What is better the Electrolux or Bosch dishwasher?

Pros and cons of the Bosch dishwasher

The popularity of the Bosch brand is due to the high quality products of this manufacturer. Among the advantages of German dishwashers are the following:

Most consumers consider the laconic design of German dishwashers to be a disadvantage. In addition, the models are often available in white, which does not always satisfy those who care about kitchen design.

Other features comparison

Dishwasher current costs of two renowned companies do not differ much. All of their models qualify for class A, which means an economical use of electricity. For small appliances, it is up to about 650 watts per 60 minutes. The full-size versions have up to 1000 watts.

Water consumption is determined by the category of devices:

The latest Swedish models are sometimes equipped with turbine drying circuits. It consumes more current than the conventional condensing method, but saves time. Bosch products do not include models with drying turbines yet. But it scores highly in various industry rankings.

No claims concerning reliability and assembly quality.

The German appliances have a long service life. Therefore, you can safely invest in the purchase of an expensive device without fear that the money will be spent in vain. Bosch engineers certainly care about the functionality of their appliances, equipping them with innovative modules. Another German approach is characterized by great attention to safety issues and involves multi-stage protection.

Bosch appliances are equipped in many cases with special sensors that register:

Advanced models can provide half-loading. It minimizes the consumption of all kinds of resources and detergents. The variety of Spectra models also speaks in favor of Bosch. You can find both low-budget and high-end versions among it.

However, the German devices too boring and conservative design, and a variety of colors they can not boast.

The Electrolux products invariably receive excellent reviews. In terms of quality and service life, it is at least comparable with German equivalents. In addition, the clear advantage is the excellent design. Functionality as a whole is somewhat better. The presence of 2 or 3 baskets provides simultaneous washing of dissimilar cutlery or dishes, varying in the degree of clogging.

The Electrolux brand policy, as well as the Bosch one, implies the use of innovative solutions. The specific washing programs and heat settings can vary. Still, both brands have decent functionality. At the same time, the Swedish developers often include the “Bio” mode, which implies washing with environmentally friendly compounds. Additional options. detergent indication and other auxiliary modes. are available for both brands; you just need to carefully choose the specific version in terms of functionality.

What’s the Difference? Bosch Dishwasher Series

Almost all Bosch models have a system of leakage prevention. German engineers take care of protection against accidental button presses. They also have a child lock. Swedish developers don’t always get the same result.

better, electrolux, bosch, dishwasher

Reviews of both brands are quite decent.

Which dishwasher is better. Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux?

Bosch, Siemens and Electrolux dishwashers take up 70% of the counter with the corresponding appliances in any Russian store that sells them. In the ratings of consumers’ popularity these three brands take the leading places. Statistically, every second dishwasher bought in our country is either Bosch, Siemens or Electrolux. However, there is a legitimate question, dishwashers, which brand is better, who is the leader in this trio? Let’s try to analyze.

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German dishwashers: notorious quality

Germany. supplier of the highest quality dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances. Which brands lead the way??

  • Bosch is the absolute leader in sales of automatic dishwashers in Russia. Buyers can choose a model from both high and medium price categories. But be attentive. read the markings, because the production is often transferred outside of Germany. Bosch dishwashers are supplied to our stores in Poland, Italy and even in China. Remember that the most reliable appliances are made in Germany.

For reference! Bosch and Siemens automatic dishwashers are the products of the same concern.

    – The leader in the sale of household appliances in Europe. This big company has earned recognition due to the high quality of its products. In the dishwashers of this brand can be found on the market, but often the purchase is hindered by the price.

  • Another famous firm that offers premium appliances is Miele. All machines of this brand, before going on sale, are fully tested for quality of operation. Only after multiple tests and confirmation of operability are appliances sent for sale. It is reflected in the price.

Fact! Researchers from the UK reported that only 6% of all owners of German-made appliances sought the services of a technician. The most frequent breakages, according to test data, happen with Indesit brand washing machines.

