What is the best towel dryer for the bathroom?

Which heated towel rail is better: electric or water?

Towel racks with heating from the water supply or heating system are considered traditional. In the first case, they will be hot all year round, except for periods of scheduled hot water outages. In the second case, the towel dryer is hot only during the heating season, and you have to look for a replacement for almost six months.

The disadvantages of a water towel dryer include stationary. Can only be placed near the hot water outlet. Transferring it to another wall is not considered redevelopment, but is associated with technical difficulties. shortening or lengthening the tube, installing clamps, dismantling parts of the wall. Installation should only be carried out by a specialist. It is better to be reinsured and call a master from the housing and utilities department to install a towel dryer in accordance with all features of the house communications.

Electric towel dryers are much more mobile, they can be established on any wall of a bathroom. The device works from a socket, therefore the help of the good electrician is required. for carrying out electric networks, installation of waterproofed sockets. The disadvantages include the increased consumption of electricity. Also, in case of power outage, the towel dryer will not work.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric towel dryers

Electric towel rails are connected to the 220 Volts. Connection should be carried out with the use of special moisture-protected sockets, separate RCD and grounding.

Models with the heater heats slower, but to a higher temperature (up to 80 degrees). They also have a higher power consumption (up to 600 watts). But there is a thermostat, allowing to set the necessary temperature of a dryer surface.

Models with a cable quickly warm up, but to a maximum of 60 degrees. Temperature control is not available and can not be installed additionally, but there is a thermostat that turns off heating when reaching the maximum allowable.

Of advantages. low power consumption (up to 140 watts) and reliability.

The main problem of electric towel dryers consists in realization of grounding as not in all apartment houses it can be made according to all rules (specify the given moment before purchase).

Plus they’re weaker than water heaters and not really suitable for heating. Of course it gets a little warmer in the bathroom, but that might not be enough.

Otherwise they win, because with them there is less hassle, you can install almost anywhere, the level of safety is higher and they are more reliable.

How to choose a water towel dryer?

Despite the fact that electric devices are considered more practical, traditional water devices do not lose their popularity. When choosing such equipment, there are several important points to consider.

The pressure level in the pipes

This is the main indicator that determines the choice of a water towel dryer. According to GOST requirements the pressure in the heating pipe should not be less than 6 atm. In practice, this value varies somewhat depending on the floor of the house and the time of its construction.

Therefore before buying a device it is desirable to specify operating indicators of the system and to make a correction for probable hydroblows.

Heat output

On the level of heat output of the device significantly affects the area of the pipe reaming. It also depends on the shape of the device. Optimal in terms of heat output and resistance to water hammer is considered a design in the form of a ladder. The chromium-plated ladder with thick tubes fitted with thin crossbars is ideal.

When choosing the diameter of the pipes, do not forget that it must match the diameter of the supply line. If this is not the case, you need to buy a special adapter for connection.

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The design of the device

Along with the towel radiators of the classic type, representing a curved tube, on sale you can find more complex dual-circuit devices. Their cost is slightly higher, but they have a longer service life and heat the room better.

One of the circuits of such devices is designed for connection to the hot water system. It is equipped with anti-corrosion coating, protection from high pressure and temperature. The coolant, passing through the first circuit, transmits thermal energy to the second.

There are many models of such devices, differing in shape and size. Some of them may have internal protective coating of polymers, in this case it is unacceptable to use high temperature exposure or soldering at installation.

Devices consisting of a thin-walled radiator and a gravity heat exchanger can be considered a variation of two-circuit towel dryers. The latter is connected to a thick-walled steel pipe, which connects to the hot water main.

The coolant circulating through the radiator is heated by the water that flows in the pipes of the internal circuit. A big plus of such a system is the complete protection of the towel dryer from water hammer and aggressive composition of the water from the hot water mains. Therefore, such devices last much longer.

Significant disadvantage. lowering the temperature of the coolant at the outlet. However, this does not affect the temperature in the room, because the area of thermal radiation of the device is much larger than in traditional devices.

In addition to the number of loops you should pay attention to the type of connection pipes to the towel dryer. It can be bottom-mounted, with the pipes underneath, or sideways. In the latter case, there are two variations: left and right. That is, the pipes to the device should approach from the right or left side.

It is very important to choose the correct modification, otherwise you can not connect the device. In addition, pay attention to the distance between the pipes approaching the appliance. It can also be different.


