What to do if jeans stretched after washing. Fast drying is one of the methods of shrinkage jeans

What to do to make jeans a size smaller

Jeans turned into universal clothes and the necessary part of the wardrobe in women, men and children. These strong, practical and stylish trousers are sewn in different colors and styles. For many, they are among their favorite and irreplaceable things.

But sometimes they suddenly turn out to be great because you lost weight, or made a mistake with the size, or simply stretched out. Then you have to think about how to be so that the jeans have sat on size and do not stretch. About whether it is possible to achieve this at home and how to do it read in this article.

Why jeans stretch

Why did the normal pants suddenly suddenly became great? If you do not take into account the losing weight of the hostess, then this is usually due to the fact that in the process of socks the jeans stretched out. In order to know how to reduce jeans in this case, we will figure out why this is happening.

Jeans tissue differs in the density of weaving. Classic denim is pure cotton.

But even dense fabric under the influence of mechanical loads, tension when moving over time stretches. Cotton fibers are not so elastic as to contract again without any effect from outside. As a result, in the area of ​​the knees and hips, the fabric loses its former shape.

Artificial fibers or processed specifically to give them elasticity add to the fabric of some modern jeans trousers. Such pants keep their shape longer, but over time, these artificial threads also wear out and cease to fulfill their task.

Then these pants are stretched. But to return to them the previous form will not work. Therefore, before saying what to do if the jeans stretched out, we will figure out what they are.

Causes of shrinkage

The main reason why jeans could sit down is an inappropriate water temperature in which they were erased. The temperature regime is more than 50 degrees, as well as intensive washing affect changes in the structure of jeans fibers.

  • jeans that make a strong shrinkage only after the first washing, and at the following times retain the former shape, have a marking on the “shrink to fit” label;
  • The classic denim is quite rude and tough, so you need to wash it clearly by observing the temperature conditions-not higher than 30-40 degrees;
  • The style of “Varenks” is unpretentious and do not lose their shape after a delicate washing.

About how to wash jeans correctly, read here.

What to do with the sowing pants?

Sitting denim products by 1-2 sizes-this is a standard situation when a person does not know how to make sure that the thing after washing maintains the same shape.

There are several successful methods to return the past size of denim. These methods are safe due to the fact that jeans material is elastic and resistant to mechanical damage.

Soaking in the bath

This option of stretching is not suitable for those who bought pants initially inappropriate size:

  • Fill a bathtub with water by one third. The fluid temperature should be within 40 degrees.
  • Pour a little liquid soap and mix it with water.
  • Sit in a filled bath in a nesting jeans product. To be in a soap solution should be about half an hour.
  • Когда в джинсах появится больше свободного места, то дополнительно их можно растянуть руками.
  • Get out of the bath and stand on a towel under which you can first lay the oilcloth.
  • Perform several inclinations to the sides and forward. It is not advisable to squat, so as not to stretch the thing on the knees.
  • Remove jeans and dry them.


Jeans using this device can be stretched within 1-2 sizes. WaistBand Extender is sold in specialized firms:

  • Thoroughly moisten pants in the belt and hips with clean water from a bottle with a spray gun.
  • Fasten all fasteners in advance. Place the expander into the belt.
  • Before stretching, remove your standards to expand the thing by a certain amount of centimeters.
  • It is desirable to stretch the device gradually until it stops at the desired mark.
  • Leave jeans to dry naturally, without removing the expander from them.


Wet hot steam is able to create a miracle with a jeans sitting several sizes. In this method, you can use a regular iron or steam generator:

  • Treat the belt or other section of the product. the steaming process takes no more than 5 minutes;
  • It is important to put pants on the body until they cool down;
  • walk in jeans for about an hour and a half to fix the result of tissue stretching.

Spraying from a spray gun

For this option, it is enough to prepare a centimeter ribbon and a bottle with a spray filler filled with hot water:

  • Put the thing on the table and spray carefully in those places where you need to stretch. Moisten the inside of the jeans thoroughly.
  • Pull smoothly a thing only where it needs to be stretched.
  • Make measurements to check the achieved result. If the jeans do not stretch to the desired shape, then repeat the procedure.
  • Put on the pants on the back of the chair and dry in this position.