Why Bosch Dishwashers are Top Rated

Every 8th user of a Bosch, Siemens or Miele dishwasher would advise to buy appliances of this very brand. Of course, no technique is immune to failure, and because of the hardness of the water can quickly fail the heaters. In any case, it is cheaper to replace the heating element than to buy a new dishwasher every few years.

Rating of dishwashers

What models of German manufacturers can be called the most durable and qualitative? Our rating includes the following dishwashers.

better, electrolux, bosch, dishwasher

Miele G 6620 SCi

Full-sized automatic dishwasher with the possibility of partial embedding (the machine with an open control panel). Accommodates 13 sets of dishes. The highest energy efficiency class to date: A. Top washing and drying classes: A. The design is complemented by a user-friendly display, also provides protection against accidental pressing (parental control function, blocking the panel from child intervention).

The water consumption for one washing cycle is 9.7 liters. There are 6 programs in total, among which there are “Normal”, “Intensive”, “Fast”, “Delicate” and “Auto” programs. Also the functionality is ensured by 5 different temperature modes. To save resources and time a half-load mode of the washing machine is provided.

  • The possibility to postpone the start-up for up to 24 hours;
  • Full type of protection against leaks;
  • salt and rinse aid indicators;
  • coating of the panel to prevent fingerprints;
  • The inside of the hopper is made of high quality stainless steel;
  • the dish bin is height-adjustable;
  • dishwasher accessories such as the cutlery tray and the glass dish holder;
  • drying with AutoOpen function;
  • additional drying sensor SensorDry.

At the cost of 129 900 (according to YandexMarket) this nice silver model lacks two important functions: the possibility to use “3-in-1” or “7-in-1” capsules or tablets and automatic setting of water hardness.

AEG FSR 83800 P

Another full-size machine, representing built-in dishwashers from the company “AEG”. Holds 13 sets of dishes in washing and drying class A. Ease of use is provided by the display. Let’s note such characteristics:

  • Water consumption for one cycle. 11 liters;
  • power consumption. 0.83 kWh;
  • The duration of the usual program is 232 minutes;
  • Noise level is 42 dB.

Of the 8 modes, “Intensive”, “Express”, “Delicate”, “Economical” and “Soak” are particularly useful. There are also 4 temperature modes. Capacitive drying.

  • possibility of delayed start for 24 hours;
  • full type of protection against leakage;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • The possibility of using the universal type “3-in-1”;
  • Audible alarm and time indication on the floor;
  • regenerating salt indicator ;
  • rinse aid indicator;
  • Inside of the hopper. high-quality stainless steel;
  • Dish container with height adjustment function;
  • Accessories in the form of a tray for the instruments and a holder for the glasses;
  • night cycle;
  • extra drying;
  • TimeSaver.
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As in the Mile, in this dishwasher there is no possibility of automatic setting of water hardness, but its

Bosch SMS 53N18

Freestanding full-size model for 13 sets with the highest washing and drying classes. Energy efficiency class A. Electronic control is complemented by a display. Parental control system implemented. The design is equipped with a flow-through water heater. Consumption of water at this capacity. 10 liters, energy. 0.93 kWh. Average normal mode lasts 155 minutes. Average noise level (comfort level) of 46 dB.

Partial loading available. Other features do not differ from the two previous participants in the rating. The only difference is that the manufacturers added “their” functions, such as VarioSpeed and DosageAssist. Market

Since the model is very popular in Russia, we will give you feedback from users:

Very quiet and reliable machine. I have had it for almost 7 years. And it’s not just standing there, it’s working every day. I don’t take 3-in-1 tablets, I have all separately: powder, salt and rinse aid. so the quality of washing is much better. If it breaks, I’ll look for the same one or from this range.

It is very usual dishwasher, I have not found in it any special “frills”. The main thing is that it works. It leaked once, but the protection worked, my husband had to unscrew it and look. I had Bosch dishwasher before. it lasted 16 years. I’m not sure if the build quality is as good as it is now, and it’s not a German machine, judging by the labeling.

