What happens if you suck up mercury with a vacuum cleaner?

What happens if you suck mercury out with a vacuum cleaner?

Cheeky_Hemul, that’s exactly what you said. don’t do nonsense! :-)) We all know very well: You know less. you sleep better.

I do not know what institute taught you the course, you may have forgotten it, but mercury evaporates at room temperature. To refresh your memory:

Mercury, despite some of its valuable properties, is in the first category of especially toxic substances. Mercury vapor and mercury compounds are especially poisonous and quickly saturate an enclosed space, creating dangerous conditions for human health. In addition, mercury systematically gets on various constructions (process areas of plants, vehicles), causes severe corrosion foci and even embrittlement of structural materials.Mercury vapor is very poisonous and can cause serious poisoning. Even the tiny amount of vapor produced at room temperature is enough. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful in all work with mercury. Do not keep open vessels with mercury, all work with mercury should be carried out on enameled or iron trays. Very dangerous mercury spilled on the floor. When dropped, it breaks into many small drops which fall into cracks and can poison the atmosphere for a long time. So if mercury has spilled on the floor, you must immediately clean it up thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner or pipette and balloon. You can also use special reagents (demercurizers). sulfur powder, 20% FeCl3 solution an emulsion of mineral oil and water containing powdered sulfur and iodine, 10% KMnO4 solution. acidified with hydrochloric acid. (c).

My goal. Do not make you give up and spit on the “nonsense” or oblige you to throw away your expensive vacuum cleaner. I’m just quoting the man’s scientific data, not household stories. And where to stop. everyone’s business.

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how to test a vacuum cleaner for mercury with a test strip?

It is necessary to carry out the following manipulations with a vacuum cleaner and a test strip: a vacuum cleaner in an unfolded form put in a large plastic bag (in the unfolded form. means to take out the dust bag from the vacuum cleaner as well as all parts of the vacuum cleaner which separate. to separate) so that all its parts lie on the floor.

Then we put the test strip inside a plastic bag so that the strip is at least 15.20 cm above the parts of the vacuum cleaner.

Do not forget to put the test strip to the top, as when you measure mercury vapor in the room.

If the concentrations of vapors are significant, then already after 1-6 hours the test is colored light gray.

Correspondingly in this case we carry out the test all over again, but we exclude the dust collector and the filters from the set of the vacuum cleaner’s unfolded parts.

Remember to use a different plastic bag for the new test case, since the old one will accumulate mercury vapor and the test result will be somewhat less accurate.

happens, suck, mercury, vacuum, cleaner

If the exclusion of the dust collector and filters did not change the situation with the time of the mercury test, there is still a chance to save the poor vacuum cleaner.

Our Test-rtuti tip.ru: Despite the fact that the mercury has been removed according to the rules before vacuuming, it is still possible that mercury can enter the vacuum cleaner from small cracks and crevices.

If you feel better after vacuuming for 20 minutes, you may have mercury asleep in the vacuum cleaner.

Even if you are sorry to part with a mercury-contaminated vacuum cleaner, open windows when you clean the room.

This will help to reduce the amount of airborne mercury in your bloodstream through your lungs when you are vacuuming by a factor of ten.

What to do with a vacuum cleaner if it picks up mercury

There is no need to rush and throw the equipment away right away. First find out if there is harmful fumes from the vacuum cleaner. This is done with the help of special tests (strips):

  • Disassemble the device completely and place it in a large plastic bag.
  • Place the test strip inside with the chemical reagent upside down.

If there is an unacceptable accumulation of poisonous vapors, the test will turn gray within two hours. Then you need to test the vacuum cleaner‘s individual parts. For example, remove the filter and dust bag and perform the test in a separate bag. If the strip has regained its gray tint, then there are two options. throw away the vacuum cleaner or clean it yourself, which is not so easy to do. You can also call a service company, whose experts will conduct the necessary tests and conclude whether the vacuum cleaner is suitable for further use. As a rule, calling experts is not expensive and available to everyone.

Using the same strips, you can also test indoors. To do this, spread the test in all rooms, and after a few hours, evaluate the result.

