When the water heater is on, the water hits

What to do if the water heater is shocking

You have a storage water heater in your house. It works properly, there are no extraneous noises, the water is of a normal color and does not smell nasty, the hot water pressure is good. And suddenly something incomprehensible begins. When touching the body of the water heater or the water you feel at first a barely perceptible tingling sensation. Then it becomes stronger, and now you have a noticeable electric shock from the faucet, shower, water pipe.

There is not a damn thing. You, as they say, on personal experience identified one of the most common faults of the water heater. voltage breakdown on the housing. And this malfunction is not harmless at all. To understand where it came from, let’s understand the principle of the storage water heater and some of the features of its construction.

How to start diagnosing the problem

If there is a problem where the water is surging and it is unclear what to do, you need to determine the root of it. To do this, you should perform a few simple experiments.

When you get an electric shock from a water faucet, it is at least unpleasant Source uk-parkovaya.ru

If you live in a house for several owners, and you periodically feel a slight jolt of electricity from the water tap, the first thing to do is to turn off the electricity on the meter and turn on the water. If the problem has not resolved. then the neighbors are grounding the wires on the metal pipes or using broken electrical appliances.

Otherwise, you need to look for the problem further. You need to turn off the electrical appliances (heating tank, washing machine, dishwasher, cooktop, microwave) alternately. If when you turn off one of them the jet from the faucet stopped electrocuting, the problem is in that appliance. You need to check the insulation of its wires and whether it is properly grounded.

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The water heater strikes through the water

It often happens that the water heater electrocuted through the water. Many people in this case, do not know what to do and what to do in this case. The master plumber will tell you how to fix the water heater.

It would seem that a brand-new and recently purchased water heater suddenly begins to strike out of the blue with an electric current through the water. This can be felt as a slight tingling sensation on the fingers when you touch the faucet or the water itself when you open it.

It is clear that to wash your hands with striking water is not very pleasant, scary and dangerous, not to mention the shower, when the whole body will be under the striking water.

What to do in this case, with what to take the first steps to make the water heater, and therefore the water from the faucet has ceased to beat the current.

If the water heater began to break through the housing, and the water from the faucet began to beat the current, it is worth immediately to turn off the water heater and exclude it from operation until the determination and elimination of these circumstances.

  • The water heater is not grounded;
  • The heater coil is damaged, and to be more precise, its shell (periclase), which serves as a protection against contact of the coil with the water, is destroyed;
  • For some reason, but usually due to improper installation of the water heater, a bare wire touches the body of the water heater.

To get rid of all of the above problems with the electric water heater can be. First, of course, it is necessary to remove the heater cover and visually inspect the integrity of the power wires connected to it.

water, heater

If there is no damaged wire that could be in contact with the body of the water heater (causing the water to be electrocuted), you must remove the heater heater heater heater, because the cause of electrocution is most likely in the heater heater.

If after removing the heating element from the water heater it turned out that there are large indentations and scale deposits on it, it is better to get rid of such an element and replace it with a new one.

Water from the water heater is electrocuted

In this situation, it all depends on the fault:

  • Bad grounding. This design is responsible not only for the safety of all electronics, but also for saving electricity consumption. You will not believe, even a scale will appear less! So look for the ground (if there is one) and fix it. Well, or install it (how did you live without it in the first place?).
  • Breakage of the boiler interior. What to do in a situation where the boiler is electrocuted? Only call a specialist. You can dig in every bolt yourself at least until next year.

Electrocution through the water

Perfectly serviceable and recently purchased water heating tank suddenly begins to strike the owner with an electric discharge upon contact with liquid. This is felt as light pricks on the fingertips, accompanying a person when touching the faucet. It becomes clear that rinsing your hands with electrified water is a painful procedure. Every time opening a tap, the owner of the boiler will experience fear. What can the cause of this be??

  • The device was not earthed during installation. Carefully follow the installation of a newly purchased boiler: lack of grounding can lead not only to injuries, but also to premature breakdowns.
  • Failure of the heating element in the tank, more specifically, the destruction of the element’s protective sheath that protects it from contact with the liquid.
  • Incorrect connection to the power supply. It could be the result of improper installation.

What to do in this situation? If possible, refrain from using the tank until a technician arrives. Only after a professional technical inspection can you give an opinion and make a sequence of actions to eliminate the fault.

