What is polymer wax for depilation

Polymeric wax for depilation VANILLA-DELICATE, 1000g

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The fully synthetic polymer wax is ideal for waxing delicate areas. Gentle white wax with a light vanilla scent works effectively on wet areas and mucous membranes. The wax’s unique formula helps remove even short, shaved hairs. The synthetic base makes the wax more easily meltable and suitable for sensitive skin. Thanks to its high tenacity, the VANILLA-DELICATE wax offers excellent results on hair with deep follicle deposits, making it ideal for men’s depilation. The special plasticity of the composition enables even application, ensuring conformity on uneven surfaces. The wax is gentle on delicate skin without damaging the delicate skin.

polymer, depilation

Purpose: body and facial depilation.

Directions for use: for professional use.

Bioactive composition: oil of castor oil seeds.

Polymer wax for depilation

Product composition (INCI): Polycyclopentadiene, Cera Microcristallina, Cera Alba (White Beeswax), Paraffin, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, CI 77891, Parfum.

  • Warm the wax in the heater to a temperature of 40-42°C.
  • Degrease and clean the skin with a special cleanser.
  • Cover dry skin with talcum powder.
  • Using the spatula, apply a small amount of wax in a thin layer on the work area, without taking into account the direction of hair growth, towards yourself.
  • Wait 3-5 seconds for the wax to harden.
  • Before pulling the skin in the direction opposite to the tear, remove the wax in a sharp movement in the direction away from you parallel to the skin.
  • Repeat the procedure on the remaining areas.
  • After waxing, apply a special product after waxing. Apply a protective barrier.

Cosmetic: we recommend the use of the ULTRA ENZYME ingrown hair treatment line.

Precautions: intended for professional use. Consult with a specialist before use. Do not apply on damaged skin.

Waxes for depilation

What wax to buy in Novosibirsk. in granules or cartridges? Which one removes hair more safely, quickly, easily and effectively?

A cartridge is a small container with a roller on top that is filled with hardened wax. Roller is needed to make waxing the skin more comfortable. Before you start the procedure, you need to melt the wax. You need to use a wax-melter (it is acceptable to do it in the microwave, but the special equipment is much more convenient and safe) at a temperature of 37-38 degrees.

Polymer wax vs regular wax

Polymer wax grips the hair, not the skin. Therefore, its removal is not accompanied by painful sensations, and, accordingly, the customer feels more comfortable.

Low melting point, eliminating possibility of burns. Polymeric wax heats up to an optimal temperature for humans 36-37 ° C, while conventional. up to 50-60 ° C.

Can be used on all hair types and lengths, including down and bristly hair.

No limited area to wax, making wax polymers suitable for all zones, even large ones. The technique of polymer waxing is fundamentally different from working with wax in the usual sense for us. This wax can be safely applied in different directions. both along the mowing line of hair growth and against, and after treatment the skin does not remain sticky.

What kind of wax is better: hot or cold?

– Cold waxes for depilation

The question of which cold wax is better, generally should not arise before the depilation. Only products sold in cosmetic stores in the form of ready-made wax strips fall into this category. It is intended for home use, does not require any special accessories.

Those who have tried this method of depilation know that it is uncomfortable and ineffective. Often the result of the procedure is disappointing. Hair is not pulled out with the root, and break. Some of it even stays in place. The wax itself may stick to the skin and not come off with the strip when ripped off. Have to scrub it off with oil, and if that method doesn’t work, wash it off with water and detergent.

Obviously, for professional activities, this method is categorically not suitable. Clients who come for the procedure expect to get perfect smooth skin without irritation and wax residue on it. Therefore, it is better to replace the cold wax with warm or hot.

– Warm waxes for depilation

This is a great option for professional depilation. Such waxes should be in the arsenal of every master. They are easily applied to the skin and perfectly come off the skin with the captured hairs. Before the procedure, the product is heated slightly (to a temperature slightly higher than human body temperature). This ensures the most comfortable procedure. Different types of wax melts are used for heating, depending on whether the wax is used in a cartridge or in a jar.

The product is also applied to the skin using different methods. If it is a can wax, spatulas (disposable or sterilized) are used. If the wax cartridges are selected, the wax is distributed over the surface by the integrated roller. After the material is applied, a special disposable strip is glued to the skin, which is then removed with a quick movement along with the wax and hair.

