What is convection in mini oven

What is convection and what is it for in the oven?

Many housewives, equipping their kitchen with new appliances, take care that the devices perform many functions simultaneously. The electric oven is no exception. The modern oven has many additional features: microwave, defrosting foods, reheating food, keeping food warm, steamer, convection. It is the latter function that we will talk about. Let’s understand what convection in the oven is, how it works and how necessary it is.

In order to understand what convection means, you need to understand how the heating elements in an electric oven are arranged. Older electric stoves had one or two heating elements and of course they didn’t have this feature. Remember how problematic it was to evenly bake pies or shortcakes. One side is already browned, and the other is not even browned yet. The more or less even cooking involved turning the baking tray endlessly, and a second baking tray with salt to prevent the bottom from burning.

A modern oven with a convection function will relieve you of this inconvenience, and you can delight your family with a dish with even cooking and a beautiful crispy crust.

The structure of a roaster

The standard roaster is designed as a metal case with a glass door. After opening the door you can see one or more electric heating elements that can be turned on both simultaneously and independently of each other. To install the tray or a heat-resistant mold, use a mesh rack (just like in a conventional oven). In general, visually the roaster looks almost the same as an ordinary electric oven, except that its dimensions will be significantly smaller: on the market you can find models with a chamber volume of only 3 liters. However, the most popular (judging by the number of offers) are models with a chamber volume of 30 to 40 liters, which will allow you to cook a whole chicken without problems, for example.

Chamber volume

As we just mentioned, oven cavity volume is one of the key features of a roaster. Choosing a compact oven, the user is faced with a non-standard choice: on the one hand, the main task. to save space in the kitchen (that is, to buy the most compact device), on the other. do not “overdo it” and do not buy too small device, in which you can not really cook anything.

A hen feels more than comfortable in a 38-litre chamber

In our subjective opinion, the optimal size for a compact oven is defined by the ability to bake a standard-sized chicken in its entirety, which corresponds to a volume of 30-38 liters (or more). The more compact models are worth looking at only if you are certain you want to save some more space and if you know for sure that the chosen capacity will be sufficient for your tasks.

Number of heating elements

The vast majority of modern compact ovens are equipped with two heating elements at the top and bottom of the chamber, respectively. They can operate simultaneously or independently of each other. This format is a kind of standard, so it is better not to consider other options.

Power and temperature range

The performance of a compact oven is largely determined by the capacity of heating elements. The manual usually indicates the total power of both elements, which gives you a good idea of what each model is capable of.

An additional indication of the capabilities of the oven can be the range of acceptable temperatures indicated in the manual. Normally it is between 30 °C and 250 °C. Note that if the lower temperature limit is around 90 °C, then in practice this means that it is unlikely to defrost food in such an oven. The upper range does not play such a big role: 230 or 250 ° C is not much of a difference, and to meet in a store oven that is not able to heat up to 230 ° C is not an easy task. However, if you are going to cook in a roaster regularly, for example, real Italian pizza. you may want to look for models that can do even more: for example, 300 °C (the mini pizza oven we tested could cook 370 °C, and the temperature of pizza in a wood-burning oven. about 450 °C).


The presence of convection (a fan that mixes the air evenly) can have a significant effect on the quality of the prepared food.

The convection mode allows you to bake large cuts of meat more efficiently, bake patties and large pies, and even dry herbs, citrus zest, or crispy toasts. Low convection heat lets you defrost meat or vegetables from the freezer very quickly. Finally, the fan assisted cooking function allows you to use the oven‘s full capacity to its best effect, without fear that the food in the corners will not bake through properly. The convection function is usually used when you want to crispy crusts, drain large quantities of secreted juice, or bake a large pie or poultry to perfection.

Rotating spit

Like full-size ovens, compact ovens may have a built-in motor for rotating the rotisserie. With this appliance, you can evenly bake a whole chicken or a large piece of meat.

