What does the flower on the washing machine mean?

does, flower, washing, machine, mean

Icons on the washing machine (designation of washing modes)

Modern household appliances, as a rule, are equipped with an adaptive control panel. The various symbols are designed to facilitate the operation of the unit. So, the icons on the washing machine help the user select the desired washing mode and set additional program settings. But not all symbols are easy to decipher. In this review, we will consider the images used by manufacturers of washing machines for marking certain programs, modes and additional options.

It is convenient when the control panel of the washing machine has inscriptions in Russian. But this approach is not applied to all machines

What are they for??

In order to manage the washing machine was convenient and efficient, the manufacturer places special icons on the panel. Each of them means some important function. Designers try to convey the meaning of the options as clearly as possible with drawings. For example, a butterfly is associated with lightness and tenderness. Therefore, it is easy to guess that such an icon is chosen to represent the delicate washing mode.

It is usually impossible to place a complete verbal description next to each button. the dashboard is too small for that. The icons are more compact. At the same time, they carry a certain semantic load, not overloading the design and allowing the machine to look attractive.

Of course, it is not always possible to tell at a glance what they mean. For this reason, each unit comes with a detailed manual explaining the rules for using the equipment and revealing the meaning of the symbols on the model’s body.

If the manual is lost, you can refer to the Internet, in particular to this article.


The symbols for different functions can be positioned anywhere on the control panel. They are placed near the corresponding buttons, on the electronic display, around the Rotary Switch to help you select the program, and even on the detergent drawer. On the latter are often written deciphering of the signs, drawn in other places.

Most of the symbols are intuitive. They are made with associations in mind, so that the user can manage the washing process comfortably and easily. For example, programs designed for delicate fabrics are often marked with a butterfly or feather pattern, associated with tenderness.

However, not all of the options can be depicted graphically in a way that is immediately understandable. In addition, sometimes opinions on the appropriate designations for one and the same option may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. That’s where the user manual included with the appliance comes in. You can also use the information in this article.

What are the three compartments in a washing machine and their designations?

What each washer-dryer compartment is for?

There are three compartments in a standard automatic washing machine. Each of them is marked with special symbols for ease of use and identification:

  • The letter “A” or the number “I” marks the compartment for the powder used in the prewash. Some machines do not have this mode, and therefore there is no such compartment.
  • The letter B or number II indicates the tank in which you need to add detergent for the main wash.
  • The asterisk or flower designates the compartment for filling in the rinse aid (conditioner or rinse aid).

In the case of circumstances where the designations for some reason became invisible, you can determine the purpose of the compartment by its dimensions.

  • The smallest compartment is intended for the conditioner/rinse aid.
  • The second largest compartment is used in prewash mode.
  • The main wash detergent should be poured into the largest compartment.

Another tip for finding the main wash compartment is to run the machine without powder. During start-up it is necessary to open a compartment drawer and wait for the water to be filled. Water goes into the main wash compartment first.

Icons on a Samsung washing machine (Samsung) with a description and photo

In modern washing machines Samsung instead of a large number of indicators has a small display. This displays information for the user: washing phase, remaining time, water temperature, etc.д.

To get the most out of your clever helper, you need to learn to understand what it tells us through the pictures on the panel and the symbols on the display.

does, flower, washing, machine, mean

For those who have not yet mastered this language, we give the most complete deciphering of symbols on the panel of the washing machine Samsung.

Deciphering of symbols

To use the machine properly, it is worth learning not only the symbol, but also the exact use of temperature, type of washing and so on. Let us consider in detail.

Operation processes

Modern models of washing machines perform many functions, in addition to the usual cleaning of clothes. Studying the process of operation will allow you to keep things in pristine condition.

The washing machine works according to a certain principle. To begin with, we need to load a certain type of clothing (natural fabrics, wool or something else). After that, the machine powder and conditioner, if necessary, are poured into a special hole. Now it is necessary to determine the washing mode and start the process. After a while, the device will notify the end of the work. You can repeat the rinse or spin if necessary.

Washing in a washing machine takes place in several stages.

