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A smooth skin for women is the modern standard of beauty, so almost all women and girls want to get rid of unnecessary vegetation on their legs. There are many ways to get rid of hair, but the most common option is the use of such a device as an epilator. It can be used to remove hair at home, and the cost of this periodic cosmetic procedure is only the price of the device itself.

Many women know that hair removal with an epilator is a painful procedure, after which the skin can remain smooth for up to 1 month. Unlike shaving, epilation has become more popular because it ensures long-lasting smoothness of the skin by pulling the hair out with the root and damaging the hair follicles. With each treatment the hair becomes thinner, and hair removal becomes less unpleasant and less frequent. Using an epilator you can get rid of hair in a few minutes. From the beginning epilators were designed to remove hair on the legs, but nowadays, using special attachments, such devices are able to remove hair in the armpit and bikini zone.

What is a home epilator?

In our article we will talk about household epilators which are designed for home use.

A home epilator is a miniature hand-held electrical device for removing hair from the skin. All epilators regardless of the type affect the hair follicle in one way or another and remove the hair from the root. To minimize pain during the procedure, the manufacturers equip epilators with different systems of anesthesia.


Visually, the body of an epilator can be divided into two parts. the main part, which we hold, and the top head, responsible for removing vegetation.

There are two main types of epilators:

  • Discs. The head has up to 30 discs arranged in pairs. As you slide the epilator over your skin, the hairs are clamped between these discs and then pulled out.
  • Forceps.Small needles, resembling tweezers, grab and pull hairs, giving the girl less pain. There are from 10 to 20 tweezers in the device, and their number depends on the efficiency of the epilator and the speed of hair removal.

Also keep in mind that any epilator may have additional features that make hair removal easier or faster:

  • Speed controller. It is recommended to set the speed lower on the more sensitive areas, and higher on the legs and arms;
  • Backlighting. Even with good light in the bathroom, you can’t see the area you’re using the epilator on. The backlight will help you do this;
  • Vibration. Helps reduce the pain of pulling unwanted hairs;
  • Cooling effect.Often the epilators have a cold air blower function which helps reduce the discomfort of the procedure.

Before you use an epilator, carefully study all its functions and features to minimize pain and maximize the effectiveness of epilation.

What is the difference and what is the difference between an epilator and a depilatory

After studying the features of the devices, it is possible to list a few main differences:

  • Depilatory affects only the outer part of the hair, and the epilator removes it along with the root.
  • With depilation smooth skin lasts not long, and after epilation. remains for months or even years.
  • Depilatories are much cheaper, while even the budget epilators are quite expensive.

Important! The difference between epilators is that they are less likely to cause skin irritation. And when using trimmers, wax and razors, this side effect occurs frequently.


What to pay attention to when choosing an epilator

Choosing an epilator for professional use, it is important to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Type of device. As it turned out, the most suitable for specialists is a laser neodymium device. It gets the job done faster and is the most effective at removing hair. If you prefer a disk or tweezers, look first at the material of which the cutting elements are made. It is better to choose ceramic discs. They do not have to be replaced for a long time and sharpened regularly.
  • Speed of hair removal. The faster the better. a motto that applies to salon professionals. Find out in advance what is the grip area of the head of the device. That is, how many hairs it can remove in one cycle. Optimal number of 35 to 45 hairs. Depending on this possibility is calculated and the operating time of the device. For one client should not take more than 30-40 minutes.
  • Design. This is also an important criterion that affects the efficiency and convenience of the procedure. It is recommended to buy an epilator with a floating head. It is softer and more imperceptible to glide over the skin. And it can remove “hair” even in the most hard-to-reach areas: the armpits or the bikini zone. On knee bends, too, it’s more convenient to work with a floating head.
  • Functionality. Get an epilator with multiple heads. Note that you have to treat different areas on the clients body. So you don’t have to buy attachments separately, it’s better to overpay for them at once. In addition to nozzles, the kit should be a brush to clean the device. And ideally, you should buy an epilator with a removable head, which is easier to clean. Modern models have an exfoliation function. It is a caring cosmetic procedure will increase the effectiveness of epilation and rating of the salon.
  • Power. What source does the epilator work from. also not unimportant. The advantages of cordless models are that they are compact and easy to carry. For example, if the master will work at home, this option will suit him. Also, cordless units don’t waste electricity, which is economical for business. Electric devices should not be used with foam or any “wet” products. This is a big disadvantage. The advantage of “network” epilators is that you do not have to change the battery. Plugged in, and work at least all day. The best option for the salon will be a universal modification, working on both electricity and battery power.

Drawing conclusions on the choice of an epilator, it is clear that it is impossible to formulate a clear axiom. Here it is necessary to rely on the preference of your master, the popularity of the brand and the functionality of equipment. Well, and, of course, on their financial capabilities.

What is the difference between epilator and depilatory?

Before we understand what is the difference between epilator and depilatory, it is important to understand the nature of the procedures that are performed using these devices.

Despite the fact that epilation and depilation are completely different techniques for removing unwanted body hair, many people often confuse them. If the first procedure involves total removal of hair with damage to the root system, the second. only a temporary removal of the bulbs, after which they recover fairly quickly.

During epilation the natural processes in tissues responsible for regeneration of hair follicles and hair growth are disturbed, so the effect of the procedure lasts much longer.

Epilators and depilatories, respectively, are devices with which to perform certain techniques.