We would say that the usefulness of the rotisserie is in direct relation to the volume of the chamber: the larger it is, the more relevant the rotisserie, the smaller. the less. Roaster manufacturers seem to know this rule as well as we do: large ovens usually have a rotisserie, but small ovens might not.

Number of mounting levels

Like conventional ovens, compact ovens allow for different heights of grates or trays. The grill can be set on 3 or 4 different levels to customize the distance between the food and the grill, and thus provide the best temperature settings for cooking a particular dish.

Inner chamber material

The inner chamber of the roaster can be made from stainless steel, which is a very durable, although not the easiest to clean (burned drops of fat or juice will not be so easy to wipe off). You can also find enamelled ones that are much easier to clean (but more prone to mechanical damage). expensive devices have a bioceramic surface, which is very good at scrubbing off cinders.

A standard view of the inside of the oven

convection, mini, oven

Presence of light

Better with light than without. That’s probably all you need to know about backlighting in compact ovens. Despite the fact that for most models the presence of a built-in light bulb is a prerequisite, sometimes you will find models without it. So it is better to make sure there is a backlight in the chamber beforehand.

Features of control and automatic cooking programs

Compact ovens are controlled by a mechanical or electronic system that can be either relatively simple or relatively complicated.

A simple mechanical system allows you to turn the heaters on and off, adjust the temperature mechanically (higher/lower), and use a mechanical buzzer timer. serious systems include the precise control of heating (possibility of setting the temperature of heating elements with an accuracy of 5-10 degrees), electronic timer, etc. п.

How a convection oven works

Having dealt with the question of what the term “convection” in the oven means, let’s move directly to the structure of the device. So, from a conventional oven, this differs in the presence of a fan, which is called a convector. That’s what sets the hot air in motion.

The first performs only the function of blowing, the complex one supplements the technique with additional functions:

  • providing additional heating due to the presence of a heating device, i.e. a heating element;
  • Fast cooking of food due to the built-in amplifier;
  • Possibility to cook food on steam in the presence of a steam generator.

Thus, the mode of forced convection is essential if you often cook in the oven, love to bake.

You can do your business by selecting the right mode and turning on the timer

“Most modern ovens are also equipped with an electronic display that shows the current time, baking time, icon of the selected mode.”.

Rating of convection ovens

Let’s see what the most popular models on the market are like

Features table

Model Evaluation criteria
Extras. functions Power to Management Programming Steam humidification Price Total
UNOX XF023 3 3 4 3 2 2 4 21
GEMLUX GL-OR-2265LUX 3 2 4 4 5 2 5 25
Smeg ALFA 43 X 3 2 4 5 2 2 4 22
Tecnoeka EKF 664 UD 4 5 4 5 5 5 4 31
Apach AD44ME ECO 3 3 5 5 2 2 4 24
Apach AD46M ECO 4 3 5 5 2 5 4 28
Abat KEP-10 3 4 5 5 2 5 3 27
GARBIN PICCOLO-M 2 2 5 3 2 5 4 23
Hurakan HKN-XFT133L 3 2 4 3 2 2 4 20
UNOX XFT 193 4 4 5 3 2 5 4 27
GEMLUX GL-OR-1838 3 2 4 5 2 2 3 21
Smeg ALFA 144 GH1 5 4 5 4 5 5 4 32
Abat KEP-6P 5 5 5 4 5 5 4 33
UNOX XB 893 4 5 5 4 2 5 3 28
UNOX XFT 133 4 2 5 4 2 5 4 28

What is the difference between combi steamer and convection oven

15th place. Hurakan HKN-XFT133L

On the fifteenth place of the rating. convection oven of the Chinese brand Hurakan. The device can be used for baking loaves of bread, cooking meat and fish. This compact oven with low power is suitable for small batches. The unit has a timer and smooth temperature control. Accommodates three trays.

On the 14th place. GEMLUX GL-OR-1838

GEMLUX GL-OR-1838 compact stainless steel convection oven. This device has electromechanical control with easy-to-use displays. There is a grill. Functionality and power is small, but the price is affordable. The unit is suitable for small industries or domestic use.

