What to put in the refrigerator from the smell

Tip Using folk remedies.

If the bad smell from the fridge could not be avoided, it is better to start fighting with folk remedies. The most common and popular option. baking soda. cleaning the fridge with its help we considered earlier.

Soda is a unique product, with which you can replace half of the household chemicals for the home.

Now we will consider other popular folk wisdom tips to help if your refrigerator smells of acetone, ammonia, old musty meat, rotten meat, or other unpleasant odors. The advantage is that the following remedies are easy to find at home.

Ammonia alcohol

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Ammonia itself has a distinctive fragrance, therefore it must be handled very carefully, preferably in a mask. To treat the refrigerator, you must first prepare one liter of warm water and add a teaspoon of “ammonia” there. Treat the fridge and the freezing chamber with the solution we have received. Afterwards we rinse it with clean water and wipe it dry with a towel.


Another liquid with a recognizable fragrance. The logic is the same as with the “ammonia”, only the concentration is different: vinegar is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1. Afterward, the refrigerator is wiped down, washed, and dried.

For a better effect, the same solution can be left in a glass on the refrigerator shelf for several hours.

On the forums of hostesses advise the use of coffee beans from unpleasant odor. But coffee in this case works only as a flavoring, that is, it does not neutralize the stench, but only overrides it. This method can be used as a prophylactic or to give the refrigerator a pleasant aroma, but for more serious problems it is better to use a more powerful means.

Activated charcoal

Charcoal (activated or even charcoal) absorbs odors well, so it is often used if the refrigerator starts to stink. Necessary:

After this time, the smell will disappear. For a better and faster effect, the pills can be crushed into a powder.


Some foods also have the ability to absorb odors. The most famous representative of this group is loaf. Among hostesses there is often a dispute about which loaf is better to use. black or white. The answer is simple: whatever you have, that’s what you use.

You need to cut the loaf into slices, like for sandwiches, and then just spread them out on the shelves 1 or 2 at a time.

It is undesirable to eat this loaf afterwards, and it will not be tasty after it has absorbed the unpleasant aroma. The main thing is not to forget to get rid of the loaf, so that the refrigerator does not smell of mold from it.

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The next product is a lemon. It doesn’t quite absorb the odor, but it still fights it. It is possible to squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass with water and drip this solution over the surface of the fridge. Then rinse and dry. as usual. There is also an option for the lazy:

For extra flavoring, you can stick a few clove stars in the lemon.

Bulk items such as sugar, salt, and rice will also rid the fridge of stink. They should be placed on a saucer and shelved in the same way.

But! Of course, loaf, lemon and rice can get rid of a not strong unpleasant odor, but it is best to initially wash the fridge with soap or baking soda, and only then put the named products.

How to quickly get rid of odor in the refrigerator at home with folk remedies

The emergence of an unpleasant ambergris in the refrigerator compartment becomes a big problem, which is a lot of trouble. To understand how to get rid of odor in the refrigerator, you need to find the cause of its occurrence.

How to quickly get rid of unpleasant odor in the refrigerator, the causes of its occurrence and simple folk remedies for cleaning

Today’s article I want to devote to the subject of cleanliness of household appliances, namely to answer the question how to get rid of odor in the refrigerator.

A couple of months ago, when I was away for a few days, the house power was off for almost a day. During this time without cold I had time to spoil some products, so when I returned I was in for a bad smelling surprise. Having studied the question up and down, I want to share some information and my personal experience of struggling with extraneous odors.

Tips for housewives to eliminate different odors from the refrigerator

Every housewife’s refrigerator often contains foods with a specific flavor: fish, cheese, milk, meat. If they have overstayed their shelf life, it will be felt as soon as you open the door of the household appliance.

How to get rid of the smell of fish in the refrigerator simply and without cost

The problematic smell of fish is very easy to deal with. It is enough to adhere to the following instructions, each of which is a must:

  • Unplug the appliance from the mains and unload all the products from it.
  • Wash all surfaces, including gaskets and freezer containers, with any detergent specifically for refrigerators.
  • Wipe the appliance dry, then take a lemon cut in half and treat all surfaces well.
  • Leave the juice to dry, then wipe all parts with a damp terry cloth or a special cloth.
  • After drying, turn on the technique, and to improve the result in the chamber can be placed in the aromatherapy.

Hydrogen peroxide can eliminate the lingering odor of fish

How to remove the smell of rotten meat from the refrigerator: step by step instructions

Rotten meat tends to leave behind a spoiled flavor in the refrigerator. It is so intense that it will penetrate all surfaces, especially the sealing rubbers. To fix the situation, you need to wash the appliance well inside with warm water, you can add a solution of liquid soap. Rinse all shelves and containers afterwards and wipe them dry. Then use a sponge and soak it in hydrogen peroxide.

