What power a vacuum cleaner is considered good

Electricity Consumption

The power consumption of vacuum cleaners ranges from 1500-3000 Watts. This indicator tells you how much electrical energy the device consumes. Many people think that it is this characteristic that determines the quality of cleaning, but no.

Cleaning efficiency depends on many parameters, so it is not necessarily the case that two units will do the same job.

The vacuum cleaner market has a marketing secret that not everyone knows. It is the power consumption that is mentioned on the housing of the unit, because this parameter looks much more respectable. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is only mentioned in the documentation of the device.

So, the lower the power consumption, the more economical the device is to run. Therefore, for frequent cleaning of large spaces, it is best to choose a vacuum cleaner with the smallest setting.

What factors can affect the suction power rating?

There are several factors that affect the suction performance:

If the power consumption of the 2 different models is the same, the suction power must be different. It varies based on whether the vacuum cleaner has a water filter or a standard dust bag.

A household appliance equipped with a 5-level air filtration system with state-of-the-art filters has less suction power than a household appliance with 2-3 foam filters. The reason for this fact is quite simple: the air, overcoming an obstacle in the form of a multilayer air purification system, loses more power than when overcoming an obstacle of 2 ordinary filters.

The variety of models in the store is confusing. In order not to get lost, you should always pay attention to the quality of the assembly of the vacuum cleaner. This will help you not to make a mistake and buy a quality household appliance. Pay attention to the following points:

  • the quality of the plastic housing;
  • How tightly the components adhere to each other;
  • the quality of the fixing elements;
  • If there are unusual smells or odors when the unit is running.

Vacuum cleaner suction power is conditionally divided into 2 values:

To choose a powerful vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, look at the average suction power rating. That is what characterizes the quality of work during the whole cleaning process, not just after the start.

It is important to keep in mind that average suction power decreases as the dust bag becomes full.

The housewife chooses the appropriate intensity of work by herself, using the switch. It is more reasonable to buy a vacuum cleaner for home with such a switch.

  • Mechanical. the suction power is changed with a special switch.
  • Digital. level control by remote control. Models with such a regulator are much more expensive than those with a mechanical device.

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Efficiency also depends on the type of dust canister. The cyclone type models have the best performance. The filter does not need to be changed throughout the cleaning cycle, and suction power is not reduced. Units equipped with an aquafilter have lower efficiency, because it is assumed that the air must overcome additional obstacles in the form of a water tank.

The performance of a classic vacuum cleaner with a dust bag depends on the suction power and quality of the filters installed.

Does the quality of the accessories affect the performance? The length and weight of the hoses, their shape, size and usable area of the nozzles all have a direct influence on the performance of the appliance. World-renowned manufacturers are constantly working to improve the accessories, offering the consumer a variety of options for lightweight nozzles, hoses. It is worth noting immediately that the quality and most powerful vacuum cleaner is not cheap.

power, vacuum, cleaner, considered, good

Household vacuum cleaner (aka construction vacuum cleaner)

A household, or building vacuum cleaner, is usually a larger and more powerful (and therefore. more loud) version of a traditional vacuum cleaner, designed for heavier loads and work with more “complicated” debris.

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Note that almost none of the household vacuum cleaners should not, according to the manufacturer, faced with the repair debris. Such “untargeted” use of the device can lead to premature wear and tear of the vacuum cleaner or its components. Particularly affected by construction dust are reusable filters.

Construction vacuum cleaners, in contrast to household vacuum cleaners, are specifically designed to remove the remains of cement mixtures, large fractions (splinters of bricks and chips). Many of these devices have the ability to connect directly to “garbage” power tools. jigsaws, sanders, peelers, etc. п.

It is clear that in the first place when choosing such a device go “omnivorousness” and power. Elegant appearance and reduced noise level are not usually expected in this case.

The capacity of the building vacuum cleaner can hold several tens of liters, and the device itself is almost always able to work with bags. both disposable and reusable.

Although water cleaning is not usually the most demanded function of a vacuum cleaner, the need for it arises from time to time. A household vacuum cleaner can be used to easily remove puddles from the porch of a summer house, collect water from the bathroom floor after a water pipe leak, remove melted snow from the car floor or water from a toilet trap before removing it.

