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Today we are going to look at the best microwave ovens of 2022. Microwaves have long been the helpers of housewives in the kitchen, as well as a great help for lazy or busy kids who do not have enough time to cook.

Microwave (microwave oven; microwave). is an electric device that allows you to heat food, thanks to the electromagnetic radiation of the decimeter range and is designed for quick cooking, heating or defrosting of food.

A modern microwave oven can not only heat your food, but also defrost foods, fry and quickly cook any dishes. Many microwave ovens include a recipe base with a variety of dishes.

To make our article easier to navigate, we’ve categorized the models:

If you have not yet decided on the type, power and volume of microwave oven, be sure to read the tips and tricks for choosing the right microwave.

Myth about the dangers of microwave ovens

Ten years ago, television programs vied with one another to scare us that microwaves emit terribly harmful rays. The population was afraid, relaying what they heard to each other, and the results of this tainted telephone were sometimes unpredictable. Recently there was a discussion online about how grandmothers in line at the health clinic were saying that the microwave changes the structure of DNA. All jokes are jokes, but these facts come out of a lack of awareness.

How, after all, does the microwave heat foods? The microwaves it generates drive the water molecules in food. They start moving more and more quickly, which causes the food to heat up. Remember physics class discussions about how kinetic energy changes into potential energy?? That’s what it is.

Should Be Afraid of Modern Microwaves? No, it doesn’t. The point is that each such device receives several levels of protection, preventing ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) radiation from affecting our bodies in any way. First of all, the door fits snugly, and if you open it, the microwave will shut off. Second, there’s a safety grid on the inside of the appliance. Third, there is also an electromagnetic “trap”. If this does not seem to be enough, we can add that all modern ovens are certified with 4 levels of quality control and a radiation test.

Conclusion: microwave oven is very convenient, but not scary, and our myths will probably in a century our own children will compare it to the fear of riding the first trains and watching the first movies. Unpleasant consequences can occur only if you stay 8 hours a day for a long time at a distance of less than 5 cm from the microwave, but it is difficult to imagine this situation. We must note that you should not repair the oven yourself. this is just the very thing that is not safe.

Now we can safely proceed directly to the selection of microwave oven.

What is the right volume?

Let’s continue to analyze how to choose a microwave oven for your home. The next important characteristic that is not overlooked is the volume of the inner chamber. It depends on how big a portion you can heat up in one sitting.

power, microwave

How to choose a microwave oven? The tips here are:

  • Up to 20 liters. for one person or a couple.
  • Up to 28 liters. for a family of 4 people.
  • Larger amounts are for “professional” use.

Find out what power you need

The higher the power of the microwave, the faster it heats the food. Household models usually have between 700 and 1,500 watts. But it should be understood that the power consumption is always higher than the actual performance, because the efficiency of any appliance is less than 100%. Simply put, if a microwave consumes 1,250 watts, it gives about 800 watts for heating.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the device and the more features it has, the higher the power limit will be. For everyday use do not usually need more than 1,000 watts, so it is not necessary to chase the numbers.

When choosing a microwave, also consider the characteristics of the electrical wiring in your home. In old buildings, a high-powered model switched on at the same time as a kettle or washing machine might overload the mains. The result. from blown fuses in the electrical box to electrical shorts.

Advantages of microwave ovens

Undoubtedly, the microwave oven has become almost indispensable assistant of modern man. It makes our life easier and frees up time for other pleasurable activities. Judge for yourself, with it we can quickly heat up dinner and defrost meat, bake a cake or a pie, boil soup or roast meat, vegetables and fish. In this case the vitamins in the products are preserved, the meat is tasty and juicy. When we cook on the stove we have to use the cooker hood or open a window. It’s different with microwave ovens: there is no heat, odors or soot when cooking. And you can cook with little or no fat. it won’t burn. And, what is important, electricity is consumed with maximum efficiency. Isn’t it a miracle!

With microwave ovens, foods retain their nutritional value and taste. At the same time, the question of whether the microwave oven is bad for health, many people ask. Let’s get this straight.

The microwave radiation is not radioactive. It permeates the food, affecting only the liquid molecules. The vibrations of these molecules help quickly heat or cook food, preserving both flavor and maximum vitamins.

Microwaves. it’s non-ionizing radiation, they are not harmful to either food or substances, or biological tissues, so leave the kitchen with a working microwave oven is not necessary at all, as some of us think. During operation, the chamber of the microwave oven does not pass microwaves, as it has a metal casing.

According to the official conclusion of the WHO (2008), the radiation used in microwave ovens has no negative effects on either food or humans. Limitations apply to people with pacemakers. The only way to “catch” radiation is to use a microwave that has been dropped and damaged, such as the door or cabinet. If this happens, you should take the oven to a repair shop rather than try to repair it yourself.

Additional safety system. tightly closing doors with a protective screen, which has a special grid on the inside, as well as auto-lock on the oven.

Follow these simple rules for using your microwave oven and you won’t have to worry about your health:

Internal coating

Yes, yes! It is the inner coating that determines many things: the cleaning of the oven and even the taste of cooked food. The inner coating comes in:

  • Stainless steel. increased resistance to high temperatures, but cleaning can be difficult;
  • Bioceramic coating. the ideal, in our opinion. Greasy foods leave practically no marks, and cleaning them is not uncomfortable. Withstands high temperatures and is more careful to preserve the vitamins in the food. But you should be very careful with the coating, t.к. Ceramic is a very fragile material;
  • Enamel coating is the most common and very similar to the ceramic coating, so check before buying this important parameter. Easy to clean, but not as durable as others. In the future it can flake off. Grease and food stick to the enamel more easily when heating up or cooking.

