What to rinse the fridge inside from the smell

Getting rid of odor and mold in the fridge: inexpensive and long-lasting

In the life of a modern person, there are many helpers that greatly simplify the conduct of the household. It is impossible to imagine how our ancestors did without them. the washing machine, the microwave, the electric stove. But the most important thing in the kitchen is the refrigerator. It will not be easy for modern housewives without this device. Before we had our customary appliance (and the first one appeared about a century ago), our ancestors put food in the so-called iceboxes. They were made of wooden boxes and filled with large ice blocks, which did not melt for a long time and thus ensured the freshness of the contents.

A refrigerator today is an essential attribute of any home. Good models. the pleasure is not from cheap, nevertheless, many people try to renew the device if possible. If you are the lucky owner of a new refrigerator, then you should definitely learn how to clean the device before turning it on, so that it works well and keeps the freshness of your food without unpleasant phenomena.

How to clean your fridge from dirt, yellowing, and grease

Wash the fridge with folk remedies, it is necessary in stages. this will remove the dirt, yellowing and acrid aroma.


  • Mix the vinegar and water in the same proportion. For example, you can take 100 ml of warm water and the same amount of essence. Do not dilute the solution, where there will be more vinegar, because then the parts will smell unpleasant.
  • Mix the liquids in a small container.
  • We take a soft cloth or sponge, dip it in a solution and begin to clean the refrigerator. Remove grease stains first and then wipe the entire fridge. Even if there are clean areas in the appliance, they should also be treated in order to remove the odor, as well as to disinfect the plastic.
  • Allow the cavity to dry by keeping the doors open.

If drops of water are left on the plastic, they are removed with a dry cloth. Clean the containers and racks separately using a vinegar solution, then dry them and put them back in their places.

Clean Like A Pro: The Fridge (Spring Cleaning)

The most famous and widespread product, which removes dirt and removes odor:

  • Take 2 spoons of this loose substance, then mix it with half a liter of clean water.
  • Stir the powder thoroughly until any particles left on the bottom are thoroughly dissolved. To do it quickly, it is recommended to take lukewarm water.
  • Soak a rag in liquid and begin wiping. The door and the rear wall are the last to be wiped down.
  • The final step is considered wiping the unit with a dry cloth.

7 steps and the refrigerator is perfectly clean.

Soda does not leave a corrosive odor and streaks, so you can use it to clean parts from yellowing often.


Clean the fridge with rubbing alcohol 1-2 times a month. if you use it more often, it can damage the plastic parts.

This product disinfects the surface, removes yellowing, as well as stains of different origin.

Note! Before using the refrigerator for the first time, treat it with this cleaner.

Lemon juice or citric acid

  • Take 2 tablespoons of the juice or powdered acid and mix with water (0,5 l).
  • Mix well. Water is warm.
  • Wet the cloth with the solution and wipe it. Wring out the cloth vigorously so that it does not accumulate moisture on the parts.
  • Wipe the chamber thoroughly with a dry cloth so that it remains completely dry.

Leave the refrigerator open to let the smell evaporate. To prolong the disinfecting effect, you can put a cup with lemon zest on the shelf. Then you will need to wash the appliance less often, especially if it will always be in a “tidy” condition.

To destroy the odor as well as clean the adhesive from the sticker, you can use this method.

Major cleaning of the refrigerator (step-by-step instructions)

It will take much longer to thoroughly clean the refrigeration unit. It is recommended to perform it once every three months. But if the device works without problems or has no frost protection, then the period between regular cleanings can be extended to six months or even a year.

And it is advisable not to stock up on strategic food supplies before the cleaning process. You can replenish them already in a clean fridge.

Step One: Preparatory

First, you need to unplug your refrigerator and worry about the safety of the food in it. This will do the trick:

  • Thermo bags;
  • Deep containers placed in basins with cold water;
  • Ordinary containers and boxes placed on the balcony (this method is only effective during the cold season).