Such a device is useful if you plan a small (or large) repair in the apartment or are fond of all kinds of self-made (for example, related to the processing of wood). Such a vacuum cleaner is also recommended for cottage, workshop and garage.

And when the repair is finished, the construction vacuum cleaner can easily start playing the role of a household vacuum cleaner. of course, if you are willing to put up with its rather small size and increased noise level.

What else to look for when choosing

Optional features

Some vacuums may have adjustment of the brush position depending on the height of the carpet. Others allow you to set the suction level, which is helpful if you’re going to clean clothier surfaces. Vacuum cleaners with a turbo brush will clean carpets better than models that only clean with suction power. Look for those features that can make your cleaning task easier.

Inspect the vacuum cleaner

Even if you order a model online, look at it in the store, touch it, try to make cleaning movements. You may find that this model is not for you.

HEPA filters

If you use a regular vacuum cleaner, you will “redistribute” the dust as you clean. Part of it will settle in a bag or dust canister, and another part will inevitably come back to the room. Allergy sufferers will be especially sensitive to this, so they need vacuum cleaners with a special HEPA (“high efficiency air purification”) filter.

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Energy Consumption

If you have a small area to clean, no pets or pile rugs, there is no need to choose a model with high power. Such a vacuum cleaner will use a lot of energy. A small model will save you money on your electric bill.


Often manufacturers significantly reduce the price of older models. As our tests show, the latest model isn’t necessarily the most efficient one. You may be able to buy an inexpensive vacuum cleaner from last year, which will be more productive than any newer model.

What is considered a good vacuum cleaner wattage?

Choosing a good vacuum cleaner depends on several variables, such as dust suction power, type of dust canister, and others. About how to choose the right vacuum cleaner. RIA Novosti, 19.01.2022

MOSCOW, August 6. RIA Novosti. Choosing a good vacuum cleaner depends on several parameters, such as dust suction power, type of dust canister and others. How to choose a vacuum cleaner for your home or apartment, which models clean the surfaces better and get expert advice is described in the article of RIA Novosti.How to choose a vacuum cleaner for your home and apartment?When choosing a vacuum cleaner to meet expectations, you should consider its type, power, number of nozzles, noise level and power consumption, size, filtration system. commented Anatoly Nikonov The choice of a good upright vacuum cleaner can cost more than 20 thousand, as well as a model with a dust bag or a container. “.According to the level of electricity consumptionAny electric appliance has its own energy efficiency class, which shows how much it will consume in the house. The highest grades mean that the vacuum cleaner will use very little power, while the lowest will use much more. It is best to choose a model with a class A, A.Additional featuresSome vacuum cleaner models can be used to steam clothes or wash windows, robot vacuum cleaners have additional functions in the form of a timer, cleaning schedule, making a route. Also devices can do wet cleaning, disinfect surfaces.

What should be the suction power of a vacuum cleaner for the home in numbers

The characteristic can be divided into several categories:

  • 350W. enough for dry cleaning of linoleum, tile, and other smooth surfaces. If there are no carpets in the rooms and there is no need to handle upholstered furniture, then a low-power model will do.
  • 400 watts. enough power to effectively clean carpeting and clean up the bulk of dust and hair if pets live in the rooms.
  • 450 watts and above. suitable for cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture and long-length flooring.

It is better to pay attention to models with a power regulator. It helps to optimize electricity consumption and treat all surfaces. The regulator can be electronic or mechanical.

Types of power

Some users have never thought about the fact that vacuum cleaners have two types of power, and the parameter consumed is not the most important in the characteristics of modern household appliances, designed to remove dust from rooms.

Attention! Manufacturers constantly use a clever marketing ploy: on the package box and the very body of the product, they indicate only the power consumption, because it looks respectable. The same suction parameter is mentioned in the technical documentation, which is attached to each unit.

