What is a good haircutting machine for men?

Trimmers for grass. a small family of machines for shearing, focused on the care of vegetation on the face and body.

Rowenta TN6010

Wet shave and easy cleaning, light weight and ergonomics are the main trump cards of this model.

If you use the machine for 5 minutes every day, it will work for a month and a half without recharging. For 120 minutes of continuous use, it takes the same amount of time to fully charge the battery.

Can’t use it while it’s charging, so it’s not suitable for bartending shops. But for the home, it’s just right.

The blades are fixed, but they do not need to be sharpened. The attachments can be removed to get the effect of a well-groomed three-day stubble. Cutting length can be adjusted from 0.4 mm to 5 mm.

Panasonic ER-GB96

The model can handle any beard length and density. Suitable for home and professional use.

Both short and long beards can be trimmed with this tool as its attachment lets you cut up to 30mm. Without it, the minimum hair length is 0.5 mm. The manufacturer does not recommend using the grass trimmer to cut hair on the head.

Length is conveniently adjusted with a 0.5 mm dial. It cleans your Panasonic under water with the engine running: the vibration pushes the clogged hairs out of the hardest to reach places.

It works both cordless and corded. Battery life is 50 minutes and takes only 1 hour to fully charge. The motor is powerful, fast and silent.

How to choose a hair clipper for home? Opinion of the expert

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It’s a great way to cut hair and style your hair at home.

Hair clipper is a modern device, which will help to arrange the hair at home. If you have a husband or kids, this tool will help you create a hairstyle for them without much effort. And it doesn’t cost a fortune to go to the hairdresser when you need it at home. This is why this device is chosen by many people for home use.

If you want to buy a machine for cutting and creating hairstyles, it is important to choose a model that will not only meet all the requirements of functionality, but also will be convenient and durable in operation.

Let’s try to understand in more detail what key factors should be taken into account when choosing a hair clipper at home and what the experts say about it.

Class division. In this case, there are highlighted:

  • Professional toolsThese devices have a powerful motor, have quality components, a minimum set of nozzles from 2 to 4 pieces, in rare cases 6. For professional power tools, manufacturers produce additional knife blocks for different types of work, in order to create numerous classic and creative haircuts for clients of salons and hairdressing salons. Such devices are durable in operation and can work without stopping for a long time. Accordingly, the professional machine for the home will have a higher price than others.
  • For household or home useSuch devices have a low-power motor, the body is made mostly of plastic, the package is always a maximum of nozzles. This model of machine is suitable for cutting hair at home. Household devices are the most universal. Also, because of the infrequent use of this hair clipper at home, once or twice a month, many manufacturers provide an extended warranty period of 2 to 5 years.

Hair clippers are divided into the following types of cutting:

    or edging The cutting height of these hair clippers is usually between 0.2 and 0.5 mm. This version of the machine has a small distance between the teeth of the moving and stationary knife, due to this they help to clean up short hairs and make a clear mowing line cut. Such grass trimmers for shearing are suitable for creating creative haircuts, as well as clear transitions, drawings on the hair. The grass trimmer for haircutting can also be used as a work machine, using the attachments in the kit.

  • Working shearing machine The cutting height of such tools is usually from 0.5 to 2 mm. It is a device to create the shape and texture of a haircut, and also suitable for fades, applying different attachments. With the help of such devices you can create haircuts on hair of different lengths. These are the most in-demand machines, both among hairdressers and stylists, and for cutting at home.

Power type:

    or corded These are the most common models for the home, especially in household types that have a cord to plug into the outlet. When choosing such a hair clipper you should pay attention to the cord length. You need to consider whether its length is long enough from the socket to the place where you want to cut your hair. A corded machine can help you quickly create the hairstyle you want at home. These devices have a compact body and are very easy to use. This version of the apparatus is easy to take with you to work or travel in order to always get a haircut and get your hair in order. However, the battery often has a low capacity, which is inconvenient in case the device runs out of charge. At the same time wireless device works much quieter than the unit from the network, they often cut hair for children. When buying a device, it is better to clarify in advance what capacity the battery has and how many hours of operation the charge will suffice. Household or home hair clippers usually have 1-2 Ni-Mh or low-capacity Ni-Cd batteries from 600 mAh. It is not recommended to use the device with the power cord connected. These machines can operate either from the network or from an internal rechargeable battery. It is the most convenient and optimal model, because the power can be varied depending on the situation you are in. Battery in such machines manufacturers install mainly Li-ion type. They charge quickly, have a long charge life. Such hair clippers are not afraid to work from the network while charging.