Blankets can help keep the temperature up during the warmer months. However, they won’t be able to retain the cold for very long.

Foods that are not stored in the freezer will safely spend a couple of hours on the kitchen table.

Step Two: Defrosting

All the doors of the refrigerator should be left open: the inflow of warm air will help to melt the ice faster.

How to remove stubborn odors from your refrigerator

  • If it is necessary to speed up this process, hot water is poured into a small pot, the container is placed in the freezer, and the door is closed.
  • If necessary, the procedure is repeated.
  • This method can help dispose of accumulated ice two to three times faster.

Do not get rid of snow build-up with sharp objects like knives: in this case there is a high probability of damaging the walls of the freezer.

Step Three: Cleaning the Shelves

While the freezer is defrosting, you can wash the parts you need to remove. To do this, all the shelves and drawers must be removed from the refrigerator and rinsed with clean water. In the presence of difficult stains can be used:

By the way, natural lemon juice leaves a delicate and fresh scent on the surface that provides a long-lasting sense of cleanliness.

After washing, all parts should be dried on a clean towel or wiped with a cloth or tissue.

At the same time, the revision of the extracted products is carried out:

Step three: Cleaning the condenser

A handle with a long handle or a thin nozzle on a vacuum cleaner will help to reach the back outside wall of the unit. Moving the refrigerator to get to the condenser is not recommended.

Step Four: Main and Final

By this time the freezer should be completely defrosted, so you can begin the most important process.

It is recommended to wash the refrigerator from top to bottom, carefully wiping all surfaces, recesses and corners, not forgetting the outer doors and walls.

The drain hole located on the back of the refrigerator will require special attention. It is best to clean it with a cleaning solution and a medical syringe without a needle.

An old toothbrush will help free the rubber seal from dirt and crumbs.

When the refrigerator is completely washed, it is wiped with clean and soft towels and left to “rest”, waiting for complete evaporation of moisture.

  • Shelves and drawers are returned to their assigned places;
  • Place the products in the regular chamber;
  • Bring in and lay out food from the freezer;
  • The doors are closed;
  • Plugging the unit into the power supply.

By the way, to prevent the products from sticking to the bottom of the freezer will help ordinary plastic bags placed on the bottom shelf of the chamber.

How to eliminate odor in a new refrigerator

In new appliances still in the store you can notice an unpleasant smell of plastic. Get rid of it in stages:

  • Wash the inside surface, including shelves and drawers, with warm water. Soap can be used if there is a strong smell.
  • Wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Ensure good ventilation. To do this, you need to open the door for 1-2 days.
  • If the stench doesn’t go away, wipe down with vodka or alcohol.
  • Put a natural odour neutralizer (dried coffee, tea) inside.

Odor Absorber for the Fridge

Everything is in order, washed, dried and you can, lay out the products. What you can do to prevent unnecessary, annoying, unpleasant “perfume”? The answer is quite simple. put on the shelves and the freezer itself, the so-called absorbers of unpleasant heavy odor. There is a very simple way to remove odor from the refrigerator. This spread out in small containers:

  • Ground coffee beans,
  • table salt,
  • Activated charcoal transformed into a powder,
  • boiled rice,
  • Rye dried loaf and, depending on the personal liking of the housemates, apply as intended.

All of the listed refrigerator odor absorbers can easily cope with the task at hand. You only need to change it once a month. In any family store they sell fresheners. ionizers, they work on batteries, they hang them inside the refrigerators. It is very easy to use these fresheners.

Do not forget that before you start to get rid of unpleasant odor in the refrigerator, you should disconnect the appliance from the electricity, free the space, remove all removable parts and wait for complete thawing of the ice.

Clean the fridge thoroughly, not forgetting the containers, shelves, rubber seals all around the doors. The appliance is moved away from the wall and the grid is cleaned from dust so as not to disturb the heat exchange and not to reduce the power consumption.