How and how to remove the smell from the fridge immediately after purchase

The obtrusive smell of plastic spoils the impression of the purchase significantly, so it should be properly washed before direct use. Do it this way.

Try not to keep garlic in the refrigerator, it can create one of the persistent odors

  • In a plastic basin make a solution: 4 tbsp. л. Remove the odor of the new appliance with a little washing-up liquid of baking soda per 1 liter of water.
  • Take a soft cloth, ideally a microfiber, and moisten it with the ready-to-use solution.
  • We wash all the interior parts of the fridge, not forgetting about the drawers, containers and door.
  • Leave the appliances open for several hours. The smell will be successfully eliminated and will no longer affect the taste of the food.

Removing odor from a new unit

To get rid of the “fragrance” of plastic, which is typical for new appliances, it is enough to take a set of simple measures.

First of all, it is necessary to rinse the product thoroughly with warm water, adding baking soda or detergent. This removes odors and disinfects the work surfaces.

It is recommended to leave the prepared fridge with the door ajar for 1-2 days for complete aeration, and only then to plug in the device. Alcohol or vodka can be used for additional disinfection.

How to get rid of unpleasant odor in the fridge with special means?

Folk remedies can help not everyone and not always, because in some cases it is not possible to finally get rid of unpleasant odor. Then the owners of “fragrant-smelling” refrigerators have only one way. It is the purchase of a product created specifically for this purpose. It is a special preparations for washing, or odor removers.


Using common detergents for the refrigerator compartment where food is kept is fraught with negative consequences for both food and human health. Therefore, when a problem arises, they purchase special detergents designed specifically for the treatment of refrigerators, freezers and freezer cabinets.

Examples are FeedBack, Oro Fix 02012, SmellOff, Top House. These are compositions specially designed to wash units and eliminate odors. Absolutely safe, hypoallergenic, but effectively removes both dirt and unfamiliar odors.

Odour absorbers

Such products are more effective alternative to household absorbents that can be helpless in the fight against ingrained odors. This is an absorbent, air-permeable, round or egg-shaped package. These absorbents are placed on a shelf or refrigerator door.

The main working substance of such neutralizers in most cases is gel or silica gel. There are disperse absorbers where activated carbon or charcoal is used for odor elimination. Change the absorbents pro after a few months. Many of them not only eliminate odors, but also serve as flavoring agents.

Air ionizers

These small battery-operated devices are considered to be the best, allowing you to forget about the discomfort forever. In addition to their “direct duty” ionizers bring other benefits, and not insignificant. They:

  • Neutralize up to 90% of the microorganisms that affect food shelf life;
  • They make food safer because they deactivate harmful substances, pesticides first of all.

The disadvantage of this option is the need to pay a relatively large sum for the device, but the convenience, odorless and food protection from spoilage makes this drawback not so significant.

Of course, even one type of protection does not cancel regular maintenance of the unit, its defrosting and cleaning. Keeping salads and other “smelly” dishes in tightly sealed containers will give a good chance to forget about extraneous odors. Constant checking of foods (which has become a rule) will also help prevent a repeat of this “foul-smelling” scenario.

How to remove odors from your refrigerator

The refrigerator is a kind of breadwinner for the whole family. There is an isolated space for storing food that inevitably produces a variety of flavors. Unpleasant odor at the same time does not fit the concept of cleanliness and order. mandatory attributes of food storage, so it should be actively combated. In this article we will review the main causes of unpleasant odors and try to describe the main methods of their elimination from the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Causes of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator

The first step of the pedestal among the most common causes of odor formation in the refrigerator is held by strong smelly food: a lot of food depletes a sharp smell, which in time spreads around the entire perimeter of the refrigerator and, less frequently, freezer (sauerkraut, some types of cheese, etc.).п. products). Agree that eating dessert soaked in the lingering aroma of smoked fish is a dubious pleasure.

In second place in the list of foul-smelling provisions is spoiled food. Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor the shelf life of stored food and get rid of products with signs of spoilage in a timely manner. However, food can go bad not only because of negligence, but also, for example, because of power outages.

Sometimes the cause of the musty smell inside the fridge is a clogged drain for the melting water (on models with an automatic defrosting system). Water becomes stagnant around the drain opening, where bacteria are actively breeding, giving off unpleasant odors.

Another source of smelly odors is dirty food wrappers or spills of liquid food if they are poorly or untimely wiped. Unpleasant odors also form in the refrigerator when it is left idle for a long time and the inner walls of the device have time to be covered with mold. Get rid of it will help a solution of water and laundry soap (alkali is a “killer” fungus).

Finally, new refrigeration units that have not yet been put into service can sometimes smell extremely peculiar, which is common to many household appliances in general.

