What to choose a towel dryer in the bathroom

Nuances of choice

Towel rails, how to choose them correctly? To do this, you need to know some nuances. First of all, when choosing a water towel dryer, you need to pay attention to its ability to withstand pressure.

According to current GOST, all units that are included in water and heating systems must easily withstand a pressure of 6 atmospheres. Although by the same rules, the pressure should not exceed 4 atmospheres. But in urban communications these standards are satisfied rarely. As a rule, these parameters lie in the range from 2.5 to 7.5 atmospheres. The pressure may depend on the scheme of the plumbing and heating systems, the location of the room and the number of floors.

When choosing a water towel dryer, it is advisable to ask about the operating and pressurization pressure in the systems of your home. Then add 2-3 atmospheres to this value, in case of water hammer. And already with these data choose a towel dryer so that its characteristics fit the parameters of the system. About what pressure the device can withstand, it is indicated in the passport of the products.

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If your house or apartment is equipped with an autonomous system of hot water and heating, it will be much easier to choose a towel dryer. Here the pressure will depend on the owner. As a rule, it does not exceed 2-3 atmospheres. Therefore, when buying a water heater, you may not pay attention to its parameters.

Installation of an electric towel dryer

Electric towel rails are usually sold with an installation kit that includes screws, dowels and clamps. With a weight of about 7 kg for a towel warmer with a 600 watt liquid coolant when loaded with wet towels, the weight increases to more than 15 kg. Therefore, it is important to choose the right fixing pins, depending on the support and total weight, taking into account the loading of towels. When installing in the bathroom, it is often necessary to drill through the tiles and therefore choose the right drill bit.

How to choose a towel dryer for the bathroom?

In choosing a device for drying towels and other things, everything is important: design, size, type (eclectic or water).

The most popular design options are staircase and serpentine. They allow you to place a sufficient number of things, qualitatively heat the room and suit any style of bathroom design. Also on the market of sanitary ware there are models of non-standard shapes: in the form of honeycomb (hexagons), stars, asymmetric figures. But it is worth noting that such design solutions do not always perform their direct functions well: a large towel on them can dry badly or do not fit at all. So in the question: how to choose a towel dryer, practicality plays an important role.

The sizes of devices, as well as the design, also vary: from large, 60-80 cm wide and 120-160 cm long, to very compact:

narrow (width 8-16 cm) and long 100-140 cm are suitable for a small bathroom: they can be installed near the door;

wide (60-80 cm) with short length (20-40 cm) will fit over a washing machine or a laundry basket.

The main feature of towel rails. they consist of tubes. But it can be a classic tube or a square in any color you like: from stainless steel and brushed metal to bright and unconventional colors.

Installation of a towel dryer: features of each type

Electric and water types of devices have a number of features when installing.

To carry out the installation of water heaters, it is necessary to have connected pipes. This allows you to connect the unit to the hot water pipes using suitable fittings. The only complication during installation process can be called that connection will require coordinated action with the utilities in view of the need to turn off the water.

When connecting the electrical equipment the most important thing is safety precautions and quality insulation of electrical wiring. Experts recommend to remove the socket to connect the device from the bathroom. If there is no such a possibility, it is necessary to install a moisture-proof socket. This version of the socket is protected from moisture by a special protective cover and rubber seals. The outlet should be 10-15 cm above the floor level for security during the flooding of the room.

For many years the French company Atlantis presents to the domestic market easy-to-use and efficient electric towel dryers-radiators that please the buyers with their functionality, grace of forms and attractive price.

How to choose a towel dryer?

What is the best way to buy a towel dryer?? This question should not be asked when all the repair work in the bathroom is finished, but when there is still a chance to choose the best option for a particular space. The form, the type of connection, the material, the criteria to be placed at the center of the purchase of this sanitary ware are many. How not to get confused in their variety and where to start?

Type of towel dryer

Depending on what source is used for work, there are three types of towel rails: water, electric and combined. Each of them has its own advantages.

So, water towel rails are designs that connect to the hot water or heating system. Hot water passes through the pipe and heats the air. High-quality models do it quickly and efficiently. True, there is one but, and at the same time not very pleasant. The heating season is over? There are interruptions with hot water? Then you do not have to wait for efficient heating from the coil.

Choosing a water model, consider the working pressure of the water system. Theoretically it will not exceed four atmospheres, but this value, depending on what floor the apartment is on, whether the engineering communications are in good condition, can reach up to seven atmospheres. You equip a country house, which usually have an autonomous water and heating system with little pressure? Any towel dryer will do.

