What mode to choose for washing jackets

Washing jackets

Home appliances make clothes easier to care for. With the advent of automatic washing machines, most of the Russian closet fell into the category of things to wash. Even if the label Columbia jacket washing does not appear, few people will avoid the temptation to put it in order this way.

Many believe that it is easier, cheaper. No need to go to the dry cleaner and wait for the order to be fulfilled. Although improper cleaning technology shortens the life of the garment, degrades the quality of things, spoils the appearance.

Which mode to choose

Attempting to wash a down jacket often produces negative results: the down comes out of the seams, the jacket “gets thin” due to the loss of insulation.

You can avoid problems if you know how to clean products in the machine, and what filler is used by the manufacturer. Distinguished:

  • down. down;
  • wool. wool;
  • cotton. batting;
  • polyester, hollow fiber, fiber tech; polyester, hollow fiber, synthetics.
  • feather is a mixture of down and feather;

When choosing how to clean a down jacket, you should consider the composition of the insulating element.

To avoid down bunching, dry it naturally. on the shoulders, for 2-3 days, until it is completely dry. If there are difficulties, the product should be sent to dry cleaning.

Natural feather

The down label on the label means that the jacket is filled with down from waterfowl, which will absorb the detergent in the process and may clump together. Cleaning must be done with care.

The best option is a washing machine with “Washing outerwear” mode. If it is absent, it is necessary to use the methods mentioned above. If you don’t have one, the following table can help you choose a cleaner for your down outdoor coat.

Question Answer
How many items to load at once? 1 pc.
What kind of powder to use? Gel, liquid soap.
What is the correct mode? “Delicate wash”, spin max. 400 rpm.
How often to use the procedure and how? Wash the thing 2-3 times a season in a machine
At what temperature to clean a jacket with natural down? Only 30°C, not higher

If there is no delicate mode, the program “Wool” is used. This will keep the down and feathers in their natural state.

Possible care mode “Silk” or “Hand wash”. they provide the absence of mechanical stress and clean the material, the filler from dirt.

Advantages of washing over cleaning by hand:

Some stains are better removed manually.

It is important to consider the pictograms on the product tag:

To preserve the filler and the fabric will help strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

For putting a down jacket in order is suitable washing machine with a drum capacity of 5 kg to 8 kg of laundry.

  • Remove foreign objects from s.
  • Button up all locks.
  • Hand wash dirty areas.
  • Turn the garment inside out.
  • Detach hood with fur.
  • Change to gentle or hand wash (temperature max 30°C).
  • Use an extra rinse for dark jackets.
  • Switch to the minimum spin speed of 400 rpm (observe symbols on the label).
  • Load the item into the drum with wash balls (4-5 pieces), put a towel to protect against bloating, lumps.
  • Pour detergent into the powder compartment.
  • Start the machine.
  • Rinse 2-3 times.

Use gel or capsules to wash. down is hard to get rid of the powder particles, they stick together in clumps.

For medium soiled items, 30-40 ml of liquid is sufficient. Increase the dosage to 60 ml if heavily stained items are found.

After an additional rinse for 15-30 minutes, turn on the soft wash mode at 30 ° C, without adding detergent. It will improve the quality of cleaning.

Ecofoam and artificial fillings

  • twice as warm;
  • has a smaller volume;
  • retains heat;
  • moisture-resistant;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Shape-resistant (will not deform);
  • Practical to wear and care for.

Sweaters & Jackets washing demo in LG Front Loading Washing Machine (Part VI)

Program for washing synthetic down

  • Water temperature should not exceed 40 ° C.
  • Spin cycle 600 rpm.
  • “Wash outerwear”, “Hand wash”, “Synthetics”, “Bio-foam” programs.
  • Conditioner can be used with a double rinse.
  • Heavy soiling can be cleaned by hand. brush with soap and water.
  • Washing liquid or gel detergent.
  • Rinse and rinse mode.

