What’s better disc or tweezers epilator

Methods of pain relief

The vast majority of women have a strong discomfort and even fear of the procedure. There are a number of design solutions that can reduce the painful sensations to a minimum.


Cooling the upper layer of the epidermis somewhat dulls its sensitivity. For this purpose, manufacturers optionally complete some models with removable nozzles. Before use, it is frozen in the freezer and fixed to the attachment to the device. Thus, it significantly reduces the pain threshold and the risk of future rashes on the skin.

Sometimes a reusable mitten with a special gel inside is put into the box.

Advice! At home, you can use an ice pack and a wet towel.


Philips patented system with the ability to cool the skin with extra airflow from the device. Has a good effect on hypersensitive skin.


The special integrated massage brush has a rather distracting effect during the removal of the unwanted growth. Most often, the vibrating nozzle is attached immediately before the tweezers and “taps” the skin beforehand. One second of relaxation is quite enough for the necessary degree of pain relief. Sometimes special rubber fingers are placed next to tweezers or discs.

Skin stretching system (precision attachment)

A sophisticated mechanism which plunges the desired skin area into a static state just before removal. The stretched skin cover is not lifted during the tweezing operation and the tactile stress is minimized.

Attention! Devices with such a nozzle are marked with a special marking:

How to choose an epilator. Which epilator is better to choose: disc or tweezers

The perfect epilator is what many girls really dream about. If you finally decided to throw in the trash your old machine, you need to go to the store and buy a replacement.

Let’s see how to choose an epilator and what to look for when buying. Not everything is as simple as it might seem at first sight. This device should meet a number of requirements, and only then it can be considered ideal.

How to choose an epilator

Hair removal with an epilator. one of the most effective methods of combating unwanted body hair. But the effect will depend on the model chosen. We’ll tell you how to choose an epilator, so it causes as little discomfort as possible and your skin is flawlessly smooth.

Which is better: tweezers or a disc epilator

Epilators can be tweezers or discs. They both effectively deal with hair, although each in its own way. Let’s take a closer look at them.


The devices use micro tweezers (20 to 40) that pull hairs out instantly. The advantages of these epilators:

Convenient to work on a small area of the body.

Disc epilators

It uses tightly pressed discs. They grab more hairs than tweezers, which makes them slightly more painful. But the procedure is much faster with this device.

There is also a special kind of epilators. a photoepilator. It allows you to get rid of hair permanently. But the efficiency of home photoepilators is lower than the salon ones. But at home you can configure the device “by yourself” and use it at any convenient time.

How to choose an epilator by technical characteristics

In addition to the gripper system, it is important to look at the material of discs or tweezers. They can be metal or ceramic. The first option is cheaper, but there is a chance that the metal nozzle will fray hairs as it wears out.

Ceramic wins by the fact that it almost does not break the rod, works with the same efficiency throughout the life of the.

For a comfortable procedure, you should also look at the following parameters.

Number of tweezers/discs

There can be from 20 to 40. The more tweezers or discs the faster the procedure will go. But it will also be more painful. If you’ve never done epilation before (including waxing, etc.), you’ll feel more pain.), it is worth starting with a small number of tweezers.

Often epilators have a nozzle for sensitive areas, which has fewer tweezers. It can also be used at the beginning of mastering the procedure.

Pain Relief System

Additional options in epilators reduce pain to the level of plucking eyebrows. Many models use a massager for this. It irritates the skin receptors, and they are distracted from pain.

In more advanced devices there is a cooling system. For this purpose it is used a mitten or a nozzle which should be cooled in the refrigerator before procedure.

Number of tips

Most models have several nozzles. The kit can go:

Как выбрать эпилятор Советы

The grass trimmer attachment that trims hair to a certain length.

Limiter nozzle that covers part of the tweezers, reducing the treatment area.

The shaving attachment. allows you to use the epilator as a simple electric razor.

The nozzle for epilating delicate areas for bikini zone and underarms. It has fewer blades, so it pulls out fewer hairs.

