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Top 20 best manicure vacuum cleaners. Rating 2021-2022 for quality

During the manicure or pedicure procedure, particles of horny tissue and sawdust, remnants of old nail polish, sequins and rhinestones remain, which turn into dust that requires immediate cleaning. Special vacuum cleaners are used by specialists.

Without them, particles of harmful substances can be in the air, get into the lungs, cause respiratory system diseases or provoke an allergic reaction, and spoil the final result of the nail care procedure.

We have compiled a rating of the best for 2021-2022 year models of vacuum cleaners for manicure, which are produced by different manufacturers and are most in demand among professionals. The rating takes into account the technical features of each model, its advantages and disadvantages, which should make it easier for you to choose the right appliance.

Rating of the best table vacuum cleaners is based on the reviews of manicure professionals. These models are mounted on the table and can be used as a hand stand.

Max Ultimate 4

This desktop model offers high suction performance for dust, sawdust, and other debris. In one hour of work, it pushes through itself 339.81 cubic meters of air, making it clean and safe for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The Max Ultimate 4 is made of strong, inflexible plastic that is resistant to disinfectants. Thanks to the presence of rubber feet, it does not slip on the table, but stays firmly fixed on it. The fan speed is controlled by a special system that has its own switch. The fan reaches a maximum speed of 2700 rpm. From the outside, it is securely protected from damage by an aluminum grid. On/off button is on the unit. The unit comes with two reusable bags that take the shape of the body when put on. The dust bags are washable. When used properly, they last 1.5-2 months.

Sonya Lesnaya When you saw your nails with a file or use a milling machine you can’t escape the dust and you need an exhaust hood. I’ve been looking for a long time which model is better, so I chose this one. It’s great, clients don’t complain, and we get clean air.

Laura Petrova I bought it for my home, even though it’s for professionals, it’s powerful enough and not too noisy. I bought it for my home, even though it’s a professional model. It’s powerful enough and not too noisy, but it sucks almost all the dust out.

JessNail SD-40

This model of manicure vacuum cleaner has a convenient shape, and is equipped with a special pad that allows you to use it as a hand stand. Thanks to its good size, 3428.510 cm, it can fit both hands at once. The body of the device is made of high-quality materials, resistant to treatment with chemicals, not subject to corrosion. The JessNail SD-40 is equipped with three motors, which provide excellent suction power. It can purify up to 200 cubic meters of air per hour. Despite the high fan speed of 2700 rpm, the unit is virtually silent. The unit comes with 1 washable and reusable reusable dust bag.

Polarus PRO-series table 80W

Table manicure vacuum cleaner is made by Russian company, which provides a 12-month warranty on its products, indicating the high quality of the. Polarus PRO-series attracts customers’ attention with its stylish design, but this is not its main advantage. The tremendous suction power of this appliance, which cleans up to 500 cubic meters of air in an hour. At the same time, it does a great job of suction, both fine dust and particles of skin. The fan blades are reliably protected from nail tools by a robust fine mesh grid. They rotate at up to 3200 rpm. The body of the device is made of metal. The size of the device and its configuration with a cushion of eco-leather, allows you to use it as a hand stand. For the collection of dust and other debris, there are 2 sturdy bags included in the delivery set. Can be washed and reused, but must be dried first.

Olga-Olga-Msk In my last vacuum cleaner during work has got a saw and has broken 2 blades, on this shallow grid in which the tool simply can not fall through! For me that was the key to the purchase, I was pleasantly surprised by the power with which the dust is sucked up. I recommend this vacuum cleaner! The color is very nice, but after all the metal is a cold material. specially selected with a pillow, 3 months using the girls who come to me for manicures like soft cushion))) The vacuum cleaner itself is pretty massive plus the soft feet are firmly “sucked” to the table. all things considered. a pleasure to work with.

IRISK Sense 30W

The stylish device at an affordable price. The IRISK Sense comes in an unusual lilac color. It has compact dimensions, fits on the table at an angle of 120 degrees and is easy to place even on a small manicure table. Fan blades are well protected by the plastic grid. It prevents the various tools of the craftsman from getting into them, thus ensuring the safety of the process. The fan power is enough to keep the workplace clean, as well as to collect airborne dust particles and nail plate filings. The package includes 2 spare dust bags. It is reusable and washable.

JessNail JN-001

This model of desktop manicure vacuum cleaner attracts attention with its unusual design. It has a compact size main body, which is put on top of a convenient tube. The device weighs only 850 grams, but it perfectly copes with the suction of dust, filing nail plates and particles of skin. It is controlled by a touch panel. It is worth noting that the device is almost silent, because its noise level is only 45 dB. Thanks to the three LEDs, it can easily be used as additional lighting for the working area.