If you are looking for a completely autonomous model, you should pay attention to electric towel rails. Not depending on other systems, such plumbing appliance attracts simple installation. The only thing it requires is a constant supply of electricity. This ensures that you can turn on the towel radiator at any time of year, regardless of the central heating. At the same time, with the constant operation of this towel dryer, the electricity bills increase at times. Electric models are installed in various spaces not only in bathrooms, but also in kitchens, in hallways.

And the third option, which includes the features of the previous two, the combined towel dryer. The versatility of this model speaks for itself: it can work as a water, and as an electric device. It is true, and the cost of these constructions will be more expensive.

By the way, having found out how much does the installation of a towel dryer cost, do not rush to refuse the services of a qualified master. Correct installation is an additional guarantee of the proper operation of the construction.

What depends on the shape of the towel dryer?

The times when every apartment had a common coil mounted on the place of honor have long ago disappeared. Modern manufacturer of sanitary ware today offers the widest choice of forms of these designs:

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Which of them to choose, is a personal matter for everyone, but take into account the fact that, for example, the ladder will allow you to dry more things at the same time. If the area of the room and your taste preferences allow, then this towel dryer will be a good option. However, conventional coils remain popular, which are loved for their acceptable cost. In addition, most risers are equipped specifically for this towel radiator.

A little about the size and material

Another important parameter is the size. The towel dryer should not look bulky, barely fitting on the wall. So calculate its dimensions should be particularly careful. So, the center distance between the upper and lower tube of the towel radiator should coincide with the distance between the water pipes. Today the market of sanitary ware offers standard towel rails with a distance of 300 to 700 mm. There are models of other sizes, but they are more suitable for rooms of individual dimensions. Height and width are not unimportant parameters.

The quality of water, which leaves much to be desired, increased humidity in the bathroom in such conditions only products made of durable materials will be durable.

  • Stainless steel. Models of this raw material are considered one of the most reliable. The outer side of such structures is polished, chrome coating is applied to it. Cheaper counterpart painted designs, however, in terms of durability they are inferior to polished products.
  • Non-ferrous metals (brass, copper, aluminum). When performed qualitatively, such towel rails are also quite durable, but, otherwise, their duration decreases many times.
  • Ferrous metals. Structures made of these raw materials are the most afraid of corrosion and lime scale, so it is important that the construction is protected from the inside.

Another nuance that you should pay attention to, which connection of a towel dryer is better suited for your bathroom lateral, lower or vertical. When choosing a towel dryer, remember that it depends on the serviceable years of operation of this device and your comfort every day.

Criteria for choosing an electric towel rail

Despite the fact that all towel warmers share the same purpose, the different models differ from each other. And the device that will suit your acquaintances, will not suit your bath or will not meet your needs. So even before you come to the store, determine the following parameters:

Towel warmers can have other useful features and tricks: electronic models with a timer regulate the time of operation, and retractable “lugs” save free space. Let’s take a closer look at each of the selection criteria below.

What to choose a towel dryer in the bathroom

Water towel rail

The water towel rail is connected to the hot water supply (DHW) or heating system. The heated water passes through the towel rail contour, and the heat is transferred to its surface. Thanks to the constant circulation of water pipes of the device always remain warm. The most convenient way of installation. to the system of hot water. You can perform the installation to the heating system, but in this case you must obtain permission from the management company, if you live in a multi-storey building, in addition, at the time of installation the heating must be turned off along the riser, and only employees of the management company can do it. In addition, if there is no heating (seasonal or due to an accident), such a towel dryer will be cold. You can also connect to the autonomous heating system if you live in a private home.

The advantages of such a device include their integration into the water or heating system of the dwelling and, as a consequence, the economy; there is no need to lay electrical cables. Disadvantages. the complexity of installation and dependence on operation of DHW or heating system. For example, in many apartment buildings in the summer time the hot water supply is stopped for 10-14 days for maintenance and repair of heating systems, and heating is turned off in the apartment building. for the whole summer season. Reliability and durability of such devices is very high subject to the high quality of the product itself and unconditional compliance with the rules of installation. You should also remember that any water towel rail carries a potential risk of leakage. And the leak can occur in the towel radiator itself, as well as in the joints and in the pipes of the hot water or heating system. The reasonable choice would be to install a system of protection against water leaks. It is interesting that according to statistics from insurance companies, the amount of damage to property from the water damage is several times greater than from apartment thefts.