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Warm wax is normally used on large areas (legs, arms, back, buttocks, etc).д.). However, if the hair is very thick (more often it is with men, but sometimes with women as well), the preference is given to the hot wax to increase the adhesion to the material and to remove unwanted vegetation more effectively and painlessly.

Regarding the composition of the products, more often the warm waxes are polymer or natural. Semi-polymer variants are less common, but in the range of some firms (for example, Elseda) there are such variants. The density of products that involve warm use also varies. As already mentioned, the thicker the hair, the greater the density of the wax is suitable for the procedure.

– Hot waxes for depilation

Such products are sold in beads, discs, pellets and jars. often they are semi-polymeric and fully synthetic, less often natural. As the name suggests, hot waxes also require heating, only in this case the temperature is set higher than for warm waxes. In professional activities, microwaves are rarely used for heating. often use special wax melters (can, cassette or combined).

Hot wax is better suited for thick and stiff hair, ideal for treating the bikini and armpit areas. After heating the product to the desired temperature, it is applied to the selected area with a spatula or a special spatula. The wax warms the skin, opens the pores. Thanks to it even short hairs are enveloped by the applied composition. Once the material has thickened, it comes off gently but sharply, leaving behind smooth, clean skin.

Film or polymer waxes for depilation

A wide range of cosmetic products from year to year produced around the world, changing the composition of cosmetics, introduced innovative formulas. The cosmetics market is full of variety and depilation waxes are no exception.

The range of products for waxing has a lot of the most diverse means for removing hair. These are film and warm waxes, wax cartridges and braces (plates/beads) or even wax strips.

The most professional, for depilation masters, is considered to work with film waxes. When working with them, the master heats up in a special wax-melter. wax, and applies it with a spatula to the client’s skin, and then removes. Here begins the main difference between the two types of professional waxes. warm (they are removed only in strips because of too thin, almost invisible, layer of application on the skin) or film (removed in a single sheet).

Very often, would-be masters talk about waxes and polymers as separate products for waxing. In fact, the confusion between the two terms occurred at a time when they began to create new modern products for depilation on the basis of traditional waxes.

When creating film waxes, synthetic compounds began to be added to their composition. polymers (Copolymer or Polymer), which, thanks to their properties, provide elasticity and the ability of the material, at the molecular level, to “adjust” to mechanical action, reducing the fragility of stretching.

Such waxes became known as film waxes or polymer waxes. Both of these words describe the same products. But often, by mistake, they are assigned to different groups of waxes, which, of course, is wrong.

Депиляция воском

Polymeric waxes are considered more innovative and modern for depilation, they are anatomically distributed on the skin, which increases the tenacity of the wax with the hairs even in the “hard” and “hot” areas.

Pluses polymeric waxes are obvious: they do not require additional accessories for removal (strips), they can be applied to large surfaces, they depilate intimate areas.

Among the range of film waxes quite a large number of hypoallergenic, due to the synthetic components in the composition. Waxes can be scented or unscented, and from an aesthetic standpoint such waxes can be quite varied in color. Flavors and color are added to create a broader range and appeal.

Of course, the main importance for the work of the master is the composition of the wax. Often, despite similar ingredients in the composition of the wax from different manufacturers, they have completely different properties, which is due to different percentages or the presence of other components in the composition.

Polymeric waxes, as a rule, are produced in pellets (you can often find references to the terms “candies”, “grains”, etc.).д.). Waxes in granules allow you to heat it evenly to a suitable temperature. The granules slowly dissolve in special jars for heating the wax and the depilation master, stirring the wax, creates a homogeneous wax consistency.

Film waxes are different in texture: they can be gel, liquid, cream, which facilitates the choice of the master at work. They can also be specially formulated for certain areas or be vegan, allowing the depilation master to offer a wider range of services to his clients.

Before waxing the client’s skin, the depilation masters should always follow the Cirepil depilation protocol: cleansing the skin with Blue lotion and moisturizing the skin with Jasmine oil. Test the wax on the back of the hand (we recommend putting the wax on a glove to avoid permanent mechanical damage during the operation). Test the wax on the client in the same way. Wax the area to be depilated, wait for the wax to harden and remove it according to technique. Then apply one of the skin care products after waxing.

polymer, depilation

Film wax does not lose its qualities when cured or repeatedly heated, which is also a plus when using it, especially when delivered to remote regions at different temperatures.

