will deliver less discomfort, and there will be no missed hairs. Run the device at maximum speed only after 5-7 sessions.

How to correctly epilate your underarm with an epilator

Proper use of an underarm epilator is recommended in a standard pattern. It is necessary to take into account the increased sensitivity of the skin.

To reduce painful sensations, the epidermis can be smeared with a cooling ointment or quickly treated with an ordinary ice cube. Use scissors to trim noticeably grown hairs first, so that all hair is about the same length. It helps to reduce pain by pulling the epidermis.

Advice! If epilating your armpits is too uncomfortable, you can just shave them with a special attachment.

How to properly shave your legs with an epilator

It’s easier to epilate your legs painlessly with an epilator. The skin is less sensitive, except for the hamstrings and ankles.

  • A day or a few hours before you want to use an epilator, treat legs with a scrub.
  • Just before the procedure steaming the skin.
  • Turn the machine on and slowly move it up and down your legs with gentle strokes.
  • When working on ankles and hamstrings, pull skin taut to reduce soreness.

At the beginning of the procedure discomfort can be quite strong. But after 5-10 minutes the pain recedes and becomes quite insignificant.

Some epilators can be used with shaving foam, but only with moisture-resistant models

How to correctly remove hair with an epilator in the bikini zone

The most difficult part is hair removal with an epilator in the bikini area. Use an electric device to get rid of vegetation is not possible for all women, sometimes the discomfort is too strong.

Epilation in the bikini zone is carried out only with the use of anesthetic creams. It is also necessary to use the massage attachment, which reduces the sensitivity directly during the procedure.

If additional measures do not help to reduce pain to an acceptable level, it is better to refuse hair removal. Use in this case is the usual razor or trimmer for grass, only trimming vegetation.

Getting ready for epilation

Before you remove the hair with an epilator, it is advisable to perform some manipulations that will help to improve the effect, as well as make the process comfortable:

  • Examine the places where you plan to treat. Note that you can’t epilate areas with prominent birthmarks, warts, as well as visible vascular spiders and protruding veins. For such places it’s better to find another way, for instance to use electric razor, the nozzle from which can be in the set of your epilator.
  • If you’ve recently depilated, wait a couple of days for the hairs to grow back long enough, optimally about three millimeters. Otherwise it will be difficult for the device to grasp the stumps, and the procedure will take much longer.
  • If, on the contrary, the hair has grown too long, trim or trim it with a trimmer to five millimeters. Otherwise the pain can be stronger, and the device will tear hairs without pulling the roots.
  • Not earlier than an hour before the procedure, steamed skin, taking a bath, then apply a scrub or a good massage with a stiff loofah. Such actions will significantly increase the quality of epilation.
  • If you plan to epilate the armpits and bikini zone, then treat these areas with an alcoholic solution or antiseptic for the skin. Also wipe the head of the device completely.
  • For a good grip on hair, use baby powder. This will not only make the structure thicker, but also absorb excess moisture and sebum.

After completing all the preparatory steps, the hair removal process will be smoother and faster.

How to properly epilate?

Hair removal at home with an electroepilator is one of the easiest techniques to use and can be used quickly and effectively. Epilation is a way for women to keep their appearance in order if it is done in time, remove unwanted vegetation on the body.

It is worth noting that the procedure is not only considered a female option, but also can be applied to men. The effect obtained after epilation lasts for at least 3 weeks. But even if you follow the instructions, epilation in a timely manner, get used to a little pain can not all.

Mechanical hair removal can be unsatisfactory if you neglect the rules of preparation and performance of this manipulation. Irritation, ingrown hairs, pustular rashes. all these side effects can be prevented if you approach the procedure competently and responsibly.

Epilation with an epilator can be performed on almost any part of the skin.