Failure of the heating element

One of the most common reasons that causes water to kick in is the significant destruction of the protective layer of the heating element. This part ensures the performance of the entire system, but has low power. Externally, the element looks like a simple metal tube. The main function of the heating element is to supply the electricity needed to boil water. To perform these functions, it has a special nichrome filament. With its highly conductive properties, this material provides the necessary heat to the liquid.

The heating element works under critical conditions. Constant moisture around the element increases the risk of corrosion and thus scale formation. A combination of factors leads to the wearing of the heating element and the bare nichrome filament. As one of the best conductors, the water with which nichrome interacts can give an electric shock when touched.

To eliminate this breakdown is quite simple. To do this, you need:

  • Disconnect the boiler from the electric network;
  • Drain all the water from the storage tank;
  • Remove the spent heating element and install a new part.

Solar water heater working. सोलर वॉटर हीटर कैसे काम करता है

Choosing spare parts, you should pay attention to their manufacturer. The ideal would be to buy parts from the same company as the tank itself. Experts do not recommend buying cheap low-quality analogues.

Errors when connecting to the network

In rare cases, the root of the problem can be negligence during installation of the device. The water heater will start to shock, if the master has incorrectly connected it to the power grid. As a rule, the problem is detected at the stage of performance testing, but in some cases the error is detected after a certain period of time. To eliminate the problem will help to reconnect the wires connecting the tank and the electric meter.

It is very important to adhere to all the rules when installing and using a household appliance. Negligent handling can lead to serious damage.

The malfunction can also occur if the connection wiring was cheap or of poor quality. Its operating period is quite limited, and it can only be used as a temporary replacement. High cable wear and tear creates not only the danger of electrocution, but can also be the cause of a short circuit. For these reasons, experts urge not to save on the quality of wires.

Why the boiler is electrocuted and what to do in such a situation?

Let’s look at the most common reasons why the boiler or water is electrocuted:

  • The shell and periclase (ceramic filling) of the tubular electric heater are destroyed. Then the live coil will come into contact with the liquid in the tank. To diagnose, remove the protective cover and test the heating element with a multimeter. If a breakdown is found, replace the heating element with a new one.
  • One of the wires began to touch the housing. And it shocks when touched. To check this, remove the plastic cover on the bottom and carefully inspect all connections. If any of the cables touch the body, it is necessary to replace them or isolate them.
  • No grounding. According to the rules, the water heater must be earthed. To do this, it is connected with a three-wire wire and modern sockets of the European type are used. In your house, you can make a ground loop with your own hands.
  • Incorrect connection. When installing the socket and connecting the storage heater, it is important not to confuse the zero and ground. Grounding cable is usually painted yellow-green. Check both the wires in the socket and the connection to the device. The letter N on the device designates a zero, the letter L marks the phase. Water heater connection
  • One of the neighbors connected the neutral to the ground or metal riser pipes. This is done in order to unwind the meter. To check separately the presence of voltage at zero and the pipes when the device is off.
  • Your neighbor’s water heater is malfunctioning. The same problems may arise from the neighbors and through the water or metal pipes will be transmitted electricity. To check, turn off your water heater and see if the water stops squeaking.

If you notice that the boiler body or water is electrocuting, the first thing to do is to unplug it immediately and start looking for a breakdown. Do not use water while the machine is switched off. Otherwise, an electric shock can cause serious injury.

RCD is a ground fault interrupter

To prevent emergencies it is important to install a safety disconnect device on the electricity connection cable. If there is a breakdown, it will trip and cut off the power. It is also desirable to equip the bathroom with a potential equalization system (PBS), for which connect all conductive surfaces and connect them to ground.

Types of safety devices

RCD models differ in maximum current, tripping speed and number of phases to be connected. Some devices have a tripping delay. Others do not have one. Therefore, it is customary to divide all such appliances according to technical characteristics.

In terms of leakage current, ground fault interrupters are of 4 types:

  • “AC”. alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz (the most common models);
  • “A”. AC or pulsed current;
  • “B”. AC and DC.