Facial attachments for skin exfoliation, massage and cleansing.

Wet shave and cleaning functions

Moisture-proof housing allows you to safely store the device in the bathroom, as well as perform epilation under the shower. Procedure is less painful on wet skin.

If there is wet cleaning, it makes it noticeably easier to care for. Dry cleaning spreads the hairs and makes them harder to remove. With water, cleaning is much easier.


Often in the bathroom, electric light bulbs are not the highest wattage. Makes epilation more difficult. If the device built-in flashlight (there is a backlight), all the hairs will be visible, and you will not miss a section.

Number of speeds

There are usually 3 speeds. Low speed for fine, short hairs, medium and high speed for longer hairs. Also high speeds are used with the shaver head.

Type of power

Corded devices are convenient because they won’t run out of power at the wrong moment. There is no time limit for treatment.

Battery-powered models are self-contained. Can run for 15 to 120 minutes on a single charge. Ideal for people who travel a lot, or epilate while taking a bath.

Battery-powered models are low-powered devices that are designed only for fine hairs.


Epilators produce companies that produce a variety of grooming appliances (hair dryers and blow dryers, stylers, razors). The most famous are Braun, Rowenta, Philips. Their products regularly occupy high places in ratings, indicating their high quality and efficiency.

I wanted to say that it is necessary to wax once a week. Hair grows unevenly, and new ones will appear every few days. But if you do not give them to grow strong and remove them right away, they will be easily and painlessly pulled out.

Number of tweezers

Every girl wants to have a beautiful body and smooth, velvety skin, so many think about how to choose an epilator that will serve for many years. When choosing a device, you should pay special attention to those models that have a lot of tweezers, because the more of them, the easier it will be to remove hair.

If the epilator has 48 tweezers, then you can remove all the hair very quickly, but it will hurt a little. If there are only 12 tweezers, then you will need to go over one area of the body 5 times to remove all the hairs, but it will not be as painful. It’s best to choose an epilator with 32 tweezers.

Which is better: disc or tweezers epilator?

Nowadays market offers only 2 types of epilators: disk and tweezers. At the same time, the owners of disc models shout that the first ones are better, while others are two hands for tweezers models. In fact, no one really knows which kind is better and why.

But let’s understand and decide which epilator to choose for removing body hair.

The principle of action of the disk epilator

If a few years ago you could find on sale only classic tweezers epilators, today the shelves also offer a wide range of disc epilators. In appearance this device practically does not differ from the usual tweezers epilator, but instead of tweezers it has a number of double rotating discs.

When the appliance is turned on, the discs start to come and go (simultaneously rotating), capturing the hair and pulling it out together with the root.

Such devices are slightly inferior in cost to tweezers, but the price depends largely on how many discs or tweezers the device is equipped with. If you buy a device with a minimum number of tweezers, the price will be almost the same.

During numerous experiments it was proved that one movement of the discs can remove up to 25 hairs. When you turn on the device, the discs begin to spin quickly, getting closer to and away from each other. But it should be understood that the result depends on the number of discs, as well as their rotation speed. These parameters directly depend on the model and the price of the epilator.

To determine for yourself which epilator to choose. disc or tweezers, the first thing you need to understand, what are the advantages of the models of the first type.

Positive qualities of disc devices:

  • Availability. You can buy them at almost every major home appliance store;
  • relatively low ;
  • minimal risk of damaging the skin in the course of treatment;
  • good results, confirmed by the reviews of users;
  • Relatively short processing time (it takes about 40 minutes for women to completely get rid of hair on their legs);
  • long-lasting result. If epilation is performed according to all the rules, the skin remains smooth for 2-3 weeks.

Unfortunately, in addition to the advantages, such devices also have some disadvantages. The main “disadvantage” of treatment with disc or tweezers electroepilator is a high pain. In addition, girls often encounter such complications as ingrown hairs, which often lead to inflammation and pustules.

Fans of epilators say that over time, the skin gets used to this treatment and the painful sensations are not as pronounced. This is due to the fact that with constant epilation hairs become thinned and weakened, so they are easier to remove.