So, polymeric waxes are the waxes of the latest generation; thanks to the unique composition after hardening they remain elastic; do not require special means for removal and, with proper training of the master, provide a comfortable work and care for the client.

Polymer or still WOOD? Learn to understand waxes for waxing.

How to learn to understand depilation waxes? How waxes differ from each other? What’s in a wax? What to look for when buying a wax? In order to answer these questions, it is enough just to take a package of wax and look at the composition of.

We asked our colleagues from Italwax for a quick overview of the most popular waxes for waxing on the cosmetic market and to compare the ingredients. We won’t show you the brands for obvious reasons; we only read the components of the waxes.

What is polymer wax for depilation

Epilation or depilation? It’s an individual and conscious choice. If the second option caught your fancy, you can immediately pick up the necessary materials from the brand Aravia Professional. The advantage of wax is that such a procedure you can easily perform yourself at home, and thus save both money and time! And you will have smoother legs all year long. And no need to worry that you didn’t have time to make an appointment before an important date.

Features of Lavender-Sensitive polymer depilation wax from Aravia Professional brand:

Warm up the wax in the heater to a temperature of 40-42 C. 2. Degrease and clean the skin with a special cleanser. 3. Treat dry skin with a small amount of talcum powder for depilation. 4. Using a spatula, apply a small amount of wax in a thin layer to the area to be treated, without regard to the direction of hair growth, towards yourself. 5. Wait 10-15 seconds for the wax to harden. 6. With the skin pre-tensioned in the direction opposite to the tear, remove the wax in a sharp movement in the direction away from you parallel to the skin. 7. Repeat the procedure on the remaining area. 8. At the end of the procedure to treat the skin with a special lotion or oil after depilation. Apply protective cream.

Polycyclopentadiene, Cera Microcristallina, Cera Alba (White Beeswax), Paraffin, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, CI 77891, CI 60725, Linalool.


The products of “Arabia” are very popular among beauticians and those who plan to do hair removal polymer wax at home. Waxes of this brand have become the leader in consumer reviews. The Aravia Professional portfolio includes three different formulations.

  • Natural. Polymeric film wax with a neutral resin odor. Rubber polymers, emollient lanolin and beeswax. These ingredients make the mass particularly plastic, have a soothing effect on the skin and prevent inflammation. Natural resins in the structure cause a good adhesion of the paste with the hairs. In addition, they have pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. Beeswax gives a special elasticity, so the composition quickly dispersed over the surface of the body with a thin film, which completely eliminates overspending. This is especially convenient when working with large surfaces. One sheet of wax removes in one go and no accessories are needed. The pleasant light scent of spruce borax is not irritating even if you wax all day long.
  • Lavender. Wax formulation with a distinct lavender scent. It contains anti-inflammatory components, which is why the wax is recommended for extremely sensitive skin. The main ingredient is a hypoallergenic polymer. The presence of titanium dioxide with white beeswax results in a pleasant creamy texture and gives a special softness to the composition, eliminating the stickiness. The wax is enriched with castor oil and French lavender extract. they have a disinfectant effect, prevent redness and inflammation of the skin and heal wounds. In addition, the smell of lavender helps to relax and calm the client during treatment. The wax is quickly distributed on the skin, grips even very short hairs, comes off in one track.
  • Vanilla. A mild product, ideal for the treatment of intimate areas. A similar composition to lavender. It’s based on a synthetic polymer formulated specifically for the most sensitive of skins, which gives the wax extra plasticity. Titanium dioxide and beeswax make the structure soft, eliminates stickiness of the hands, and the inclusion of extracted from castor oil seeds disinfects and reduces inflammation. No rosin in the composition. Slightly sweet odor is provided by the inclusion of vanilla. The wax easily adapts to the body shape, grips even very short bristles when applied, retains its performance in wetter areas.

Equally popular are the products of the Brazilian company Skins and the Italian brand White Line (ITALWAX). They are the biggest players in the market, producing the most diverse products for removing body hair. Brand waxes are common among professional craftsmen.

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