What does the robot vacuum cleaner Mamibot says

What does the robot vacuum cleaner mambot says

Before you start, it is necessary to press the “Start” button on top of the housing Mamibot EXVAC660, or the “Start / Pause” button on the remote control, and then select the desired cleaning mode. In the process of cleaning the side brushes of the robot vacuum cleaner very quickly rotate and sweep the trash to the center, after which the central turbo brush comes into play. The collected waste and air flows into the vacuum chamber through the suction duct. There, the air passes through a system of filters and the purified air is discharged through the vents.

In “smart cleaning” mode, the robot builds a route and moves in a snaking motion from wall to wall. When cleaning the floor, the unit is able to build a map of the room in a mobile app, but each time it happens anew. An app called “WeBack” can be downloaded from the Play Market or App Store. On the plus side, it is russified, on the minus side, the translation is not correct everywhere.

You can also choose to schedule a cleaning cycle in advance, so that the robot vacuum cleaner can clean when you are home. The function is available from the remote control and app.

Local cleaning mode is designed for cleaning the most contaminated areas with a small area. Mamibot EXVAC660 has a spiral shaped contour cleaner. Available only in mobile app.

Mode “cleaning one room” works as follows: a robot vacuum cleaner set in the right room, press the appropriate button on the remote control and close the door.

Contour cleaning is for intensively cleaning along baseboards and in corners. Particularly relevant for pet owners, whose hair is often knocked along the walls.

The robot has two levels of suction intensity: standard and high. Increased power suction on carpets, but battery will drain twice as fast.

Features of the robot vacuum cleaner

Model Mamibot PreVac650 cleans a variety of surfaces, including tiles, carpets, wood floors. Can make a plan for the week. The machine is expected to perform its daily duties at a set time, according to the schedule. The user can change the cleaning spot with a magnetic strip.

If the PreVac650 runs out of power while cleaning, it will return to the charging station and recharge itself.

Mamibot EXVAC680S smarteye visual slam navigation robot cleaner how to use

Control is possible with a smartphone, buttons on the body and remote control. Mamibot features an obstacle detection system, and protection from falling down steps. Comes in three colors: blue, gold and black.


Robot Mamibot EXVAC660 comes in a cardboard box with a plastic handle for easy carrying. Has a basic package that includes:

  • charging station;
  • remote control;
  • 4 side brushes (2 main and 2 spare);
  • 1 central pile brush;
  • HEPA filter;
  • 2 microfiber wipes;
  • dust-collector;
  • the container for water;
  • Brush for cleaning the dust canister;
  • user manual.

Spare parts can be bought in Russian online stores or ordered from China.

Looks and equipment

The little helper is designed for wet and dry cleaning of different types of floor coverings. It cleans well on hard surfaces, carpets, rugs with a small pile. For all its advantages, the robot is in the middle price segment.

The body of the Mamibot EXVAC660 robot vacuum cleaner is gray. Decorated on the upper panel with crisscrossed lines in a lighter shade. The robot is made of durable glossy or semi-matte plastic.

On the top panel of the case is a button to start work, the logo of the device, the Wi-Fi indicator. Next to the inscription with the name of the model you can see the yellow button for removing the vacuum cleaner.

The dust bag itself has a capacity of 0.6 liters. Equipped with three types of filters:

There is a cleaning instruction on the lid of the removable container.

On the side of the robot there is a power socket, power button, electric socket for charging from the network. Here are the sensors of obstacle detection, holes for air release. Front side panel consists of a movable bumper to protect the body against mechanical shocks.

The bottom of the Mamibot EXVAC660 has two drive wheels on each side, a guide wheel on the front, side brushes, two contacts for base charging. In the lower part of the robot there are sensors for measuring height and battery compartment.

The robot cleans the surface with several brushes. the main one is made of plastic, which is placed in the center of the yellow compartment, and two side brushes with five centimeter flexible bristles.

For wet mopping, instead of the removable dustbin, there is a water container with a capacity of 0.35 liters. A microfiber cloth is attached to it. Water to the wipe automatically. The function of wet cleaning is used to clean smooth surfaces: laminate, ceramic tiles, linoleum.

Тест популярных роботов-пылесосов от iRоbot, Mamibot exvac660 и DEXP. Соперник: робот пылесос xiaomi

The model comes in a double package with a plastic handle. The outer one is made of kraftcarton and serves as protection for transportation. The glossy surface of the inner box shows the model Mamibot EXVAC660 with a description of the main features and functions.

In addition to the robot vacuum cleaner itself, the package includes:

  • charging station;
  • remote control;
  • removable water container (for wet cleaning)
  • wipes for wet cleaning;
  • power adapter;
  • 4 side brushes;
  • brush to clean the product;
  • 4 filters (2 foam inserts and 2 HEPA-filters)
  • the manual.

The user manual describes the device of the robot, recommendations for the operation of the battery, useful tips, instructions for installing the smartphone app.

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We also recommend reading about another robot model from this manufacturer Mamibot Prevac650. The Mamibot EXVAC680S option is also noteworthy.