Most models have a delayed start or night washing function, which is very convenient for busy people.

water temperature

Particular attention should be paid to water temperature, since certain types of clothes can only be washed in warm or only in cold water. The required degrees are set automatically with the choice of mode.

But some models give the owner the opportunity to set the desired temperature independently. On the panel of the washing machine there is a special manual drum, which allows you to adjust the degree of water, which is shown on the display.

You can adjust the water temperature yourself with the drum.

Washing types

In order not to spoil a thing and keep its appearance, you need to choose the right type. There are quite a few of them, as well as varieties of fabric.

In most automatic washing machines, you can find the following modes, depending on the number of revolutions and duration:

  • Prewash. Even the toughest stains are removed more quickly and effectively.
  • Manual. Used for the most delicate items, usually removes stains at room temperature.
  • Delicate. It may also be called gentle. Use on silk, cashmere.
  • Faster. Washing takes 15 to 30 minutes and is done at high speed.
  • Economical. Stains are removed quickly and with minimal use of water and electricity. Reduces your utility bills. It is also called electrolyux.
  • Overnight. Perfectly useful for those who don’t have time to load the cloths during the daytime. The machine runs in a silent mode without emptying.
  • Intensive. For heavy soiling.

It is also mandatory to sort things by type of fabric. According to this sorting, there are special functions on washing machines that are ideal for one type of thing or another. We can distinguish synthetics, cotton, wool, fine linens, denim, dense fabrics, sportswear, baby clothes, curtains, blankets and bed linen, winter clothes.

Popular programmes

Candy washing machines are equipped with various functions that help to clean laundry as gently and efficiently as possible. The programs have been designed with a specific fabric type in mind.

  • Cotton. Economy mode for the effective cleaning of cotton clothes.
  • White cotton. A program for removing any stains on your snow-white cotton clothes.
  • Cotton and Prewash. Soaking takes place here before the main process. This mode is suitable for heavily soiled laundry.
  • Synthetics. Program optimized for synthetic fabrics.
  • Children’s clothing. A mode that implies washing at a high temperature. This effectively disinfects and sanitizes baby clothes.
  • Wool. This is a gentle wash at a lower temperature. This program is also suitable for cashmere.
  • Jeans. This is a program designed to remove stains and dirt from denim. The fabric is not damaged and does not fade.
  • Sport. This mode is usually identified by the English word. But it is not hard to understand its meaning. The program is designed for cleaning sportswear.

There are different modes of washing, differing in the unit’s operating time and some other features.

  • Quick. Washing time in this mode lasts 30 minutes.
  • Everyday. This mode increases the washing time to 59 minutes.
  • Delicate. This program is suitable for cleaning delicate and delicate fabrics. In this case, the impact on the clothes is reduced by periodically stopping the drum and increasing the amount of water.
  • Manual. This simulates gentle washing in a basin. If you have certain items in your closet marked “hand wash only”, this spin cycle is ideal. Spin speed is slowed down in this cycle.
  • Eco Mix 20. This is the economy mode. It warms up the water to 20 degrees. This program is designed for mixed types of laundry.

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Some models allow you to set the rinse mode (gentle or intensive). You can also press the spin and drain button if needed. This option is useful in case you need to stop the process urgently.

Features of the hand wash

Hand washing implies a gentle treatment of the fabrics. Maintains their quality and appearance for a long time. If you do it by hand, you will need some skills, because the process consists of a number of interrelated actions.

To begin with, you need to decide on the place where the washing will take place. Usually it is a bathroom or kitchen. After that, you need to sort things by color. This procedure is performed for both hand and machine washing. Otherwise, the fabrics will lose their color, the white will take on a different hue. So, you need to wash each group of things separately. white, dark, colored, children’s and others.

After that, prepare the inventory: a basin, powder, soap, fabric conditioner. Determine what the water temperature should be, it is not difficult. It is enough to look at the tag on the things. It indicates the type of washing, temperature and other parameters that are recommended for this type of fabric. After that, it is necessary to fill the basin with water, pour the powder, dissolve it thoroughly and load the dirty laundry.

To make it more effective, you can rub the cloth against each other a little and leave it in the water for a while. If it’s very dirty, some laundry soap can help. Rub it well on soiled fabric, then rinse things in clean water. This is best done in another basin. Rinse the clothes and hang them up to dry.