The observance of elementary rules of care of the electric appliance will make the housewives happy with uninterrupted operation without the appearance of any unpleasant smells and various malfunctions, the general cleaning should be performed regularly.

What to wash the fridge to avoid odor

Can be used to clean the inside walls and shelves of your refrigerator at home:

  • Specialized products. Allows you to clean the inside of the fridge from yellow stench and odor without extra effort. Available as sprays, liquids and cloths. There are all-purpose cleaners and antibacterial products.
  • Folk methods. Safe remedies help get rid of the smell of rotten meat or other stale foods without harming your health.

Why does the fridge smell bad?

Dealing with odors is very difficult if you do not know where they come from. The accumulation of organic residues is possible in any compartments, and contamination of shelves, drawers and containers sooner or later begin to smell bad.

The main causes of odors are the following:

rinse, fridge, smell
  • Stored food spoiling. This usually happens when the expiration date of the. The strongest stench comes from rotten eggs, salads, meat and fish products.
  • The refrigerator sits idle for a long time. Not uncommon at the end of the holiday season. Mould is growing inside the door and ingresses into the walls and the air gets stale.
  • Product arrives from the store in a dirty package. In these cases, the odor occurs overnight.
  • Drops of spilled soup, borscht and other liquid foods. When the door is opened and closed regularly, they quickly deteriorate and spread unpleasant odours.
  • The seal is not fitting properly on the door. There is a constant inflow of warm air inside the fridge compartment that causes the food to spoil very quickly.
  • Clogged condensate drain. Various debris collects in the drain tube, the refrigerator begins to work inefficiently. Waste products decompose and begin to stink. Hot water is used to break through the clog with a syringe.
  • The purely technical reason can be the reduction of the compressor efficiency, fan failure or other nodes and components malfunction.

Since the main causes are known, it is recommended to constantly check the contents of the refrigerator. All food should be kept in tightly closed containers. At the slightest smell all the suspicious products should be immediately removed and thrown away.

Sometimes unpleasant odors can spread to new, freshly purchased devices. Products may have a plastic aftertaste or smell. Then the question arises, what to wash a new refrigerator before first use. It is recommended that you thoroughly wash the inside of the unit with whatever means are available. Next, everything is wiped dry and the appliance is left with the door open for 4-5 hours.

How to remove yellowing by folk remedies

Wondering what to clean the fridge at home, you should pay attention to proven folk remedies. Color changes on interior surfaces, mold and yellowing appear when food debris penetrates the coating. Available substances can be used to remove dirt, including:

The listed methods allow you to quickly and qualitatively clean the outside of the refrigerator from yellowing or perform a quality wash from the inside.

baking soda

Baking soda can be used to get rid of difficult dirt and odors inside the refrigerator compartment. To wash the refrigerator with baking soda, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Dilute 2 tbsp.л. 2 tbsp of the product in 500 ml of water.
  • Stir the baking soda until all the grains have dissolved to a homogeneous consistency. To speed up the process, it is better to use lukewarm liquid.
  • Soak a sponge in the prepared solution and proceed with wiping. Initially it is necessary to wash the internal surfaces, and then the doors and back wall.
  • In the final step, wipe the appliance with a dry cloth.
rinse, fridge, smell

Soap Emulsion

If the internal parts, doors and the refrigerator wall are very dirty, it is better to wash them with the help of soap emulsion. It is prepared as follows:

  • Laundry soap should be thoroughly grinded on a coarse grater.
  • Pour boiling water over the chips and wait for them to dissolve.
  • The ready-to-use solution can be applied to all sealing parts and then wiped with a wet cloth, then with a dry cloth.
rinse, fridge, smell


Toothpaste is a tried-and-true folk remedy that has mild abrasive properties and can be used to deeply clean the internal structures of a refrigerator without the risk of damaging them.

Suitable for cleaning appliances with the No-Frost system. The method of application is based on such principles:

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