The electric towel dryer

An electric towel warmer is a self-contained appliance that does not depend on heat or water systems and is powered by the electricity grid. This type is divided into two subgroups: “wet” and “dry”. In the “wet” heat transfer medium is an oily liquid that is heated by a heating element. For example, the manufacturer Atlantic uses propylene glycol in its products. it warms up quickly and retains heat well even after shutdown. In the “dry” towel dryers the heat-carrier is a heating cable or a tubular heating element.

These devices can be used not only in the bathroom, they can be put anywhere where there is electrical wiring. However, since they are mains-powered, their overall energy consumption will increase. The power of such devices starts from 100 watts, the most common variants are from 300 to 1000 watts. Many electric towel dryers are equipped with temperature controllers which can be used to set the desired temperature, to program the mode of operation, timing of switching on and off. For example, the Atlantic line has some features that are rarely found in other devices. One of them can include Boost mode, which allows you to quickly raise the temperature. Or the Auto function, which activates Boost mode for two hours every day at a time set by the user. This, firstly, saves energy, and, secondly, allows you to achieve the desired level of heating by the set hour.

Advantages of such heaters. autonomy, no need for installation, flexibility of settings (the set of settings depends on the specific model), no risk of leaks. The disadvantages include high power consumption for some models and the need for a moisture-proof socket, if the connection is made in the bathroom.

What to choose a towel dryer for the bathroom?

First of all, you need to decide on the type of towel dryer depending on the power source. From this point of view, towel rails come in electric and water.

Electric towel rails do not need to be connected to the water system. Installation of electric towel dryers is simple enough. you just need to fix them on the wall and provide a connection to a socket in the bathroom.

electric towel dryers are worth buying if you do not want to depend on the availability of hot water in the pipes. Electric models vary in both power and design.

The water towel dryer represents rather long curved pipe which is fastened on a wall of a bathroom and connected to heating system or a hot water pipeline (if hot water circulation is provided). When hot water flows through the pipe, it gives its heat to the surrounding air, providing the most efficient heating of the entire room.

The shape of the towel radiator: which is better?

Today a large quantity of various forms of towel dryers are presented in the market, if you wish you can even order a towel dryer by your own idea or idea of your designer. But two forms of towel dryers are considered traditional. coil and ladder. To the question, what towel dryer to choose, most experts would answer so: the ladder is much more convenient in operation. First, on the ladder you can dry things along its entire length, and it fits a lot more underwear. In addition, the towel dryer “ladder” usually has a larger heating area, which means that the bathroom will be warmer.

Many consumers still give preference to a coil for two main reasons: its cost is much lower (a coil, as a rule, costs two times less than a ladder), the second reason. to establish a coil in some cases it is easier.

There are also combined towel warmers, whose design includes elements of the ladder and coil. Although such models are closer to the ladder, because they have the same principle of connection.

Towel rail material. which metal is better?

For manufacture of towel dryers stainless steel, black steel, copper and brass are most often used. All other variations. nickel, chromium, bronze, gold, white. are coating options. Let’s analyze each composition separately.

The highest resistance to acid and mineral deposits, which are in varying degrees contained in water as a coolant, have been established in alloyed stainless steel.

choose, towel, dryer, bathroom

The polished surface of such a dryer is not subject to painting, which allows it to retain its original appearance even during prolonged use.

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The corrosion-resistant composition has a low percentage of carbon, has a high degree of acid resistance and antiferromagnetic properties (low degree of magnetization).

Among the advantages of stainless steel are:

  • high chemical and anticorrosive protection;
  • thermal resistance (-200 to 650 ° C);
  • weak magnetic properties;
  • environmental friendliness. the absence of toxic impurities (in the brand AISI 304);
  • durability of operation;
  • relatively low cost.

This material is a kind of iron-carbon alloy. Black steel. affordable and easy-to-machine metal alloy. Towel rails made of black iron are optimally suited for further chemical action. painting.

The 0.08% carbon content indicates that the alloy is high-carbon. high-strength. Also present in the structure of the material are silicon, manganese and nickel.

Among the advantages of black steel are:

  • high weldability indicators (potential of formation of an unbreakable connection);
  • deformation strength under load;
  • Resistance to temper embrittlement (uneven decay after tempering to certain temperatures);
  • low cost.