On legs

The surface area of the skin in the leg area is quite extensive, so epilation time can take from 30 to 40 minutes. The most sensitive areas are the skin under the knees, the ankle area, and the inner thighs. The rest of the skin surface gets used to the epilator’s work very quickly, that’s why you don’t feel any pain after 3-5 min. After starting the procedure. Epilation on the surface of the legs is pretty easy. the skin here is smooth, and the hairs on it are clearly visible.

1-2 days before the session you need to scrub your skin, and 2 hours before epilation take a hot shower. Once the preparation is done, you can use an epilator. His movements should be smooth and confident, consistently passing on the newer and newer areas of skin.

On hands

The hand area is no more difficult to treat than the feet. If you have areas with hair over 7 mm long, you need to trim them with the special epilator attachment. This measure is necessary to reduce the painfulness of the procedure. Epilator should be passed in series from bottom to top, placing the nozzle device against the growth of hair. Once the session is over, apply a nourishing antiseptic lotion to your skin to prevent hair growth. In the first day one should avoid itchy woolen fabrics or tight-fitting synthetics. Wear a lightweight cotton blouse or shirt to prevent skin irritation or ingrown hairs.

In the bikini area

The bikini area is the most delicate and sensitive to painful affects. there are many nerve endings, so the process of hair removal is accompanied by unpleasant feelings. To reduce pain, you may apply Emla cream, lidocaine spray, or a cold compress before treatment. For some women it helps to take analgesic drugs half an hour before the session.

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Before the procedure the skin should be prepared. treated with scrub, besides, 1-2 hours before the session it is necessary to take a shower. After that the skin should be wiped with an alcohol solution or other antiseptic, then you can start using the device. Removing hairs is less traumatic if they’re no longer than 7mm, so trim them to the appropriate length first. To speed up the epilation process, the skin in the area of an epilator, you need to pull.

After the procedure is completed, the surface of the skin is treated with decoction of chamomile. This antiseptic will not only prevent irritation, but also soothe your skin.

After treatment the skin surface can be treated with baby cream.

On the armpits

If you regularly shave the armpit area, after a while the hair will be harder and thicker, and their growth rate will increase. Epilation session with an electric epilator for this area is the most sensitive. To perform the procedure, the skin must be scrubbed, rinsed and dried. To better dry the underarm area before epilation treated with talcum powder or baby powder. The work of the epilator in the armpit area will be more effective if the skin in the treatment areas to tighten a lot.

You can get a noticeable reduction in pain if you shorten the hair to 5mm, but longer hairs will be very painful to remove. After the procedure, you can put a cold compress of decoction of chamomile on the skin surface. When the skin has calmed down a little, it is smeared with a healing cream or lotion to prevent hair growth.

Remember, deodorants can be used after epilation only after 6-8 hours.

Which epilator is better?


Composition. stainless steel. Inexpensive material, but the products have a major disadvantage: hairs break or get lost. And after a while the cutting elements get blunt.

The products are expensive, but the benefits are tangible. Ceramics provides a complete capture of each hair, ripping it out with the root. Sensitive skin takes this compound much better.


The product should not only suit you aesthetically, but also be comfortable to use. Easy to lie down, easy to handle. Nozzle removable without hassle, buttons push in. Test it, evaluate the feel of the device.

Extra features

  • Comfortable handle similar to a razor blade holder.
  • Noise-reducing mechanisms will protect against loud buzzing.
  • The waterproof housing makes it possible to use the device while taking a shower or bath, which is more comfortable. Fewer irritations on steamed skin.

Removable head

After treatment, cutting element is clogged with hair. A small brush that comes with the device is used for cleaning. But it is not possible to remove all the contents.

Removable head can be rinsed under running water, quickly removing built-up hairs. These tweezers last longer.

Beginner’s nozzle

A special limiting nozzle that partially covers the working head and tweezers. The grip area is reduced, reducing discomfort.

The nozzle is not of significant benefit, as it is still better to remove it for a smooth shave. No trauma to the delicate skin. No irritation.

