What is the maximum suction power of a vacuum cleaner?

maximum, suction, power, vacuum

Here are the 8 best cordless stand up vacuums for your home

In this rating we’ve compiled the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners according to our opinion and customer reviews. The Top 8 are the powerful 2022 upright vacuum cleaners with a suction power between 160 and 230 amps.

Power suction has been and remains a key factor influencing the choice of vacuum cleaner. It’s a vacuum cleaner, not a sweeper. By the way, notice that we’re talking about suction power, not total power, which is usually three times greater (for example, a 450 watt unit will have a suction power of about 150 watts, etc.). д.). For the rating I have selected 8 vertical vacuum cleaners with good characteristics. But in the allocation of places I took into account not only the power, but also other important factors, such as assembly, autonomy, functionality, equipment and price. I want to warn you that the ruble changes daily, so the actual price should look at the links in the description and in the attached Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Consumption power and suction power are two big differences!

Yes, that’s right. The vacuum has two power outputs. The one you see on the machine is just the wattage, and that’s it. It has nothing to do with how much dust it will suck up!

It would seem, the more electricity draws vacuum cleaner, the better it will clean the surface. But strangely enough, one has nothing to do with the other. The suction power is printed on the box or on the data sheet, in small, modest numbers. And often, vacuum cleaners, which proudly say 2000 wattage, suction power is quite modest, such as 300. And this is not the case, if you plan regular carpet cleaning from the ubiquitous fur of your favorite Murzik.

maximum, suction, power, vacuum

Why is it like this? A marketing ploy. You saw a big number? Impressed? bought it. What more do you need?? And as a result, the cleaning will not be too good, but the energy bill will be big.

Perhaps manufacturers just do not want to deceive the consumer, demonstrating the first thing the power consumption, but on the contrary, caution. After all, it is a good thing, but necessary in quite other cases, about which you will learn in the block below.

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How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home??

Once you understand the basic concepts, you need to learn how to properly apply this knowledge. The 350-watt number means that the appliance cleans linoleum, parquet, tile, and other smooth surfaces well. This is definitely not enough for deep carpet and upholstery cleaning. Household appliances with a value of 400 watts will clean the carpet, carpeting well, not only from dust, but also from animal hair. Household appliances more than 450 watts will be the best helpers in the daily cleaning of carpets with long pile and upholstered furniture.

Determining which is the best model is quite simple. The larger the cleaning area, the higher the power rating should be chosen.

If the budget allows, all other things being equal, it is better to choose a unit with the maximum suction rate and a regulator. Such a device will be the best helper for daily cleaning (regardless of the type of flooring). By installing a powerful quality motor, the manufacturer proves that he does not skimp on assembly quality and the device should serve for a long time.

maximum, suction, power, vacuum

It is better to pay attention to the devices of famous brands and manufacturers when buying. Maintaining the status, the manufacturer puts on the market devices only with reliable and high-quality components. Such vacuum cleaners are always distinguished by the quality of their assembly and high efficiency.

Carrying out the right approach to the choice, you can even after 5-6 years of operation of the device to receive satisfaction from the process of cleaning. The right choice will save money on buying additional replacement filters, it will be possible to save money on electricity as well.

What is the best vertical vacuum cleaner to buy

In stores offer different units, to understand which one is better to buy, it is useful to present the classification of this type of devices.

Vertical corded vacuum cleaner

This appliance is supplied with electricity from the mains through a wire.

  • Ability to work long hours without the need to recharge the battery. The absence of haste allows you to carry out a better cleaning;
  • devices of this type have a more powerful motor than their wireless counterparts.
  • The room must be equipped with electrical outlets, which are often lacking in gazebos or porches
  • The device is not as convenient to maneuver because of the presence of a connected wire;
  • relatively high cost.

A vertical cordless vacuum cleaner

The motor of the wireless device is electrically powered by a rechargeable battery, which requires charging every 20-50 minutes of operation. Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries have advantages over NiMH batteries.

Plus. autonomous operation. Wireless GP is not connected to the network with a wire, which facilitates cleaning indoors and allows you to use the device in places not equipped with power outlets.

Disadvantage. insufficiently powerful motor, which leads to less effective suction.

Important! Wireless variants are inferior to their wired counterparts in terms of quality of cleaning, but they are very convenient for complex configuration of objects to be cleaned, as well as for quick removal of small dirt.

A vertical wet vacuum cleaner

This option has a device that can deliver clean water, as well as a special container for storing contaminated water. Some models are supplied with electricity from the network, others. from a battery. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner that combines wet and dry modes.

  • clean tiles and windows;
  • Pick up spills;
  • Wash carpets;
  • remove dust, hair from carpets and furniture upholstery;
  • freshen the air in the house.

Handheld Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

The design consists of a manual version of the device and “extension stick”, which allows you to use the device as a vertical vacuum cleaner. This interesting and convenient modification is called “2 in 1”.

  • When disconnecting the handle model is convenient for cleaning window sills, shelves, as well as the interior of the car (if the possibility of battery power);
  • In assembled condition the device is convenient for cleaning stairs, floors, carpets, carpeting in small rooms;
  • low weight and ease of use.

A vertical handheld vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter

If cleaning the air from dust and allergy-causing substances, as well as humidifying it, then the best option is a model with an aquafilter.

The pluses of this option. the constancy of the suction power, the ease of cleaning the dust collector.

Minuses. large size and weight of the device, which complicates storage and transportation.

Attention! Using a model with an aquafilter cleans the air, helps improve the microclimate in the house.

Coredy R500 1400pa Max Suction 2.7 inch Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The most powerful vacuum cleaner by suction power. “Mops”: vertical takeoff

The second fashionable modification are vertical vacuum cleaners or “mops”. they also have the ability to run on battery power, are easy to use, do not take up much space, but, like the earlier designs, are moved around the house by man. The rating under the name “the best powerful vacuum cleaner” in this class is also headed by two models.