Conventional and inverter microwave ovens

The magnetron in classic microwave ovens is either on or off: it doesn’t have any adjustment. So when you select a power mode, it just switches on and off at different intervals. The result of such work is unevenly heated food and over-drying. That’s why, by the way, it’s often the plate that gets hot, not the soup.

The problem is partially solved by inverter units. These are probably the best microwave ovens for heating food. They have an electronic control unit in front of the magnetron, which can actually reduce or increase the power. This allows you to work smoothly and not discretely.

power, microwave

Before choosing which microwave oven is better to buy, note that the dimensions and parameters of the inverter also win:

The obvious minus. the price is 2 times higher, which complicates their purchase. But it is worth paying attention that gradually they are getting cheaper, and in the top segment the cost is almost comparable.

Criteria for choosing the best microwave oven for the home

Let’s look at the specifications and parameters to help you decide on your purchase.


Microwave ovens come in built-in and freestanding. Built-in appliance allows you to create a harmonious and well-adjusted interior of your kitchen. no appliance with its appearance will not stand out from the overall composition. Built-in microwave can often be found in the author’s design projects, especially if the style of the kitchen does not match the modern era.Freestanding microwaves can be placed in any corner and on any flat surface. over they can be rearranged if you want, as long as there is a socket nearby.

power, microwave


This range varies from 10 to 40 liters. The most compact and inexpensive models, designed only for heating and defrosting a small amount of food, have a volume of up to 17 liters. If you want to cook with a microwave. choose a model with a volume of 17 to 25 liters. Needs a grill? Filter your microwave search. you need a volume of 25 liters or more. If you have a large family and you need to heat up several servings at once. buy a microwave with a volume of 30 liters or more.


This is the most important indicator of speed. Low-power microwave ovens will take longer to heat food. Also, you should respect direct proportionality: the bigger the microwave oven in terms of size. the higher the power should be. Otherwise, it is impossible to uncover and appreciate all the advantages of using the stove.

If you need to heat small amounts of food or prepare simple dishes (hot sandwiches, pizza, etc.), the enamel coating will save you money.д.). then 300 to 800 watt will be enough. If you plan to use your microwave for cooking complex, multi-component dishes, then the power rating should be at least 900 watts.

Microwave oven interior

Enamel can save you money and is easy to clean, but they do not have a grill. high temperatures and enamel coating are incompatible. Ceramics or bioceramics. economical, durable, models with this coating use less power per unit time, they are also easy to clean. But for such a microwave, you’ll probably have to pay more, think about whether it is worth it to overpay? Stainless steel or steel. sturdy, stylish, tolerates all temperatures, but needs careful care after cooking.

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Type of control

Mechanical or electronic. The mechanical controls are simple round knobs that switch with a click. They are simple and reliable and rarely let their owner down. Electronic control. buttons or panel-sensor gives more room for settings, and you can experiment with the appearance of the microwave when you buy. However, this control sometimes gives you extra trouble when repairing the appliance.


Modern appliance always “acquires” additional features. The microwave is no exception and has a variety of functions:

  • Grill. quartz or tepid. The first one cooks faster and is more energy efficient. Thane. evenly heats the product to a crispy crust due to its mobility, models with such a grill are slightly cheaper.
  • Convection or hot air circulation. ideal for dough and baking, such a microwave oven is a full-fledged substitute for the oven.
  • Inverter power control, a stepless control that allows you to gradually increase or decrease the microwave’s power during cooking to preserve the texture and health benefits of foods.
  • Automatic defrost or reheat. so you don’t have to count minutes in your head. just put the food in the appliance and put it in the appropriate mode.


In most models there is a minimum set of working modes of the microwave oven. heating and defrosting. But sometimes the device you choose may have settings for cooking liquid foods, side dishes, meat and fish, baking, roasting, etc.д. Some microwaves may have a memory of settings and options to save your own recipes.

In addition, you may want to pay attention to the accessories: a recipe book, grill grid or a special dish-dome for crispy crackling.

Also, consider that sometimes microwaves can malfunction, and the ability to repair them without problems, buy the necessary parts or take the device to the service center. an important advantage.

We are sure these 7 parameters will tell you how to choose the right microwave for you and your preferences. Built in or separate? With a grill or just for healthy food? For heating and defrosting or for cooking complex culinary delights? The choice is yours!

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What kind of microwave ovens are available?

In addition to the power of microwave ovens, you need to consider other factors that affect heating and defrosting. For example, the type of microwave oven you have: they can be conventional, convection or inverter.

Solo ovens have nothing but a magnetron, a high-voltage device that produces ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) electromagnetic radiation. These are the simplest devices with a minimum of additional features. They are mostly suitable for heating cooked food.

Ovens with convection, in addition to the heating element, have a built-in fan that directs streams of hot air around the food. Heating is then faster than with a conventional model. This is where you can get creative and use the most advanced recipes.

Inverter microwave ovens offer more consistent heating at lower power settings. What’s their advantage? Let’s just say that if you turn on another type of oven at 50 percent power, it means that the microwave will constantly change its power from zero to one hundred percent. Inverter technology provides a constant power of 50 percent throughout operation, which is especially useful for defrosting.

Understanding Microwave Wattage

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