Power consumption

This parameter varies in the range of 1500-3000 W, and many users believe that a powerful vacuum cleaner should have the highest similar indicators, but this is not true. This parameter indicates what load on the home electrical network the given model has during operation, but there is no direct correlation between the power consumption and the efficiency of the product.

Experts explain this by the fact that the quality of the unit for the home affects a lot of other factors, so two vacuum cleaners with the same power consumption will not show identical and efficient work on cleaning. This parameter is always several times higher than the similar suction characteristic, that is why all manufacturers indicate it in the advertisements of their products.

During operation, it turns out that the lower the power consumption, the more economical the product and less will have to pay consumers for the consumption of electricity. Therefore, for those who are going to frequently use a household unit to clean large areas, it is better to buy a small vacuum cleaner with medium power consumption. If you plan to use such appliances no more than once a week to clean an average city apartment, the high power will not harm you.

Suction power

Its value is in such a range: 250-480 W, and the principle is simple: the more powerful the air suction, the better the dust is removed. According to the suction power of modern household appliances can be divided into two types:

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that if you constantly work at maximum power, the maximum service life of the product decreases quickly.

Allergy sufferers, for whom the quality of cleaning is very important, experts recommend a super-powered vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter and fine filtering element class HEPO 13, which detains all kinds of allergens. But you have to be prepared for the fact that such equipment quickly wears out the carpeting, because it operates at maximum performance without loss of suction power.

The concept of “useful power” includes two indicators:

  • Maximum. it is reached in the first seconds of operation after turning on the product, while the dust collector is still completely empty.
  • Average Efficiency, which describes the vacuum cleaner’s performance during the entire cleaning cycle, i.e. к. the degree of suction is reduced due to the fullness of the dust bag or cyclone filter.

Performance tests have shown that the second version is 30% smaller than the first.

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Methodology description

According to our methodology, we determine the airflow using a hand held paddle anemometer. This device allows us to determine the air velocity in m/s. this is multiplied by the duct cross section in m 2. we obtain the airflow in m3 /s. In this case it was possible to let the entire flow through the working section of the anemometer. The diameter of the section is 62mm, which gives an area of approximately 3.02×10.3 м 2.

To determine the vacuum we used a differential manometer with a measuring range of ±34 kPa. The pressure measurement inlet has a diameter of 1 mm and is drilled to the diameter in the wall of a steel “inch” pipe with a smooth inner surface (inner diameter of the pipe is 28 mm, wall thickness is approximately 3 mm). This configuration, according to the materials studied, allows a fairly accurate determination of the pressure (vacuum) in the air flow. A second (negative) differential pressure gauge fitting was connected to this hole using an adapter and a flexible pipe. The first connection remained unconnected, i.e. we measure the vacuum in the pipe relative to the environment.

Pipes, joints and impeller of the anemometer already create some resistance to the air flow, but it is fixed and relatively small, while in the real use of the vacuum cleaner the resistance varies depending on the nozzle / brush used, the type of surface cleaned, etc. д. To create variable resistance, the stand was augmented with a 1-inch type slide. The appearance of the complete construction is shown in the photo below:

Anemometer impeller ( 1 ) is installed at the air inlet, then flexible adapter ( 2 ), then rigid plastic adapter ( 3 ), short one inch tube ( 4 ), slide valve ( 5 ), long one inch tube ( 6 ) with hole for manometer connection, connection to the vacuum cleaner tube ( 7 ). Sealing the joints, where necessary, is done with insulating tape of PVC or with strips of bicycle camera. Devices in the picture from left to right: anemometer ( 8 ), manometer ( 9 ), wattmeter ( 10 ). Let’s notice that at definition of force of suction the vacuum cleaner to the bench is connected without nozzles and with the minimum working configuration of inlets and pipes. In case of a usual vacuum cleaner this means connection to the end of the flexible hose (it is already possible to connect working brushes and nozzles to it as a rule). This is because we want to determine the suction power that can be used directly to clean. In this case, the vacuum cleaner must be equipped with all regular filters (new ones, if possible, cleaned well and / or washed), an empty dust bag if the vacuum cleaner has no dust bag, or a new dust bag in the opposite case. An example of a working configuration is shown in the photo above.