Runail Professional RU-858 corrector

Ninth line occupies a manicure vacuum cleaner for manicure Runail Professional RU-858. Its manufacturer is a Russian brand that has been offering its customers various beauty products for 12 years. The brand offers a wide range of body care and nail care products. Raw materials from European companies are used in production.

The RU-858 Cosmetic Vacuum Cleaner has a suction power of 10 watts. The device is notable for its quiet operation with noise level below 20 dB. Includes carrying bag and two dust bags. They are reusable, washable.

The compact unit measures 375310160 mm. The white plastic fan casing is tiltable and has a soft synthetic leather cover, making it comfortable to use. Buyers like the convenient shape and soft coating, reasonable price, quiet operation. Powerful enough to pick up dust, but small particles can still remain on the surface.

Rating of the best tabletop manicure vacuum cleaners 2022

To navigate in the characteristics of vacuum cleaners for manicure was easier, you can read a review of the best desktop models. It presents a budget and medium-price hoods that have earned good reviews from users.

Ultratech Next

White desktop vacuum cleaner can be purchased for 6000 on average. The hood is quite powerful, per minute fan makes 2700 revolutions and reliably draws air. Noise level of the device is allowable 46dB, fan model has curved blades, so the collected dust does not fly back.

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The complete set with the device comes with 6 removable bags. The manicure hood cable is long enough. 1.8 m. By the disadvantages can be attributed only to light slippage of the model on the table, which can be eliminated by placing a mat.

Ultratech Next. handy in the work of manicure vacuum cleaner desktop type

Max Ultimate 3

Built-in vacuum cleaner for nail table has a powerful fan with 2700 rpm and completely cleans the air in the work area from microscopic particles of nail dust. The device is small in weight, only 1,6 kg, therefore it is possible to mount it if you want in any table top. The hood is guaranteed for 2 years, even when used intensively, it will last a long time.

Emil X2

Compact desktop hood of Russian production has a good power of 60 watts. Consists of plastic housing and a fan, hidden behind a chrome grille. During an hour of operation manages to pass through 400 cubic meters of air, produces a noticeable but moderate noise.

Among the advantages of the model is the absence of slippage, the hood does not move in the process of applying manicure.

Top tips for choosing the device

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General characteristics

In modern times, the demand for manicure service is rapidly growing. During the process of working the tiny particles of dust are formed, which is harmful to human health. According to hygiene standards, to maintain a clean workplace requires the installation of special equipment. a vacuum cleaner for manicures. This will prevent harmful chemicals from getting into the body and on the mucous membranes of the eyes.

Regardless of the type, the device functions thanks to an electric motor that drives the fan blades. As a result, all debris is first drawn into the housing and then into the dust collector.

Important! The dust bag must be cleaned periodically, except for single-use polyethylene versions that are replaced after filling with new ones.

There are 4 types of devices, each of them has its own characteristics.

Built-in models and table-top models

As a rule, such devices have a plastic body and a fan with high power. High-quality models make almost no noise, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere in the salon, and eliminate up to 100% of the dirt that occurs during the manicure procedure.

Extractors can be of 2 types:

The advantages of built-in models:

These vacuum cleaners are best purchased when the room layout is fully thought out and will no longer change.

Portable (desktop) hoods are a small panel equipped with a fan and plugged into the power grid with an ordinary power cord.

The strengths of these models are as follows:

A significant disadvantage of these units is insufficient power.


Such variants are designed to perform hardware manicure. They can be attached to any piece of interior, as well as mounted in the devices for nail treatment.

In addition to ease of use and ease of installation, the advantages of mini-equipment include compactness. From the disadvantages it is worth highlighting the low power.


Installation of this large stationary design is allowed in any part of the room. Despite the fact that the ventilation unit is located inside the unit, the dust is eliminated by means of a long hose connected to the master’s work table.

Advantages of a floor vacuum cleaner:

Floor standing cooker hood with high power

Such equipment is a separate kind of vacuum cleaner. The power of this cooker hood can handle all quantities of dust, a feature that sets it apart from other appliances. The advantages and disadvantages are the same as those of a standard floor vacuum cleaner.

To learn about all the advantages of a powerful floor vacuum cleaner for manicures, see this

What is a manicure vacuum cleaner

In the course of one or another nail service, there are particles of horny tissue and sawdust, remnants of old varnish and paint. they form into dust that requires immediate cleaning. Exactly the equipment that we are considering is an excellent assistant for this purpose.

Best Professional And Affordable Nail Dust Collectors 2022- For Safer, Cleaner Manicures.

If this dust is not cleaned in time, harmful particles can be in the air, get into the lungs, which in turn contributes to provoking allergic reactions, tracheitis, and leads to other problems with the respiratory tract.