Different materials can be used for the manufacture of towel rails:

  • Stainless steel. The best option is considered devices with a wall thickness greater than 2.5 mm, they have the greatest service life. Thin-walled devices deteriorate very quickly.
  • Black steel with protective coating. Characterized by high reliability and long service life. Proven particularly well when connected to an open system with a centralized DHW.
  • Brass or copper. Have the maximum heat output compared to other materials. Can be connected to systems of hot water on condition that in the device passport it is specified that its internal surface has passed a galvanization procedure, otherwise they will last not for a long time.

How to choose a place for installation?

As with electric equipment, water towel rails can be wall or floor mounted. In the first case, the devices are designed to be mounted on the wall. Most often they are less massive than the floor variants. The latter are mounted directly on the floor and connected to the pipes brought out in the floor covering.

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Such devices are installed strictly vertically.

Characteristics and subtleties of selecting water fixtures

Water towel dryer. a practical solution for apartments, equipped with an autonomous heating system, as well as for rooms, in which a hot water system operates all year round.

Continuously circulating hot water through the pipes warms the device, heating the air in the room.

In order to choose the optimal model, it is necessary to carefully consider a number of key characteristics of devices on the market.

Criterion #1. material of manufacture

The following materials are used in the production of water type devices:

  • Non-ferrous metals (brass, copper, aluminum). Samples made of non-ferrous metals are characterized by high heat transfer rates. They fit perfectly into the interior, but the service life of products rarely exceeds the 10-year mark.
  • Black steel with chrome plating. Also not the best option. Metal quickly succumbs to corrosion, due to which the device will not be able to properly cope with its duties for a long time and you will have to change it for a new one.
  • Stainless steel. The most practical solution is to install a towel dryer made of stainless steel. For production of such samples solid seamless pipes are used. The finished product is highly resistant to pressure fluctuations and aggressive effects of impurities present in the water.

The most popular products are made of stainless steel.

Criterion #2. size and shape

When choosing a towel dryer, pay attention to the dimensions and configuration of the device.

The leading manufacturers of sanitary products offer the following options:

  • Classic models, shaped like the letters “M” and “P”.
  • Decorative variants of fancy shapes.
  • Towel rails in the form of a “ladder”.

According to experts, it is the “stairs” that are the most effective. The models are characterized by an impressive heating area. This means that the room will always be warm and dry.

As for the size of the device, you should determine them yourself, judiciously evaluating the dimensions of the room of your own bathroom or shower room and calculating what towel dryer will be better for specific conditions.

It is also necessary to take into account the nominal water pressure in the system. The higher it is, the thicker and stronger should be the walls of the device.

Look closely to the water towel dryers? In such a case, with important criteria, in addition to the shape and dimensions, which should be considered when choosing.

How to choose a towel dryer?

Only to someone who has not encountered such a question, everything seems simple. But in fact, a towel dryer in the bathroom is not just a “dryer”, but a more functional device. And it is necessary to choose it thoroughly, otherwise you will regret the spent money for a long time.

When there is a need to buy a towel dryer? As a rule, in the following situations:

  • You moved into a new apartment and want to equip it only with modern plumbing;
  • You decided to replace the old coil with a more functional and beautiful towel rail;
  • You have started a major renovation of your bathroom and decided to make it more comfortable and forget about dampness forever.

What a coil should be, so that you immediately want to buy and install it in the bathroom? First of all, it must solve its main tasks:

best, towel, dryer, bathroom
  • Keep your clothes dry quickly. The main function of any towel dryer is a quick drying of clothes at any time of year. The coil is very useful when you need to dry small items of clothes, but there is no more free space on the radiators and the balcony. Both water and electric towel rails do an excellent job of drying.
  • Heat the bathroom. If you correctly select and install the faucet according to the size of the bathroom, you can get a great heater. Every time you wake up on a cold morning and take a shower, you won’t have to rush into a hot shower to warm up faster: you’ll always be warm and comfortable in the bathroom.
  • Fight damp, mold and mildew. All existing types of towel rails for the bathroom qualitatively eliminate unnecessary moisture in the bathroom. And it means that the damp, bad smells, mold and mildew on the plumbing, furniture, walls and ceiling you forget once and for all. The air in the bathroom will always be fresh. and this is the merit of the coil.

What towel dryer to choose for the bathroom

According to an old tradition from Soviet times there is no heating in the bathrooms of old buildings. This is far from happy in the winter is not very cozy in a damp and cool room. Well at least with the advent of hot water supply began to install towel rails. In addition to performing the main task of drying towels and laundry, they also heat the room. If you do not have any heating in your bathroom, you should choose a towel dryer.