How to use it?

Every device is accompanied by a detailed, detailed instruction on its use. In addition, official representatives of brands of electric epilators provide the opportunity to take courses on proper hair removal. As already mentioned, needle devices require a certain experience and qualification from their users. But you can use it at home, too. Sample instructions for use consist of several steps.

  • Disinfecting and installing the needle into the needle holder. Connecting the machine to a corded network.
  • If the person undergoing the procedure has a low pain threshold, you should buy a local anesthetic in advance (suitable “Lidocaine” or “Emla” ointment).
  • Treatment of the skin area with a disinfectant.
  • Once the skin is disinfected, the needle can be inserted into the pore where the hair is growing from.
  • Further insertion of the needle straight in the direction of the hair growth. This way it is as close as possible to the hair papilla (the follicle goes to a depth of about half a centimeter).
  • After carefully checking that the needle is strictly inside the pore, a special foot plate is pressed, which begins to deliver the electric charge.
  • To stop the current flow, remove the foot from the plate. Now there are more advanced equipment with automatic power supply, which does not require constant pressure on the pedal, which means that compliance with 6 and 7 points will not be necessary.
  • When the structure of the hair is destroyed, it must be removed with tweezers. If the body is pulled out with difficulty, it means that mistakes were made in the procedure, and it was not possible to destroy the hair bulb. Reapply to the same area cannot be repeated, so you will have to postpone the work with the hair until the next procedure.
  • Now you should step back from the worked out pore by 4-5 millimeters, then perform the same manipulation with the next hair.

It is important to follow all instructions clearly and correctly in order to avoid mistakes and harm to health.

In addition to this, there are other important points that must be observed.

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The main rule, one needle for one procedure. It is not necessary to choose the thinnest needle, as the smaller its diameter, the harder it is to get into the follicle. It happens that during use, there is fluid on the needle, secreted by the skin.

It should be removed immediately with a piece of absorbent cotton or disinfectant wipe, otherwise it will be impossible to get it into the pore.

There must not be any unbearable pain during the procedure. Often local analgesics are used, but even with them you may experience severe pain, especially in people with a low pain threshold. In this case it is necessary to reduce the power level supplied by the device.

Immediately after the end of the procedure it is necessary to treat the area with an alcoholic solution or chlorhexidine. Do not wash the treated body area within 24 hours: no water or cosmetic products must come into contact with it. If dense crusts have appeared on the skin, they should not be peeled off. In this case, you should buy lotions and creams that will soften and moisturize the skin. And, of course, at least 7-10 days you can not visit places like bathhouses, saunas or solariums because of the excessive heat exposure, which may adversely affect the condition of the skin.

How does the female epilator for hair removal work?

On what principle the electric epilator works, depends on its variety. Some models have a mechanical effect on the hair, while others destroy subcutaneous follicles thermally.

The principle of action of the laser epilator

This type of devices became widely available not so long ago, but quickly gained popularity.

The principle of operation of the laser epilator for home is as follows:

  • When turned on, the device emits directional infrared light.
  • The latter penetrates into the subcutaneous hair follicles and is absorbed by the melanin pigment.
  • Light energy is converted into heat, the bulb is instantly heated and destroyed.
  • A hair falls out and does not grow back until a new follicle is formed.

Unpleasant feelings during the operation of the laser device is very rare. However, the instantaneous effect of the device does not give. the results appear gradually. To completely get rid of unwanted body hair, you need to spend an average of 3-5 epilation sessions at three-week intervals.

Warning! After laser hair removal, the results of the device lasts for 2-3 years.

How Philips epilator works

How Philips mechanical devices work is as simple as this. The device removes hairs according to the following pattern:

  • When you turn on the device, the tweezers or discs in the working part come into motion.
  • The elements in contact with each other grab unwanted hair and pluck them right out at the root.
  • Then the tweezers or discs separate and release the removed hairs.