Also hair clippers are subdivided by the type of motor functioning:

  • The rotary type device (DC and AC) The rotary motor AC machines are the most powerful 45-60W. They are usually used in men’s hair salons where the constant flow of visitors. Also such devices are used by groomers, for shearing animals. They can handle all hairty types and thicknesses. The disadvantage of such machines is heavy weight and intense heat of the blades, which requires the mandatory use of coolants or sprays. So it’s not a good idea to consider buying an AC rotary motor hair clipper at home. Hair clippers with a rotary DC motor are all wireless devices battery-type. Additional advantages include quiet operation, as well as low vibration.
  • Vibrating type deviceThe power here will only be from the mains. There are 2 types of motor inherent in these tools is an electromagnetic motor and an anchor motor (pivot). These variants of hair clippers have a capacity in the first case up to 10 watts, for example Moser 1400, in the second case up to 20 watts, such as Moser 1230. Due to the nature of the motor such machines are slightly larger than battery-powered. By the way, for machines with an electromagnetic motor is inherent click when you turn on, it is normal. Such machines have a light weight, which is very convenient for home use. They are very often bought by novice hairdressers.
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Types of blades or knife blocks:

  • Quick-releaseIt is enough to press the blade with a little force and remove it from the device. Advantages. it is possible to buy a blade for a different type of cutting (for example, filleting or hi-rise tattoo), easy to care for (clean with a brush), does not require adjustment. Minus. the cost of such a knife is higher than usual.
  • Standard (with screws) Pros. not high price, Cons. sometimes you need to adjust the knives relative to each other, to clean you need to unscrew the knife from the machine, then set it again.

According to the material of manufacture, there are the following types of knife blocks for hair clippers:

  • Steel blade blocks Blade options that are made of stainless steel. Such blades are the most durable in use. Their surfaces are often coated with titanium or diamond. With use, the sharpness of blades decreases, but they can be easily resharpened in specialized resharpening centers. This type of blade requires special care. It should be regularly lubricated with a special oil for machines. Regular oil or machine oil MUST NOT be used because.к. The task of machine oil, in addition to lubrication, is to displace the residue of clipped hair from the moving blade. We advise to lubricate after you have been carried out 2-3 cuts such machine or after every work on wet hair.
  • Ceramic Movable Blades These blades are much sharper and retain their factory sharpness over their lifetime. They will help you get a quality result in your work. The advantage of these blades is that they will not heat up. The drawback is, perhaps, the fragility of ceramic blades, they can break if you accidentally drop the device.

The variants of nozzles:

The classic 3,6,9, and 12mm nozzles are most suitable for home use and will help you get the haircuts you need. The numbers indicate the height of the hair cut.

The nozzles can be detachable and retractable. Usually all of the included tips are only plastic. And some of the leaders in the professional beauty industry, such as Wahl, produce nozzles with metal teeth. They are not afraid of falls and leave smaller grooves after one pass with the machine, reducing the time of the entire cut. They are of course suitable for beauty salons, and it makes no sense to buy them for home.

Choose options for nozzles, based on your desires, as well as the ability to care for them at home.

Based on all of the above, let’s still summarize and try to answer the main question: How to choose a machine for trimming hair at home?

  • First decide on your needs: who and how often you plan to cut your hair
  • Still, give preference to a professional tool, it will last longer and it will be easier to repair after the warranty period, if something suddenly fails
  • For classic haircuts housewives will be enough working machine. You want to cut your child, husband, spouse’s pattern. You will need a trimmer for the grass
  • On the type of power it is better to choose a combination. You will have the possibility to trim both from the mains and from the battery
  • The blade assembly is better removable, there are often grass trimmers with 4 or 5 interchangeable blade assemblies. Ceramic or steel blades. That’s your choice
  • The number of nozzles is not so important, t.к. in practice you will use the main 2 types. 3 and 6 mm
  • Pay special attention to the manufacturer’s warranty. VERY IMPORTANT: 99% of manufacturers’ warranties do not cover knives and rechargeable batteries.к. they are considered consumables.