Epilators I use for a long time, tried probably 4 different models, from the most simple to superfunctional, with a lot of nozzles, which, as experience has shown, not really that and need.

My last device was a compact Philips, and I probably would have used it, but unfortunately it fell on the tile floor and had to say goodbye.

And so I started to look for a new epilator of all the variety on the market. In fact, there are a lot of models, they differ in function, nozzles and other nice bonuses. And to be honest, it’s hard to choose.

Probably start with what kind of epilator. the disc or the tweezers. The disc one removes hair with rotating discs, while the tweezers. Due to the small tweezers. In principle, they perform the same role. they pull the hair out at the root. But there’s a difference. Forceps epilator works faster, so it removes hair more effectively.

I’ve used both, and I want to say that the disk can skip hairs, and with it, epilation lasts longer. So I’m all for the tweezers epilator, of course.

Since I epilate only legs, underarms and sometimes bikini zone, I need an epilator with two speeds, and that’s basically all. I do not need a bunch of extra features or a million tools. I’ve already had an expensive epilator with a lot of different attachments, and I can say that I have never used them, as probably most girls.

The brand I chose Braun, it seems to me, the leader in the world of epilators, and the model I chose based on price/quality ratio.

So, today my review is dedicated to the Braun Silk-epil 5/500 Legsbody SensoSmart epilator:

The kit includes: epilator, charger, brush, massage head and instructions.

The epilator is small and importantly, it is very comfortable to hold in your hand. It’s really neat, with a rubberized casing that allows it to rest firmly in your hand and not slip out.

The Braun Silk-epil 5/500 can be used in the bathroom or in the shower, as it is waterproof. I say that this is a great option because the water lowers the pain threshold and using the epilator becomes much more pleasant and with a minimum of discomfort.

This model has 28 tweezers and two interchangeable tips: for closer skin contact and massage.

The epilator has two modes: slow and more gentle and fast. If you just started epilating, it’s recommended to use the first mode, as the tweezers rotate more slowly and epilation won’t be as painful.

I only epilate on the second mode because it’s faster and removes hair in a short amount of time.

As I already mentioned, I usually epilate my legs and underarms, rarely my bikini zone. I have dark hair and it grows unevenly on my legs in patches.

They recommend scrubbing your skin before epilation, I don’t always do it, but since you can use the epilator in the shower, it softens the skin and removes hairs better. Most of the time I use it out of the bathtub because I always forget about it, but I think it’s a matter of habit.

The epilator removes hairs very quickly and does not let them through. It hurts a little when epilating, but I would not say that it is too unpleasant. The process is very bearable. A little uncomfortable, but the epilation goes very quickly.

If you are in great pain, you can use the massage attachment, which dulls the sensation of pain.

The Braun Silk-epil 5/500 Legsbody SensoSmart gets the job done efficiently and fast. The result on my legs:

It’s not too noisy, it buzzes a little when it works.

The skin after epilation is smooth, it leaves no irritation and redness. I remember I used to have red spots on my legs, but after this epilator there is none left at all. This is a big plus, as red spots do not look very aesthetically pleasing.

In the armpits hair begins to grow in 2 weeks, on the legs after about 3 weeks, there hair grows more slowly for me.

Underarms after 2 weeks:

After epilation, I take off the nozzle and clean it and the head with the brush that came with it. Also the nozzles can be washed with water.

  • About ingrown hairs: I scrub my body about once a week and exfoliate my body thoroughly, so I have not seen any ingrown hairs since epilation. The main thing is to scrub the skin well and regularly, then the hairs will not grow back.

I also tried photoepilation at home, you can read my review about photoepilator HERE.

I want to share with you my purchase.

Another epilator, we can say in continuation of my review of the epilator from China, I still decided to buy an epilator of a tested company and chose not unknown Philips, probably because I have a good opinion about the company and my favorite among epilators is Philips.

And so I ordered the most common epilator series Philips BRE610 Satinelle with one head. As evidenced by my years of experience in using it. The attachments are unnecessary.

