What to glue the LG refrigerator handle with

How to properly replace the handle

By the way, when choosing a handle, you should clearly know the model of your refrigerator. It is usually written right on the door, if not. Just take a look at the paperwork. You should only buy the “native” part, as others will not fit you, due to individual design features. Size, shape, mounting, etc.д.

So let’s analyze a standard refrigerator door handle replacement procedure, taking LIEBHERR appliances as an example.

  • Remove protective covers from all knobs.
  • Carefully remove the handle from the “pushers”.
  • Remove the bolts on the door handle. You will need a 5.5 head for this.
  • Take the new bought mounts and screw similar to how you have already done.
  • Now you just have to put the handle on the refrigerator door until you hear it click into place.

As you can see, if you picked up the right part and did not mix up the model, then there will be no difficulties with the replacement.

Depending on the brand of your fridge, the actions may vary slightly, but the principle is the same. Special skills this process does not require, so there is no need to call a master at home, any adult can handle it. The only difficulty may arise with the search of a suitable replacement part.

You can check its availability in our online store. We have a pretty wide range of products from different manufacturers, so your refrigerator door handle can be found here.

And in order to avoid such knob breakage in future, explain to your children the rules of fridge use and try to follow them.

Samsung Freezer 17 Drawer Handle Repair

Variants of breakages and repair variants

It is clear that there are a lot of different brands of refrigerators, as well as variants of mounting the handle, now we will list some of them:

  • The handle can be fully metal, tightly screwed to the body of the door;
  • The handle can be metal, but with a door holding opening mechanism, but such are common in older models, and now they are almost never used;
  • There are metal handles, but with plastic fasteners;
  • there are also handles made of plastic without any mechanism and screwed on and serving as a fixture that you can pull on to open the door.

As the handle is used more often than the door hinge, it often breaks. The most unreliable variants in this case are metal handles with plastic fasteners, this solution is used by Lichber company and there are more requests for such handle breakage than any other.

How to fix each of these options

Here this very handle of the company “Lichber” can be repaired, only if you fix the broken sections of plastic between each other, you can try to do this with a construction glue gun, the usual superglue may be ineffective.

But still, if this particular handle breaks, it is best to replace it, because any fixing solution will not look aesthetically pleasing, and will not hold firmly enough.

How to glue the plastic handle on the refrigerator

An item like glue is in every household. In our world of great variety and consumption glue is available in great variety. But I use exclusively “Moment”. The quality of Henkel doesn’t need any advertising. Although, in fact, and “moments” now a great variety

I bought 30 ml of Moment Crystal glue in a store for 50. Liked that it is transparent and versatile.

On the package says that the glue can be used for PVC, wood, glass, plexiglass, metal, foam rubber. In addition to transparency, the glue is also water-resistant.

On the back, you can read the recommendations for the best results.

Recommendations are as follows: prepare glued surfaces (wash, dry, degrease), apply glue evenly to both surfaces, wait 10 minutes, press strongly to each other (literally for a few seconds), leave to “dry” for 24 hours. If you stick to these recommendations, the glue can work wonders!

The composition of the glue is as follows: polyurethane, stabilizers, ethyl acetate, acetone. The glue has a strong and nasty odor, so after using it you need to properly air the room.

I especially liked the fact that if you store the glue in subzero temperatures, the “thawed” retains its properties.

The tube of 30 ml is not big. I used up pretty quickly. Comes in a 125 ml tube. But it is still more convenient when the volume is not large.

Glue I need mainly for gluing cars Son. They often break (or rather he often breaks them), and I feel sorry for them. Especially the ones that are iron, for 250 rubles each. Let me tell you right away that my son does not lick the cars. And the smell after drying for a day (if I glue the toy of the Kid, I wait more than a day) does not remain.

Also, to test, decided to glue and wooden toy Son.

And the crowning glue was the wretched handle from the fridge. The handle is the weakest point of our refrigerator. Constantly comes off. The new has already had to order, t. к. no handles separately. We gave about 500, waited a month and a half.

glue, refrigerator, handle

Usually, I apply glue with a small cardboard evenly over the surface. In this case, the surface has a small area, so I applied the glue directly from the tube.

The handle of the cooler applied 2 layers for greater effect

The glue is transparent! It stays like that after curing!

Waited, pressed tightly, left out of reach of the child, opened the window.

Again, the smell of the glue is strong. But it evaporates quickly, both from the room in which it was glued, and from the glued objects.

The baby, of course, broke the car. Though it was held firmly. that’s why I don’t like flimsy plastic machines.

The wood held, no matter how my son tried to rip it out again. But he doesn’t play this kind of toy much.

And the fridge handle, which I glued at night on March 29, 2013 (digital photos are the best “reminder” of events!), is still holding up to this day! True, to wait 24 hours then it was not possible. I fixed it with scotch tape. Needless to say, the fridge in the family opens and closes very often: about 10 times a day for sure!