Siemens SN 678X50 TR

Fully built-in 60 cm wide sink for 14 loads. Has the highest wash and dry class, energy efficiency class A. Relatively quiet operation (43dB). The panel is child-proof. This washer wastes 10 liters of water per wash cycle. 6 programs, 6 temperature modes, condensation drying, half loading. this is the “track record” of the German Dishwasher. The features are the same as the previous 3 models, but there are more options like this:

  • night mode;
  • The following pricing policies are in place;
  • VarioSpeed Plus;
  • HygienePlus;
  • iQdrive engine;
  • touch control;
  • Zeolite dryer and others.


Pricing policy

It should be noted that this type of equipment is not cheap. The price is usually built into the price:

However, even in this direction, you can conditionally divide it into types according to the price category. In particular, let’s highlight dishwashers by price:

Какая посудомоечная машина лучше Bosch или Electrolux

In each of these categories, we’ll take a look at the best rated firms that fully match the price-quality. Let’s take a detailed look at the features of each manufacturer’s dishwashers.

Such information is quite valuable for the potential consumer. Since it gives a relative benchmark in the choice.

If a bet is made on the best quality and user-friendliness, then it will eliminate a number of manufacturers, the technique of which is average or economy class. At the same time, if you start from the planned budget, it is a good opportunity to determine the best deals in the right price category firm.

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The best dishwashers that work without repair

Let’s start this article with a question about breakdown statistics. There is no way to tell which dishwashers break down more often and which ones less often. Here you need to consider global statistics with many factors. Let’s look at an example: the number of hits on the Yandex statistics for repair in one month in the Moscow region:

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Indesit dishwasher repair 68 requests Ariston dishwasher repair 200 requests Electrolux dishwasher repair. 296 queries Bosch dishwasher repair 1300 queries

After such statistics it is logical to ask: So Indesit is more reliable than Bosch dishwasher ? And the best dishwashers are Italian? Not at all. You need to consider the number of machines sold in the region. And how to do it? You’ll have to call all the big vendors and ask how many and what kind of dishwashers you’ve sold? Maybe German equipment was sold 50 times more than the Italian, that’s the difference in repair.

Therefore, we want to say that even appliances manufactured in one batch can differ in assembly. It depends on your luck. And the degree of loading and frequency of use of the appliance also influence the service life. So do not look for the perpetual motion, and do not waste time on reviews about which dishwasher is better and cooler. Buy what you like and can afford. The best dishwasher is the one you buy or want to buy!

Technique of this German company attracts by the quality of components, reliability and durability. Bosch takes care of the functionality of the units. They all have a lot of options, are comfortable to use. Much attention is paid to safety, equipped with multilevel protection of dishwashers.

When users look at reviews of Bosch products, they note a lot of positive information regarding dishwashing and functionality. Key advantages of Bosch dishwashers:

  • The presence of “smart” sensors that determine the cleanliness of the water, the degree of flow, the level of powder;
  • Partial load option to save resources, water and detergent;
  • capacity. full-size models are designed for a maximum of 14 sets of dishes, compact models take 6-8;
  • About 6 washing modes, including intensive, for fragile items, fast;
  • availability of leakage protection, child lock buttons.

Manufacturer produces elite, deluxe models and options for the thrifty buyer.

Those who are going to buy a Bosch dishwasher should also look at the negative reviews. They concern the design, which seems too conservative and minimalistic. The colors are standard.

Dishwashers: research results

The models were tested in twenty areas, including wash and dry performance, noise level, operating time, functionality, energy consumption and water consumption.

Each model was tested in two programs: the basic program and the ECO (economy) program.

To complete the test, the experts loaded each model with a mountain of dirty dishes: a six-person set, including large, shallow and dessert plates, cups, glasses and wine glasses, plus 12 sets of cutlery, salad bowls and bowls, for a total of 96 items.

Dishwasher test

The models were tested on twenty different basics, including wash and dry performance, noise levels, operating time, functionality, energy and water consumption.

Each model was tested in two programs: the basic program and the ECO (economy) program.

To study the experts loaded “mountain” of dirty dishes in each model: a set for six people, consisting of deep, shallow and dessert plates, cups, glasses and wine glasses, 12 sets of cutlery, salad bowls and bowls. a total of 96 items.

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