What is dangerous after laser hair removal?

Can you go to the solarium after hair removal?

Today there are many ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation. And one of the most frequently asked questions, whether you can go to the solarium after hair removal. In the vast majority of cases, the answer is no. It is necessary to wait a few days before going to tanning.

A trip to the solarium after waxing must be postponed, as complications can arise. The fact is that hair removal makes the epidermis sensitive and vulnerable, the skin needs care and special protection from UV radiation. If you go immediately after hair removal to tanning, there is a risk of such side effects:

  • redness;
  • irritation;
  • burns;
  • The appearance of pigment spots;
  • black spots;
  • ingrown hairs;
  • mechanical damage to the epidermis.

over, experts recommend limiting UV exposure not only after, but also before the procedure. Some types of hair removal will not produce the desired effect after sunburned skin.

Should you sunbathe before laser hair removal??

Laser hair removal allows to forget about hair for a long time. The peculiarity of this technique is that the laser beam affects the pigment, destroying the hairs and disrupting the activity of the bulb. As the amount of melanin in the skin after solarium and sunburn will increase, the effectiveness of the procedure will be much lower. In addition, there is an increased risk of allergic reactions and burns.

Photoepilation and solarium

Earlier photoepilation after sunburn was forbidden. This was due to the fact that the flashes of light affect the hair follicles, a long stay in the sun or tanning bed less than two to three weeks before the session of hair removal could lead to thermal burns during the procedure.

But today uses modern equipment, providing a low impact on the skin, because to give up tanning for such a long period is not necessary. But still on the effectiveness of the procedure this fact also affects negatively.

Hair removal with wax and shugaring before the solarium

If you are going to get rid of hair with wax or sugar depilation, you should also postpone going to the solarium. Waxing in this way involves the removal of the upper layer of epidermis, because the tan will not lie evenly. In addition, there is a risk of irritation.

How effective is the procedure

According to statistics, the method allows to eliminate up to 99% of unnecessary vegetation for the period from 6 to 10 years. The duration of the effect is individual for each person, as it depends on the hair type, thickness and other physiological factors.

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The technique is based on the impact of light energy on hair follicles. The beam of light penetrates into the bulbs, heating them and destroying the melanin they contain. As a result, the follicle is completely destroyed, and the hair itself falls out after 10-14 days.

It is worth mentioning that after the first procedure only a part of the hair is removed. on average 10 to 30%. Because of this laser hair removal is carried out as a course, because the effect of one session will be not long lasting. For the complete removal of vegetation many patients enough 5-8 sessions. But this figure is individual and depends on many parameters.

Is it possible that the procedure has no effect?? With the correct execution of the event and the use of quality equipment, the result is sure to be. Of course, there are some “buts”. For example, the procedure is not performed on gray hair. they have no melanin, which means that the light beam will not have any effect on them.

Many patients who previously underwent laser hair removal procedure in other clinics, complain that the effect was extremely insignificant. Most likely it was due to low power of the laser used and incorrect technique. If the session is performed according to technique and the right settings of the device, the positive result will be in almost 100% of cases.

Possible consequences and side effects of laser hair removal

The incompetence of the cosmetologist and ignoring the contraindications can cause unpleasant consequences.

Can laser hair removal cause cancer?

To the late side effects include scars, increased hair growth, hyperpigmentation. During epilation of axillae with diode and alexandrite laser, bromhidrosis, leukotrichia may develop.

Complications: how to avoid or minimize them?

There are no health consequences of laser hair removal, if you choose the beautician responsibly.

A competent specialist will choose the device, the type of radiation, exposure parameters, taking into account individual characteristics of the client.

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The patient himself should study the contraindications, consult with his doctor. He will advise to complete the treatment or prescribe a drug. For example, in the presence of herpes virus two days before hair removal take antiviral drugs. Before the sessions, the beautician will tell you the rules of preparation for the procedure. All recommendations must be strictly adhered to.

Myths about laser hair removal

The most widespread myth about removing follicles with a laser is the danger of diseases. There is an opinion that the consequence of bikini laser hair removal is infertility, and underarm treatment. breast cancer. It is impossible, as the rays affect only a hair or its “root”. Waves are short, penetrating only the surface layer of the dermis.

INFINITY network of laser hair removal salons offers services of qualified cosmetologists. Epilation of any zone is performed at a reasonable price.

Waxing will cause burns

Modern diode lasers use a powerful contact cooling system for the manipula, which minimizes the risk of burns. And burns are possible only if an inexperienced beautician works with you.

