What to do if the hair dryer does not turn on

Beginning inspection and repair

As we have already said it is quite possible to disassemble the device yourself, if you are very attentive and follow the order of actions.

Repair of the device is also subject to its own logic, which we will discuss below.

If the hair dryer does not turn on, the first step is the most logical. to check whether there is current in this socket?

If there is nothing wrong with the outlet, move on to checking the power cord. The places of kinks, twists. the usual causes of failure of the power cord. When a hair dryer is disassembled, it is also carefully inspected at the contact points of the wire to the mode switches. To carry out this procedure will need a tester.

If the wire is damaged, there is no point in repairing it. You need to replace the entire wire with the plug.

Attention ! The most popular place for a broken wire is at the entrance to the body of the hair dryer.

After such technical inspection connect the device to the network and check the result of the work done.

Switch and Switch

Also check the power button itself. It should turn on smoothly and without jamming. The switch contacts should be free of soot and melted surfaces.

The three-position switch is checked by turning on each mode separately. Before checking the switch, it is worth marking all the wires, so as not to mix up the places of reverse connection.

Deburr the damaged places with a fine sandpaper and re-solder with a soldering iron.

If the switch itself is out of order the best option is to replace it with a new one. But if you can not find a new switch, an option is to bypass the switch and connect the power bypassing the broken switch. As there will no longer be a power button, the device will turn on as soon as it is plugged into a socket.

The fan

The fan is responsible for shaping the airflow. On the back of the case there are special holes for air intake. The fan wheel is made of light but durable plastic and rotates on a metal rod. This metal axis is an extension of the electric motor on one side, and on the other side it rests in a special hole in the housing of the device, which acts as a support sleeve. It is the impeller through the holes in the body of the hair dryer takes the outside air and drives this flow towards the nozzle.

The most likely cause of the decreased fan performance:

There are two ways to solve the problem with the clogged air duct:

  • If the unit is equipped with a removable filter, remove it and try to clean it well.
  • If dust and debris have accumulated in the air intake slots, these can be cleaned successfully with a toothbrush.

If there is hair wrapped around the fan shaft. it is better to remove the impeller and carefully remove the obstruction to its free rotation.

Warning! When cleaning the fan shaft, do not use excessive force to avoid damaging the shaft or impeller.


Once again, the material from which this heating element is made. nichrome. As soon as a current is applied to the nichrome coil, it begins to heat up and makes the air passing through it hot. In normal mode, the temperature of the hot air is in the range of 50-60 °C.

advanced models have several of these spirals, which provide different modes of air heating.

Typical manifestations of heating element failure:

These signs indicate that the heating element is defective. All of these problems can be solved if the hair dryer is carefully disassembled, inspected and attempted to locate the source of the problem.

If after the device has been disassembled you need to carefully inspect the heating element for integrity.

hair, dryer, does, turn

If the burnout of the filament is found, it can either be soldered or the two opposite ends can be twisted. As an option, crimp both ends of the coil with a thin copper tube.

But we should warn you that based on our experience with nichrome coils, this repair is able to prolong the life of the hair dryer, but not for long.

If possible it is better to replace the burned out coil with the new one.

Important! You need to understand why the part failed in order to eliminate the cause of the problem in the future.

The Motor

Electric motors on hair dryers can be in different versions. 12, 24, 36 volts.

A special additional electronic circuit lowers the voltage of 220V. Thus, the risk of electric shock is lowered.

If the motor has stopped working, there are two main reasons for this malfunction:

How to fix the feeding cable with the plug we’ve already written above, and the faulty electric motor is indicated by such symptoms as:

  • After turning on the motor you can hear a little rattle;
  • The motor runs unstable;
  • There is a smell of burnt wiring;
  • The fan doesn’t rotate and you hear a slight humming noise.

If you suspect that the electric motor has burned out, chances to repair it yourself are equal to zero. It is possible to try to disassemble the motor, but then where to find the right part.

Take it to a repair shop? Also not an option. the repair of the device may not be cost-effective. It is easier and more profitable to buy a new hair dryer.

The chip is

Professional devices for hair drying are controlled by microcircuits. This is a bit more complicated. If you have skills with electrical circuits, you can try to find the cause of the fault yourself and fix it:

  • The gethinax backing may crack and tear the contact track. If it shows a break, it can be repaired with a soldering iron.
  • On a defective capacitor you can see a characteristic blistering. The resistor can burn out and become dull. If a burned out part is found, the malfunction is eliminated by replacing it with a new one.


The resistor protects the entire appliance from overheating.

If there is a thermal fuse. it can also be the cause of poor coil operation. You can also check the thermostat’s functionality with a multimeter. If it shows a break in the circuit, the fuse must be replaced. it cannot be repaired.

