What the icons on the induction stove mean

The principle of operation of the induction hob.

Unlike traditional gas and electric stoves, the induction model has a smooth, flat ceramic surface. Main rules to follow when choosing cookware for induction stove: Shapes and sizes of cookware for induction stoves.

What cookware is not suitable for induction stoves.

There are several ways to make sure you’re buying the right cookware and whether your pots, pans will cook and fry. There is even a way to make incompatible cookware compatible with an induction cooktop.

Induction hobs give off no heat. If you put a glass vessel on an induction cooktop, it won’t get as hot as a fire. This is because the glass is not affected by an alternating magnetic field.

Rules of Choice

To avoid getting in trouble with the wrong cookware, there are some simple rules to follow:

    Look for the special induction icon and the word Induction on the bottom of the cookware.

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The word Induction and the inductance icon will help you make the right choice

A magnet helps to determine if the cookware is suitable for the induction hob

Thickness, perfectly flat surface and 12 cm in diameter are the main criteria for the bottom of induction cookware

Remember that, due to the nature of heating, food on the induction stove cooks faster in low and wide dishes than in narrow and high.

How to cook on an induction stove

To cook the food you need to prepare the necessary ingredients and, of course, the crockery, about which below.

Choosing the right cookware for your induction stove

For cooking on inductive ovens, it is advisable to use specialized utensils made of ferromagnetic materials. This is determined by the physical principle that underlies its operation. The eddy currents that create heat in the cookware are most effective on ferromagnetic cookware. If the consumer has no desire to spend money to buy new cookware, you can buy an adapter, made in the form of a disk and placed on the burner, so you can use the usual cooking utensils (glass, aluminum, etc.).). This adapter will take on the action of the eddy currents, and will heat up, transferring the heat to the cookware placed on it.



Cookware with a thick bottom is the best choice.

Figuring out the modes

In order to make the cooking process easier, manufacturers are trying to install more functions, and some of them, in fact, can bring certain benefits. For example, the Booster function, which allows you to shift the power from burner to burner. It gives the opportunity to take away energy from the free burner. It allows you to cook food a little faster.

Heat support mode. its presence allows you to leave cooked food on the stove, and it will not be able to cool down for a long time.

An emergency stop will be triggered when liquid has been spilled on the cooking surface. This disables all burners.

Some models offer users different modes that allow you to cook chops or stew mushrooms.

How to unlock an induction stove

In some cases it is necessary to lock the stove, for example, from small children who may play with the control panel. On the front panel there can be a button with the image of a lock. Pressing it will lock the hob controls. To turn it off, you must press two buttons simultaneously, as a rule, these are buttons “plus” and “minus”, after pressing you must hold a certain time.

Peculiarities of cooking on the induction stove

One of the main features of an induction stove is the speed of cooking. All those who use it in their households say that it works fast. Let’s take the example of making scrambled eggs. For example, on a gas oven the eggs will be ready in 12-15 minutes on average, on an induction oven, the cooking time will take no more than 4 minutes.


For those who are just mastering this device, at first you must strictly follow the instructions indicated in the recipe books. And only after gaining some experience can you cook on your own.

Secret adapter

Any favorite saucepan, frying pan can be heated using an adapter. a metal disc with or without a removable handle. When using an adapter, the cooktop with induction works like an electric one. The disk acts as a burner. Metal “pancake” adapter is a universal item. it fits on any type of induction stove. The only disadvantage. it is difficult to immediately select the desired heating mode, you need to adjust to the peculiarities of the metal.

Magnetic discs for induction cookware. a real salvation for those who want to save on the purchase of expensive specialized kitchen utensils.

Cooking on induction stoves is only done in cookware with magnetic properties. Denote the ability of pots and pans to be magnetized by the international symbol of the magnetic coil. There is no need to decipher other signs.

All models of branded steel pots are equipped with lids with holes, which is very convenient when draining water.