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Most people lose most of their hair after four or five treatments. Other part needs more sessions. The result of laser hair removal depends on individual features, such as hair type, thickness, color, hormonal background, type of laser used and others. And to say that the hair will disappear forever is wrong. Even the equipment manufacturers indicate a time frame of no more than 8 years. That’s assuming preventive treatment every two to three months. And, yes hair will almost immediately become thinner and less noticeable.

Is it possible to sunbathe after epilation

After laser hair removal the skin needs gentle care. To restore local immunity and elasticity of the skin it is necessary to use nourishing and sunscreen. In order to protect the skin after the procedure, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Visiting baths and saunas;
  • Do not sunbathe for 14 days;
  • Repeated epilation with wax strips;
  • Treatment of skin with aggressive alcohol-containing products;
  • Massage of the treated zones;
  • Traveling under direct sunlight without using sunscreen with SPF protection.

The greatest carefulness it is necessary to have people who have decided to carry out laser hair removal on the face. To avoid the appearance of pigment spots and burns on the skin, it is better to refrain from applying foundation and BB-cream. Wearing sunscreen with SPF30 before going outdoors.

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Skin care after the first waxing

  • Avoiding hot tubs. Doctors-cosmetologists recommend not to take a hot bath or shower on the first day after the epilation session. And bathing and sauna are prohibited until the irritation characteristic to the laser exposure has passed, which may take several days to a week. In the first day it is better to restrict water procedures at all, and if necessary. to take a short cool shower, trying not to use on the epilated skin any detergents. This will prevent the development of irritation. Generally, it is better to minimize thermal influence at first. Also it is recommended not to swim in the pool until the healing of the upper skin layer, because chlorine promotes irritation of the epidermis;

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To minimize the probability of UV exposure on the epilated area, it is better to perform laser hair removal procedure in autumn and winter.

After the first laser hair removal session less than half of the hairs will be removed.

The increased melanin in skin after tanning decreases the effect of the next epilation session. Besides at laser hair removal on a tanned skin burns are possible. Otherwise red or brownish spots, peeling, black spots may appear on the waxed parts, and the hair destruction procedure will be less effective. It is allowed to use self-tanning a week after the first session, but on condition that there is no skin irritation. The best way to relieve irritation means that contain panthenol or aloe juice to promote healing.

General recommendations after laser hair removal procedure

When the procedure is complete, you need to carefully observe the skin. Sometimes allergic and inflammatory reactions may occur. They manifest themselves within a day. To relieve irritation or redness, you can use anti-inflammatory creams. It is worth giving preference to products that have a soothing effect.

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Additionally acceptable to use lotions, which include herbal extracts. But the use of bath cosmetics that can provoke irritation is categorically not recommended. It is better to temporarily renounce the use of gels and soaps. You can return to them after the skin has fully healed. If the treatment was done underarms, it is better to temporarily refuse to use deodorant.

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In the case of allergic reactions is recommended to take antihistamines. On the place of exposure is permissible application of compresses or ointments with anti-allergic composition. The preparations can be selected together with the cosmetologist. Doctors accompany the patient after the procedure, giving recommendations for further care. Do not self-treat. In case of any problems it is necessary to immediately contact a specialist.

What not to do after laser hair removal?

It is important to know that laser hair removal slightly injures the skin, so after the procedure is necessary to treat the treated area with maximum care, for example, do not visit the sauna.

After laser hair removal, no actions that can harm the skin as well as reduce the effectiveness of the performed procedure should be taken.

Try to follow some rules to avoid complications after the session. Here is a list of manipulations that you can not do.

  • Let the hair exposed to water during the first day after the treatment. Water can make slight inflammation worse.
  • Going to the bathhouse, taking a bath, taking hot showers, rubbing the skin with a sponge, using soap in the first three days. Intense moist heat and friction can cause intense peeling of the skin, as well as painful sensations.
  • Going out without sunscreen for two weeks. SPF level should not be less than 30 to reliably prevent pigmentation.
  • Visiting a tanning salon and sunbathing. also for two weeks to avoid sunburns.
  • Using cosmetics with alcohol, or exfoliating scrubs.
  • Remove in any way the hair roots remaining after laser treatment. in a week the process of destruction of the hair follicles will complete and they will fall out by themselves.
  • If you are undergoing laser hair removal course (the course usually includes 5. 6 sessions), and during the pause between the sessions there appears a necessity to remove hairs, you should not pull them out with an epilator, wax or tweezers. so you prevent laser to destroy follicles during the next session. It is better to use a machine or depilatory cream, and at least a week before the procedure.

The cosmetic procedures are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

After laser hair removal it is forbidden to tan and visit solarium, take a hot bath, use a scrub on the treated laser area, remove the remaining hairs.

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