The above describes the process that is carried out manually. If you want to save time, use a washing machine. It will do the same thing, but much faster and better. The machine simulates it from start to finish. You only need to load the laundry and hang it up.

Basic symbols

Use the start/pause button (||) to start the machine and pause it. Some units are equipped with an additional on/off button./ off.”To turn on and off from the mains.

Some machines have an “on” button and a “start” button, and some have only one

Every manufacturer has a different way of setting up the washing process.

does, flower, washing, machine, mean

The Bosh manufacturer has designed the panel with the washing modes in the clearest possible way, so you can easily set up the machine the first time. For the standard option, it is enough to turn the lever to the necessary item and turn on the “start” button, which has a diamond icon and a vertical bar inside it.

Set the washing mode in the washing machine Bosh is not difficult

  • Dirty T-shirt. mode for heavy soiling;
  • an empty container and a vertical stripe. prewash;
  • iron. non-rubbability;
  • tank with a wave and an arrow up. the increased amount of water.


The machine brand Indesit directly on the panel is located deciphering the washing modes, as well as additional functions, thanks to which you can simply select the desired number using the rotary knob. Under the display, all icons are also signed.

On the panel of the machine Indesit all the icons are signed


On a Samsung washing machine, there are often no icons at all. The manufacturer has simplified the task of housewives, simply by signing the functional buttons.

On a Samsung appliance, there are often no icons at all

But some additional features are still marked with signs:

  • lock with a smiley. lock against accidental pressing;
  • Dirty T-shirt. high intensity washing;
  • a tank with a wave. additional soaking;
  • hand in the tank. hand washing;
  • a tank and a vertical line. prewash mode.

Similar to the Samsung brand, LG models also rarely have the following icons. All programs are marked in Russian, and additional features are also indicated in text.


Many models of Ariston have no deciphering at all. all programs and additional features are marked with icons. Therefore, at first, it will be difficult to use such a technique.

Many models of the company Ariston have no deciphering labels on the control panel

  • t-shirt. cotton;
  • T-shirt with a stain. stain removal;
  • bulb. synthetic;
  • mix. mixed laundry;
  • M. my program: the ability to write a frequently used program on it;
  • pillow and blanket. bedding;
  • ribbon. silk, curtains;
  • ball. wool;
  • a container with a wave, a spiral and a downward arrow. additional spin, rinse or drain settings.
  • t-shirt with increasing stripes. washing type;
  • wave and shower tank with increasing stripes. type of rinse;
  • spiral. spin power;
  • thermometer. water temperature;
  • dial with an arrow. delayed start;
  • dial with horizontal stripes. short cycle;
  • iron. easy ironing;
  • feather. economical washing (water is not heated and consumed economically);
  • child’s face. accidental start protection.


On the Zanussi appliance the following designations are found:

  • circle with a triangle. cotton;
  • interrupted triangle (bulb). synthetics;
  • tree. water saving;
  • iron. easy ironing;
  • flower. delicate fabrics;
  • hand in the tank. manual wash;
  • threads. woolen things;
  • pants. jeans;
  • t-shirt with spots. intensive mode;
  • a container with a wave and a vertical stripe. soaking;
  • A container with a wave and dots. rinse;
  • a container with a wave and an arrow down. water drain;
  • spiral. wring.


There are icons on the panels of Candy brand machines that are also commonly used by other manufacturers. However, original designations also occur:

  • letter P in the basin. prewash;
  • plus and two drops. “aqua plus” mode, which provides an additional rinse
  • dial with an arrow to the right. deposition start;
  • letter T and 0 C in the basin. water temperature;
  • iron. easy ironing.

Symbols for selecting the washing program:

  • cotton with a stain. intensive washing of cotton (at 90 degrees);
  • cotton. cotton (colorfastness);
  • bulb. synthetic;
  • feather. delicate fabrics;
  • shower in basin. rinse;
  • spiral. spin;
  • The container with a wave and an arrow down. water drain;
  • 14. fast mode;
  • hand in the basin. manual mode;
  • ball. wool;
  • Mixwash. mode for mixed laundry.
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