Towel rails made of copper are rare, due to the high cost of this metal. The non-ferrous alloy has a high ductility. Thanks to the golden-red tint it is valued as a decorative. Copper composition has high electrical and thermal conductivity, does not react with dilute acids. The low resistivity (obstruction of the passage of electric current) minimizes the possibility of stray currents on the copper towel.

Brass towel rails are a “modification” of the copper ones, as brass is an alloy of copper and zinc (70/30%, sometimes a percentage of tin, lead, manganese, etc.).д.). “Yellow copper” has a beautiful color, easy to polish, but darkens quickly in the absence of a protective layer.

With what power to choose an electric towel dryer for the bathroom?

The towel rail is an important element of the bathroom equipment that performs several functions at the same time. Its main purpose, as the name implies, is to dry wet towels and laundry. After showering or washing your hands, only dry, warm towels can properly absorb moisture from your skin and deliver a comfortable sensation to your body. In addition, the towel radiator also serves for heating the bathroom.

Since in centralized heating systems bathrooms are not equipped with heaters, the room may experience low temperatures and high humidity. Especially it gives discomfort in the transition period, when it is cold outside, and the heating system does not work.

Stylish towel dryer with a clever design can become an important element of bathroom decoration, decorate it and perform the function of zoning. Even when switched off in the summer heat, the electric towel rail becomes a functional accessory for placing towels.

You can get all these benefits only if you choose a high-quality, powerful and ergonomic model from a reliable manufacturer. The French brand Atlantic specializes in the development and production of modern, efficient climate control equipment.

Our electric towel dryers are notable for their high quality, energy efficiency, stylish design, long service life and reasonable prices. If you want to buy electric dryers Atlantic in Ukraine, the stores Rosetka, Vencon and Epicenter will offer low prices, convenient service and an official guarantee.

Selecting a towel dryer for drying and heating a room

The main parameter by which you should choose a towel dryer is the power of an electric heating device. If you install a low-power device in a large-sized bathroom, not only will you not achieve a comfortable microclimate, but you can not qualitatively dry several towels simultaneously.

The choice of heating capacity of the towel dryer depends on the area of the room. For ordinary bathrooms and toilets, which are in the middle of the building and do not leave one wall on the street, on average 100 W is enough for quality heating of one square meter area. If you have low-temperature underfloor heating in your bathroom, you only need about 50. 75 Watts per square meter to keep the temperature at 22. 25 ˚C.

In some buildings, especially older ones, one of the bathroom walls is an exterior wall. You might even have a small window for natural light. In such cases it is better to choose an electric heated towel rail on the basis of 130-150 Watt per 1 m2. If there is high humidity in the bathroom due to the lack of efficient ventilation, mould and fungus are forming regularly, it is better to choose a powerful towel dryer with a capacity of 110-125 Watt per 1 m2.

You can regulate the room temperature, and after taking a shower or bath raise the temperature to a higher level for a short period of time. In other cases you should take into consideration the value of 100 W of electric heated towel rail power per 1 sq.m. area.

Atlantic heated towel rails are able to heat the bathroom or bathroom areas quickly and efficiently:

The choice of towel dryer for clothes drying

Towel rails are often used solely for drying linen and are installed in the bathroom or kitchen. In this case, the room already has a heater that maintains a comfortable temperature.In private homes and apartments with individual heating, it is not uncommon to install a small radiator in the bathroom or arrange a floor heating system.

So if you are looking for a towel drying heater, you do not have to pay attention to the power. The manufacturer has taken care to ensure that the capacity of the device is sufficient for high-quality drying of the hanging laundry. In this case you should choose a towel dryer depending on the design, construction, overall dimensions, ease of installation and adjustment, reliability of the brand.

For towel drying electric heaters with power up to 300 W are suitable. Models NARROW WHITE 300W PLUG, CHROME 300W PLUG, Anthracite 300 series Atlantic 2012 can quickly and efficiently dry several towels of thick material at once. Thanks to their unique triple heating technology they will transfer some of their energy to the room air, even if they are covered with towels.

Atlantic offers a wide range of stylish, reliable and efficient towel warmers. You can find small economical devices for drying towels and powerful heaters for high-quality heating of large bathrooms. In our partner stores Epicenter, outlet, Wencon you will always find all popular models of towel dryers at exclusive from the manufacturer. Buy in Dnepr, Kharkov and Odessa electric towel rails Atlantic can also be found in stores of our partners, Vencon and Epicenter, as well as in the online store Rozetka.

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