What is the best split system for a private home

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Other alternatives to climate technology

Multi split systems are several indoor units that are connected to one outdoor unit. They are usually used in houses with a non-standard layout, where the owners do not want to have several outdoor units throughout the house. Indoor units operate independently of each other (the temperature in different rooms can be adjusted differently). Multi-systems are much more expensive than usual conditioners. Their installation is also very expensive. Therefore, it is much more convenient to put in each room in separate splits.

  • Floor-mounted home conditioner is usually bought for temporary use. It can be easily moved from a room to a room or taken with somebody to a country place. These models are especially popular among the owners of rented apartments. Modern floor-mounted conditioners have adjustable or automatic modes for setting the necessary temperature, but in comparison with wall-mounted “split” conditioners they are inferior to the last ones in many respects.
  • Window type devices, used to be very popular, but are already outdated now. They can still be found on sale, but they are not in demand.

Other types of air conditioners are practically not used in houses.

Conditioners are sold in specialized companies, in the departments of home appliances in hypermarkets and in Internet-shops. The first variant is still the most correct for buying, because it gives you the opportunity to choose properly and to get a high-grade installation. You can ask questions to the managers and on the ground of this answer to decide which conditioner to buy for your home.

Full classification

During the last 20 years the demand for air conditioners for office and home has increased manifold. Everybody wants to create the cozy conditions for work and rest in any season. Home appliance stores offer an impressive range of air conditioners and split systems for the home. But it is very difficult to choose one model. If you want your eyes to stop running away from the abundance of variants, you should get into the subject beforehand.

So, there are three main classifications that make the choice of an air conditioner for a house, apartment or office easier.

Multi-Zone Mini-Split System vs Central A/C in Home (2019) Cooper&Hunter

According to the type of construction

Household units for air purification and refreshing are subdivided into three groups:

  • Monoblock . Have one unit that contains compressor, evaporator, condenser and other additional elements. In turn, there are evaporative, mobile and window air conditioners in the house. The last ones are seldom met, as they are nearly out of use. Mobile units are good because they can be installed anywhere, and can even be transported, for example, to the cottage in the heat of the summer. Evaporative air conditioners to offices and apartments are bought more often than other. They are easy to install, do not require any alterations of interior and permits from architects and plumbers. Fig. monoblock conditioners
  • Split-systems. These complex designs help competently organize the air conditioning of the country house and any other large dwelling at the highest level. They consist of two units: external and internal. All powerful and noisy elements of the device are placed outside, which is definitely convenient. Split-system air-conditioning system is power-saving, space-saving, and characterized by a long lifetime. However, it is worth remembering that its installation will cost a considerable amount of money and will require permits from authorized government agencies, owners of apartment buildings.
  • Multi-split systems.These units are considered a subset of the previous, but have long become a full-fledged separate group. Multi-split-systems are air conditioners for 2 and more indoor units. At that one general block with powerful technical stuffing is left outside, which helps to create microclimate even in big premise. Multi-split-systems are considered as the best conditioners for a house. Additionally, these complex devices are divided into three popular types:
  • cassette air conditioners. units mounted in suspended ceilings with ventilation in all directions, which helps to evenly distribute the flow and cool the air;
  • ducted air conditioning. Distinguished by a hidden indoor unit and laying of air ducts at large sites (shopping centers, factories, offices and country estates);
  • column multi-split-system For homes and offices is installed when installation into ceilings or walls is impossible. These air conditioners with two or more indoor units are made in the form of columns, are characterized by high capacity and upward air discharge.