What cookware is suitable for induction stoves

Induction hobs have become very popular and are no longer too expensive, so they’re popping up in many homes. If you have an induction stove in the kitchen what cookware to choose for it? Such devices require a special type of cookware. Which pots for induction stovetops will work best.

Adapter (adapter) for any cookware

There is a great way to save your budget. buying a special adapter. It is designed for induction stoves of any type and allows you to avoid replacing cookware that requires quite a lot of expense.

What Do These Oven Symbols Mean?

The adapter is a flat round disc. There is a handle that can be removable.

The adapter is placed in the heating zone. A pan that is “not suitable for induction” is placed on top of it.

If you consider the considerable cost of pots and pans suitable for induction, buying an adapter becomes a quite economical and reasonable option.

Every housewife has a favorite size and capacity fryer or duck pot. With the purchase of the adapter you can safely use them.

Cookware for induction stove magnet. How to tell the difference between induction cookware and cookware for induction stoves?

If you are going to buy new cookware, you should know that there are special markings for induction cookware. Almost all modern manufacturers of quality products put such a mark.

The mark on cookware for induction stoves is on the bottom on the outside. It is made in the form of a spiral of 4-5 turns with the word Induction or without it. This spiral symbolizes electromagnetic radiation, which is called induction. In physics, induction currents are also represented by this sign.

Many people are concerned about the question. is it possible to use cookware for the induction stove on other types of stoves, whether it will be spoiled in this case, and whether it will work at all.

If you look closely at the marking, next to the induction symbol you can find others, indicating the possibility of using such cookware on gas and electric stoves, which makes induction cookware universal.

Choosing cookware for induction stoves doesn’t always require a big investment. Not everyone knows that the cupboard that holds all kinds of pans. Even if your induction stove top doesn’t have a label on it, there’s always a pot that can be used on an induction stove as well.

Are cast iron cookware suitable for induction stoves??

Grandma’s old cast-iron skillet makes the best pancakes, not unlike today’s Tefalas. Do they have to be pushed into a far corner and replaced with a special one with a badge??

Of course not, because although cast iron cookware (frying pans, duck pans or cauldrons) are not labeled accordingly, they are suitable for use on a modern induction stove. The point is that cookware for induction pots should have ferromagnetic properties, in other words, it should attract a magnet. And cast iron’s a great magnet.

Using enameled and stainless steel cookware

But what about the multicaliber enameled pots and pans, many of which have been in our kitchens since Soviet times?? For them the same law applies as for cast iron. you need to try such utensils with a magnet. If it sticks, then the pan can keep on doing its direct function, and the layer of enamel isn’t a problem.

The main requirement for using old enamelware and any other kind of cookware is to have a flat bottom without any hollows. Because often the bottom of the pots has a sort of raised platform in the middle, and this will complicate the heating and the use of such cookware will simply not be effective. Also, cookware with an uneven bottom that does not completely adhere to the induction plate makes a buzzing noise when placed on the plate.

Stainless pots and pans are most often suitable for induction, but it is still worth checking them with a magnet, since some models of pots and pans have bottoms made of another, non-magnetic alloy.

What cookware is not suitable for induction stoves?

Ceramic, as well as glass cookware will not work for the induction stove, because the device simply does not recognize it, because it reacts only to the metal. And therefore this type of dishes should be used for the microwave oven and the oven.

Aluminum and copper cookware is not suitable for induction, because it is not magnetic at all. But if you really want to use, for example, a copper basin for making jam, you must put a circle of ordinary metal under it so that the basin “works”.

Tableware symbols and deciphering

Can I heat up dinner on this plate?? Can I cook in this pot on an induction stove?? Is this mold suitable for baking in the oven? To answer these and other similar questions, you don’t have to study the properties of materials. It is enough to know the signs on the dishes. certain markings that will clearly tell you where you can and can’t use.

Cookware for induction stoves. pots and pans that fit it.

Induction stove. stove, which works on the principle of the impact of eddy currents on the molecular structure of the dishes, which leads to its heating.

Important! People with pacemakers should avoid cooking on stoves with induction, electromagnetic fields affect the operation of the device.

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