That it does not look neat. yes, but it is still holding on! When this construction falls apart, we’ll order a new handle, as it was decided on our family council.

In iron cars, it’s usually the plastic bottom that breaks. Momentum does the job, cars are still running for a while.

I tried gluing the soles of my shoes, but I wasn’t successful. With a different mint.

When I get glue on my fingers, I just go wash my hands. Some of the glue stays on the skin, but during the day, the glue rolls up into balls and comes off on its own. No skin. So there is no problem in this area.

You don’t soak the handle of a refrigerator in water for 24 hours

Toxicological information Skin irritation: irritation by inhalation. increased irritation and sensitivity of the upper respiratory tract and lungs; Strong irritation by eye contact For details on the effects of product inhalation, ingestion, eye contact and skin contact. Sections 3.4.8; Chronic toxicity. does not possess; Carcinogenicity. does not possess http://www.master.bg/products/76/Mas. l_MSDS_RUS.pdf

WARNING Avoid skin contact and contact with eyes. may cause irritation. In case of skin contact, wash immediately with plenty of soap and warm water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor. Avoid contact with the product. Keep away from children. The product is not toxic when cured. http://mechs.ru/other/tds/Poxipol.pdf

Hazard classification Irritating to eyes and skin. May cause skin irritation. Harmful to the environment. Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

Symptoms of exposure Inhalation: not observed. Oral: not observed. In case of eye contact: Direct contact will cause eye irritation. Skin contamination: direct contact causes skin irritation, prolonged or repeated contact may cause allergic skin reactions. Disease increase after contact with the product: pre-existing skin diseases, allergies. According to the product manufacturer’s declaration of ingredients do not appear on the IARC, NTP, OSHA.

The other day, t.е. At New Year’s Eve from frequent climbing into the refrigerator, you understand, and from old age probably broke the handle of the refrigerator. That’s after all the celebrations, t.е. Yesterday I thought about repairing my refrigerator. After surfing the internet and looking at for parts, my toad said NO. for handles-700-800 rubles, plus shipping at least 300r. Without thinking too much I decided to make the handle myself. Picked up at home wood suitable bar, left after repairs, I went to work. With the help of el.With a jigsaw, hacksaw and chisel I created this miracle. Found so also at home spray can with white paint, which was painted this little buratina.:-)) That’s what I am good at out of boredom. Please do not judge much for the photo and for my creation. Anything is better than nothing. My wife loved it :-))

Pricesick skype :), I need to weld exclusive handles on Uazka 5

Repair of refrigerator handle

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There was a recent article about printing refrigerator handles on 3D today. In continuation of a theme.

I went to my parents’ house the other day and saw that the knobs on the fridge doors were broken.

This is what the second pen looks like. It is riveted on the back side of the aluminum plate The situation with the first one was worse. It was barely holding and every once in a while the top of it would fall off.

I suggested to my dad that we print the whole knobs, but after thinking together we decided that it was not necessary to print the whole thing, and therefore it would be better to print the fasteners

glue, refrigerator, handle

I’m just learning about Fusion 360. Basically, modeling a fixture. This was my first design in this CAD editor.

I made the profile section of the handle according to the photo. To verify the sectional views, I cut the model from the top and cut it in half. Printed out these proofs, put them on the actual handle, made sure I wasn’t wrong about the size and shape.

I printed 2 pieces and gave them to my father together with the handle.

He sawed off the old mounts from the old handle, cleaned them with a file and inserted the refrigerator handle into them and installed it on the door. From his words, mounts fit as native.

I plan to print the second knob and screw caps for the self-tapping screws.

Printed 1 fixture for 2 hours at 50 speed

Printed with PLA plastic from the Chinese. Got it with the printer when I bought it.

Thickness of layer 0,2 mm, filling 100%. Supports. Cura Slicer

Is it possible to remove the handles of the refrigerator for delivery?

Refrigerator door handles can be removed for shipping. Sometimes the door at the refrigerator destination is not wide enough to fit the appliance if the handles are left on the door. That’s why the delivery service employees remove the handles so the refrigerator can fit through the door. In some cases they also remove the doors.

This is one reason why you need to measure all the entrances to your home before buying a refrigerator. The same goes for where you plan to install the refrigerator in your home. Measuring will give you an idea of what will fit comfortably, and the store will need to make some adjustments.

LG Refrigerator Door Handle AED37082916


First I had to take off the old knob. I have to be honest, I didn’t immediately realize that the handles can be removed by simply pressing them, I wanted to “help” with a knife, but I figured it out and then it was very fast.

Fortunately, I have a screwdriver with a large set of tools, including a “star”, which was needed to remove the handle.

The nozzle you need

Set: screwdriver and bits

And then the entire job took me exactly 10 minutes.

Handle removed

Screw on the new

Putting on the overlay

The lug is in place Only the lining had to leave the old and they are different in color from the new handle, but the handle still works.

The result: saving money and time, and most importantly. once again I was convinced that much can be done yourself if you do not panic, and think a little.

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