According to the type of installation

Depending on the place of installation, there are 4 types of air conditioning systems:

  • Window. Obsolete type of installation used for monoblocks. In this case, the device is half placed indoors, and the other part of it is mounted outdoors. Such models are not compatible with modern double-glazed windows and are rarely available on the market. This is the most common installation option when choosing air conditioners for the office, home, apartment and even cottage. Inner blocks of such split-systems are notable for nice stylish design, which makes possible to place the units without damaging the interior. All split-systems with one or more inside blocks are installed on the walls in 80% of cases. Versatile option for shopping centers and offices. Installation of conditioners on 2 inside blocks, three, five and even ten will not have any problems at their installation under the ceiling or on the floor. Glass walls of trade premises in such buildings are not suitable at all for installation of any type of units. That is why such variant will be especially successful.
  • Ceiling conditioners for a house. This group includes cassette air conditioners. Channel and columnar systems, because all their inner blocks are mainly mounted in a false ceiling. Powerful compressors and a special air atomization allow a uniform adjustment of the indoor climate.

What conditioner to choose for a house: linear or inverter one?

And one more important classification will allow you to organize safe cooling and heating of your home with air conditioner. Before you buy a unit, it is important to remember that there are two options for the electric control system:

    Smooth and continuous variation of the motor rotation speed is meant. It helps to regulate the air temperature without sharp fluctuations and not to create discomfort. In such split systems and monoblocks, the compressor constantly operates at full capacity, and when the set points of t o are reached, the motor is switched off. Such differences often become the reason of illnesses of all people who are in a room.

Before you choose air conditioner for your home, pay attention to this peculiarity of compressor’s work in order to regulate temperature in a room softly and smoothly.

Rating of manufacturers

On one hand, a homeowner wants to buy a qualitative appliance, but on the other hand he wants to understand how much costs a good conditioner. All products are conditionally divided into 3 price categories. low, middle and high. We recommend to buy units from the last two groups. buying a cheap cooler is always a lottery.

The highest category includes the following brands:

If you pay a lot of money for the conditioners of the listed firms, you will be sure in longevity, profitability and reliability of the device you bought. The plastic case will not go yellow, the compressor will not rattle in the middle of the night, and its output will be enough in any heat.

Heavy Industries and Electric. 2 separate subdivisions of Mitsubishi, producing the same quality air-conditioning equipment

Manufacturers of lower class (middle category) are not inferior to the “grandes” in quality, but split-systems are much cheaper:

You should notice that in this list among South-Korean brands there are also Chinese firms. Indeed, Haier and Midea brands have proven to be confident “middles”, deserving trust.

It is unreal to name the firms of low category, and it is senseless. In China there are factories that start working “for a season” and produce a lot of coolers from cheap components with unknown names. So you should not save much on the air conditioner, the minimum price threshold is 300

How to choose an air conditioner for a country house?

First of all, when choosing and buying an air conditioner for a country house, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Power. The main technical characteristic. Necessary value of power will depend on the heat inflows, area, presence of additional heat sources. Only expert can correctly calculate the necessary capacity of climatic system. If cold-productivity of the chosen air conditioner is not enough, it will not cope with the task of cooling air up to the necessary temperature. If capacity is excessive the power consumption will increase.
  • Energy Efficiency. This parameter defines the electricity consumption for the given cooling capacity. The equipment with high energy efficiency classes (A and above) consumes the electric power most carefully.
  • Type of compressor. For the big country house it is better to choose the inverter conditioner that has a lower noise level, smoothness of temperature regulation and low power consumption.
  • Air. In case the country house is located in the ecologically clean area, it is worth to focus not on the filtration system, but on the possibility of providing the inflow of fresh air from the outside.
  • Automation. In modern air conditioners many functions are automated that provides the user even more comfort.
  • Design. The air conditioner is an element of the interior and exterior of the country house. Split-system (or multisplit-system) has one outdoor unit, which can be neatly placed on the wall, on the balcony or in a niche. Inner units should match the design of the interior of the rooms.

To choose an air conditioner for a country house, use our selection calculator.

Choosing the type of air conditioner for the cottage

The most popular solutions for private houses and cottages:

Wall split-system

Probably the most popular variant of air conditioning for an apartment or a cottage. Wall-split-system consists of two units: indoor unit is installed indoors, and the outdoor one is disposed on the facade, balcony or on the roof. Compressor of the conditioner is located in the outdoor unit, and as a rule the indoor units have a comfortable noise level (modern models demonstrate the indices from 19 dB, which borders with soundlessness).

