What to do if the fridge caught fire

The Attention light on the refrigerator is on, and the red light is blinking

Two-compartment refrigerator works properly, but the “Attention” light on the panel is lit? It is red and may be marked with an exclamation mark.

Why does it happen? There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is that the temperature in the cooling compartment is too high. If the icon on the panel lit for a long time, it can lead to defrosting and spoiling food.

The second reason

The refrigerator failed to reach the desired temperature in time. This can be caused by the fact that you have loaded the shelves of the refrigerator a lot of uncooled food and the refrigerator can not fully cool them.

This failure is easily eliminated by your own efforts. you just need to wait for the device to return to a low temperature mode. If within 10-15 minutes, the red indicator did not go out, and continues to burn further, it means that the breakage of the refrigerator is more serious and the call of the master is necessary.

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Retro style wiring. Part 1

I am engaged in wiring in the city-hero of Smolensk, in his district and region, sometimes I go to Moscow on objects. Relatively recently finished installation in the country house from a log. Happy to share a little photo report

Bedroom, attic floor, low ceiling. To look more harmonious wire vertical distance between the insulators made smaller and did not put a bulky junction box on a low wall

Wire transitions from one wall to the other in the log cabin. this is a special kind of fun, the only thing better than this are the through passages in one place, for more than three pieces

For all the wall fixtures, the RC and EVI the customer ordered plates https://nabrevno.ru/

Mechanisms and wire were used by Bironi. And that would be all right, but there are a number of questions about the product. 1. color, the manufacturer’s website marble should look like the switch on the left. and in fact all the switches have the color of the old cracked plate 2. Information sockets and information cable. Bironi outlets are only RJ45RJ45 or TV-SAT, and the cable only coaxial twisted pair. Where is the logic? 3- The color of the insulators and bushings are different, although the name says the same color

In spite of the fact that the log is cylindrical, it does not lie on the horizon. And since the floors and ceilings are made on the level, the horizontal lines have to lay then relative to the ceiling, then on a string, then on the eye, so that visually it was good

That’s all for today. Hope it was interesting. As I prepare the next batch of photos with short Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will post more

P.S. If the material catches the photographer’s eye. Please write a couple of recommendations for a dilettante, how best to photograph such work (not found on the Internet)

Response to “Refrigerator Repair” post

Squeaking is an alarm. Prina insufficient temperature set. It could be a freon leak, a door that won’t close properly, or a broken fan. And the worst part is the burnt compressor.

This is a big black iron with a sticker is a compressor. Unplugged, wait 10 minutes. Put your hand on the compressor and plug it in. Wait for it to start for about 30 minutes.

The engine should run smoothly and smoothly, it should not give the impression that someone is holding it by the tail and does not let it move.

If you think it’s running under load, wait a moment. You should hear a click. You hear a? The compressor should shut off. Wait a little longer for the second man to start the compressor again.

If it’s like this. I’m sorry for your loss. The compressor has safely passed away. Clean the contacts and stuff won’t help. Maximum temporary effect. The compressor relay is essentially a circuit breaker (electrical from the panel) and it is triggered when the compressor windings short out with each other, or piston group wedged.

If the compressor runs fine and does not get warm, then you are most likely experiencing a Freon leak.

Plug it in. We wait about 30 hours. Check the tubes in the photo. In normal operation of the refrigerator, the filter should be slightly warm, the suction tube cold and the discharge tube hot (carefully).

And most importantly, inside the fridge. The back wall should be covered with frost. It’s usually easy to determine where. The part of the wall that should be cooling is usually lighter than the rest.

The border of the evaporator to which the frost should be.

If the filter is cold, if the sockets are not as described, if frost is covering the smaller brightened part of the wall, it is a leak. You may think it’s cooling but it’s not. Because of the lack of freon, the refrigerator will not reach the temperature required for shutdown and the temperature sensor will not let the compressor shutdown. That can cause the compressor to leak and chatter. It won’t shut itself off at rest, so it will overheat.

How to troubleshoot the unit

If the light is on and the fridge does not turn on, the circulating refrigerant circuit could be to blame. It is chemically inert substance, easily transforming from the liquid state to gaseous and back.

The phase transition is accompanied by the release or absorption of large amounts of heat. This is the basis of the operation of any freezer or air conditioning equipment. Knowing how a refrigerator works never hurts the owner.

In general terms, the freon circulation scheme looks like this:

  • the compressor compresses the incoming refrigerant to a pressure of 8-10 atmospheres and the refrigerant becomes very hot in the process;
  • The hot freon flows through the coil fixed on the rear wall of the refrigerator, giving off a large quantity of energy obtained by compression and transforming it into a liquid state;
  • The refrigerant is throttled before entering the cooling chamber, evaporating as the pressure drops
  • evaporation process is accompanied by sharp drop of temperature, which results in cooling of food compartments of the refrigerator;
  • the freon returns to the receiver of the compressor and the cycle is repeated many times.

Schematic diagram of a compression evaporative refrigerator

The circulation pattern is quite complex. This can be the reason why the domestic refrigerator does not work, but the light stays on. In addition to compressor failure, two types of common malfunctions are possible:

  • Freon leakage. It is caused by mechanical damage caused by rough handling or old equipment. It is necessary to handle with the utmost care the tubes that are on the back of the refrigerator and not to use sharp objects, trying to separate a frozen piece of ice or food from the wall of the freezer;
  • Clogging of the refrigerant circuit. It is possible due to mechanical inclusions appearing during long-term operation or moisture left in the system at the time of filling. Clogging usually occurs in the filter and narrow sections of the tubes.

In these cases the repair is accompanied by depressurization of the equipment, searching for and elimination of the reason of refusal, vacuuming of the restored system for removal of foreign particles and residual water with simultaneous tightness control, injection of the estimated quantity of the fresh freon.