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13 place. UNOX XF023

Reliable convection oven UNOX XF023 with mechanical controls and small size. It is a safe device: the surface and the door are not heated. With DRY technology.Maxi from the unit you can quickly remove the humidity. The oven fits four trays. Rounded corners make it easy to keep it clean. In general, an inexpensive device for small productions.

Position 12. Smeg ALFA 43 X

The Smeg ALFA 43 X is a compact, professional and very high-tech convection oven. It can hold four trays. The appliance has a steam humidification function. It can operate in a combination mode, and this helps make puffy and soft baked goods. The oven has 40 programs, a delayed start, warming up. Features mechanical temperature control, electronic control unit, display.

11th place. GARBIN PICCOLO-M

A unit with low power and a reasonable price. Convenient mechanical control. The oven has different cooking programs and a digital timer for up to 10 hours. Ideal for small and medium sized food outlets. There is a steam humidification.

10th place. Apach AD44ME ECO

The four-tray convection oven with medium power. An optimal solution if you don’t need the steam function. The device has a convenient electromechanical control.

9th place. GEMLUX GL-OR-2265LUX

The GL-OR-2265LUX GL-OR-2265LUX Mini Oven with medium power at an affordable price. At home or for small production. It has automatic cooking programs, which facilitates the work of the new. Intuitive electronic control.

8th place. Abat KEP-10

Very decent unit from the domestic manufacturer. There is a steam humidification. Safety is ensured by the emergency thermal switch. The oven is very capacious. 10 trays.

7th place. UNOX XFT 193

In seventh place in our rating is the Italian mini oven UNOX XFT 193. This is a compact device with a steam humidifier for small catering companies. Quickly removes humidity from the cooking cabinet for easy operation.

Differences between wet convection, intensified convection and dry convection

Anyway, convection is the forced distribution of hot air inside the oven. Dry assumes that the circulation is due to the movement of the fan, reinforced. that the fans have higher power, and with wet, along with the air is accelerated and the steam. Thus, dry convection is suitable for organizing uniform heating of a dish, with the help of intensive it is possible to create a crispy crust, and the damp allows cooking food on steam.

Convection mode can be found in different built-in ovens. both electric and gas. over, even mini ovens (table “boxes” with one or two burners and a small oven) and some microwave ovens are equipped with it.

In a gas-powered oven

Gas stove with a built-in oven saves electricity and does not create unnecessary load on the wiring. In the last few years, these models began to appear and the function of convection. A special fan disperses the air inside the oven, but can not put out the fire (it is designed taking into account the peculiarities of gas ovens). Also, these models have a special function that will block the gas supply in case of danger.

An oven that operates with electricity

Electric ovens are more familiar to most people. Convection is organized with the help of fans that circulate air from the heating elements (you can choose to switch on just one fan or both at once, on both sides). However, this method of cooking will require a large waste of electricity, so you should install the oven only when the wiring is stable.

In the oven with grill function

A special grill-mode is used to cook meat in the oven that tastes like a charcoal grill. For example, this is how you can make a delicious kebab without the charcoal grill and the need to cook outdoors. Convection can be used in aerogrill mode (the fan heats the air evenly) or turbo-grill mode (fans and heating elements work not only evenly, but also quickly).

Application of

The oven’s convection system opens up great possibilities for culinary experiments and greatly simplifies the cooking of complex dishes. Here are a few examples of using the convector:

  • Conventional convection without heat or at low temperature is suitable for heating plates, preparing (raising) dough before baking, for drying berries, herbs, breadcrumbs, peels or fruit slices (50-60 ℃), and for defrosting foods;
  • Wet convection. It is used for steamed dishes (fish, vegetables), baking of baked dough and for sterilizing jars;
  • convector and bottom heater. The mode is suitable for cooking pizza, loaves and open pies;
  • convector and top oven. Used when cooking casseroles, meats, vegetable soufflés;
  • convector and two heaters. Multifunctional mode. Suitable for large roasts (leg of lamb, pig, goose) and for cooking on several levels at the same time. Medium temperature (170-190 ℃) is recommended for baking tall pies and yeast dough, higher temperature (from 200 ℃) for cookies, gingerbread, puff pastry, and large pieces of meat
  • Turbo grill (convector grill overhead heater). Use for cooking large and complex types of food (whole bird or piglet, etc.). п.) As the air mass rotates, it creates a skewer effect and the food is uniformly crusted over its entire surface.