  • One split-system can cool only one room. Correspondingly for air-conditioning of several premises it will be required as many split-systems. big number of outside units will affect the facade of the building.
best, split, system, private, home


Multi-split system. is a split-system, in which it is possible to connect several indoor units installed in different parts of the house to one outdoor unit.

  • The main advantage is less, in comparison with the usual split-system, number of outside blocks, which allows saving a place on the outside wall of the building and not to overload it with blocks;
  • Possibility to connect from 2 to 8 indoor units to one outdoor unit;
  • Ease of operation;
  • The indoor units are able to operate in different temperature modes.

Duct semiindustrial split-system

Popular solution for air conditioning of a private house, cottage ducted split system, which indoor unit is installed behind a suspended ceiling, due to what it is not in the visibility zone. The air is distributed through a system of insulated air ducts, which are also located in the ceiling space.

  • Concealed installation: complete preservation of the interior design;
  • One system can condition two or three adjoining rooms simultaneously;
  • It is possible to get fresh air from a street and this allows to use ducted split-system also for a ventilation of a premise.
  • Operating the system in only one mode for all rooms
  • Lowering ceilings
  • Costs of air ducts with grilles and installation work

Multi-zone system

Multi-zone system (VRF). is a complex engineering equipment used for air conditioning of buildings with many rooms. In addition, the use of VRF-systems is relevant if the object needs to be separate, zoned temperature control and provide increased comfort requirements.

  • Advantage of multizone system as compared to split and multi-split systems is the greater length of interblock communications, which allows placing outdoor units in any convenient place (on the roof, in the basement, on the technical floor, away from the building);
  • Allows to connect several dozens of different types of indoor units to one outdoor unit so the façade of the building is not overloaded with outdoor units;
  • A wide range of internal blocks allows preserving the design concept of any premise;
  • Multizone system is convenient for air conditioning of buildings with a large number of rooms where separate (zonal) temperature regulation is required: separate parameters of operation modes (in cooling and heating modes) can be set for each indoor unit;
  • VRF systems are more resistant to.к. If one outdoor unit fails, the load is automatically redistributed to the other units;
  • Unlike conventional air conditioners, indoor units of multizone systems have a higher accuracy of maintaining the set temperature. up to ±0.5 ° C;
  • Multizone system allows you to design a complete solution, combining air conditioning, ventilation and heating;
  • High efficiency and low power consumption;
  • All units in multi-zone systems Fujitsu (up to 3 outdoor and 64 indoor) are connected to the same piping system that simplifies the installation work and leaves the prospect of expanding the system;
  • Low noise level of multizone system blocks opens wide opportunities of its operation.

Parameters for choosing an air conditioner for a country house

While choosing an air conditioner for a cottage or a private house it is recommended to pay attention to several important parameters.

  • The power of the device with the calculation of the area of the room.
  • Noise level when working. The most powerful devices are very noisy, so they create a characteristic discomfort for the residents, especially at night. Lowest and optimum noise level. 20-24 dB.
  • Reliability of the climate equipment. The qualitative conditioners from the checked manufacturers cost more expensive, but they will work longer and do their job perfectly. Cheap Chinese appliances fail quickly, which will incur additional costs to repair or buy new equipment.
  • Air cleaning system. Pay attention to the filters installed in the device.
  • Type of compressor. For a country house, an inverter model is the best solution.
  • In order not to form in the air conditioner’s block after each switching off the pathogenic environment which promotes the appearance of mold, choose the model with a built-in self-cleaning system.
  • Also the function of self-diagnostics will not be harmful.
  • If you plan to use the device all year round, get a model with two operating modes. cooling and heating. Additional functions of a conditioner are only at buyer’s wish.

The important criterion of choice of the air conditioner for a private house is the mounting method. If the design of inner rooms allows to make a hidden installation of blocks of equipment you can choose the highly effective and aesthetic channel conditioner.