RCD Andeli ADB1L-63, 2-pole, 25 A, 30 mA, AC type According to the number of protected phases RCDs can be:

RCDs on the feeder cable

Separate mention should be made of cable-mounted circuit-breakers. These devices are mounted directly on the supply wire of the water heater. You do not need to buy them separately. Generally fitted near the mains plug.

Electric cable with RCD wins over conventional DIN-rail-mounted protection devices. For their operation it is not necessary to make calculations of leakage currents and engage in unnecessary electrical work.

Why the Water Heater Strikes

It would seem that a brand new and recently purchased water heater suddenly begins to strike out of nowhere with an electric current through the water. You can feel it like a tingling sensation on your fingers when you touch the faucet or the water itself when you open it.

It is clear that to wash your hands with water that is struck by electricity is not very pleasant, scary and dangerous, not to mention taking a shower, when your whole body is struck by electricity.

What to do in this case, how to fix the water heater, will tell the master plumber.

What are the reasons why the water can become electrified?? There are several options:

The most common cause is a failure of the heating element in the tank of the water heater. At first sight this detail looks like an ordinary tube of metal, but on it depends the operability of the whole device. If the insulation of the heating element is broken, the nichrome heating coil inside under constant voltage is exposed and begins to actively interact with the water.

To solve the problem will help to replace the heating element with a new one. It is better to buy exactly the same heating element that was. Installation is performed as follows:

  • Disconnect the boiler from the mains; ;
  • Dismantle the faulty part;
  • Install a new element;
  • Draw water;
  • Connect the device to the mains.

If the cause of electrification of the water is due to a faulty connection, then the order of rectification depends on the specific situation. Faults in the form of improper connection are usually detected immediately after installation. And to remedy the situation will need to reconnect the wires that connect the tank and electricity meter.

In some cases it is possible to detect this fact after a certain period of time. For example, the use of wires of poor quality or with the wrong cross-section when connecting. In such a case, having used up their service life, they can “blow a fuse” or cause a short circuit, leading to a tragedy.Water heater is electrocuted through the caseWhy is the electric current flowing across the surface of the appliance? If the current is flowing through the body of the water heater, then the problem is that it is not grounded or the grounding is not done correctly. This is a very dangerous situation. If it is found that the body of the water heater is electrified, you must disconnect it from the mains and do not try to fix anything on their own before the master will be called for diagnosis and repair.Grounding when installing a water heater is mandatory because it allows:

  • Ensure safety (avoid electrocution);
  • Eliminate overconsumption;
  • Slow the appearance of corrosion and scale on the heating element.

Also provide additional security can RCD (ground fault interrupter). If grounding removes voltage from the surface of the equipment, this device provides protection for the housing and the heating element and prevents false alarms of electrical automatics.Install the RCD before connecting the water heater. It is installed directly into the electrical box. If there are any problems, it automatically stops the power supply. This avoids injury and prevents damage to the water heater.

The installation of such a device does not require significant financial and time costs, and the benefits of it are enormous. All the more so when it comes to electrical issues, you should not skimp on the little things, because the consequences can be the most unpredictable.Another reason why the flow-through water heater can be electrocuted is the breakage of parts inside the boiler. In this case, too, will require professional diagnosis and repair or replacement. It is not advisable to dismantle the appliance yourself and try to find a malfunction, as this will lead to more damage and the water heater can no longer be repaired, or to an injury by electrocution.VideoIn the story. Repair an electric water heater that is electrocuted

Safety rules for troubleshootingIf you have decided to fix the problem of electric shock from the water heater yourself, it is important to observe the basic rules of safety:

How to relight a water heater pilot light

If you do not have skills in repairing such equipment, it is better to call a specialist. Until the arrival of the master to identify the cause of the malfunction is not necessary, because it is dangerous to life and health.In continuation of the topic, see also our review How to clean the boiler from scale and rust


After identifying the cause, you need to proceed to repair, as a faulty electric water heater is dangerous to use. Minor problems can be corrected without the help of a master.

  • Wipe your hands dry.
  • De-energize the appliance.
  • Empty the tank.
  • Determine the presence of current in the water, pipes or on the appliance.
  • Remove the lid of the boiler and assess the integrity of the power wires.

If the breakage is caused by breakage of a heating element, it is possible to replace the part by yourself. But if there is no skill in repair, it is better to apply to a repair shop.

After making the above recommendations, it is necessary to do the following:

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