Tips to avoid shrinkage

So that after washing, the pants do not become less by 1-2 sizes, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Wash the thing as little as possible. Frequent contact with water leads to a reduction in fabric fibers.
  • Avoid the temperature difference. You can not rinse your pants first in hot, and then in cold water. She should always remain warm.
  • Do not wash the product in boiling water. The higher the degree, the stronger the shrinkage of the fabric.
  • Do not push and not twist the thing after manual washing. When loading the product into the drum of the washing machine, the seal should be turned off.
  • Do not dry jeans in a folded position. They must be straightened.
  • Do not have a product near heat sources, for example, next to a heating radiator.
  • Do not resort to express drying methods.
  • During washing, use the air conditioning for linen. It makes fibers of the fabric soft and elastic, so they do not compress and do not shrink.

024: I BOILED MY JEANS �� not a tutorial i just talked a lot

It will not be possible to completely avoid shrinkage of jeans, since any moisture and subsequent drying of the fabric leads to compression of the fibers.

However, subject to all the rules of care, the jeans are quickly sunk, and the shrinkage is a slight.

If you wash them in hot water (90 degrees)?

After washing in hot water, jeans will definitely sit down. The higher its temperature, the stronger the degree of shrinkage:

  • washing at 50-60 degrees gives a shrinkage by 0.5-1 size;
  • Washing at 60-70 degrees reduces jeans by 1-1.5 sizes;
  • washing at a temperature of 80 degrees and above leads to shrinkage by 2 sizes;
  • Enhances the reduction of fibers of fabric its alternating processing in hot and cold water.

The above values ​​are averaged. Exact numbers depend on the composition of matter, the features of washing and drying the product.

If the jeans are very stretched during the socks, this can be fixed by boiling. Perform it as follows:

  • Hot water is poured into the enameled pelvis, it is brought to a boil.
  • Soak jeans in boiling water.
  • If they come up, then they are immersed back with the help of wooden forceps.
  • After 5 minutes, the water is turned off and left to cool. So that this process takes place as slowly as possible, the pelvis is covered with a lid.
  • When the water has cooled, the pants are taken out and sent to dry.

Boiling colored or black jeans will lead to a loss of pigment. Therefore, such processing can only be subjected to white products.

A certain zone

Initially, jeans are well stretched, but we stretch them with every wear. The material over time becomes not so elastic and begins to sag in some places, and the pants fall from the waist.

Wild jeans are much nicer to wear. Because after that they sit down a little, but the stretching over time still occurs.

Since not everyone has the opportunity to wash daily, experienced housewives came up with another option how to make jeans sit down.

Will jeans shrink in hot water?

This method is suitable if you need to reduce a certain zone. For example, the area of ​​buttocks, knees, bottom or waist.

  • Take an empty bottle with a spray gun. Pour warm water into it.
  • Lay out the pants on a flat surface and process those places that have managed to stretch in a day.
  • Moisten the fabric well so that water begins to drain from this place. Otherwise, the desired result cannot be achieved.
  • Place the product in the dryer and turn on the most powerful drying mode and push.

This method is suitable for daily use. You can repeat the procedure several times to reduce the jeans by size.


Some housewives advise moistening the desired area and putting on a thing on themselves. Try this method and sit on the chair that will happen?

And the following will happen: the material will stretch even worse. This method is not suitable if you look for a way how to reduce jeans in size.


So as not to resort to washing at high temperature or boiling, you can use the iron. The technique allows you to make jeans already in the waist or another place, but it is likely that they will quickly stretch.

If the pants are cleaned, this method can be used. Applying an iron on dirty jeans, a shine will appear, “screaming” that the owner of a lurk thing.

Reduce the iron as follows:

  • First, carefully study the trouser label. It shows the maximum temperature at which it is allowed to iron pants.
  • The area requiring shrinkage is well moisten with hot water.
  • Then squeeze excess moisture. Do it carefully. Try not to twist your pants so as not to stretch it anymore.
  • Set the temperature 10 points above the one indicated on the label.
  • Cover the pants with gauze, and quickly dry the moisturized place. So that the jeans do not stretch, do not drive in different directions. Perform movements from the seam inside.