Air conditioners for a house. How to choose?

Before to tell how to choose an air conditioner for the house, let’s define the basic notions. Customers do not always feel the difference between air conditioning and ventilation, we would like to correct this.

Air conditioning is a cooling system that operates in recirculation mode. Air conditioning lowers its temperature and maintains the temperature you set, but does not affect air exchange. Some models have a fresh air mixing function, but they are not able to provide enough fresh air for the total comfort of the occupants.

Whereas the ventilation system provides a controlled air exchange in the rooms, creating a comfortable and healthy microclimate. It is responsible for air quality: it recycles human excreted carbon dioxide (CO2), delivers fresh, pre-cleaned air from the street at a comfortable temperature (in the case of ventilation with heat recovery).

best, split, system, private, home

Let’s return to choosing air conditioner for a private house or cottage. Choosing it is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

In conditions of a huge choice of climatic equipment on the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary people to buy an air conditioner that best suits their requirements. In stores you can find a wide range of all sorts of devices from different countries of production, which differ in basic principles of operation, variety of functions, price. The given places in the rating are conventional. The choice of each will depend on the parameters that are in the foreground for you. all depends on the requirements for a particular type of air conditioning systems.

Our company presents a large rating of air conditioners. Analysis was conducted for the devices of inverter and non-inverter types, taking into account feedback and opinions of partners, customers of our company. These types of devices are fundamentally different in the way they control the operation of the compressor. Therefore, for a more objective assessment requires a separate comparison.

This TOP of air conditioners refers only to household appliances, designed for use in living rooms of apartments, houses and cottages, offices, offices, small stores.

The comparison is made by our experts according to basic criteria:

  • System Energy Efficiency Ratio in cooling EER/SEER and heating COP/SCOP mode, more details of which can be found in our article “What are EER/COP and SEER/SCOP Energy Efficiency Ratios?”(the parameter is specified that is confirmed by certificate). For example, air conditioner can effectively operate even at the temperature of.15 C, while according to the documents, it is approved and tested to work at.10 C (no test at lower temperatures).
  • Energy efficiency class.
  • Type of Freon.
  • Heating and cooling operation temperature range.
  • Sound pressure level of indoor unit (dB).
  • Sound pressure level of outdoor unit (dB).
  • Number of operating variations of shutters of indoor unit (including the possibility to control them by remote control or only in manual mode).
  • Absence/presence of so called presence sensor or “clever eye”, which allows to divert air flows from the place, where a person is, automatically.
  • Additional (unique) functionality.
  • The possibility to choose the color of the inside unit.
  • The country of registration of the brand/country of production of the equipment
  • Equipment warranty.

Buying air conditioner is a perfect solution for creating a comfortable microclimate in the apartment or in a private house. Modern devices are able not only to cool the air in a short time, but also heat it to a desired temperature. Thanks to the rating of popular models it is easy to make the right choice.

An air conditioner is a complex system that requires a careful attitude. You will need professional installation as well as regular maintenance in the future when you purchase the device. Split-systems are divided into two blocks. inside and outside. Due to such design the devices are different:

Such air conditioners are suitable for office as well as for a private house or apartment. The devices not only heat and cool the air but also ionize it. Models are designed for different areas and can serve the premises from 15 to 90 square meters.

The main thing that should be taken into consideration when deciding which splitsystem to choose for your apartment is its power. There is a special formula for calculating the necessary figures. 1 kW per 10 square metres of floor space, but the specifics of the room must be taken into account. м. 1 kW is required, but the specifics of the room must also be taken into account. For each person living in the apartment should be added to 100 watts, and in the office should increase the power at the rate of. 200-300 watts per 1 working computer.

If there is a heater in the room, you should also take it into account. Generally, it is the advisers or managers who make the calculations on the basis of the information about the room. Professionals will help you not only to determine the required capacity of the device, but also to give useful tips.