  • Water. They are connected to the heating or hot water system. popular variant of connection in DHW is only a few weeks (for repair and preparation of the system). In the case of the connection to the heating, the procedure itself is more complicated (requires permission) and the dead season lasts all summer.
  • Electric towel rails. These are self-contained devices that only need electricity to work. The disadvantage of these devices is an increase in electricity consumption.
  • Combination. These dryers, which can operate both from hot water and electricity, that is, they will work all year round without interruption. disadvantage high price.

Which towel rail is better with water or electric?? If you have a well-functioning hot water system, choosing a towel dryer just unambiguously requires water. With it, except for the hassle of wiring, no problems. It is not even necessary to pay for the use of heat have not thought up yet how to charge a fee.

If there is only a heating system already have to decide which option is better electric or water towel dryer. Here we can start with the condition and the layout of your heating system. If the bathroom or very close to it has a riser or the possibility of connection, then it may be worth putting a water towel dryer. But here we should take into account a couple of points: you need the permission of the housing department or the organization substituting it, and they don’t always give out such permissions. So before you make a decision, visit this institution and ask if they will give you the permit. You can write an application at once. The second point is the quality of your heating. If its power is not enough and it is cold in the apartment, hanging another heat device can only worsen the situation (then you are unlikely to receive permission).

You choose the electric heated towel rail if there is no hot water and you can’t connect it to the heating. Another reason you do not want to bother with connection, and it is not as easy as it seems.

Combination models

If you can’t decide which towel dryers are better. electric or water, look at the combined models. They are expensive, but they allow you to switch between the ways of heating. In the cold time in the bathroom will be a full-fledged radiator, which will both warm the air, and things will not leave wet. After the heating season is over, the heating element will heat the room. If the towel radiator is connected to the hot water supply, you won’t have much time to use electricity. And if you plan a long shutdown, the coolant can be replaced by antifreeze to reduce the wear and tear of the heating element.

The most durable “dry” towel rails, because there is no destructive wet environment. They are usually more expensive than water models with heating elements in the liquid. Even with disconnected power, the heating element will oxidize with hot water, which will accelerate its failure. With some products, the heating element can be removed, but the water needs to be drained out.

Another weakness of combined devices. the abundance of shut-off valves. Such a towel dryer has more weaknesses, which can leak during pressure surges. Therefore, it is better to choose products with a minimum of joints and seams, for residents of the first floors, which take the brunt of the impact.

What towel dryer is better: electric or water dryer??

Practically every person in his life faces the necessity to buy a towel dryer for a bathroom. It happens in the process of major or cosmetic repairs and when buying a home. At first glance, there is no problem. The choice of towel dryers, which is presented in the Ukrainian market is very wide.

Stores offer a wide choice of various models of both domestic and foreign production. But it is this, more often than not, that prevents us from making the right choice. Therefore experts of company Bavex, the leading producer of towel dryers in the market of Ukraine, will help you in a question of a choice.

What towel dryer to choose. electric or water??

best, towel, dryer, bathroom

What advantages and disadvantages does each type of dryer for towels have??

A water or electric towel rail. the differences:

There are two main types of products on sale, which differ from each other in the principle of heating. Today specialized online store Bavex offers electric and water heated towel rails of stainless steel of our own production at the best in Ukraine.

But what kind to choose a water or electric towel dryer?? In order to make the right choice, you must clearly understand what their difference is. You also need to know all about the advantages and disadvantages of certain devices for drying.

The main difference lies in the way of heating:

Coming from the hot water supply system;

coming from the central heating system;

Coming from the boiler (water heater), installed in the bathroom;

  • The electric towel dryer. This type of dryers are heated by special heating elements powered from the mains. There are two main types of heating elements: TEN and a special cord.

Basic towel dryer radiator materials, properties and comparisons:

High strength and flexibility. Perfectly amenable to processing, allows the most complex device configurations.

Stainless steel dryers can safely serve for decades without leakage. They perfectly withstand pressure and do not oxidize with tap water. Also, they do not lose their appearance during the entire period of operation;

  • Brass.This material is also used for the manufacture of towel rails, but in addition to the advantages, it has a number of disadvantages:

Low resistance to aggressive environments and electrolysis. This negatively affects the device and often leads to leaks.

The need for an external coating sensitive to mechanical damage, due to which the possible violation of the external aesthetic appearance of the product;

Complicated and expensive technological process of processing.