The Philips epilator works with both short stubble and long, dense hair. You do not need to shave your legs, arms or other body parts before using it. It is desirable only to make sure that the length of the hairs is not less than 0.5 mm. If the bristles are very fresh, the work of the device may not produce results.

Most tweezers and disc devices support two speeds of operation. for short hair and for grown-out hair

How to choose an epilator

When choosing an epilator, you need to pay attention to the following points which will help you to choose exactly what suits best the person for whom it is purchased.

As in the case of other types of equipment, this parameter is important. It is not necessary to chase after the cheapness and buy an epilator of an unknown manufacturer. In this case, there’s a big risk to get a fake home-made epilator that doesn’t have even a tenth of the advertised functions. The high brand awareness of the manufacturer itself is a guarantee of the protection of your rights as a consumer. Buying an epilator of a famous company, you should get a warranty certificate for the product, which will include the address of the service center, where you can go in case of malfunctioning of your epilator.

The leaders of epilators production are. Braun, Philips, Rowenta.

One of the main features of an epilator, it almost determines the presence or absence of pain when using this device. Anesthesia is relieved by these systems:

Cooling. The cooling is done by using removable water containers which are pre-frozen and then inserted into the device. Simultaneously with epilation is a process of cooling the skin, reducing the pain.

Some models of epilators of firm Braun use other way. the complete set with an epilator comes a special cooling glove with gel which can be used repeatedly.

Massage. Manufacturers of epilators with this analgesic mechanism produce different variants of massage heads, which are aimed at reducing the unpleasant moments during epilation. The principle of their action is that the massage of the skin disturbs the transmission of pain signals through nerves. A familiar effect, such as rubbing the bruised area.

Philips has also developed an epilators with an extendable vibrating anesthetic. It is a soft rubber brush, a single continuous movement relaxes the skin, like a pleasant massage.

Additional nozzles. Some manufacturers, mostly in models of budget type epilators for pain relief use additional attachments for epilator, which have small holes at different distances from each other. Some brush heads have more holes, others less. The principle lies in the fact that with the nozzle epilator for one rotation of the discs will grab and pluck not all the hairs from one place, and in areas and in small numbers.

Of course, if you have an opportunity to buy epilators with cooling systems, it’s better to splurge on them, but still, if not, then pay attention to the presence of additional nozzles in the kit.

Important! Some epilators with the disc epilation system don’t have all metal discs in their construction, but half metal discs and half ceramic discs. The price difference is almost the same, but with ceramic additions hairs are less likely to break during epilation, which improves the epilation effect.

Among the additional advantages, which can have epilator, you can also select the trimmer for pre-cut hair. It is an exfoliating nozzle, designed to solve the problem of ingrown hairs.

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After epilation, new hair sometimes changes direction and grows into the skin. This attachment exfoliates the top layer of your skin, and frees those hairs. Thanks to it, dead skin cells are removed.

The perfect test to determine if the ergonomics of the device is sufficient: hold it in your hands and make a couple of movements, as if you were using it. You should be as comfortable as possible to use the device. The epilator shouldn’t slip out of your hand and the mode button should be easy to press. over, many modern epilators are not cordless, but battery operated. This has a profound impact on ergonomics and usability.

If you don’t like the way an epilator looks, don’t buy it. At the moment there are many models of epilators with similar features and quality. Make sure that your purchase pleases you in every way. But if you like the features of an epilator and you can’t find a similar model to it, it’s better to give in, because it’s the best for you.к. the main thing in an epilator. painless and effective removal of unnecessary hair, not a designer hit. And it is unlikely that someone will keep this electric device in a visible place, as an element of the décor of their home.

Often the device is supplied with a purse or case for storage. Many of them look stylish enough to take with you wherever you go.

Well, here we are at the end of coverage on a seemingly complicated, but really simple topic about epilators. I hope you have found the information that can help you easily buy an epilator, without doubting your choice.

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