Before you choose the best split-system for your apartment you should understand the kind of devices. There are the following types of models:

  • Wall mounted units. This is the most popular type, suitable for offices and apartments. These devices are equipped with the maximum number of functions. Models have quality air filters, possess air ionizers and can regulate the air streams.
  • Multi split systems. The units consist of 2-4 indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. Systems are capable of heating and cooling homes, multi-bedroom apartments and offices.
  • Semi-industrial units. They are a cross between household and industrial appliances. Perfectly suited for huge cottages, industrial premises and commercial premises from 500 square meters.
  • Industrial units. There are two types of such systems. duct and cassette units. The first type is installed in a suspended ceiling, which completely hides the internal unit of the device. Cool air is supplied to the room through insulated ducts, which are also mounted in the inter-ceiling area. Such devices are capable of serving several rooms and can operate in the open air, conditioning it. The cassette type is operated on a similar principle, but there is one significant difference. In the suspended ceiling will be visible decorative grilles. Unit evenly distributes the air streams, directing them to four sides of the room. One such device can cool a large office or restaurant.
  • Floor-ceiling systems. Can be installed either on the ceiling or in the floor area by the wall. Suitable even for rooms of complex shape. Usually such equipment is purchased for the projects which do not have a suspended ceiling or it is simply impractical to install another model.

The main purpose of such equipment is temperature reducing. You can choose the necessary temperature mode with the help of control panel. In order to keep the room warm and cozy in winter, manufacturers install built-in reversible compressors in the model. These types of systems have a higher price than those that only have a cooling mode.

You should be aware that heating equipment has its own limitations and is not capable of warming the air in freezing temperatures.15 degrees. In addition, most wall-mounted split systems have filters for air purification. They are needed to clean the air of dust, foreign odors, smoke and pollen. Such devices create comfort in the home and improve the well-being of people who suffer from allergies.

There are three price segments of universal air-conditioners. They include:

  • Elite top split air conditioners. Such products are produced by popular Japanese manufacturers Toshiba, Daikin, Matsushita, Fujitsu General, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (the last two companies have common roots, but they are completely different competing companies). These leading manufacturers produce innovative models and set the fashion for certain technologies. Products of this segment are of the highest quality, reliability and almost noiseless operation.
  • Models of middle class. Such devices are widely available and have good value for money. Quality systems are produced by brands Gree, Hitachi, Electrolux and LG.
  • Budget equipment. In this segment you can find cheap and reliable conditioners of Chinese assembling from such brands as Shivaki, Electrolux, Airwell. Systems from Aeronik and Royal Clima are popular.

When choosing inexpensive equipment, you should pay close attention to the quality of plastic and the duration of the warranty on the device. The rating of the best split-systems for a house, including 5 models from different manufacturers will help you to choose the best one.

In the fifth place is an inexpensive home wall-mounted system, equipped with all the necessary functions. Ideal for rooms with an area of up to 90 square meters. Allows you to maintain the desired temperature conditions in the house, can both cool and heat.

The indoor unit has an attractive design and handy display that shows all the required information. In order to make it convenient for users, the manufacturers have installed three modes of operation on the device: “Smart”, “Super”, “Sleep”. Also the device has a filter for purifying the air. Two condensate outlets make installation easy. The advantages of the device:

  • High capacity. Heats on. 2550 W, cools on. 2500 W. This is a very good performance for a budget model.
  • Attractive design.
  • Economy.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Dust filter.
  • Virtually silent operation.

Green Gri/Gro-09HH1 system is very popular. According to reviews, no significant disadvantages in the model were not found, so it can safely be included in the rating of reliability of air conditioners.

The inverter unit, ranked 4th, is well suited for use in rooms up to 35 square meters. The device has a heating and cooling function, ventilation mode and the ability to maintain the desired temperature mode. The unit is able to dehumidify the excessively humid air and purify it with high quality filters.