Five things to consider when choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner

When choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner everyone pays attention to the suction power, working time, and features of the turbo brush, but very few people think about other equally important things.

Here are three examples of vacuum cleaners I own, and I’ll show you what you need to pay attention to.

As examples I will have: Dyson V6 Animal Pro. which is six years old (my review here), a Makita DCL181F (my review here), an inexpensive popular vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Deerma VC 20 Plus.

Not all vacuum cleaners are easy to clean, even the more expensive models.

With Dyson, everything seems simple and convenient. push the lever, open the bottom lid, the dust pours out. In reality it usually goes like this.

You have to take the whole container off, clean it, and then put it back on, and it’s pretty awkward to put it back on.

Newer models have made it more convenient, but still not perfect.

Makita’s just separates the body into two parts and the dust pours out, though you still have to pick up the dust stuck to the filter-bag and knock out the bag.

Deerma’s is much more complicated. First you have to pull out the nozzle.

Then take out the center part.

Dust out and clean what’s stuck on the red cyclone core.

Next you have to take out the HEPA filter and clean it.

Then everything is put back together: the HEPA filter is put back in place, the core is inserted into the cup, the cup is put on the vacuum cleaner, the nozzle is put back in.

You have to admit, it’s not very convenient. And it can be worse!

In six years I’ve never cleaned the Dyson’s pre-motor filter. it’s still perfectly clean!

They have a multistage filtration system. first the main cyclone, then a sieve, then a dozen of micro cyclones, then this filter which is almost dust-free and at the outlet, after the motor, the HEPA.

Most vacuum cleaners of other brands have much simpler filtration system. only cyclone and pre-motor filter (sometimes there is also a metal mesh). Because of this already after the first cleaning one can see flakes of dust on the pre-motor filter, as on the photo above.

Specifically this Deerma VC 20 people put a piece of synthetic non-woven cloth in front of the HEPA filter so that the main dirt settled on it, not on the filter.

It’s even worse when the pre-motor filter is made of foam. the dust gets clogged up in its thickness and it’s much harder to clean.

power, vacuum, cleaner, considered, good

If after the first big cleaning the pre-motor filter becomes dirty, the filtration system is useless, and it happens in most vacuum cleaners.

So far I’ve seen a filtration system similar to the Dyson, only in Xiaomi Dreame (not to be confused with Xiaomi Deerma). They have, like Dyson, after the main cyclone comes the screen, then a few micro cyclones, then the HEPA with a foam ring inserted inside. This ring starts to get dusty only after a few big cleanings, and the HEPA filter stays clean for a very long time.

Perhaps there are other vacuum cleaners with more or less normal filtration system, in which the pre-motor filter is not covered with dust after the first cleaning. If you know them. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Dyson has a vacuum cleaner that works as long as the trigger is pulled. Many people don’t like this because you have to hold the trigger for the entire cleaning cycle. Newer models added one-touch operation.

power, vacuum, cleaner, considered, good

Makita has made it very convenient: one button, located just under the thumb, turns the vacuum cleaner on, the other turns it off. Pressing the first button a second time switches the power down.

The Deerma has the most awkward on/off switch that could be made: the only button is awkwardly located, but the worst part is that you have to hold it down for almost three seconds to turn it on.

When I got a Makita vacuum cleaner I used it all the time for manual vacuuming of small dirt and I didn’t even know why. Turns out it’s just more comfortable to hold because of the perfect center of gravity coming into the handle (one side of the battery, one side of the motor).

The Dyson, oddly enough, can also hang on your finger, albeit leaning forward.

But the Deerma has the center of gravity far from the handle, and it is very uncomfortable to hold.

Suspension has almost no effect on the comfort of cleaning the floor, but if you often use the vacuum cleaner in manual mode, it’s also worth paying attention to.

I am confident in the safety of these three vacuum cleaners, which I can’t say about cheap vacuum cleaners of little-known brands. If there are not very high quality batteries, no protection, the charger has a primitive circuitry, this vacuum cleaner can cause a fire while charging (I have not yet heard of cases of fire during operation or storage).

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