Below we present you the manufacturers that you can trust, in our experience.

Type of power

Corded models are reliable, especially when you use the machine continuously for a long time (i.e. in a hair salon). The main disadvantage is the dependence on the mains and limited movement because of the cord. These models are ideal for home, work and other places with a power grid. When choosing such machines, it is better to choose a model with a rotating cord, which does not twist during operation.

Battery-powered. a convenient option for trips and travels. Operating time is usually 40-60 minutes, and recharging. 8-10 hours, depending on the model. Note that the blade rotation speed also decreases when the battery is low. The battery significantly increases the weight of the machine, which is important for those who use it often (e.g., hairdressers).

The battery-network ones are the best choice. Combine the features of the previous types of power, allowing them to work for a long time without interruption. They can be recharged at any free time. Cordless corded models are the best choice, but they cost more than corded counterparts.

Important: If the device uses a Ni-MH battery, it must not be charged until it is fully discharged. Otherwise its capacity will decrease. This feature is called the “memory effect”.

In addition to mains and batteries, batteries are also used to power the machines. Battery-powered devices are not dependent on mains power and the spent battery is easily replaced with a new one. The limitation is the low battery power. Therefore, they are found in low-power machines (for example, nose trimmers), not designed for long-term work.

With the purchase of a good clipper, many men completely forget about what the hairdressers or beauty salons look like. True, this rule does not work if you decided to experiment, and bought the first budget device you found. We do not support this approach, and we do not want you to throw your money away. We present you the rating of the best hair clippers 2021, which collected worthy gadgets for regular use. In our selection you can find budget and professional solutions selected by customer reviews. Conventionally, such equipment can be divided into several types:

  • Rotary. attracts a high level of sound insulation, a good set of features and more power than analogues. It comes with a lot of nozzles;
  • Vibrating. attractive with compact size and affordable price, but not suitable for professional use.

In addition, the shearers can differ in the way of power:

Best Self Haircut Tutorial for Men �� Using 2 affordable Amazon Clippers!

  • Cordless. have a wider range of use, but not too high power. As a rule, are more expensive, all other characteristics being equal;
  • Wireline. mostly rotary models, with good performance. When buying an expensive device of this type, pay due attention to the cable length. Preferably a rotating wire.

Dykemann Friseur H22 is ideal for home and professional use. Problems with the operation of the device will not arise. it has an ergonomic and comfortable body shape, does not slip out of your hands, it is easy to regulate. In comparison with many analogues, the machine is almost noiseless. Works independently for a long time. up to 4 hours without interruption. And it charges in just 3 hours. At the same time about the low level of charge in a timely manner will warn audio indicator. There is LED-display, which displays the parameters of the device, the ability to adjust the blades in 5 levels and 8 positioning toolbar included for making cuts of different lengths. Ceramotitan blades remain sharp and durable for a long time and cut hair accurately, without traumatizing the skin.

On the downside: the survey of users showed that, as such, the hair clipper Dykemann H22 has no drawbacks.

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The good thing about this machine is that it is adjustable in length. No need to replace the heads often. Length variation. 0.8 mm to 20 mm. Blade width 45mm, the tool only for scalp hair. 3 colors to choose from, loop for hanging up the tool (in the salon). The sleek design makes it easy to hold in the hand. Stainless steel blades, according to bloggers’ reviews, do not tolerate contact with water.

From the disadvantages: skill is required, the blades dull quickly, the device is heavy for a woman’s hand.

The Dykemann Friseur H11 hair clipper is designed for home or professional hair and beard care. Equipped with a replaceable and long-life battery that can last up to 4 hours without needing to recharge it, it can also operate from the mains. The device can easily handle all types of hair without damaging the skin.

The body of the machine does not heat up even when cutting stiff and unruly hair. The device is silent and does not vibrate, which allows you to cut hair accurately and cut small children’s hair. Using anti-corrosion self-sharpening blades of durable ceramic titanium, pre-treated with a special antibacterial composition, can guarantee maximum safety while cutting.