Conclusion! These operations require special equipment and professional knowledge. In this case you can not do without the help of a specialist.

The circulation system may need to be replaced during the repair process:

Usually you need to replace defective parts with identical parts.

Why the Motor Stops

When your Indesit, Atlant or Nord refrigerator has stopped freezing, but the light bulb or LED light in the main compartment is on (or off), the first things to check are:

  • If you have new equipment, stuffed with modern features. and they all work, but it is warm in the chamber, check the correct installation. If the enclosure is not level and you did not use a spirit level during installation, the door may not fit properly. The “smart” model will not let the motor start if warm air is flowing into the chamber. No need to cool the air. it does not stop flowing. Some models will inform the user about the problem by displaying the corresponding error code on the electronic display.
  • If you have a refrigerator Biryusa, and the light in it does not work (as well as ZIL, Dnepr and any old model), pay attention to the power cord, plug or socket. The appliances may not be “at fault,” and the root of the problem is at the surface. If the electrical component is all right, the old refrigerator could have malfunctioned because of an internal malfunction. De-energize the equipment, unload the shelves and wait for the master.

The important thing is ! If the light in the refrigerator goes out, but the motor works, check the light bulb. And if the light has stopped working and the appliance won’t turn on, there’s been a breakdown.

What to do if the light doesn’t come on and the motor doesn’t work:

  • Restart the refrigerator.
  • If compressor turns on but light does not come on, check light bulb.
  • If it is burned out, replace it.
  • Halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs are easy to replace yourself. remove the plafond and reinstall the bulb.
  • If you need to replace the LED light, proceed carefully or contact the service.

It is worth to consider in more detail the reasons why the device refuses to work. Narrow down the range of possible breakdowns by reading our table of possible malfunctions, causes and signs:

Light is on, compressor does not turn on. Clicking noises are heard.

When an imported or domestic refrigerator does not work (for example, “Stinol”), and the light is on, it is worth paying special attention to additional “symptoms” of failure. Do not leave without attention clicks and other signs. They will all help the technician in the initial diagnosis of the problem.

Sometimes malfunctions are due to force majeure. For example, the air sensor can burn out with a voltage drop in the mains. And along with it can burn out and the bulb. That’s why no light is not always a sure sign of failure.

fridge, fire

Important! Install a RCD and a stabilizer to avoid trouble. And also use the services of professional workshops in order not to break the technique completely. Remember that to solve the problems with elektronikoy yourself can not be, if you do not have the skills.

Troubleshooting of the refrigerator Biryusa

The only plant in Siberia, producing refrigerators since 1960, which has not changed the name of the brand “Biryusa” after the separation of ownership of the Union. At the moment there are 23 series in production. Single-chamber, double-door with electronic control and Know Frost system, high quality refrigerators at an affordable price are popular among the people. The company policy is 3 years of guarantee on the domestic equipment, the availability of the service centers and the reliability of the appliances.

fridge, fire

Two-chamber refrigerators Biryusa with one compressor are the basic production of the plant. Reliable imported units are used in the complete set. If the fixture is used properly, problems occur as a result of metal fatigue, worn seats and worn seals.

Each of these symptoms requires diagnostics and there can be several reasons. Some breakages of the fridges Biryusa are insignificant and it is possible to fix them by your own efforts, others can be fixed by a master.

fridge, fire

Much depends on the model. It is easier to troubleshoot the electromechanical refrigerator with drip defrosting. It is reasonable to entrust the double compressor refrigerator with electronic control and No Frost system to the expert.

What can cause refrigerator fire and how to avoid it?

Yesterday we received a very urgent question to our editorial office: “Very often the Ministry of Emergencies warns that we must be careful with electric appliances, because many fires happen because they ignite. I am very interested in this point. one of the most common household appliances is a refrigerator, but it is known to be constantly under voltage and runs non-stop. Could you tell us please what can cause its ignition and how to avoid it??”.

Woman’s Own Surveillance Camera Catches Her Setting Neighbor’s Home on Fire: Officials

We begin by giving you an example: “On January 28th a kitchen measuring 7 sq.m. was completely burned out in a 3-room apartment at 3 Dunaysky Prospect, northwest of Moscow. The fire also seriously damaged the corridor. Fortunately, the loss of life was avoided. And the cause of this fire was a faulty refrigerator.”.

To avoid such a situation, we offer you to consider the possible causes of the fire of the appliance. For example, it sometimes happens that in the course of time the electric wiring deteriorates. Or the seal on the refrigerator door wears out, which causes it to close loosely, and to maintain the set mode in the chamber, the appliance runs almost without stopping.

Meanwhile, in order for the refrigerator not to cause a fire, it is enough to observe simple rules and pay proper attention to it.

Remember that the refrigerator should not be installed near heat sources or in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight.

Pay attention to how the refrigerator door closes. It is very important that this happens spontaneously. To do this, the refrigerator must be installed with a slight slope to the back.

Avoid opening the doors for long periods of time or frequently during use, and in no case place warm foods in the refrigerator. Let them cool down to room temperature beforehand.

With regard to the electrics, make sure that the insulation of the power cord is undamaged and that the plug of a plugged-in refrigerator is not hot. If you can feel a tingling sensation when touching any metal parts of the fridge-freezer, it means that there is a short circuit between the electrical wiring and the housing. If this happens, call a service technician immediately.

The rear wall of your fridge-freezer should be cleaned of dust at least once a year to prevent the risk of fire. You can do it with a dry soft brush or with a vacuum cleaner.

And one more important point: if you leave for a long time, unplug the fridge-freezer. It is safer.

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