You can wash bulky winter garments with artificial fillings (polyester, sintepon, hollofiber) in an automatic washer by choosing a program from the list recommended by the machine’s manufacturer. When washing by hand is necessary:

  • whip up the jacket;
  • draw water into the tub, dissolve liquid cleaner for the manual method;
  • put the down jacket in a washing solution, without using a pre-soak, whisk gently so that the filling is evenly soaked;
  • Rub dirty areas with a brush.

Rinse the garment three or four times without twisting it. Let the rest of the water drain off. Without wringing, lay it on a horizontal surface, covered with absorbent material (change as you get wet, to avoid the return of moisture to the filler). Leave to dry naturally. Periodically turning the piece, whipping the insulation.

How to wash by hand

Hand-washing your jacket is the gentlest. Its main advantage is that you can carefully control the procedure.

First, you should wash the local dirt. Folk methods can help with this:

  • A solution of vinegar and water will remove greasy marks. Add one teaspoonful to a glass of warm water, moisten a tampon or a cotton pad with this solution and treat the problem area.
  • Dirt and smudges can be removed with this remedy: 1 teaspoon salt, half a teaspoon ammonia and a glass of water. Apply the product in a similar fashion, then rinse it off thoroughly.

To wash the item by hand, follow the instructions:

  • Pour warm water into a large basin or bathtub and dissolve detergent or soap in it.
  • Carefully put the item in a container and wipe it with a sponge or soft brush.
  • Rinse the garment thoroughly and hang it on hangers to let the water run off.
mode, choose, washing, jackets

Winter clothes, regardless of the filling, should not be wrung out and twisted. It is best to let it dry naturally.

The secrets of washing membrane jackets

Membrane clothing is popular with active people. Membrane is strong, comfortable and has good insulating properties. In order for the product to retain its qualities, it must be washed properly.

For a membrane jacket to retain its properties, it must be washed with great care

General tips for caring for a ski or snowboard jacket with earbuds:

  • Avoid prolonged soaking;
  • Do not rub, twist or stretch the garment after washing;
  • Do not use stain removers, bleach or conditioners. If you have a question about how to clean a white jacket from grease and stains, ask a dry cleaner for help.

It is best to wash such a jacket by hand. Remove fur and fittings and fasten all zippers and closures first. Fill a large container with water up to 40 ℃ and dissolve the gel in it. Dip the jacket in a soapy solution and begin washing. To remove stubborn or stubborn stains, rub the spot with a brush. Avoid excessive rubbing and prolonged contact with water. After washing, rinse the jacket under cold running water and dry it with cloths.

If you decide to take the “desperate step” of washing your garment in a washing machine, put it in a special bag for delicate garments. This will reduce the aggressive action on the fabric and protect the garment from damage. Choose a “delicate” wash mode and set the temperature to 30 ℃. Use only approved detergents and turn off the spin cycle.

Membrane clothes can be dried flat and tumble-dried in natural conditions. Exposure to heating appliances or ultraviolet rays will damage the product.

How to wash Columbia Omni-Heat

A variety of membrane jackets are winter clothes known brand Columbia, which is sewn with Omni-Heat technology that keeps jackets warm, protects against moisture and wind. These garments also require special care.

How to wash your down jacket

To wash Columbia Omni-Heat down jacket prepare it for the process: zipper and button it, remove the down, wash stains with laundry soap. Fold the garment and place it in the washing machine drum. Set the delicate washing mode and add a special liquid detergent. The water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃ and the wash time should be as short as possible. Once finished, rinse the garment several times to get rid of the white streaks.

Washing membrane jackets and clothing is best done with special liquid detergents (ask brand stores)

Hand wash this product has its own characteristics. Hang the prepared garment on a rope over the tub and sprinkle it with shower water. Wipe the product with a soft sponge soaked in a soapy solution. Pay special attention to problem areas such as the sleeves, collar and s. Carry out such cleaning of the outside and inside of the jacket, and then rinse well with cool shower water. Dry it vertically, hanging it on hangers.

Washing a jacket at home. it’s difficult, but solvable problem that every woman can do. Use the recommendations and follow the label to preserve the garment’s original appearance and properties.