Comes with 5 position and 3 contour nozzles. Switching from one to the other is done with a simple movement of the rotating element.

On the downside: according to user reviews, there are no obvious disadvantages with the Dykemann Friseur H11 clipper.

The cordless clipper from Panasonic is designed to work for 40 minutes. This is enough to trim temples or make a simple haircut. Designed for scalp hair, although some bloggers use it for beards. Handle has LED light that will turn on if recharging is needed. Maximum power time. 8 hours. Included with the device 4 nozzles, hair length can be adjusted by changing parts (3-12 mm). Stainless steel blades need oiling.

On the downside: the color of the body is dirty, the sharp edges of the blades at an awkward angle can scratch your skin.

Remington Pro Power cordless model is versatile, suitable for different haircuts! Hair length varies from 1 to 44mm, it is possible thanks to the mixed type of regulation (mechanism of manual change of nozzles). Included, in addition to the 2 nozzles, oil to care for the blades and brush. Without recharging the device runs 40 minutes, then requires power (time in the base up to 16 hours), or use with a cord from the network. Blades made of steel, thanks to the angle of 40 degrees trim hair even in hard-to-reach areas.

Of disadvantages: heavy for a woman’s hand.

Moser Mini is suitable for children and military men. The minimum hair length is 0.1 mm, which is required by law. The maximum length of 6mm, it varies with the regulator, no need to remove the nozzles. Only 32mm wide, the stainless steel blade is perfect for trimming beards or mustaches. Bloggers say that it is necessary to drive the machine slowly (especially a short cut), so there is no painful pulling of hair. Model weighs only 190 grams. Very easy to hold.

On the downside, the blades can wear out quickly.

Rowenta TN-5200 is recommended for hairdressers. First of all, the device is cordless, it is easier to work. Secondly, the titanium blades are suitable for most customers; hypoallergenic coating does not harm the delicate scalp, suitable for children. Third, different cutting lengths. 0.5 to 30mm (you can use the regulator or change tips manually). The manufacturer has provided for wet cleaning and a case for easy storage. Requires only 90 minutes to recharge.

Of disadvantages: it vibrates strongly, may be unpleasant feelings in the hand.

Philips HC5612 Universal Washing Machine. Barber’s best helper! The technique is designed to cut the head as well as the beard and mustache. Built-in rechargeable battery guarantees continuous operation for 75 minutes, then the indication of the need to charge. Blades of stainless steel can be adjusted to a length of 0.5-28mm. Comes with 3 nozzles, as well as a brush for cleaning. You can wash the machine with water, if necessary. The curved shape of the handle allows you to work in hard-to-reach places (behind the ears, in the chin area).

Disadvantages: high price, not everyone is comfortable to use because of the shape.

The uniqueness of the Braun hair clipper. Memory SafetyLock function. The system remembers the last length setting and plays it back. You can adjust the height of the blades (from 3 to 35mm with the mechanism or by manually changing the nozzle). Comes with 2 heads, oil can and cleaning brush. Also includes water rinsing. It is a cordless hair clipper, practically 1 hour without interruption. Charging time. 8 hours, cord can be plugged in for cordless operation. Stainless steel blades.

On the downside: high price, customers complain about poor contouring of the hair at the back of the head.

The Moser professional hair clipper can cut hair for up to 2 hours without interruption. The model is lightweight (only 140 grams), but has a strong battery. for indication of charge, Quick Change nozzle change. Cutting lengths from 0.7mm to 12mm is recommended for men and children. Blades of alloyed steel (made in Germany) gently remove hair of any thickness. Brushes for cleaning and oil are included with the device.

Disadvantages: high price.

Which motor to choose?

Modern hair clippers are equipped with two types of engines: vibration and rotary. Devices equipped with the first type of motor, are not designed to work “in flow”, because their power does not exceed 15 watts, and the average working time is 20 minutes (then you need to pause). These devices are noisy enough, and, as the name of the engine indicates, vibrate. Although the manufacturer of professional hair clippers WAHL uses their own licensed version of the vibration motor, which works great for long periods of time and does not overheat.

