When the cooling fan starts to vibrate

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Of course, one of the most likely sources of car vibration is a running engine. Unbalanced rotating masses can cause engine vibration. The driver may feel a higher than usual vibration level immediately after overhauling the engine or replacing the clutch. In that case either elements beginning from clutch disks up to a crankshaft, or details of a connecting rod-piston group of the different weight could be established. At a low-skilled service center, you could have balancing shafts installed incorrectly. These rotating masses are unbalanced from the start and rotate twice as fast as the crankshaft. Their task is to compensate the force of inertia of the second order, caused by the movement of pistons. And if they are installed incorrectly, even by a tooth, they will cause strong vibrations.

Damaged parts and components near the accessory belt can provoke vibration. Timing belt is unlikely to cause. any defect will cause belt breakage and engine failure. But the damper, built into the crankshaft pulley, which drives the generator, air conditioner compressor, power steering pump may warn about its imminent death by increased vibration. Here for diagnostics it is enough to look at the pulley with the running motor, it should rotate without visible wobble.

Another likely cause of vibration from the powertrain is the failure of its supports. It is the rubber-metal or liquid-filled supports, which should suppress vibration. If they break, this can multiply the vibration level. For diagnostics, it is necessary to rock the stopped engine. You can also move a little with the hood open, asking the observer outside the car to see if there is excessive movement of the unit in the underhood space, and even with a characteristic knock.

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Even the vibration of the engine can increase the bent on the road obstacles protection of the power unit. If the engine began to touch the protection, then expect an unpleasant itching and vibration. So, if recently you have hit an obstacle on the road with a bottom, it is necessary to check integrity of protection of the engine. The same goes for damage to the suspension components of the exhaust system. But in this case the vibrations may not increase essentially, but there will be a characteristic rattle when the engine works.

Vibration as a result of breakage

A car air conditioner is a difficult device, and the heart of it is the compressor. The last one, in fact, is a pump that sucks and pumps into the system the refrigerant (freon P134A).

  • Electromagnetic clutch, which is located in the middle of the compressor pulley.
  • Condenser radiator (do not confuse with the radiator of engine cooling).
  • Evaporator, which is located in the cabin.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • Dehumidifier-filter (removes moisture from the system and filters different debris with the help of the mesh).
  • Sensor of freon presence check.
  • Pipelines.

cooling, starts, vibrate

The first thing we are interested in is the radiator-condenser. The pressure of freon in it, during normal work, reaches 12-15 atmospheres.

And now imagine that it is clogged or honeycomb with jumpers in it are deformed and jammed.

For this reason, the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant in the system increases sharply, the compressor is not characteristic for its normal operation, it begins to turn on and off, and from this occurs vibration of the motor. Especially it will be felt in strong heat from 30 degrees and above.

RPMs will drop, and the ECU’s attempt to bring them back to normal can only be partially successful.

HUNDREDS specialists say that such situation is guaranteed to cause compressor failure in the shortest terms.

Electric Cooling Fan Noise & Shakes

The solution of a problem: rinsing of systems, replacement of a radiator if necessary, charging with the new freon (not purified, but as they say “from scratch”).

The hum of the air conditioner when you turn it on is a type of noise due to vibration. It occurs most often when the fan blades of the outdoor unit are dirty, especially if dust and dirt have settled unevenly during long downtime and disturbed its alignment. The fixing of the nodes inside the block will weaken (as well as the fixing of the block), and the hum will only increase.

If the service was carried out regularly, and the air conditioner passed the scheduled cleaning and preventive maintenance, the cause may be a malfunction of the compressor or fan motor.

At fan start a slight vibration and rpm increase.

In general I noticed one peculiarity, when the fan starts to vibrate and rotation speed rises. The engine feels like it is tripping. As soon as the fan stops spinning, everything runs smoothly at once. how it is connected to the motor and what happened? It was not before. mileage 40 tons 1.5 years the car


PS fan is the one that cools the engine, not the salon)

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