In this case, heat treatment of fabric is carried out. This is almost the same thing that happens with the material with boiling, but this method is more sparing and you do not need to process the pants completely.

It is enough to process only those places on jeans that require reducing.

If nothing helps, you can sew!

If after washing, boiling, fast drying, it was not possible to reduce the size of jeans trousers, there is only one thing left. to sew jeans. The masters of sewing salons will be sewed quickly and efficiently from denim. But such services cost considerable money.

jeans, stretched, washing, fast, drying, methods

Therefore, having carefully studied the features of the alteration of stretched jeans, you can safely get for work.

  • We prepare the necessary tool: threads, sharp scissors, needles, sewing machine (preferably with an overlock), chalk or pencil, iron.
  • We open the seams on jeans in problem areas, remove the old threads and gently smoothing the fabric.
  • Focusing on new parameters, we make markings with chalk.
  • We grind jeans along the new lines, try on the product in order to evaluate the quality of the planting of the product.
  • After all the changes are adjusted, we sew the new seams on the sewing machine.
  • We cut excess fabric, process the edges on the overlock or wrap it manually.

At the waist

The easiest way to change the width of the belt is to sew an elastic band into it. To do this, on the back of the belt, a incision is made through which a wide elastic band. She, fixed along the edges of the belt, is assuming it, thereby reducing the volume of jeans on the waist.

Along the hips

In order to adjust the upper part of the jeans along the hips, it is necessary to carry out the following actions:

  • Gently blink the belt, open the jeans along the hips line. Also, masters recommend that they tear off the rear s (their location on updated jeans most often changes)
  • Using fitting, we fix the new fishing line for the thigh trimmer, trying to make the transition from the factory line to the new line less noticeable.
  • After the fitting is over, we sew the new lines on the sewing machine. Excess fabric is cut off only after remaking trousers from denim is over.
  • Sew the belt and rear s.

In order for the alteration of the jeans to look as accurately as possible, you need to very carefully select the tint of the thread for the external decorative seam.


By showing patience and accuracy, using various methods of shrinkage of jeans, you can return your favorite things to your favorite form, saving a lot of money on buying a new one.

Jeans stretched out: how to return the form

Classic “sargian” jeans from one hundred percent cotton, due to their structure, fibers are very quickly stretched in places that often make the fabric stretch (on buttocks and knees). Manufacturers know about this, and, trying to avoid the discontent of customers, add a few special fibers of synthetic lair (or elastan) to the fabric. Only 2-5 % of elastan in jeans will make them soft and slightly stretching.

But in budget models, most often the percentage of Liraku content is much higher than the permissible. This allows you to significantly save on natural components, but makes jeans fragile-elastan threads, left without the support of cotton brothers, just burst, a small bubble is formed in the place of a mini-art.

What to do if jeans stretched for this reason? It is almost impossible to solve such a problem. Jeans can also stretch from careful washing in delicate mode-due to the influence of washing powder and cold water, if the fabric is not high quality. And if such jeans are dried without spin on an ordinary rope, then you should not be surprised at a stretched thing.

The first jeans were made of dense hard and rough canvas called Denim, therefore, the fashionistas of that time did not think about stretching things. Over the years, the jeans industry switched to the use of cotton, which, as you know, is also different. First of all, the fabric of jeans is divided into several types, depending on the manufacturing method.

The second manufacturing method is faster: the threads simply intertwine with each other with the help of rotary pneumechanical machines. Of course, such fabric is inferior in density and quality of standard twisted denim.

The quality of the material is also easy to determine depending on its origin. The following manufacturers are mainly known:

  • Barbados. cotton from this country is soft and shiny. Due to a very high price, it is rarely found on sale.
  • Mexico. cotton is made of long fibers, which allows the material to remain smooth and without a single scar.
  • India and Asian countries are the most common and affordable type of cotton, therefore it is much more common than others.