Machines equipped with a rotary motor are usually more expensive, but there are many advantages. They are more powerful (up to 45 watts), while working heats the device itself, but not the blade, and there are special ventilation holes on the body to cool the motor. The working time of such a model is up to 1 hour. The disadvantages, in addition to the price, also include a fairly serious weight of such devices, which can lead to increased fatigue at work.

Budget models of choice according to GOST

What better to buy a hair clipper, cordless or network, depends on the field of activity of the buyer. So, for home use suit any model with three nozzles. If the device is needed for work, stylists with experience recommend a combined device. They operate well on mains power, even with 1% battery charge. The more often the blades move, the faster you can finish the haircut. No less important selection criterion is the power of the technique.

For example, for work in hairdressing salons and beauty salons, machines with power from 20 watts are more suitable. If you are just learning the most advanced trimming methods and especially hot cuts, buy no more than 12 watts. A 9 watt setting is good for soft hair on children. But to work with stiff curls these devices are not suitable. They can get stuck in big strands of hair, which causes discomfort for the customer.

Cheaper of all, from 180 to 350 UAH, Ukrainians cost models with an increased level of noise and vibration. It is not the best choice for home and not an option for the hairdresser. Unnecessary vibrations annoy customers. Masters get distracted, too, so styling effect can be compromised. Which device is better, with 3 or 8 attachments, depends on the capabilities of interchangeable elements. The latter can be removable, fixed or adjustable. Nozzles up to 12mm are considered the best sellers.

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Any hair clipper in the rating of the best inexpensive models is scanned for technical merits. But the convenience of work is also not to be written off. It is important that the master feels the technique, otherwise the neatness of the fringes will suffer. Often the result of the haircut depends on the sliding factor. So, if the device slips in the palm of your hand at a standstill, the smoky transition or the graduation results are uneven. But if you immediately buy a good hair clipper with rubberized holders, the fiasco will not catch up either at home or in the elite salon.

Visitors of specialized forums often leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the network with the text advise a good hair clipper. For sellers it is an opportunity to convey information from direct manufacturers to customers. But of much greater importance in the choice of device is its compliance with state standards. For example, corded hair clippers should work well in repetitive-sliding mode. The nominal duration of the haircut varies from 10 to 12 minutes in different models. The same applies to pauses.

The construction of the device is considered ideal only if it guarantees different cutting height: from 1 to 26 mm. If there are at least a few skips and frequent seizures, you can safely speak of a defect. Other signs of low-quality equipment include unpolished blades and straightened edges. In contact with the skin, they cause unpleasant tactile sensations, but most importantly, can cause serious injury.

In accordance with GOST, the cord of the clipper can not be less than 1.7 m. Sprue spots must be cleaned up. The permissible noise level is no more than 70 dBA. Before entering the market, branded devices are always tested for the level of protection against electric shock. Special attention is paid by specialists to the indicators of vibration speed, electric strength and insulation resistance. Ideally, devices are tested once every 3 years, but the optimal warranty period is considered 18 months from the date of sale.

Rating TOP 10 Best Hair clippers in 2022

Hair clippers have long ceased to be a working tool for purely hairdressers and have firmly occupied the niche of small household appliances. At home they are used both for cutting hair for family and friends, as well as for independent use. At the moment, manufacturers offer a wide range of models that vary greatly in cost, design, technical characteristics. Those who are thinking about buying this device are often stumped. Is it worth choosing the more expensive models?? And how they are better? What additional features are worth paying attention to? To understand all these issues will help you find the top 10 best hair clippers according to our customers and reviews on popular resources.

When choosing the best clipper, you need to consider various factors. Technical characteristics, which we will take into account when evaluating each model:

  • The maximum and minimum length of the haircut, as well as the number of intermediate options.
  • Power. Can be powered, battery operated, or use both.
  • Appearance. Weight, form-friendliness, surface material, and how loudly the device works should be taken into account.
  • Blades. Stainless steel is most often used, but titanium or ceramic options are sometimes found. There is also a function of self-sharpening the cutting surfaces, which also significantly prolongs the life of the original sharpness of the blades.
  • Power and speed of the blades. The more these parameters are, the better the device will work with thick and dense hair.
  • Additional Options. In addition to their main purpose, typewriters can also cut mustaches and beards, hair in ears or noses, and have self-sharpening and self-cleaning blade functions.