Users often resent the chaotic running of the device. The robot automatically scans the room while driving to optimize the cleaning process. This requires:

  • Place the cleaner at one end of the room (point A).
  • Press pause on the device.
  • Move the vacuum cleaner to the other end of the room (point B).
  • Press start.

Setting up the Russian language on the unit requires new firmware, which can be handled by an expert.

We also recommend to learn about the vacuum cleaner-robot Mamibot-PreVac650, reviews on which are just excellent, it is also a younger model of this brand.


The shape of the Mamibot EXVAC680S is traditional. The unit has a flat round body with a large rubber bumper around the perimeter. Thanks to it, the robot is protected from dents and scratches on impact.

Appliance design features matte and glossy details. There are few additional elements: on top there is a round start button and a stylized company name, and on the side you can find a connector to connect to the base.


Cleaning type Dry and Wet
Navigation system Lidar
Cartography Yes
Cleaning area limiter Mobile application
Remote control Remote control, Smartphone, Voice Control (English)
Scheduled cleaning By time, by day of week
Side brush 2pc
Turbo Brush Check out
Battery Li-Ion, 2600 mAh
Run time Up to 110 min
Charging time Up to 240 min
Vacuum bag capacity 0,6 л
Water tank capacity 370 ml
Noise level 70 dB
Dimensions (WxHxD) 9.8 x 33 x 33 cm
Weight 3 kg
Color Black / White

Robot vacuum cleaner Mamibot EXVAC880 is positioned as an inexpensive and functional model with the possibility of voice control (although only through English-speaking “assistant”). Let’s analyze its features in detail.

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Navigation and mapping

Vacuum cleaner works on the basis of laser navigation system. LDS sensor version 4.0 is used to draw a plan of the room, on which you can later set prohibited zones or set “virtual walls”. Created maps are stored in cloud servers, viewing them is available through the WeBack app. It also displays the movement in real time.

Reviews say that they often become unavailable because of the slow connection to the Chinese servers, so the full download of the image will have to wait.

Dry cleaning

Three suction modes are available to the user: quiet, powerful and standard. The maximum power is 2880 Pa. The Nidec electric motor installed in the device is also manufactured in Japan.

The robot is equipped with two side brushes that collect dust directly into the tank. They can easily clean even in confined spaces. For quick cleaning of carpets, there is a turbo brush.

HEPA filter installed in the dust canister is equipped with a coarse filter for increased protection. The volume of the dust canister itself is 0.6 liters. Small household debris, sand and dirt collected is easily retrieved from it.

Wet cleaning

The microfiber is automatically wetted, so fill the reservoir with water before wet mopping. The volume is 370 milliliters.

Humidity level settings are rather flexible, with the same three levels available. Only side brushes and turbo brush move while robot stops sucking air. Small debris is sent to the second compartment of the dust canister.

Remember, it is forbidden to use wet mopping mode on carpets according to the manual. This may have a negative impact on the appearance of the product.


Significant disadvantage of this model is the lack of Russian voice assistant support. Unfortunately, it can only work with Amazon Alexa and Google’s software, which only recognizes English phrases.

The EXVAC880 is supplied with a remote control, but it’s much more convenient to set the necessary settings from your cell phone. The WeBack app shows the robot vacuum cleaner’s movement in real time, as well as a saved map of the room.

To register, the smart gadget’s owner must read the barcode on the back of the gadget and then press the power button for three seconds. The application itself is quite “raw”, the vacuum cleaner often loses Wi-Fi network. Can suddenly lose settings or saved maps. The only unconditional feature that works is scheduled cleaning.

Android users often report problems with the software:

The battery and recharging

The maximum battery life of the robot vacuum cleaner. about 110 minutes, the battery has a standard capacity. 2600 mAh. The power cell consists of four batteries connected in series.

As the manual says, after only 400 charge/discharge cycles the actual capacity will decrease to 40% of the original capacity, which is very low. The warranty on the battery. only six months. The only thing is that due to the prevalence of Li-Ion 18650 type batteries, you can replace them yourself.

Noise level

The device emits an acceptable level of noise:

The figures are not high, so no discomfort in the operation of the device will not arise.

Indications and alerts

Commands sent with a smartphone, remote control or buttons are dubbed in English by a woman’s voice. The voice itself is pleasant and its volume can be easily changed with the software.

Typical breakdowns

Vulnerable parts of Mamibot robot vacuum cleaners are the gearbox and the motor. The machine stops and reports an error (Error Wheel) in English. Some craftsmen try to repair such malfunctions with their own hands. They unsolder the Hall sensor board, remove the cover, then turn it 180° and press it back in.

All these manipulations are not recommended. Even if you are very knowledgeable in electronics, you need some experience to repair smart home appliances. Otherwise the device can be spoiled. It is wise to call a service center.

In addition, Mamibot vacuum cleaners often need repair of power circuits, buttons and control sensors. Quite often the device should be restored after getting inside the case of water.

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