What to do if the internal block of air conditioner is leaking

Water leaking from the air conditioner into the room. what to do

So, let’s analyze the causes of leaks from the air conditioner and solutions. Of course, it is best to call a specialist at home, but some actions can be performed independently:

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  • If we are talking about the first reason then you don’t even need a master here. It is enough to pour out the excess liquid from the reservoir, put it back in its previous position, and then the machine will work properly again. It is important to turn off the power beforehand. Also in the future, do not forget to monitor the slightest leak.
  • One of the reasons why conditioner is leaking is the result of ice appearance. it makes sense to make a thermal insulation. For example, to avoid temperature fluctuations, you can use glass wool.
  • If the reason of a breakage became a pump. it is necessary to repair it if it is possible or to replace it. Without the proper experience to do it is difficult, so it is better to contact the masters.
  • If the corrugated hose is not positioned correctly, it is enough to place it at a proper angle.
  • It will be possible to strengthen pipes, if it is better to tighten them with nuts and use sealant on top. Here it is important to act delicately so as not to tear the thread.

Even if split-system is repaired. do not forget to watch it not to have unnecessary accumulations in it, and further it will not flow anymore. Prevention in the case of air conditioners is always very important.

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What is dangerous for amateur repair??

Those, who are used to fix everything in the house by oneself, we do not recommend to apply one’s talents to the conditioner.

The user’s activity should be limited to servicing the grid filter in the internal unit of the device, more complex work should be entrusted to the staff of the service center. They have special diagnostic equipment, which allows to determine the causes of accurately the failure, as well as special repair tools.

For example, the copper tubes of the freon pipeline can only be cut with a special device. a pipe cutter. If to do it with an ordinary hacksaw a chips will get into the system that will lead to a failure of compressor.

And the cost of this unit replacement is half the price of a new air conditioner. Equally unfortunate can end with poor quality soldering of the tubes, which leads to a leak of refrigerant.

Deprived of a cooling medium, the compressor will overheat and will fail due to jamming.

If you choose cooperation with service center you take all the responsibility for possible mistakes and receive a guarantee for the work done.

Besides the invited specialist will estimate a general condition of air conditioner and will recommend, and if the client will agree he will perform necessary preventive measures that will prevent the device failure in the future.

Due to this, conditioner will work long and efficiently, and the owner will enjoy a pleasant coolness without any troubles.

For owners of an exclusive

Sometimes a special pump is used to divert water. Usually this is done when there is no possibility to lay drainage to the street. For example, if the premise, where the conditioner is installed, is located under the ground level. in the basement.

In this case, a small pump is put on the drainage system, which from time to time pumps out the water. Typical problems with the pump can be:

  • The float chamber is clogged;
  • The power contacts are loose or oxidized;
  • No contact between the sensor and the pump;
  • Air exhaust tube is pinched, torn off, or clogged;
  • Pump has burned out.

To find a solution to the problem, you need to check all of the above points.

Causes of leakage

The drain is clogged, unable to cope with the diversion of liquid outside:

  • Insects in the outlet, which are attracted to the water coolness during the hot season. They remain there, settling inside the unit, preventing the normal outflow of condensation;
  • Drain hose is clogged with debris, dirt, dust, pet hair, which get inside the split-system together with sucked airflow. Over time the remaining dirt accumulates inside the drain tube, the condensed moisture collects in the sump and then pours over the edge to the outside;
  • Bacterial contamination of the tank, the entire drain. If the necessary maintenance is not performed properly, bacterial colonies, mold, fungus begin to multiply in the unit. Microorganisms accumulate inside the system, slime forms, obstructing the natural outflow. In addition to the fact that it is dangerous to the health of the occupants of the apartment, there are negative external manifestations: unpleasant smell, water leaking from the air conditioner;
  • Improper placement of the drain pipe during installation. The hose must be installed at an angle to allow the moisture to flow out by gravity. If it is installed horizontally, with bends, kinks, etc.д., Condensate cannot overcome obstacles and collects in the sump.