Mercury collected with a vacuum cleaner: consequences

A typical situation: the household members broke the thermometer, vacuumed up the visible particles of mercury and washed the floor with household detergents. Visually, it may seem that the room is completely clean, because all the metal beads are removed. In fact, the elements of a damaged thermometer can still be in awkward places, in floor cracks, under the baseboards. Ways to detect mercury vapor on their own does not exist. The substance is odorless or colorless.


Many people wonder if you can collect mercury with a vacuum cleaner completely. Unfortunately, cleaning up poisonous metal using a useful household appliance only makes things worse. The air circulating in the vacuum cleaner will gradually contaminate the entire apartment with the fumes of the chemical.

Specialists on duty environmental services know how to determine the presence of mercury vapor in the room with maximum precision. You measure fumes in milligrams per cubic foot of air. A special gas analyzer, sensitive to toxic metal vapors, is used for precise analysis. The readings are compared to the standards established by SanPin for maximum permissible concentration. There is no way to determine mercury vapor at home.

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I called 112 and they gave detailed instructions on how and what to do.A friend of mine had everything collected, processed, and measured with a dosimeter

I used to break them too, tape them together and air them out. Then I had to clean the floors with de-stresser and that was it)

Wash the floor with manganese, what to do with a vacuum cleaner I do not know.

At least you vacuumed I was stupid, I threw them in the toilet, so nothing was washed out

Manganese solution. But that’s all right, everyone’s probably had a thermometer, more than once.

Dust it off. Scotch tape the floor, glue the rest of it down if there’s any. Let’s have a good airing. The thermometer isn’t deadly.And buy an unbreakable one.

Or change the husband. So they don’t have hands out

Oh, well, it’s more complicated than that. A new husband can find a whole lot more shit. We’re friends from.They called in some service for a thermometer and paid 18 grand to have the floor cleaned with some crap.

That’s too much. He’s coming back, he’s getting a new thermometer, he’s cleaning the floor with manganese.

I don’t give a shit with my tongue. I won’t clean up a damn thing.

Yeah, I know what you mean when the baby’s sick. I have a thermometer in every room. Even in the kitchen. I don’t have the heart to look for it every time, or if it breaks

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Throw the vacuum cleaner out to the garbage, air out the apartment completely for a few days. Because the vacuum cleaner has spread mercury through the air with its filter. Go somewhere for a while yourself. You can certainly score, get poisoned there, but the child may be adversely affected, he is still forming.

I can’t even imagine where we would go at 1:30, with a sick baby. The room is closed, the window is wide open there, we’ll sleep in the hall ourselves.

At least like this. There are exactly the vapors from the vacuum cleaner, which is better not to inhale, it’s one thing when the droplets on the floor, another thing when the vapors already. Better yet, use a rag to cover the bottom of the door just in case.

Me and the baby were in the room when he vacuumed, that’s very scary? In total, from breaking until we left the room and closed just no more than 10 minutes.

Well, it’s not very good. Now the main thing is not to breathe all that stuff anymore. No pain in the head? No dizziness?

No. But my nose itches now. I’m going to start getting it wrong now. ♀️ I will keep an eye on you, thank you.

It is better not to get yourself worked up 🙂 I generally prefer to use a mercury thermometer so I can periodically double-check the electronic one. So far the electronic one shows clearly and is more comfortable.

What Happens When You Put A Spider And A Fly In A Vacuum Chamber? Will They Survive?

What to do if the thermometer breaks??

Normal household thermometers only contain 2-5 grams of mercury. But even this is enough to cause severe poisoning in a room of up to 20 m2 if the substance evaporates completely. After that, the concentration will exceed residential standards by a factor of 300,000. So we need to figure out how to remove the mercury.