Manicure vacuum cleaner makes it possible to keep your workplace clean and tidy, thereby making a positive impression on the customers.

Selection criteria

In order not to make a mistake when choosing and to buy directly the model that will be the most suitable for the master, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions and technical features of the variant you like.

manicure, extractor, choose

It is possible to allocate a number of basic recommendations that can greatly facilitate making the right decision:

  • Power. Is one of the most important criteria for choosing, because it allows you to determine the amount of dust absorbed by the device for a specific period of time.
  • Number of fan revolutions. It is best to give preference to a model capable of performing at least 2 600 revolutions per minute. If the number of revolutions will be somewhat more, then the device in the process of work will make more noise, thereby interfering with the work of the master and causing unpleasant feelings in the client.
  • Volume of air cubic meters to be conveyed. For a vacuum cleaner to be more efficient, it should be approximately 300 cubic meters per hour.
  • How to read the instructions for use. The cleaner may be overly sensitive to chemicals used in the process.
  • Checking the enclosure and dust bags. It is best to choose models whose casing, grille and fan blades are easy to care for, and whose dust bags can be quickly re-cleaned when needed.
  • Models with a fine grid are optimal. then objects that accidentally fall inside the unit will not ruin the fan blades.
  • Manufacturer’s information. Choose only appliances from reputable companies that have a positive testimonial and product certification.

Manicure vacuum cleaner 4blanc Le Air. review

I had my eye on this hood before buying it. And do not regret it! How I used to live without it, when you treat your heels with the machine. The dust is usually standing in columns (in spite of the usual vacuum cleaner), but with the hood 4blank not a single speck of dust does not fly past the hood! The power is impressive (adjustable), the view is aesthetic, all customers love it. Oh, I forgot to tell you, very handy ring built-in light bulb, bright, I love it! The fixtures are robust, the filter is easy to clean! I advise every master pedicure

manicure, extractor, choose

I’m a nail technician for over 10 years.Our work is dusty.Two years ago I started to get sores on my arm that were getting wet and itchy and getting bigger and bigger.All protective measures I have always applied (gloves, mask, apron, cap), but doctors unequivocally said that it is a professional.

I thought about a good extraction system when I got my pedicure training. I decided to have a Smart pedicure, the procedure of which involved a lot of microdust. Therefore, I choose the hood responsibly. The price did not matter, above all, it’s about taking care of your health.

manicure, extractor, choose

I am very glad that I have the opportunity to develop and buy the best equipment for us!This is my new hood :1. I have a lot to compare, as I have worked with the pedicure machine with a hood, with a spray, a hood with a tube, and even without a hood.2.

With the arrival of the new year, I changed jobs. Moving from a salon to work in his own office, I had to equip my own workplace from scratch. In addition to furniture, I bought all the appliances to organize the workplace.

Hello all! I am a manicurist, I do my nails at home. I took the choice of hood seriously, I did not buy “China”. There were no reviews anywhere for the Emil x1 hood, but plenty for its brother Emil x2. I took it at my own risk. The vacuum cleaner was needed a compact, t. к. I remove all accessories for manicure.

Hi there. I have decided to get a manicure and pedicure. And I realized that for beginner masters need extraction, because after removing gel nail polish or nails, there is a lot of dust. So I decided to buy, but the question immediately arises. Which one to choose??

I’ve been looking for the perfect hood for my job for a long time. I was not completely satisfied with the built-in extractor from propeller pro. it is powerful, but the dust on the table was. I was thinking about getting a built-in one from Verakso. I stumbled across an advert for an innovative cyclone hood on instagram.

manicure, extractor, choose

I made my nails happy with the DUSTYER! The Max Ultimate 3 ☆ A must have if you like gel nail polish ☆ What is it for?? ☆ Why HERE?? ☆ I will tell you all the details ☆☆ VIDEO of the removal of gel nail polish


Looking at masters reviews, we can conclude that the best option in choosing a manicure vacuum cleaner is a portable model. First, it allows you to change the workplace without any problems, and secondly, you do not need to do any additional steps to install it. When installing a built-in hood, you should carry out work on the embedding of the device, floor equipment requires freeing up space near the table, and with a portable device such problems do not arise. To change such a device in the event of expiration of the warranty period is much easier than floor-standing or built-in devices.

As for the models, there is no unambiguous opinion. Masters are unanimous only in the fact that foreign and domestic versions are practically no different. Products of specific manufacturers receive both positive and negative reviews. For example, according to consumers who have used a vacuum cleaner Mah, it is better to buy a more expensive model with a fine grid, as the alternative option, though cheaper, but traumatic. Coming with a bag pretty thick, which is undoubtedly the advantage of the model, but it is only one, which should be attributed to the minuses.

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