How to wash a polyester jacket

Outerwear with synthetic fillings. synthetic, hollofiber and polyester. can be washed in water temperatures from 40 to 50 ℃, unless otherwise indicated on the product label.

Along with detergent, it is desirable to use conditioner to make the fabric soft and eliminate electrification. To avoid bunching of the filler, put a few tennis balls or special laundry balls in the drum.

Choose a gentle or manual mode of the washing machine, with minimum drum speed during spinning (400 to 500). Rinse the product carefully to clean the filler from detergent residues. Therefore supplement the wash program with a double rinse option.

How to stick a label on your jacket in the wash

Let’s start with what is usually the last thing to read. the instructions. On any clothing, and jackets in particular, there is a label on which each manufacturer, without exception, writes what you can do with a thing and what not.

For the universality of “instructions” of this kind use special icons, the values of which are exactly the same in many countries of the world.

Consider the most important and necessary for those who are wondering how to properly wash a jacket. To do this, just consider the photo below.

mode, choose, washing, jackets

What you absolutely need to pay attention to? On what is forbidden to do. It is also necessary to take into account that jackets have certain features. For example, if you are wondering how to wash a white jacket, then pay attention to the label necessarily. in 90% of cases, when cleaning such things can not use bleach, etc.п.


Prepare the thing for washing in a washing machine in advance. After all, during this it is difficult to control the process, unlike the manual method. To simplify the procedure itself and care for the down jacket, make the following preparations:

  • Check the s. Take out everything in there: keys, money, and other small items.
  • If your down jacket has a hood with fur, unbutton it.
  • Some parts of the jacket may have stains or scuffs. These are usually found on the sleeves, collar, or s. So before you wash your down jacket in the washing machine, clean them by hand with laundry soap.
  • Be sure to turn the product on the wrong side, first fastening all zippers, buttons and rivets. Otherwise they can damage both the jacket itself and the drum of the machine.
  • Carefully inspect the item for damage and loose seams. During the procedure, they can go further.
  • Do not wash your down jacket with other items. Only load your down jacket into the machine.

Washing a down jacket in a washing machine machine will be much easier if you follow all of the above rules. In another article you can see how to wash a pleather skirt.

How to dry a down jacket?

If you dry a down-filled jacket incorrectly, you can not avoid the unpleasant smell and lumps of down. After washing, spread out the down jacket, shake it and hang it on hangers. Such clothes should be dried in an upright position away from radiators. Leave the down jacket out in the fresh air: in the yard of a private house, on a balcony or in a well-ventilated room. When drying, remember to shake the product periodically to ensure the down dries evenly through the entire volume.

Hang the down jacket on hangers in a well-ventilated space

Review effective laundry detergents

Washing a winter jacket at home effectively using specialized household chemicals, the components of which do not violate the structure of the fabric.

An overview of household cleaning products for the product:

Name Features
Grangers Performance Wash Detergent for cleaning delicate winter clothes. Suitable for membrane and water-repellent fabrics. Composition safe for use in washing machine, works in cold water.
Lion The Japanese manufacturer produces household chemicals for various functions: all-purpose gels, detergents for jackets, collars and cuffs, stain removers. The mild composition of the product does not damage the fabric, stains of any origin can be washed.
Sodasan Active Sport Household cleaner for fabrics with membrane, waterproof, breathable treatment. Suitable for ski suits. The product contains essential oils which add a pleasant fragrance to clothes.
Holmenkol Natural Wash Balsam is designed for washing outerwear, including down jackets. The products provide gentle care, are hypoallergenic and contain no dyes or caustic additives.
Cotico Specialised detergent for outerwear and sportswear. Has low foaming, rinses out well and leaves no streaks on clothing.

If there are no specialized products for washing outerwear in the store, you can use products for sportswear.

Chlorine-containing substances are not used for delicate fabrics (Bleach). Harsh chemical compounds corrode fabrics, and frequent use in a washing machine will damage household appliances.

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