Extraordinary measures

If the odor is strong, one or more of these procedures are performed to eliminate it:

  • Cleaned and rinsed surfaces are scrubbed with a concentrated solution of vinegar. A baking soda lump can be used instead. After 3 hours, rinse with water.
  • To get rid of the mold smell, treat the walls and other surfaces of the cell with ammonia alcohol mixed with hydrogen peroxide. The disadvantage of this method is that the strong and unpleasant smell of ammonia replaces the smell of mold. To get rid of it, open the refrigerator door and leave it for 24 hours. Then wash it again with clean water or a mild detergent.
  • Mold and fungal spores are killed by chlorine. Wash the walls with bleach. Sodium hypochloride, which is part of its composition, stops the development of microorganisms and kills them.

If there is mold and mildew in the fridge, they provoke the condensate accumulation in the unit. It causes increased humidity in the chamber. To get rid of mold, perform the following actions:

  • Clean the black spots with a solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide
  • Disinfect with a solution of laundry soap, the alkali of which kills the fungus
  • Leave the fridge unit open for 8-10 hours
  • Clean all jars and trays with a weak solution of vinegar

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in getting rid of fungus.

If milk has got into the narrow holes, it is impossible to get it out without disassembling. A stink sets in inside the chamber. To get rid of it, you can use a liquid called Smeloff (SmelOFF). Slightly less effective means from brands Sumo, OXY, Flat. They should be as neutral and non-toxic as possible.

How to remove the odor?

To get rid of the unpleasant smell in the refrigerator, you should use any of the following methods. Both modern cleaning compositions and folk remedies will help. Which ones are more effective and safer is up to you to decide, because most synthetic fresheners contain both natural and chemical additives that can deposit on food and dishes.

Store remedies

On the shelves of hardware stores today you can find many devices that will mask the unpleasant odor: these are various sprays, ionizers, gel granules and plastic indicators.

Use modern odor absorbers according to the instructions:

  • Spray the surface, leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a cloth.
  • The ionizer cleaner destroys bacteria and enriches the internal environment with oxygen, reducing the chance of food spoilage.
  • The egg-shaped container acts as an absorbent and needs to be replaced after 3 months.

The above remedies can remove the odor from the refrigerator, but without cleaning it will not be able to cope with its source. The fastest and most effective way is to thoroughly wipe down the exterior and interior of the refrigerator and clean the drain tube.

Baking soda

If you decide to do without folk methods, when fighting odor in the fridge, ordinary baking soda will do. Dilute 2 tablespoons of the substance in one liter of warm water and wipe the shelves and walls.

In order for the baking soda to absorb unwanted odors, you should pour it into a wide container and put it in the refrigerator. It is necessary to change the homemade odor absorber about once a month.

Activated charcoal

Another method proven by housewives. 20 tablets of activated charcoal. They should be crushed to a powdered state and poured into a cup. The container should be placed on the refrigerator shelf and replaced at least once a month.

By the way, a purchased absorber consists of 95% activated charcoal granules, so its action is no different from crushed tablets.


Vinegar solution is a less gentle method for getting rid of odors, as too concentrated acid can damage the surface of household appliances. It is enough to dilute the vinegar with water in the ratio of 1:1 and wipe an empty and clean refrigerator cabinet.

Afterwards, we recommend you leave the doors open for a couple of hours.


It has the same effect as vinegar: it is good for getting rid of odors in the refrigerator and requires airing. Ammonia also destroys germs, mold and mildew, and leaves no residue.

For a solution, dilute a few drops of alcohol per liter of water, and then wipe the freezer, shelves, seals, walls and drawers.

Fragrant coffee beans, grounds or a glass of instant drink also successfully absorb unpleasant odors. The grains can be lightly roasted, poured into a small container and placed on the shelf overnight. After a few hours, the smell will go away.

We do not recommend placing hot foods in the refrigerator, as temperature changes are bad for the technique.

To eliminate a stubborn smell, you should repeat the procedure several times.

Tea bags

Used tea bags also absorb unwanted “perfume”. All you need to do is to put them on the shelves and leave them for a few hours. The only disadvantage is that the bags do not look very aesthetically acceptable.

Onion, apple, potato and rye loaf

These products, cut in half, also have the ability to absorb odors. But this solution is suitable only as a temporary measure. throw the natural fresheners will have to be every few days. Black loaf will also help. you just need to cut the loaf into small slices and put them on the shelves of the refrigerator.

To prevent crumbs from crumbling, we suggest using saucers or napkins.

Rice, salt and sugar

Raw rice grains, and salt or sugar can be found in every home. They will not only help eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, but also prevent the emergence of new. Cereal, salt or sugar should be placed in a bowl and soon there will be no trace of the unpleasant aroma.

If you want to use this method, pour the food into a container and leave it in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.


Minor odors can be eliminated with orange or grapefruit peels. Lemon slices placed on plates and shelves in the refrigerator will freshen it up more effectively. A cloth soaked in lemon juice will also do: wipe the insides of the machine with it.

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