I chose a disc epilator. not tweezers. because it is the best way to remove even the finest hairs and almost does not let them through.

And then there are the ceramic discs, which are completely new to me. really wanted to try them and this battery operation. just beckoned me with its prospects. I had already anticipated that in any place with can comfortably settle down with an epilator and do their procedures in many different places)))

Yes, a little off topic. I also do epilation in the bikini zone with an epilator for a while. And I will say more. FULL BIKINI epilation. how I came to this and what would make the procedure easier and where to start. and this is the hardest part to read HERE

And so I ordered my epilator in an online store for a special offer of 2999 at the time the price was the lowest.

Before buying, I read a lot of reviews and they were very mixed. as it is now my opinion. Someone wrote that it is the worst epilator. and some say it’s just great. Opinions on the Internet about it are divided. And I myself have become terribly curious. what it’s really like? cordless, ceramic disc epilator at a reasonable price well-known company.

The step was taken and I ordered it. That in recent years for me is very difficult. Very much then suffer with unnecessary and not suitable for me things. I’m sorry for the money and I’m starting to blame myself that again and again I buy unnecessary crap. but that’s just lyrics again))))

The manufacturer didn’t put too much stuff into this model. I was pleased with it. Only one nozzle. I did not even look at it and did not take it out.

Bag for storage, charging (gets infected pretty quickly. The charge holds very well I had enough for an hour and there was still a charge. ))) cleaning brush.

It is very comfortable in my hand. but in the intimate area its dimensions are too big(((

And another trick from the manufacturer. epilator can be used under water. That’s what I call convenience. but I haven’t checked that either. under water I never do this procedure. for me this is unnecessary. I hope that under water it will not work less than without it))))

Another plus. it is backlight. A very handy “invention” I still have not had an epilator with a backlight (well, except for the Chinese counterpart, by the way the same model) is VERY PERFECT and indeed the work of the battery. when you are not tied to the length of the cord. it is very comfortable. )))

And so about the work itself. Ceramic discs. that’s a separate story as I understand it. the device works on 2 speeds. And they are switched with one button and the first press immediately activates the second speed. The strongest / fastest (but as for me the speed is still not enough) then comes speed 1. A little weaker, but the device buzzes and rattles quite loudly. Rather discs do their job noisily.

A separate topic is the curved shape of the head with discs. There are mixed opinions on the one hand it is convenient, but in certain places. On the other hand it is not convenient on flat surfaces. Here I have a mixed opinion. Underarms. Knees. convenient. The other parts are not good(((( Bikini zone, personally for me, is not convenient with this epilator do everything with the old Philips with a regular iron discs it is in the photo for comparison.

As for the frequency of the procedure itself. Then again, I can say that all is learned by comparison. Yes, this device is better than all the tweezers, but inferior to my old Philips ordinary cheapest, with the iron discs and even without a flashlight. The old one waxes better, no matter how unfortunate it sounds. Passes more than its similar old (older) counterpart.

And it often tears hairs. more than the old Philips.

But on the plus side. And so my opinion is very ambiguous. Legs, hands I will do the new Philips BRE610 Satinelle Advanced Epilator. Yes, simply because it is more convenient, for example when watching a movie or sitting in a chair away from the outlet)

I only trust my private parts to my old man. It’s a pity, but I would have hoped for more.

Therefore, the advice will still be. As many will like the work of his shower, for example, backlight, and most importantly mobility and battery operation, and the low price.

So I take off just a point. Try it and look for your favorite among the miracle machines that make our lives easier and make us so beautiful and happy)))

Philips HP6553

Many people recommend this model for those who can not determine which epilator is better to choose, disc or tweezers. Reviews about the work of this device are only positive. It has two speeds, battery-powered and can be used without problems during the shower. The only drawback is the lack of backlight.

It costs about 4 thousand for an epilator. For its money it fulfills quite a lot of necessary functions and gives a long-lasting effect even in case of increased body vegetation.

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