What lint remover should I choose?

Philips GC026/00

From cotton to wool, Philips GC026/00 works with everything from cotton to wool. The brush head has Delicate Fabric Protector to protect fabrics from damage and snags. The knife rotates very quickly, which helps clean most surfaces easily and efficiently.

Collected lint and other particles go into a transparent removable container. After use, all you need to do is shake out the contents of the compartment and clean the blades with the included brush. Powered by two AA batteries, which are included with the model. Weighs only 140 grams and can be taken with you on business or travel.

The best battery operated grooming machines

Nomination place product name price
The best battery-powered calico removers 1 Philips GC026/00 890 ₽
2 Scarlett SC-921 615 ₽
3 Maxwell MW-3101 258 ₽
Best cordless lint removers 1 Xiaomi Deerma Rechargeable Lint Remover 900 ₽
2 CENTEK CT-2473 444 ₽
3 Marta MT-2233 450 ₽
The best battery operated fluff removal machines 1 Mikma IP 1002 635 ₽
2 Lint Remover YX-5880 680 ₽
3 Mig 6011 495 ₽

Which one would you choose for a lint remover or advise?

Mini rating

The reason for the appearance of lint

Most often, lumps appear in places where there is constant friction between the clothes and something. For example, with a belt or bag. Cloths with nap or loose fiber interlacing are more subject to this problem. Violation of washing rules contributes to the formation of lumps: the use of too hot water, poor-quality powders and conditioners.

This is interesting! The mechanism for the formation of lint is simple: the fluffs of the threads that make up the fabric get tangled and form balls.

Lint often appears on fabrics consisting of a mixture of natural and man-made fibers. Over time, they increase and spoil the appearance of any product. This defect is one of the signs of poor quality clothing, using at its manufacture loose and long threads.

There are improvised means, such as scotch tape, toothbrushes or blades, but in this case there is a high probability of finally ruining a good thing.

To keep clothes from lint, they need to be properly cared for, to use the recommended modes of washing, adding conditioner or give things to dry-cleaners.

Curiously, the lint does not appear on natural fabrics: cotton, linen, silk.

Top 7 best machines to remove lint

We made a selection among a large number of models and identified the best in the opinion of most users:

  • Philips GC026/00;
  • Xiaomi Deerma;
  • Mikma IP 1002;
  • Marta MT-2233;
  • Maxwell MW-3101;
  • Sinbo SS 4046;
  • Scarlett SC-921.

Let’s proceed to a more detailed acquaintance with all of these devices.

Philips GC026/00

The machine will be a good buy, with which you can quickly and easily give the original appearance of worn-out clothing made of any tissue. Stylish and compact product is equipped with a metal mesh with holes of different diameters, which allows you to capture different types of lint from the surface of the fabric.

Color white, blue
Housing Material plastic
Battery type AA
Dimensions 58x123x80 mm
Weight 134 г


  • Handles lint quickly due to its wide working surface;
  • effective work is achieved due to high rotation speed of 8800 rpm;
  • provides a special container for the collection of detached lint;
  • has a high resistance to wear and tear, can last a long time;
  • Will not cause any damage to clothing
  • well-thought-out ergonomic design ensures ease of use.

Over time, even the highest quality clothes get nasty and harmful lint, which must be fought with for a long time. To cope with this problem, I bought a unique device. It perfectly copes with its main task and in a short time can remove a large number of lint. The material itself remains completely intact without any cuts, which is a big plus.

Xiaomi Deerma

The next place in the ranking is a machine with an unusual design from a popular manufacturer of household and digital appliances. The design skillfully combines a number of solutions that contribute to the effective removal of not only lint, but also various lint from any type of material. The addition is the ability to remove dirt, thus avoiding the adhesion of fibers and accumulation of dust.

body size 192x70x75 mm
Noise level 75 dB
Color white
Power 3W
Voltage 3.7 В


  • good motor power (7000 rpm);
  • Despite the tight fit, does not cause any damage to the fabric;
  • Ergonomic housing fits comfortably in your hand and does not slip during use;
  • your hands are not tired from the vibration and weight;
  • in the case there is an additional roll of adhesive paper;
  • comfortable and dense mesh quickly clings and removes large and small particles of debris;
  • Collects lint inside in a special compartment that can be cleaned as needed.