Convector grill mode is suitable for giving products a beautiful crispy crust at the end of cooking and for cooking kebabs in the oven

Important! Convection mode makes the air hotter by 10-15 ℃ and speeds up the cooking process by 30%. Take these facts into account when setting the temperature and timer.

Convection in the oven increases the cost of course, but this feature greatly simplifies and speeds up the cooking process and allows you to create true culinary masterpieces. Cook with pleasure and please your loved ones with new and interesting recipes!

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convection, mini, oven

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The best mini grill ovens

The grill function is designed to cook healthy and delicious dishes without the use of oil. The surface bakes evenly until golden brown.


Convection Mini Oven with Grill and rotisserie will be indispensable in the kitchen of any housewife. Convenient knobs for manual adjustment allow you to set the desired mode of operation. Tempered glass on the hinged door keeps the heat inside the chamber with a capacity of 32 liters. Automatic shut-off timer so you don’t have to distract yourself from your daily chores.

Odorless quality materials.

Solid construction.

Non-stick tray.

Moulinex Optimo OX464810

Another model from the French Moulinex brand: elegant, functional and small-sized. 19-liter mini oven has 6 integrated operating modes, including grill and convector. Rather high maximum temperature of 240 degrees makes it possible not only to cook but also to bake flour products. Fast reheat to preset settings.

Small dimensions.

Easy to control.

Cools down quickly after use.

Does not require any special maintenance.

Steam cooker mode.


The 28-liter medium-capacity oven has a rotary grill function, a built-in convector and an independent heaters mode. Housing is made of heat-resistant plastic that is virtually heat-resistant and the feet do not slip on the countertop. Auto shut-off function protects your appliance and prevents food from burning.

Easy mechanical control with rotary knobs.

convection, mini, oven

Possibility to cook several dishes at the same time on different levels.

The oven lights up internally during cooking.


Traditional model of mini oven with 36 liters net volume, 2 heating elements, overhead grill and mechanical control. 2 trays are included: a standard rectangular tray and a round tray for casseroles and baked goods. What makes this model different from the similar ones, is the heating temperature. The Mini oven heats up to 300 degrees and allows you to cook even more unusual dishes.

High power with low energy consumption.

Large capacity cooking cabinet.

The possibility of using two trays on different levels at the same time.

Steba G 80/31

The grill on this oven has two options: rotating spit and grill. A special drip tray makes cleaning the inside very easy. Mechanical controls let you set the time and heat intensity. In addition, there are special preset modes: defrosting, cooking. Model feature. two door opening radius. side and top.

Non-stick coating.

Recipe book on a turntable.

German assembly.

Oursson MO4225

Thanks to the combination of convector and grill, the possibility of independently switching on the top and bottom heater oven works in 12 modes. Manually adjustable with 4 rotary knobs. Built-in mechanical timer automatically turns off the appliance when the set time expires. The surface of the oven is coated with EasyClean. Useful volume of 42 liters. 3 trays are provided as standard.

Extra pizza plate.

12 operating mode combinations.

Double glazed door.

Oven with or without convection: which is better?

To decide which is better, a conventional oven or a circulating air oven, you can recollect why convection is needed. It is essential for use at low temperatures: to dry vegetables, herbs, fruit, meat, meringue.

Best Convection Oven for Kitchen In 2022

And if you’re cooking in the oven predominantly at high temperatures, the convection function can help keep food moist. However, you can keep the juiciness of food in a regular oven at the right temperature.

Oven convection is a feature that helps improve food quality and taste. If necessary, this option can be dispensed with, although it saves time and simplifies the cooking process.

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