The device has an automatic mode change function, as well as a self-cleaning system, which increases the service life of the equipment. The indoor unit features a pleasant stylish design, and thanks to the possibility of adjusting the air direction, you can create a suitable microclimate in the room. Cooling power is 3,500 watts, while heating power is 4,200 watts. The system has the following advantages:

  • Convenient size.
  • Low noise level.
  • Intelligently designed indoor unit.
  • Good value for money.
  • Fast cooling and heating performance.

On the 3rd place of the rating is a very efficient device with inverter control system. Cooling, heating and dehumidifying function. Characterized by dual-sided condensate drainage, Sleep, I feel, Smart, Super, auto-diagnostics and self-cleaning, as well as a convenient timer, quality filters and Mirage display. The device is resistant to power fluctuations and has a double-sound insulation system. The heating power is 2650 watts, and the cooling power reaches 2600 watts. The advantages of the device:

  • Attractive design.
  • High quality build.
  • Efficiency.
  • Reasonable price.
  • High power level.
  • Many functions.

According to consumer reviews, the device has small disadvantages. Sound playing when the keys are pressed can not be turned off. In addition, the device has a small angle of rotation of the vertical flaps.

The 2nd position is a quality and reliable equipment at an affordable price. The air conditioner runs on an inverter compressor, which saves up to 40 percent of electricity. The device is ideal for installation in a bedroom and also in rooms with high demands to microclimate.

This model will be an excellent choice for connoisseurs of quality equipment, the device performs its tasks perfectly and has a very comfortable control scheme with a simple interface. The filter system cleans the air as much as possible, which is very important for people suffering from allergies or bronchial asthma. The heating capacity of the device is 3500 W, while the cooling capacity is 2600 W. The unit has the following advantages:

Top 5 Best Split AC (Air Conditioner) In 2022

There are two disadvantages. There are too many buttons on the remote control, so if you have no experience you can make a mistake in choosing the right button. It also does not have a backlighting system.

First place is the premium inverter model, which features the highest quality, quiet operation and maximum efficiency. The body of the system is made of high-strength plastic made with environmentally friendly technology. The air conditioner is characterized by the newest type of control. Designed in a way that minimizes the noise produced during operation.

Almost silent operation at maximum power. Power of the equipment reaches the mark of 3150 W in heating and 2500 W in cooling. The buyers are very happy with this model and note the following advantages of the device:

  • Inverter control of the compressor.
  • Made in Thailand.
  • Advanced filtration system to get rid of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, hair and dust.
  • Virtually silent.
  • Easy to use.
  • High quality of production.
  • Economy.
  • High power.
  • Classical stylish design, perfectly suitable for various layout.

Users have not identified any disadvantages of the device. The only nuance. the device is produced only in one color solution.

The split-system is a very effective equipment for creation of the comfortable microclimate in the apartment, cottage or office. There are many manufacturers, producing high-quality models at affordable prices. Only the buyer can decide which option will be the most suitable for him. Before you buy a unit, it is worth to pre-calculate the desired power and be guided by these indicators when choosing a device. Other parameters and necessary functions can be chosen according to the consumer’s wish.

Split system for a private home: dependence of its choice on the area of the room

There is a direct dependence of capacity on the area of the premises, which is taken into account when choosing a split system for home heating. On this factor depends not only the efficiency of its functioning, but also the duration of operation, the ability to cope with the tasks properly.

If capacity is insufficient, for example, even if it works at maximal limits, a conditioner will not provide the sufficient cooling of the premise. Excessive power leads to extremely frequent switching on/off of the system that causes rapid wear and tear of the equipment.

Determine the necessary power, which will be characterized by a split system for the house, you can use the accepted formula of calculation: per 10 sq. A room with a standard height of 2.5 to 3 metres requires 1kW of power. To the obtained figure is usually added:

  • 25-30 percent. reserve, necessary for a split system for a private house not to work on wear and tear.
  • Up to 50 percent. when windows are placed to the southwest and south.
  • Up to 50 percent. when windows are directed to the sunny side or located under the roof, heated by the sun.

When the windows are in the shade, or are directed to the north side, it is allowed to reduce the power reserve of the air conditioner by 10-15 percent

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