WILL A FABRIC SHAVER SAVE UR CLOTHES?! lint remover vs razor comparaison and in depth review

Recently I was thinking about buying a new machine to remove lint, and my eyes immediately fell on this model from a well-known manufacturer. The first thing that interested in her unusual appearance. It is not quite similar to the competition. Performs a wide range of work in addition to removing lint, including the removal of various impurities. No harm to the fabric due to its smart design, but gentle care for the fabric. Battery lasts a very long time, so there is no need for constant charging. Inside there is a removable trash container that can be easily cleaned with a few movements.

Mikma IP 1002

Presented in a pinkish-white color and equipped with a convenient to hold the design of the plastic case. A removable trash can for trimmed lint and threads is provided. Powered from a standard mains electricity. Gentle on your clothes and allows you to give them a fresh and tidy look almost instantly.


  • is a universal device, since it is suitable for the care of various fabrics and household items;
  • there is a special brush to remove dirt from the area near the blades;
  • Comfortable handle fits firmly in the hand and does not slip;
  • All debris is picked up and left in the removable container.

I have been using the machine for a few weeks now. I bought it in a store and did not even think about the functionality of the device. It proved to be very effective in operation, as it was able to remove a large area with lint without damaging the material and in a short period of time. The device is powered from the mains, so you need to work near the outlet. This point does not give me much discomfort, because in this place there is always an ironing board with iron. In place of lint, the fabric remains intact and without puffs, so the machine can handle any items.

Marta MT-2233

We gave the next place in the rating to the compact model. Operation is done with the battery, which is then recharged using a USB cable. Safety during operation is achieved by the manufacturer’s decision to place the blades under the protective grid of metal. After contact with the problem area, the lint is quickly cut off and sent to a special container.

Power 3 W
Power 2 batteries (1.2 В)
Casing material plastic
Blades stainless steel


  • The autonomous work time is 1 hour;
  • Increased safety during operation thanks to the metal mesh;
  • a special removable type container is provided for garbage storage;
  • thanks to the quality assembly will last a long time
  • Due to its small size, it is convenient for traveling, because it does not take much space in the bag.

In three months of use I could not find any disadvantages. The machine really does a quality job. During the operation there is no discomfort, thanks to the absence of any wires and handy handle, with which it is easy to manage the device. The debris hopper is easy to remove and clean. Does not cause any damage to the treated fabric and always covers a large working area, allowing you to save time.

Maxwell MW-3101

With this compact appliance you can easily remove lint from all kinds of fabrics, including delicate ones. Machine has a special transparent tray for picking up lint, and the sharp blades are covered with a protective grid that allows you to avoid damaging the fabric. Powered by two batteries, so you do not have to tangle in the wires during use.

lint, remover, choose


  • handles all types of fabrics, even the most delicate ones;
  • Does a quality job;
  • The large tray that collects the lint does not require frequent cleaning;
  • Thanks to the protective grid does not allow razor blades to damage the fabric.

Most of all, I like the large container designed for the collection of calico. It doesn’t require frequent cleaning, so its capacity lasts for several uses. Suitable for delicate and delicate fabrics, because the metal mesh prevents direct contact between the blade and the material, and therefore damage. Batteries last a long time. Does not take up much shelf space in the closet for storage. I was completely satisfied with the purchase and the results of use. Recommended for purchase!

Sinbo SS 4046

Machine to remove lint quickly copes with its main task without damaging the fabric. Able to pick up hair, dirt and small pieces of fabric in addition to lint. It is designed to be used only on woolen products: sweaters, coats, blankets and shawls.


  • The handy body of the model confidently lies in your hand and does not slip out of it;
  • Large container for waste collection;
  • There is a protective grid, which does not allow the fabric to spoil;
  • the easiest operation.

An excellent model for quite a budget price. Quickly manages removal of all sizes of lint. The container has enough space to store the trash from processing several things. A big plus is the presence of protection, which does not allow the sharp blades to spoil the fabric.

Scarlett SC-921

Powered by two AA batteries. They are installed in a special compartment and ensure autonomous operation of the machine for a long time. Batteries can be replaced by rechargeable batteries of the same format, replenishing their capacity with a separate device. In addition to the protective cover, a brush for cleaning is included.


lint, remover, choose
  • high build quality;
  • attractive design;
  • Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it fits comfortably in your hand;
  • handy removable litter tank;
  • works with standard type batteries;
  • it is allowed to replace the battery with a rechargeable type battery.

Most of all I liked the versatility of the model, so it copes with a wide range of jobs and tasks. Separately, it is worth noting the quality of the assembly and beautiful design. Batteries last for a long time, which is quite a big plus.

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