The following instruction will help save STIHL if you have had to deal with a broken thermometer:

  • ♀ Stop the evaporation. To achieve this effect, the room must be cooled to a minimum of 18 degrees. You need to open the windows and turn off the radiators, or turn on the air conditioners. The main thing is not to create strong draughts, in this case the crushing of mercury balls is faster, collecting the remains of the substance is more difficult.
  • Prepare everything necessary for cleaning, including a solution of manganese solution or iodine.
  • It is better to change into clothes that will be easy to get rid of later. It is better to choose synthetic fabrics that do not let the vapors pass through. After contact with mercury, things cannot be used, only thrown away.
  • Use rubber gloves on the hands and a wet gauze bandage for the face.
  • In a jar they pour water, add manganese solution or iodine It is here that all the remains of the thermometer along with the collected mercury should be put.
  • The substance itself is often crushed into an infinite number of small balls. It is recommended that you start with the larger “peas.”. A sheet of paper will help make sure everything stays in place.
  • Scotch tape and a flashlight help get rid of everything else.
  • Sometimes use spokes to get small particles.
  • Use a syringe or a medical syringe to remove the mercury, which got into cracks or crevices. After that, the used tools are completely disposed of.
  • The container with the substance is closed and signed, and then given to the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the area.
  • All things that were used during cleaning are discarded.
  • Wash the place where the mercury was spilled with iodine solution. Thoroughly clean the entire room that was most affected.
happens, suck, mercury, vacuum, cleaner

One of the most detailed answers to the question of what to do if the mercury was collected with a vacuum cleaner.

What to do with the room where the mercury was collected by a vacuum cleaner

In the room where the hazardous metal was collected with a vacuum cleaner, it is required to conduct daily wet cleaning with chlorine-containing agents for 1-2 months. Whiteness is ideal. Dilute 1 liter of bleach for a 10-liter bucket. Thoroughly treat not only the floor but also the walls. Do not forget the rubber gloves, they will protect the skin on your hands. It is necessary to ventilate the room every day, regardless of the season of the year. Wet cleaning can also be done with a solution of manganese solution or laundry soap. The best thing to do with a broken thermometer or energy-saving light bulb is to call the specialists of the environmental service on duty, who carry out demercurization of the premises. They will quickly find the toxic areas and fix the problem. A single visit will be enough.

If mercury does end up in a vacuum cleaner, don’t throw it out. It is still possible to correct the situation and remove all of the mercury from the appliance. To do this, you need to act according to the following algorithm.

  • A demercurization solution will be needed for this purpose. Such substances are used to eliminate the consequences of a leakage of aromatic mercury.
  • Collect the vacuum cleaner as it was used to collect the mercury, only without the dust container and filters.
  • To connect the device to the power supply, prepare the demercurizer.
  • Vacuum the prepared solution five times with the running vacuum cleaner.
  • Then the vacuum cleaner should idle for another 1-2 minutes, after which it can be turned off.
  • Take it apart and leave it out in the open air to air out for at least seven days.
  • After the specified time, the vacuum cleaner should be picked up and checked for mercury vapor. If cleaning does not help, and the analyzers show that the mercury levels are above acceptable levels, the equipment will have to be parted with.

How to treat a room where mercury was collected with a vacuum cleaner

If mercury has been spilled in the room and vacuumed up, microparticles of this hazardous substance will be in the air and on all surfaces. Damp mopping must be done every day to keep the living space safe. Use a cleaning solution that contains chlorine as a detergent. The most affordable and at the same time very reliable option is Belizna. It is diluted in the ratio of 1 liter of the product for 10 liters of water. Clean not only the floor, but all other vacant surfaces as well. Rubber gloves should be worn for protection during these cleanings. A solution of potassium permanganate or laundry soap can be used to neutralize the mercury.

Use Bleach and rubber gloves for cleaning

Air the room as much and as often as possible every day, no matter what the weather is like.

If you can’t buy a new vacuum cleaner, it’s better not to use a damaged one indoors. But it is possible in a private home. In an apartment take this tip: Hold the vacuum cleaner in the air for 20 minutes before cleaning. During this time, the concentration of harmful vapors will drop dramatically. The built-in filters in this vacuum cleaner must be changed more often than usual, about every 10 uses. It will not be 100% clean and safe, but with each airing the concentration of vapors will decrease, and subsequently will tend to zero.

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