But there is an option to fix the device by excluding the temperature sensor from the general circuit, bypassing the wires. The appliance can be used for some time if it is not overloaded.

The normal temperature of a hair dryer

At maximum power

The air jet heated at the nozzle of the hair dryer becomes less hot, passing the proper distance. At a distance of 15-20 centimeters a good hair dryer in the maximum heat mode produces about 70 or 80 degrees Celsius.

This temperature is suitable for drying hair. But. there are two “buts” here.

  • A temperature of 70-80 degrees is only suitable for thick, voluminous hair. For thinner and less numerous hair, first, such a temperature is not necessary. they will dry at a smaller one, and secondly, it is dangerous. Such hair should be dried at a lower temperature setting. or at a farther distance.
  • No matter how strong and thick your hair is, you shouldn’t put it through that heat once you’ve begun drying it. It is advisable to spend the first five minutes on a more gentle mode, then turn around to the maximum, and finish drying again on medium or low temperature mode.

At medium power

In a gentle mode that is suitable for the first minutes of drying, and for work with the not too bulky and thick hair, hair dryers give out a temperature of about 40 or 50 degrees Celsius.

Safety precautions

It would seem that there is nothing new or incomprehensible to us about how to follow basic safety rules when working with electrical appliances. But the independent repair of even such a compact device, as a hair dryer, will require you to be careful. And it is connected just with electricity:

  • Proceed to work only if you have the skills to work with electricity. If you do not have them, it is better to trust professionals.
  • Be sure to pre-disconnect the device from the network. Use an indicator screwdriver or multimeter to check.

About the causes of an overheated hair dryer

Let’s start with the fact that the regular disconnection of technical apparatus in the work process is normal. So, the protection is triggered.

Worse when the hair dryer heats up, and then melts: as a result, a short circuit may occur in the network, which can be harmful to its owner. That’s no good. Consider different situations.

The breakdown may be caused by a technical defect on the part of the manufacturer. However, this situation occurs very rarely.

The most common cause is overheating of a household working hair dryer, caused by weak airflow. This situation should be detailed:

  • It is possible that the household appliance has behaved in this way since its purchase;
  • or a household appliance initially worked steadily, but after some time began to warm up and spontaneously shut down.

Any of the above-mentioned problems can be remedied.

The outgoing air flow has decreased: the blades of the hair dryer are working as they should, but less air is coming in. The cause may be a clogged filter grid or contamination of the filter element itself. The issue can be resolved in literally 10-15 minutes. It is necessary to clean the hair dryer, adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Another possible problem: clogging the household appliance with small foreign objects and / or hair. There is an additional load on the blades, with which they either can not cope, or cope with more stress (spinning slower). What to do? In this case, do not disassemble the device and try to do independent “technical treatment”. Leave the repair to professionals in the service center.

The most confusing situation with the stuffing of the household appliance, with which only masters can cope.

The hair dryer can overheat and turn off when he did not have enough power. If the power unit of the device is low-powered, and you dry long hair, the drying procedure takes a long time. The motor does not fuse, working constantly in an increased mode.

If the problem is in the heating coil

One of the reasons when air doesn’t heat up partially and/or completely is a failure of the filament. The situation is recurrent not often, but it is better to be prepared for it. Having opened the case and getting to the coil you need to visually inspect it.

Often amateurs make the same mistake: they try to fix the heating element themselves, connect the nichrome filament. The positive effect will be enough for no more than two or three months. Then again the repair.

Experts recommend “not to suffer”, and replace the failed coil with a new one.

Wenom trouble when the hair dryer broke, you can consider the failure of the power unit. The hair dryer can spark, emit unpleasant odors and even burn. Therefore, the repair should not be delayed. Verify the problem associated with the electric motor, you can use a tester.

In this situation, there is no point in even trying to breathe life into the engine. There are two options for solving the problem: replacement of the electric power unit, or repair in a service center. Only specialists can carry out quality work with the provision of guarantees.

It happens that the gethinax substrate is destroyed: microcracks appear. In order to do quality work to fix the problem you will need to apply solder to the damaged areas. Often failed capacitors are blown. Detecting the defect will require replacement of capacitors. Another problem: faulty resistors. They are not repaired, but elementarily replaced with new products.

Some dryers are equipped with independent regulators. Adjustment effect is possible with a resistive divider. There are two ways to fix the problem: disconnect the sensor and watch the reaction of the household appliance. Or close the wires and watch what happens. If there is no change, you will need a schematic diagram of the hair dryer of a certain model or help from the service center.

A few words about possible malfunctions

Knowing the problem will significantly reduce the repair time of the household appliance. The most typical malfunctions are:

  • no power: the technical model does not turn on;
  • The fan has stopped or its blades do not work at full capacity;
  • When the device is running, you can hear a characteristic smell of burning;
  • appearance of a spark is a clear sign of problems with the power unit;
  • the hot air supply is cut off. There is only a cold air outlet.