Point system:

  • 1 point for cutting less than 0.5mm and more than 20mm, and for more than 10 variations in between;
  • 1 point for each of the mains or battery power options;
  • 1 point for a blade other than stainless steel;
  • 1 point for each of the parameters: light weight, comfortable, non-slip coating, ergonomic design, quiet operation volume;
  • 1 point for the presence of additional functions.
  • 3 points for more than 2000 queries in Yandex per month;
  • 2 points for 500-2000 queries in Yandex per month;
  • 1 point for less than 500 queries in Yandex in a month.

The total number of points will be presented in the summary table. In case of equal amount of points (5 machines had 6 points each) positions were sorted by popularity.

The manufacturers equip the machines with non-removable batteries. The models are hybrid, so they can also run from the mains. They are lightweight, self-contained and have low vibration. The rating presents the best machines for home and salon according to the owners.

MOSER 1901-0460 LiPro

Device can be operated from the network and battery. Charge enough to work for three hours.

There are 9 cutting positions from 3 to 25 mm.

Wide cut due to 4,6 cm wide knife block.

Change of the blade block in a few seconds.

9; 9 m; ;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.9 meter cord does not hinder the movements of the craftsman.

  • motor speed. 6400 rpm;
  • blade width 46 mm;
  • battery operation. 100 min.;
  • charging time. 3 h.;
  • nozzles. 8;
  • Cutting length positions. 9;
  • cutting length. 0.9 25 mm;
  • cable length. 1.9 м;
  • weight. 290 g.

Panasonic ER-GP80

Device with X-shaped blades for the best cutting quality. Not even short hairs will be missed during cutting.

The model is equipped with sensors for determining the density of hair and automatically adjusts the speed of the blades.

BASIC CLIPPER CUTTING. Using Your Guards. For Beginners

Powerful battery provides long working time after charge.

Low charge indicator. There is a container for storage of nozzles.

  • engine speed. 10000 rpm;
  • blade width. 40 mm;
  • battery runtime. 50 min.;
  • charging time. 1 h.;
  • nozzles. 3;
  • cutting length positions. 6;
  • cutting length. 0.8 15 mm;
  • cable length. 1.9 м;
  • weight 245 g.

Panasonic ER-GC71

Weatherproof casing which allows the unit to be cleaned under running water. Equipped with a built-in battery that allows the device to work up to 40 minutes.

Kit includes 2 attachments for cutting length adjustment from 0.5 to 20 mm.

Comfortable use of the device is provided by the presence of rubberized inserts on the body.

  • blade width of 40 mm
  • battery operation. 40 min.;
  • charging time. 8 hours.;
  • nozzles. 2;
  • The cutting length is 39;
  • cutting length. 0.5 20mm;
  • cable length. 1.8 м.

MOSER 1661-0460 TrendCut Li

Model is equipped with alloyed steel blades and six nozzles for cutting hair from 0.7 to 25 mm.

The motor rotates at 6400 rpm, providing high speed operation of the device.

Battery helps wireless work for 100 minutes.

The device is charged in 4 hours. Scissors, comb, storage bag and cape can be added to the unit.

  • motor speed. 6400 rpm;
  • blade width. 40 mm;
  • battery run. 100 min.;
  • charging time. 4 h.;
  • nozzles. 6;
  • cutting length. 8;
  • cutting length. 0.7 25mm;
  • weight. 190 g.

Philips QC5130 Series 3000

Hair clipper from a trusted manufacturer, characterized by high quality and affordable price.

The cutting length can be adjusted from 0.5 to 21 mm without changing the mowing head with a switch.

Combined power supply increases the functionality of the device.

Full battery charge lasts for 1 hour of operation. The machine is charged in 8 hours. During operation, it is slightly noisy and does not tear the hair.

Best Hair Clippers in 2020 [5 Picks For Home & Professional Use]

  • blade width. 41 mm
  • battery life. 60 min.;
  • charging time. 8 h.;
  • nozzles. 1;
  • 11 cutting length positions;
  • cutting length. 0.5 21 mm;
  • weight. 190 g.
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