What room has a robot vacuum cleaner avatariya

A location similar to that of The Street. Has benches, trees. In 2019, during the “Birthday Game” instead of the bush was bot Innocent.

Лучшие Роботы-пылесосы в 2022 году

This location can only be accessed by car or motorcycle (help of friends is possible). Has two sub-locations. First sub-location: has the appearance of a parking lot, where avatars cars are parked. You can play a mini game “Race”. Second sub-location: has benches, and a “Hungry Meerkat” shooting gallery. When clicked opens a mini-game where you have to use bugs to feed the meerkats. Prizes: candy, balloon, bear. (They should be given to players in the location).

Vacuuming robots

Robot vacuum cleaner. a household appliance that is slowly replacing traditional vacuum cleaners. After all, with the rhythm of life, more and more people value their free time and are not willing to spend it on cleaning. over, today there is a wide range of household appliances that are endowed with artificial intelligence. To understand the principle of which is not difficult at all. After all, how to connect a robot vacuum cleaner would understand even a child and an elderly person, you just need to program it to the correct mode and choose the cleaning area.

The robot vacuum cleaner has earned the love of Messi!

What robotvacuum cleaners are presented in “Epicenter”?

There are hundreds of vacuum cleaners of popular brands on the pages of the catalog of the online store “Epicenter”, including new models 2022. What robot vacuum cleaner to choose just you decide, you can use different nozzles, power, and even choose the floor covering, whether it is carpet, tile or linoleum. The competition is growing, and buyers often have a question: “Which robot vacuum cleaner is better??”. That’s why manufacturers are trying to think up new features to make their product unique. Among the features:

  • control from a smartphone. being at work, you have the opportunity to program the robot vacuum cleaner to clean;
  • obstacle detection system. allows the device to clear all other corners of the room, except for obstacles;
  • Turbo mode. the device operates at maximum speed, perfectly copes with the cleaning of very dirty surfaces, or carpets with high pile;
  • The light. with its help the vacuum cleaner identifies even the smallest dirt, and also works in the evening or at night.

With all these and other characteristics, you can read in the card of each product, as well as view photos, videos, and reviews of our customers.

Where to get? What’s the Best Way to Buy?

Thanks to regular promotions and seasonal sales, you can buy a robot vacuum cleaner at a low price. And if when making a purchase, your personal account linked to the card “benefit”, then you can return the cool cashback. When ordering, you need to select the payment method:

For maximum savings, pick up the product free of charge from online order pickup centers, or you can get it at the post office operators or by courier delivery.

room, robot, vacuum, cleaner

How a robot vacuum cleaner works?

A robot vacuum cleaner is created to simplify the process of cleaning and free up your free time. One of the popular robot manufacturers among users, ECOVACS ROBOTICS develops cool and functional Deebot robots, ranging from basic models without wet cleaning, such as the N76S, to the multifunctional PRO 930, which has an additional hand vacuum cleaner included.

The body of the device is often round, up to 40 cm in diameter, height from 7 cm and above, depending on the model (vacuum cleaners from Slim series have ultra-thin body, to clean under low furniture, where conventional vacuum cleaner will never get). On top there is a power button. pressing it activates the automatic cleaning mode. Inside. motor, battery and container to collect dirt. Front body has a cushioned bumper for safe contact with furniture and furnishings. In addition, all DEEBOT robots are equipped with anti-collision and anti-fall sensors (the robot identifies in advance the obstacle in its path and reduces speed, as well as senses changes in height and does not cross the safety line when cleaning near the stairs).

room, robot, vacuum, cleaner
  • Two side brushes for sweeping dust
  • Main V-shaped brush / direct suction nozzle
  • Wheels
  • Microfiber mounts (in models with wet cleaning)
  • Microfiber

iRobot Roomba App. How to Create Irregular/Custom Room Divisions

room, robot, vacuum, cleaner

Most of today’s robotic vacuum cleaners can operate in two modes: dry and wet cleaning. That is a smart helper will not only clean the floors from wool and dust, but also refresh all the floor coverings. No buckets, no mops, no dirty rags, no puddles on the parquet. The microfiber’s water-feeding technology makes it economical to use and leaves no streaks at the same time. All new DEEBOT wet cleaning robots are equipped with updated Smart OZMO technology, which makes cleaning floors even easier.

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