This model of vertical vacuum cleaner is its lightness. its weight does not reach up to three pounds, while the device provides fast cleaning surfaces and has a removable handle for hard-to-reach corners. In addition the model is equipped with a roller brush with electric control, all dust is deposited in the dust container, which can be easily removed and washed. It has a power consumption of 1800W and a suction power of 350W.

Krausen Green Power

The device moves easily around the apartment on castors, has a similar suction power to the previous model, complete with a few nozzles and is easily controlled with the handle.

“Mops are the most maneuverable of handheld vacuums. Depending on the model, they can be cord or battery powered.

Vacuum cleaner suction power of 500 watts. Vacuum cleaners with a suction power of 500 watts. an effective cleaning your home

Online store “Techport” presents a catalog of modern vacuum cleaners with a suction power of 500W or more. We have a large collection of equipment from leading European manufacturers, and you can buy wet and dry vacuum cleaners at an attractive price with delivery in Russia.

Suction power is one of the main criteria for vacuum cleaner choice. The suction power is the factor that determines the quality of the vacuum cleaner and cleaning in general. It is the quantity and intensity of dust suction. If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that delivers impeccable cleanliness, look no further than a 500 watt or larger vacuum cleaner.

This is not to be confused with the consumption of electricity. Often manufacturers mislead consumers by showing “2200 watts” beautifully and brightly on the box. This does not necessarily mean that a vacuum cleaner will suck up dust intensively, as it is the suction power that determines its performance, and appliances with lower levels of power consumption can have higher suction power ratings.

What it is that determines the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner

What should be the suction power of modern vacuum cleaner, and what affects this indicator? A number of factors affect the power performance of any modern vacuum cleaner.


The power unit efficiency affects its useful power. In the simplest version (without taking into account the mass of variables), the formula for calculating the efficiency looks like this

As we can see from the formula, the electric motor efficiency has a direct dependence on the suction power (Nvc.) and consumption (Npotr.). The higher the efficiency. The lower the power requirement, the more efficient the appliance is.

The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner affects its useful power

Type of vacuum cleaner

Type of appliance (washable, wet or dry, and built-in steam generator, etc.).) affects its design. The more components used in a unit, the greater the resistance to airflow and the lower the cleaning efficiency.

Dust collectors

As a rule, budget units are equipped with disposable paper or fabric reusable bags for garbage collection. Paper bags are to be replaced as they fill up, and the cloth bags are to be thoroughly dusted.

Paper disposable bag Fabric bag

The more expensive models have plastic dustbags. These tanks for garbage are used repeatedly and do not require replacement. The only drawback is the increased noise level during operation.

Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter are one of the most expensive among the appliances of the household segment. The principle of operation of the water dust collector is very simple: contaminated air is passed through the liquid, which captures even the smallest dust particles. Dirty water is drained and rinsed out after use, unit is ready to use again.

Rainbow with plastic bag Rainbow with aqua filter

You should know that models with an aquafilter has a number of serious drawbacks, the main of which. the impressive size of the device, due to the large volume of water in the tank.

Build quality

Generate more vacuum in the vacuum cleaner by creating a vacuum in the vacuum cleaner’s enclosure. Poor assembly allows air to flow into the vacuum cleaner through gaps, reducing the vacuum’s vacuum pressure and significantly reducing its performance.

Power suction of a stick vacuum cleaner. Main advantages and disadvantages

A vertical vacuum cleaner has a lot of advantages over their classic counterparts. Immediately want to note their small size, compared to the horizontal version. The upright position of the vacuum cleaner makes the cleaning process much easier. It does not have a hose, which is often in the way. There is also no need to drag the vacuum cleaner from room to room. If you have chosen a variant of the vertical vacuum cleaner on batteries. The absence of a cord is another benefit.

Naturally there are some disadvantages. So, for example, if you take all the same wireless option, then there is one big negative moment. the constant charging of the battery. Compared to classic vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuums have a relatively small volume of dust container, so it will have to be replaced often.

maximum, suction, power, vacuum

Among other things, the vertical version also can not boast and the power of suction, as it is known to have less, and with cordless types so the more. In principle, modern designs try to cope with this situation as much as possible. Some models are equipped with a special turbo brush. which rotates and practically brushes out the hairy carpets.

It is important to remember that there is actually no such parameter as suction power, since there is no single technology by which it would be measured. Despite this, many manufacturers indicate an average or maximum value, which was obtained by their methods of measurement.

How to make a choice?

If you know what your vacuum cleaner needs to do, it’s easy to find the right option. The larger the area to be treated and the higher the level of contamination, the more powerful the device should be. If you have sufficient funds, it is necessary to choose a more modern device with a digital power regulator.

The high cost is due to the fact that each manufacturer, which puts on his vacuum cleaner initially powerful power unit, be sure to complete it and quality accessories.

Among other things, it is necessary to give preference to reputable manufacturers who have been supplying the market with various appliances for more than a year. Their machines are equipped with reliable engines with high efficiency and long service life. So, for example, with an efficiency of 35% and a suction power of 450W, the required power to work will be in the range 285W. over, it is the amount of electricity needed for the power unit, which will work in idle mode. To determine the exact power consumption, you need to double the figure. Also consider the type of filtration, and what other useful power-impacting features the vacuum cleaner has.

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Based on all of the above, we have the following principle for selecting a vacuum cleaner. In the event that you need to work with heavy dirt in large rooms, the power consumption should start from 2000 watts. Knowing these nuances, you can choose the right unit for you, even without knowing its main characteristic. the suction power.

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