Philips BRE 245 epliator 5 minute Heating test #epilator #hairremoval

Depilatories are now used much more frequently, which is due to their affordability and ease of use:

  • Razor.
  • Depilation cream.
  • Sugar paste for shugaring.
  • Waxing base for waxing.
  • Machines for mechanical hair removal (depilatories).

Epilators can not be used on their own, they are used only in the salon by certified masters. To the methods of hair removal can include the following procedures:

If you perform epilation properly, you can get rid of unwanted hair in the treated area for several years or even forever, but there are many more contraindications to it.

How the female epilator for hair removal works

According to what principle an electric epilator works, depends on its variety. Some models have a mechanical effect on the hair, others destroy subcutaneous follicles with a thermal method.

Operating principle of a laser epilator

Devices of this type did not become widely available so long ago, but quickly gained popularity.

The principle of the laser epilator for home is as follows:

  • When the device is turned on, it emits directional infrared radiation.
  • The last one penetrates into your subcutaneous hair follicles and is absorbed by the melanin pigment.
  • Light energy is converted into heat, the bulb is instantly heated and destroyed.
  • The hair falls out and doesn’t grow back until a new follicle is formed.

Unpleasant feelings during the operation of the laser device is very rare. However, the device does not produce an instant effect. the results appear gradually. To completely get rid of unwanted body hair, you need to wax on average 3-5 sessions at 3-week intervals.

Warning! After removing hair with a laser, the results last for up to 2 to 3 years.

How does the Philips epilator work?

How Philips mechanical attachments work is as simple as this. The device removes hairs according to the following scheme:

  • When you turn on the device, the tweezers or discs in the working part come into motion.
  • These elements in contact with each other, grab unwanted hair and pluck at the root.
  • Then the tweezers or discs separate and release the removed hairs.

The Philips epilator works with both short stubble and long, dense hair. No need to shave your legs, arms, or other body parts before using it. It is desirable only to make sure that the length of the hairs is not less than 0.5 mm. If the bristles are very fresh, the device may not work.

Most tweezers and disc devices support two speeds. for short hair and for regrowth

How to choose an epilator

When choosing an epilator, you should pay attention to the following points which will help you to choose an epilator best suited for a person for whom it is purchased.

As with other types of equipment, this parameter is important. Do not go for the cheapness and buy an epilator of unknown manufacturer. In this case there is a great risk to get a fake home-made epilator, which does not have even a tenth part of the declared functions. Brand awareness of the manufacturing company by itself already guarantees the protection of your rights as a consumer. Purchasing an epilator of a famous company, you should get a warranty certificate for the product, where you can address the address of a service center if your epilator has any problems.

The leaders in epilators production are Braun, Philips, Rowenta.

One of the main parameters of epilator, almost on him and depends on the presence or absence of painful sensations when using this device. Pain relief occurs with the help of such systems:

Cooling. Cooling takes place using removable water containers, which are pre-frozen and then inserted into the device. Simultaneously with epilation is a process of cooling your skin, reducing the pain.

Some models of epilators of firm Braun use other way. the complete set with an epilator comes a special cooling glove with gel which can be used repeatedly.

Massage. Manufacturers of epilators with this analgesic mechanism produce different variants of massage tips, which are aimed at reducing the discomfort of epilation. The principle of their action comes down to the fact that when massaging the skin, the transmission of pain signals through the nerves is disrupted. The familiar effect is seen, for example, when rubbing the bruised area.

Philips has designed their epilators with an extendable vibrating anesthetic. It is a soft rubber brush, a single continuous movement relaxes the skin, like a pleasant massage.


Additional nozzles. Some manufacturers, mostly in models of budget type epilators for pain relief use additional attachments for an epilator, which have small holes at different distances from each other. And some nozzles have more holes, others less. The principle lies in the fact that with the nozzle, the epilator in one rotation of the discs will grab and tear not all the hairs from one place, but by zones and in small numbers.

Of course, if you have an opportunity to buy epilators with cooling systems, it’s better to splurge on them, but still, if not, then pay attention to the presence of additional nozzles in the kit.

Important! Some epilators with a disc epilator system don’t have all metal discs in their construction, but half metal discs and half ceramic discs. The price difference is almost the same, but with the ceramic additions, hairs are less likely to break during epilation, which improves the epilation effect.

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Among the additional advantages that the epilator may have, there is also a grass trimmer for pre-cutting hair. It is an exfoliating nozzle designed to solve the problem of ingrown hairs.

After epilation the new hair sometimes changes the direction of growth and sort of grows into the skin. This attachment exfoliates the top layer of the skin, and frees such hairs. Thanks to this, the dead skin cells are removed.

The perfect test for satisfactory ergonomics: Hold it in your hands and move it as if you were using it. You should be as comfortable as possible to use the device. The epilator shouldn’t slip out of your hand and the mode button should be easy to press. In addition, many modern epilators are not powered by the network, but by rechargeable batteries. This drastically affects the ergonomics and usability.

If you don’t like the way an epilator looks, don’t buy it. At the moment there are many models of epilators with similar functions and quality. Make sure your purchase pleases you in every way. But if you do like the features of an epilator and you can’t find a similar model to it, it’s better to pass, because it’s not as easy to find an epilator.к. The most important thing in an epilator. painless and effective removal of unwanted hair, not a designer’s hit. And it is unlikely that someone will keep this device in a visible place for all as an element of the decor of his home.

They often come with a purse or carrying case to keep the epilator in. Many look stylish enough to take with you wherever you go.

Well here we are at the end of lighting at first glance complicated, but in fact a simple topic about epilators. I hope you found the information that can help you to buy an epilator without any doubts about your choice.

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