Improper, low-quality installation of the split system:

  • The indoor unit is not installed horizontally as required by the installation manual. Result: water leaks from air conditioner into the room;
  • The water drainage system elements were damaged during installation;
  • Improper flattening of copper pipes caused a leakage in the cooling circuit. Freon starts to escape and ice starts to form on the evaporator. When the ice coating melts, a volume of liquid is formed for which the drainage of the split unit is not designed.

Use of the air conditioning equipment during the cold season at low temperatures. If split-system is not designed for work in frosty weather, if there is no winter set for heating, the water in outlet pipe will freeze outside. The ice plug will prevent the moisture from getting out.

Leaky air conditioner. Causes and Solutions

There are a number of reasons why water drips from the indoor air conditioner unit:

Condensate collection tank overfilled. Occurs when you have just turned on the air conditioner and it is running at full capacity to remove excess heat from the room, usually in the hot summer heat. Water does not have time to run away through drainage system and water flows from air conditioner directly to the room.

The heat exchanger of the indoor unit is frozen, which causes formation of big amount of water, which overflows the condensate tank and the air conditioner can flow. Freezing can be caused by many reasons, the most common is when the air conditioner is not serviced regularly and the fan wheel is dirty, exchanger is dirty, indoor unit filters are dirty, etc.п

One of the most usual reasons of water out of air conditioner is clogging of drainage system or breakage of drain pump. In this case, the condensate formed in the indoor unit of the air conditioner is not drained, which leads to leaks in the air conditioner.

Improper location of drain hose, t.е. Above the lower point of the condensate collecting tank. In this case water by gravity can not overcome the elevation and starts to flow backwards directly into the room. It happens when people, not going into details, independently remove and relocate an internal block of air conditioner lower, for example, while repairing or installing new ceilings.

Freon pipes, which are giving the working liquid to the air-conditioning system, in the places of their connections (nuts) are loose or badly fixed, as the result of this the circuit depressurization has occurred and the working liquid is flowing drop by drop.

The air conditioner was not properly primed during installation. Excessive amount of working fluid is in the closed circuit, resulting in excessive pressure, which can lead not only to a leaky air conditioner, but also to its failure.

In this video you can see what it usually looks like when the air conditioner leaks:

Causes of leakage

Split-system leaking looks the following way:

Fix AC Leaking Water Inside the House in 10 Seconds | Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Condensation accumulates in any indoor air conditioner unit. It falls into a special tray, from which it flows into the drainage pipe. If the moisture is dripping from the inside unit, or in general conditioner is spitting with water. most likely the tray is clogged.

Dust and dirt can get into the tank for drainage, and if the split system is installed in the kitchen. then the grease. They gradually fill up the spaces and there is no room for water. If conditioner is spitting water. it is a sure sign that this is the reason.

You should open the lid of air conditioner and look at the condition of the tray. If there’s a lot of dirt in it, take it out and clean it. Sometimes you will have to remove the front panel, but it’s not hard. you just need to unscrew a few screws.

If one cannot take out the tray (it is hidden behind the radiator or fan), then he/she should be armed with an old toothbrush and a detergent. The main thing in this case is to avoid dirt ingress into the drain hole.

The filter-cleaner of the indoor unit is clogged

In the internal block of each conditioner, even the simplest and cheapest one, there is a fine mesh, which fulfills the function of a dust catcher.

internal, block, conditioner, leaking

By purifying the air sucked by the device, this simple element protects not only our lungs, but also the radiator that takes away excessive heat from the air.

In course of time the dust being accumulated on this filter forms more and more thick plug that considerably reduces the amount of air flowing into air conditioner or blocks it completely.

Broken or broken connections

Between the drainage hole of the tray and the drainage pipe there is usually a spigot. Sometimes it can crack, break off or come off the tubes. This is a flexible hose that is held in place by clamps or clips.

Open the cap of the conditioner and look at the right and left side (depending on the variant of installation) on the condition of the branch pipe. If it is a problem and it is leaking water, it must be replaced.

Do not look for an original fitting you will only waste your money. In any plumbing store or on the market buy one of the same diameter and fix it with usual plastic clamps-ties.

If the old unit was fixed with the clamps. wrap them or the unit with the fum-tape. After that, put a new one on.

The drainage pipe of the air conditioner in the indoor unit.

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