What does the OE in the washing machine mean

The most common error codes of LG washing machine

Among the most common errors (malfunctions) are wrong actions of the user of the device, made by negligence or carelessness in relation to the rules of operation of LG brand washing machines. To such defects can include:

  • Overloading the machine.
  • Problems with the sunroof interlock device (UBL).
  • Setting child protection, etc.
  • Problems with filling, heating, draining etc.
does, washing, machine, mean

All these errors are coded OE, DE, UE, CL, IE, etc.п.

does, washing, machine, mean

In fact, there are many times more such errors in the operation of such a complex device as a washing machine. But in this article we will consider only error codes correcting of which you won’t need serious assistance and can do it yourself.

IE or 1E Error? What does this code of LG washing machine mean?

As usual, you have turned on your LG washing machine, but suddenly an unknown code appears on the digital display screen, indicating that the washing is not allowed at the moment. You are at a loss? Let’s understand what a particular IE or 1E code signals on the display screen? Yes, the machine allowed to start the program, but it does not respond, the water tank is not filled or it starts to slowly draw water, but in fact, the drum does not spin, but the motor is fine.

In LG washing machine without the screen at the given error indicators of the main and preliminary washing switch on and flicker simultaneously.

Error OE, what it means

LG washing machine shows an OE error if the unit cannot drain the water from the tank. The error indicates that a certain number of attempts have been made to run the pump, but the water still remains. There can be several reasons for this problem, among the most common:

  • serious sewage clogging,
  • Drain hose is kinked or clogged,
  • clogged drainage filter,
  • the drain pump is out of order,
  • Water level sensor does not work,
  • controller failure.

Any of the above malfunctions can result in an error message. To quickly fix the situation the first thing to do is to identify the cause of the error, find the faulty area. Undoubtedly, this is a serious problem, but do not get upset right away, in more than half of the cases the error code OE has nothing to do with the breakdown of the machine, you just need to check and fix the parts of the drain system.

LG Washing Machine. OE Error Code

Error OE lights up on the screen of LG washing machine approximately in the middle of washing. when the machine should go into rinse mode. The code means that, for some reason, the water in the drum cannot be drained.

Sometimes an OE error is described as an “03”, reading the code as a numeric with the number “3” turned the other way around.

Error OE occurs not at once. at first the machine several times tries to start the desired process and independently to eliminate the fault. But if 5-6 attempts do not bring results, then the operation of the device stops, and the corresponding code appears on the screen.

Deciphering of error codes on the display of LG washing machine

Modern appliances are equipped with a panel displaying LG washing machine errors. ? The fault is assigned a number, so that the consumer can determine whether he can fix the problem himself, or needs to seek help from a technician.

Fixing the problem

It is necessary to start with a small but obligatory cleaning. The LG washing machine accumulates quite a lot of dirt during prolonged use. First up is the garbage filter. There is nothing complicated about it, if you read the instructions in advance.

After cleaning the filter it is necessary to restart the machine, and if the error repeats again, then it is worth to deal with the problem. If the soapy water remained in place, you need to check the absence of clogging between the siphon, where the drain fits and, in fact, the filter of the washing machine.

Quite often the drain from the washer does not go to the siphon, and is inserted directly into the sewer, in this case it is necessary to check this place. Especially often the clogs appear there.

Try disconnecting the drain hose from the machine and running water through it, if it does not pass or does it with difficulty, then most likely there is a clog inside, which should be cleaned, for example, using a wire with a hook. If the hose is clean, it is necessary to search further.

Many experts recommend listening to the operation of the drain pump. All machines from this manufacturer have a fairly noisy drain pump, and if the washing has ended, and it did not make a sound, then the problem is detected.

Trouble can hide in a broken controller or water level sensor. In either case, you will most likely need to seek help from a specialist. When testing the washing machine with your own hands, you can completely “burn” all the contacts on the board and power unit, which will lead to large financial costs.

What does OE error mean in LG washing machine and how to correct it

In LG washing machines, the OE error is almost the most frequent malfunction. When a malfunction, the work of the washing machine stops about halfway through the cycle. In this case, the laundry remains in the drum filled with water Drain does not occur. On the electronic board is lit error code OE indication of these symbols means that the LG machine has paused.

does, washing, machine, mean

What does OE error on the washing machine mean

If after turning on the washing machine 5-10 minutes have passed, and the unit has stopped the drum, turned on the pump. And the display shows a combination of letters OE, the user needs to know what this error is about. In exceptional cases, the error code may appear immediately after starting the machine. Symbols OE are displayed only on LG and Samsung models. Therefore, it is desirable to know the deciphering of this error for the owners of the machines. What does OE code mean and what actions should be taken in this case?

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