2.High resistance to tap water corrosion, but low resistance to aggressive media and electrolysis.

best, towel, dryer, bathroom

The outer surface oxidizes and darkens quickly and is easily scratched. Maintaining a good aesthetic appearance is only possible with constant maintenance with expensive products;

The main differences in the electric models of towel dryers lies in the application of the heating element. There are two varieties of heating systems:

Heating element is a powerful heating element that heats the coolant to a desired temperature. The whole radiator is gradually heated. This occurs due to the circulation of the liquid coolant in the entire dryer by means of thermal convection. As the heat transfer fluid in such products either distilled water or mineral oil is used. They are used due to the fact that these liquids have anti-corrosive properties on one side. On the other hand they are high quality heat carriers.

The cord of this heating element goes all around the perimeter of the towel radiator. The result is heating evenly over the entire area. The heat transfer medium is usually graphite powder.

Both variants can be equipped with a dimmer for stepless regulation of the drying temperature, or can have no regulator. The first electric dryer option is more expensive. Thanks to the dimmer you can both regulate the temperature of dryer heating and turn it off. This will ultimately have a positive effect on energy consumption.

Which electric towel dryer to choose? The final decision is up to the customer. Bavex is always happy to offer customers a variety of options for electric towel rails.

All products of our own production at the best prices. Here you will find all variants of the products of the company such as small towel dryer. This option is ideal for small bathrooms. There are also quite a few luxury and scale models, such as the Bavex Practic.

The heated towel rail is water or electric. Which one to choose for optimum performance??

We have already figured out what are the towel dryers by material of manufacture and by type of heating. Now a little about shape, configuration, size and connection.

There are two basic types of dryers, vertical and horizontal. The former are best suited for small spaces, where space is at a premium. The latter, on the contrary, are best placed in large bathrooms, where there is such a possibility.

According to many, horizontal dryers are more convenient than vertical ones, but this is a subjective opinion. Vertical dryers have one drawback. If they are set high they are not convenient for people who are not taller.

With regard to connection, the main advantage of the water dryer is that by connecting it to the central heating network or water system you do not incur additional financial costs. However, you will depend on either the heating season. Also on the availability of hot water, as well as its temperature.

You can connect the device to the boiler. However, not all boilers are guaranteed to be suitable for this purpose. It’s also an extra cost. In this case, it is recommended to choose an electric towel warmer. A model equipped with a dimmer allows you to turn on the device only when you need it. You will also be able to regulate its heating to your desired temperature.

All other criteria of a choice of a towel dryer are strictly individual and depend basically on the taste of the buyer: someone will like the classical serpentine, while the other will like the modern style model of Marquise.

Do you want to inexpensively buy a really good quality towel dryer?? You need a copy that will serve you for many years without any problems and complaints? Buy a towel dryer in a specialized online store Bavex. Store offers you only quality products of its own production at the best in Ukraine.

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For every situation there is your choice, for universal use the water dryer is certainly better, but if you say about independence from water supply, it is still better to have an electric one, why electric one is not with tenom but with a heating cord, because this option does not consume so much electricity.

It is clear that it is better to choose according to a situation in one case the water one is better, and in other case electric one is more universal and practical as it seems to me.

Of course it’s electric, what’s there to discuss?? the price is not much more expensive, and works all year round and paltry consumption

We choose the way of fixing and installation of the towel dryer

Another important point to pay attention to is the method of installation. While installing any towel rail is generally not the most difficult task, proper installation often requires hiring a qualified electrician or plumber (at least to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty), and this will increase your originally planned costs.

The easiest to install, especially for non-professionals, are electric models with a plug. Most of them use a standard plug and can be plugged into an outlet just like any other household appliance. With that in mind, those who have puzzled over the question of how to choose an electric towel rail for the bathroom may be headed down the right path.

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There are three basic types of towel rail installations:

Both electric and water heated towel rails can be wall-mounted.

These are, as a rule, water towel warmers.

These are electric devices, which can be freely moved.

All water towel rails are mounted to the wall or floor, as they must be connected to the existing water system.

Wall-mounted towel rails are a great option for rooms with limited space, where they can take the place of a regular towel bracket. Wall mounted models are available in water and electric versions.

When choosing between fixing the towel radiator to the wall or floor, it is better to give preference to mounting it on the wall. Especially it is actual for small bathrooms where already on the floor there can be a set of devices and furniture. If your bathroom only has the lower part of the wall tiled, you will have to decide whether you want the towel rail above or below the border, or perhaps you can find an appliance that can be mounted on a wall with a difference in level.

A portable towel rail provides more flexibility in placement and use. In addition, its installation is very simple: even a person who has never held a tool in his hands can cope with it! All portable towel warmers are electric, you just plug them into a socket.

If it comes to the installation of more complex towel rails, then this work should be entrusted to a professional electrician or plumber. Electrical products are a potential fire hazard and must therefore be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

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