What to do if the gas boiler shuts off

All causes of gas boiler extinguishing during operation

If the gas boiler suddenly goes out in a severe frost, it becomes a serious problem, because you can wait a very long time for a repair specialist. Therefore it is necessary to try to make repairs yourself.

Gas boiler extinguishes because its operation is switched off by the safety automatics. And the causes of shutdown are gas leakage, thermocouple or gas duct failure. This is the way the protection works, preventing possible fire, smoke or failure of the boiler.


Heat loss does not match the boiler capacity

Continuous operation of the boiler can be due to insufficient capacity of the device. The heat carrier, passing through the pipes, returns, and by this time, the water has not had time to heat due to insufficient power. Therefore, the gas boiler does not turn off. The power of the boiler is selected based on a number of key parameters:

  • The area of heated rooms and the number of floors of the building;
  • peculiarities of the climate in the region;
  • Materials of the building, quality of heat insulating materials, quality of the joints, insulation of windows, number of windows profiles, etc.д.
  • Number and volume of all installed heating appliances and pipe circuits, additional buffer tanks, separators;
  • The temperature level that must be maintained.

Calculating the power of the boiler is best left to a professional or use special formulas or online calculators that allow you to accurately determine the main characteristics of the boiler, taking into account all the parameters.

Often a simple formula is used to calculate power, which is defined as 1 kilowatt of power per 10 sq. м. of the heated space. Several correction factors are used, taking into account climatic conditions, the degree of insulation of the house and other parameters. In addition to choosing the boiler itself, it is important to correctly select the other components of the system, pipes with the appropriate cross-section to ensure the necessary flow capacity.

What to do if the gas boiler goes out

Do not panic if the flame goes out. First of all shut off the gas supply from the mains with the valve at the inlet. The room is ventilated, since the smell of carbon monoxide or pure gas is not always felt.

The next step is to try to determine the cause. The draught problem is solved independently. Inspect the chimney. If necessary, clean it from soot, frost.

To clean the cinders or replace the thermocouple, remove the unit from the boiler

If the appliance goes out due to minor faults, you can fix them yourself. To replace the thermocouple you need to remove the igniter assembly from the boiler, unscrew the cap nuts with a wrench.

During a power surge in electronic heating devices often burns fuses

Even a gas powered independent appliance can be repaired by yourself. If it won’t turn on, the fuses may have overheated from a power surge. It is necessary to get to the main unit and replace the defective elements.

All other malfunctions of complex assemblies, gas equipment should be trusted to professionals. Mistakes made will not only lead to more serious breakdowns, but also life-threatening, since gas is explosive.

This video explains why the igniter on a gas boiler won’t light up or goes out:

Malfunctions of electrical gas equipment

Electric gas models should be checked for voltage, this is enough to turn the plug by inserting it into a socket to change the phase. In such devices, the main signs of failure are:

  • Lack of light indication of indicators.
  • No ignition with LEDs on and working display.
  • Burner fading after ignition.

The first step is the inspection of the safety unit. If the element is burned out, a new fuse is installed. If this procedure did not help, it is required to proceed to further examination of the system:

  • Cleaning the filter. carried out after the device is completely turned off, shutting off the valves. The filter part is rinsed under running water and reinstalled;
  • If you find an air lock, excess of liquid in the pump. unscrew the main central screw, bleed the air and twist the rotor of the device with a screwdriver. After the parts are completely dry, they are put back in place;
  • Low pressure in the system is eliminated by pumping air into the expansion tank, located inside the structure. The pressure must be 0.2 bar lower than in the system itself.

These recommendations allow you to fix small causes of damage with your own hands without the help of professionals.

Solving problems with the boiler fading

If the flame shutdown is not caused by malfunctions of the boiler itself, but by other external causes, you can try to eliminate the problems yourself. Some models of simple boilers you can even clean yourself from soot and soot, but this is the subject of a separate article.

Restore the draught

To figure out what is clogged. the boiler or the chimney. you can, by disconnecting the corrugated pipe of the exhaust system from the boiler. If there is a draught in the chimney, you can solve the problem with the boiler by calling a professional. Otherwise, you will have to climb on the roof and look into the pipe. When you find a clog, you need to remove those foreign fragments that interfere with the passage of the smoke.