What to do if the jeans are very stretched, and it is required to reduce the thing by not one, but by two or three sizes? This will help the old grandfather’s method. boiling. In the 70s of the XX century, boiling using washing powder allowed fashionistas and fashionistas to whiten jeans in different places and adjust the figure if necessary.

The method is simple and ingenuous: jeans are placed in a large pot of boiling water (it is better to use wooden forceps, which are very conveniently evenly immersed in water, stir during cooking and pulling out the thing into the air) and allow them to boil for 20-30 minutes, depending on desired effect.

It often happens that jeans are stretched not along the entire length, but only in places that are constantly prone to stretching when moving (knee cups or belt). If there is no time for a full.fledged washing, and it is not clear what to do if the knees stretched out on the jeans, you can use the following way and adjust only certain places of your favorite thing.

This requires a spray gun, an air conditioning for linen and water. A mixture of air conditioning and water is poured into a spray gun and generously sprayed to stretched places, then the jeans are sent to dry on the battery or in a hot dryer. This requirement is mandatory, drying at room temperature of the desired effect cannot be achieved.

If the described options for one reason or another are not suitable for you, and the question is still relevant, how to make your favorite jeans sit down, you can try a somewhat extreme option, namely, the shrinkage of the trousers “on yourself”.

Dry jeans for several hours, constantly turning over so that the product is completely dry. This method will perfectly “fit” stretched jeans according to your figure.

It is unpleasant when a new, carefully selected thing in figure, sits after washing. Especially if it was quite tight and after drying stops to climb completely.

To prevent this from happening, follow a few simple rules:

  • Before washing, pay attention to the labeling of the product. there is a recommended temperature and a method of cleaning a thing;
  • So that jeans trousers stretch better and sit on the figure, purchase models with the addition of artificial threads. they are less subject to shrinkage and are easily stretched;
  • Use soft detergents designed for color things;
  • When washing jeans, try not to set a temperature of more than 40 degrees. the probability of shrinkage will be lower;
  • Drying trousers is not recommended under direct sunlight or in a drying machine. try to avoid high temperatures;
  • Avoid overdrying trousers.

When washing jeans, try not to set a temperature of more than 40 degrees. the probability of shrinkage will be the lower one, a good seller must warn in advance that jeans are stretched and may noticeably spread. Therefore, it is recommended to buy pants from this fabric less on size. two. Why it turns out? The fact is that the cotton threads that make up such a fabric are very durable. They are difficult to break, but stretch well.

That’s why the finished product can increase in size. This is especially true for natural fabric products.

We offer to get acquainted with the jeans between the legs. what to do and how to repair a hole

But do not despair, because returning the trousers the original appearance is not at all difficult. There are some tips on how to plant jeans on the figure again!

So, if you want trousers to sit down, there are several simple ways, return them the right look.

jeans, stretched, washing, fast, drying, methods


You remember how it is to put on jeans immediately after washing! You pull them barely how you literally stuff yourself into your pants. And after 10 minutes everything sits on the body and the trousers look great. This is how you can plant the fabric.

  • When washing pants, use the maximum temperature.
  • Choose the “intensive” or “for few things” mode.
  • For an anneal, too, choose the largest number of cars of the machine.

Hot water bath

To fall into a bath, filled with hot water in your favorite jeans, not all should be decided. Such a process will take about 20 minutes after it you need to get up and just wait until the thing dries on the body. Many do not like not only the discomfort caused by such a method, but also its short.term, when the product goes to the washing machine, the necessary effect will disappear.

Washing in hot water: step.by.step instructions

Washing trousers in a washing machine, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Place jeans inside the drum of the washing machine, put the required amount of washing powder. Experts also recommend using special liquid capsules. They are more economical and well washed.
  • Select the wash mode and set the water temperature 90 ° C.
  • At the end of the process, the trousers must be squeezed out, for this you should set the “squeeze” mode.
  • After the trousers should be dried and folded. It is not recommended to iron them.

After such a procedure, the fabric will double, thereby make trousers two times less.

At what temperature to wash jeans so that they sit down

Two.tone wipes crochet circuit

This method is suitable for natural fabrics, which contains cotton, and its number should be at least 70%.