Based on the knowledge of the device of modern models, and possible causes of failure, let’s consider different options and try to solve this or that problem.

To perform the repair of the hair dryer with our own hands we need a certain set of tools: multimeter, screwdriver and soldering iron.

The construction of the hair dryer

This appliance is used to dry, as well as for hair styling. It consists of the following structural parts:

  • Engine;
  • The heating part. TEN;
  • A fan;
  • Thermal protection;
  • Regulators (fan speed, temperature and other);
  • Power cable.

Important! A common cause of failure of most appliances is an unstable flow of electricity in the network. So you do not have to continue to repair the hair dryer or buy more expensive equipment. a refrigerator, washer or dryer, use our advice and put a good surge protector.

A hair dryer overheats and will not start?

The main and most common cause of overheating is that the airflow is too weak. A powerful hair dryer transmits all the excess heat from the heating element to the air, so it does not overheat itself for a long time.

hair, dryer, does, turn

What To Do If Your Blow Dryer Won’t Start! ~~~Nancy

Such situations can be divided into two groups:

The second is more annoying. This can be fixed most of the time.

Why originally a good hair dryer began to overheat?

At a glance we can name three possible causes.

  • The simplest and easiest to solve clogged filter or filter grid. Correspondingly the air inlet flow has decreased, the blades spin with the same power, but they do not have enough air. Mercy, it can be solved by a simple cleaning, which you can do yourself in fifteen minutes. Look here for detailed instructions on how to clean your hair dryer.
  • Medium difficulty, but quite rare small objects or hair clogged blades. Now they are spinning slower on their own. Occurs rarely, because the filter is put for a reason. Do I have to reach into the interior of the hair dryer myself to check it?? Oh, I don’t know. It is probably better to take your hair dryer to a service center.
  • Something went wrong in the technical stuffing of your hair dryer. Only the service center here, of course, if you’re not a do-it-yourself man. But there’s a good chance the problem is solvable.

That means you don’t have to worry. Just quietly clean your hair dryer and see if the situation improves. It’s usually fixed. If it doesn’t work take it to a service center.

Why does the hair dryer overheat quickly when it is running from the beginning?

What to do. It seems that you have chosen the wrong hair dryer. That is, it is possible that the case in a defect committed in a particular product. So the model itself is great, but this particular time there was some kind of malfunction. Ask for warranty service, it is quite possible that the problem will be corrected.

But usually, of course, it’s not a fault. It’s just this hair dryer. What’s wrong with it??

  • Low-power hair dryer. In a special article we explained why the power of the hair dryer is so important. Yes thick and long hair can be dried with a weak hair dryer for half an hour at a time, in several stages and with breaks to cool the hair dryer. A tedious and unpleasant task. Well, do not be sad. It was an investment in experience now you know you need a more powerful hair dryer and you won’t make the same mistake next time.
  • The materials of the hair dryer are poorly chosen. It is also possible. Says bad things about the manufacturer of the hair dryer. But the truth is when the information about why powerful hair dryers are better became quite common, some manufacturers began to cheat, screwing in a nominally powerful motor and specifying impressive figures on the packaging. However, all other parts of the hair dryer remained the same poor quality All in all, too, of course, an investment in experience.

Okay, it’s clear. But what do you do with a hair dryer like this?? It is possible to make it good somehow?

Sadly such a hair dryer is better to sell on Avito, specifically pointing out that the hair dryer works, but it is just not powerful enough for your hair. You won’t get the full price, but you can add money and buy a professional Mustang hair dryer, so you don’t have to worry about overheating.

I mean it is possible to overheat, of course, any hair dryer. If you want. However, in order to overheat the MBF-1, you have to try hard. It can playfully cope with even the most voluminous hairstyles:

What to do if your hair dryer burns out? How to fix a hair dryer if it’s broken?

Hair dryers are different: professional and household, large and compact, with and without nozzles, with additional functions, combined options (hair dryer, etc.), and so on.). the list is endless. But the working principle and general design of all devices of this type is the same. Accordingly, breakage they happen the same way. In the simplest, not stuffed with electronics, there are only a few structural elements:

  • heat-resistant plastic tube through which the air is driven;
  • electric fan, by means of which the air movement is carried out;
  • Heating element (spiral or plates) that heat the air;
  • a switch and/or a mode switch (mechanical or touch-sensitive);
  • power cord and plug for plugging in the hair dryer.

But many modern hair dryers have additional details: different types of indicators, thermostat, thermostat, ionizer, etc.д. The probability of breakage of such devices is higher than of simpler designs.

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