If you find ice on the cap, it must be carefully chipped away so as not to damage the chimney itself. Make sure to check the cleaning hatches. A sign that cleaning is needed is a large amount of soot and soot being removed from the inside of the duct.

Blowing out of the air duct due to a strong wind can be accepted if it happens once or twice during the heating season. But if in your area. the winds are a frequent phenomenon, you should take action:

  • First, you can try to increase the pipe. Great height will prevent the wind from forcing air back.
  • Secondly, the competent configuration of the cap which will close the hole on the side where the wind blows mainly can help.

If there is a loss of power

An energy-independent boiler in conjunction with a circulation pump does not consume much. It can be adapted to DC power and switched to battery operation. But it is not suitable for powerful boilers. The only way out will be to connect the boiler to an alternative power source, such as gasoline or diesel generator.

If the gas pressure has dropped

The first thing to do is to check the gas line where it branches off from the common main. Carefully check the joints where there are traces of welding, as well as valves and cocks. Detect the leak will help to detect a specific smell, which is given to natural gas at distribution stations.

It is important! If there is no gas pressure in the pipeline itself, there is technically no way for you to influence the situation. Gas medium pumps are not available for sale

The only option is to write an appeal to the appropriate authorities. Contact your neighbors. they are likely to have the same problem. Drawing up a collective petition can help speed up the decision-making process at your local natural gas supplier.

The cause of gas boiler fogging: why it ignites and extinguishes, methods of elimination

Hello, dear visitors to the site ballony.com.ua. Whatever the cause of the gas boiler fading, it needs to be corrected correctly and promptly. It is necessary to have information about possible repair operations.

If the gas boiler suddenly goes out in the cold season, it gives the owners a huge problem. And often you have to wait quite a long time for a visit from a technician. Therefore, you can try to make an independent repair. But this requires knowing all possible causes of the problem and methods of its elimination.

The flame control sensor is out of order

This is the next reason why the gas boiler can go out. In different boilers the control sensor is different. In most home boilers it is a thermocouple. The thermocouple must be constantly on fire, as well as the ionization electrode and the photosensor must always detect the flame on your burner. If the thermocouple is in a worn condition, then at any slight breeze when your wick just slightly deviates from this thermocouple, it immediately disables the automatic and you have a fading gas boiler.

Gas Boiler Keeps Shutting Down

If you have an ionization electrode, a similar situation occurs. Ionization electrodes are usually installed in power-dependent double-circuit boilers that are hung on the wall. Photo detectors are in boilers of higher power. But this is, in principle, the industrial type of boilers, which in ordinary houses is quite rare.

What to do if the boiler constantly turns on and off

Gas boilers are actively used today in heating systems of private houses, apartments, public buildings and industrial facilities. Single-circuit and double-circuit modern models, made for wall and floor installation, as a rule, belong to the category of sufficiently reliable equipment. Nevertheless, in some cases, malfunctions accompanied by constant turning on and off of gas boilers are observed. Such a problem is called clocking.

The easiest way to identify the cause of flame fading in a gas boiler, if it is of the energy-dependent type. Most often, the gas in these units ceases to burn due to the loss or spikes in voltage in the electrical system. Burner ignition electrodes and circulation pumps need constant power supply. This is a classic wood-fired boilers for houses can do without connecting to 220 V network. This won’t work with power-dependent gas boilers.

Check the connection of all electrical circuits

Due to electrical problems in the gas boiler:

The settings are reset or incorrectly set;

Fire goes out, because the electrical igniter is not energized;

Sensors are de-energized, so automatics forcibly extinguishes the flame.

To get rid of these problems, the boiler must be equipped with a stabilizer and uninterruptible power supply. Eliminate power surges and accidents in the electrical network of the village are only able to power. At home you can only install additional electrical equipment for backup.

Stabilizer balances out fluctuations in current parameters, and an uninterruptible power supply provides power to the considered heat generator in case of complete power failure. But when choosing them, you need to look to make sure that the labeling reads “pure sine”. Only such appliances are designed for gas boilers. Ordinary rectifiers and UPS for computers are not suitable here.

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