Do not wash things in such a way that are abundantly decorated with rhinestones, stones and delicate materials, for example, ruffles. They will become unusable, and, moreover, clog the machine. As a result, both trousers and the unit will be spoiled.

Jeans from high.quality and dense denim can be periodically subjected to this type of washing, but infrequently. With the regular use of such methods of shrinkage of things in the washing machine, the product will quickly become unusable.

Competent washing

In order not to resort to various tricks as long as possible, in order to reduce your favorite, but stretched jeans, you should follow several recommendations on how to wash them correctly.

  • Before the procedure, the thing is fastened to all available “fasteners” and is necessarily turned out by the inside.
  • Water temperature is not more than 40 s. The program “manual” or “delicate” is better without spinning.
  • Use a special detergent for denim items. If there is no one, then an ordinary gel or powder, but strictly without the presence of bleaching components.
  • If the thing is erased manually, then you can add a little sodium salt.
  • No need to squeeze out or twist the thing, as well as “throw” it through the rope, so traces and creases may remain so. It is preferable to fix jeans on the belt.
  • Also iron.
  • Washing should be as contaminated. but do not acquire a frequent character.

And a few more recommendations. It is better to buy jeans with a large m of cotton fibers, such things stretch less. It is more advisable to purchase a size less or such that it tightens the belt and legs along the entire length as tightly as possible, and also creates the sensations of compression, as if jeans are not suitable in size.

How to reduce size jeans

The easiest method is to wash products in hot water with maximum temperature in intensive washing mode or washing not imagining things. Dry sparled jeans in a washing machine, dryer or at room temperature. Do not dry the material in the fresh air or in the sun, otherwise it will not sit down! To enhance the action, you can stroke the dried pants with a hot iron.

jeans, stretched, washing, fast, drying, methods

You can reduce the size by putting on jeans on yourself and laying down for some time in the water. To do this, fill the bath with water with a hot but comfortable temperature. Put your trousers and lie in the bath so that the pants are completely under water.

Lie like this for 20-30 minutes until the water cools to room temperature. Then go out into the fresh air and spend several hours under the sun until the fabric dries. After this procedure, jeans sit down on the figure.

For old and well.worn pants, you can use the method of soaking in boiling water. It is not suitable for new products, since boiling water can ruin the fresh color. Products will fade and fade. Before the procedure, turn the trousers on the wrong side and gently put in boiling water. Leave the gas over medium heat and boil jeans for half an hour. It is important that the products are completely in water.

Then carefully pull out the thing, cool and dry in a dryer or at room temperature. When processing dark trousers, you run the risk of getting boots, as the color will fade and become lighter. However, this is a suitable way to make the appearance of the products fresh and new. Thus, you can give a new color and paint jeans.

If you want to reduce the products in length, squeeze jeans after washing and dry in a dryer, washing machine or on the battery. With normal care, it is impossible to turn out and squeeze the denim fabric strongly, otherwise the creases will remain. So that the jeans do not stretch or, conversely, do not sit down, it is necessary to ensure proper care for the material.

How to wash jeans so that they do not stretch

In order for jeans to retain a presentable appearance, original shape and color longer, you need to wash the products separately from other things at a temperature of up to 40 degrees. Before each wash, be sure to turn the jeans on the wrong side, fasten the zipper and buttons!

Experts recommend choosing a washing manually, but you can wash in a washing machine in a delicate mode without spinning. For washing, use warm water, soft detergent without bleaching components or soap solution from laundry soap. To speed up the wash and effectively get rid of stains and pollution, when washing manually, add a glass of table salt to the water.

You can not soak, squeeze it strongly and twist jeans fabric. For drying, do not throw the material through the rope, otherwise the stripes and traces will remain. In addition, after drying, such a thing is difficult to straighten and smooth out. Dry jeans, as well as wash, you need to turn out on the wrong side. For drying, fix the products to the rope on the belt.

If necessary, you can stroke completely dried trousers from the wrong side with a warm iron. Do not wash the jeans too often, otherwise the structure of the material will quickly collapse, and they will lose their original attractive appearance. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to be washed no more than once in five socks.

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