When to refill the air conditioner in your home

How to know when it’s time to fill the conditioner?

It’s getting hotter outside, which means it’s time to check the air conditioning system for performance and efficiency. Will it be able to create a comfortable coolness in the salon, when it will be over 30 degrees of heat? Let’s see what to look for.

Insufficient level of refrigerant in air conditioning system may be the result of its leakage. Loss of air tightness occurs due to vibration, rubber hose desiccation, temperature extremes, wearing parts, etc.д.

The following signs can indicate a lack of fluid in the system:- Slow cooling of air when the condenser is on;- A musty smell in the passenger compartment;- Oily emulsion on the air conditioning pipes;- Frost on the indoor unit.

Determine the level of refrigerant can be a special eye next to the dehumidifier. For this you need to turn on the cooling of the salon to maximum. At first in the window should appear liquid with air bubbles, which with a normal amount of refrigerant will gradually disappear. If the mass is a milky-white mixture, there’s not enough refrigerant in the system.

When to fill up a conditioner?

As the refrigerant tends to evaporate, experts advise to fill up a conditioner, even if there are no evident reasons. If a car is bought in a dealer, it is recommended to top up a working liquid once in 2-3 years before a summer season, and in the case of used automobile. once a year. If there are no complaints, the maximum interval between maintenance of the air conditioning system is 3-5 years.It is very important not to overdo when adding a refrigerant. Not only low, but also too high level has negative influence on elements of the system. In such case there is an increased pressure in the main line, the aluminum tubes wear out more quickly and the corrosion develops.

refill, conditioner, your, home

In order to avoid costly repairs, it is also recommended to observe the following conditions:

refill, conditioner, your, home

The service period of air conditioner depends on how timely it is served. If the refrigerant level drops by 20% and the risk of compressor overheating increases. It is necessary to notice that it is possible to define the exact volume of liquid with the help of charging station in service station.

Nowadays for air conditioner charging tetrafluoroethane with markings r134a, R132, which is habitually called freon, is used. For servicing the system of a passenger car about one bottle of 500 grams is enough.

For charging a station or an appropriate set of equipment is required, that is why it is recommended to perform this procedure in a specialized center. This eliminates the risk of adding too much refrigerant, which is determined automatically.

In addition, craftsmen at the service station can additionally check the entire system for leaks with an ultraviolet dye and lamp.

ConclusionsEvidently, it is possible to refer charging of air conditioner to the kind of works, which is desirable to be done regularly on a station of technical service. Professional filling of the system is inexpensive and the effect of its full operation is difficult to underestimate.

How often to charge the home cooler

Freon is pumped into a split system in three cases:

  • during installation or re-installation;
  • After repairs that involve disconnecting the freon lines;
  • As a result of refrigerant leakage from the circuit.

For your information. Mobile and window conditioners, which are executed in the form of a monoblock, practically do not need additional charging of freon. The short tubes, mounted at the factory, are inside the case and are not available to “crooked” installers. The car cooler, which is subject to vibration and is much more likely to lose refrigerant, is another case.

Coolers. monoblocs lose Freon gas much less often than splits with external piping

Actually, after installing a new air conditioner, there is no need to fill freon. the manufacturer pumps gas into the outdoor unit. The same is done by skilled craftsmen. during repair or disassembly of split unit the refrigerant is pumped into the heat exchanger of the external module. The first two cases imply the loss of the substance due to the unfortunate actions.

Insufficient quantity of freon in the system of the climate unit is indicated by the following signs:

  • cooling efficiency decreases. fan of the internal unit is blowing warm air;
  • the compressor works non-stop in full load mode;
  • The inverter air conditioner goes into error and shuts down frequently (the display shows the error code);
  • the service port located on the external unit, where the liquid line comes in, is covered with ice;
  • Under the influence of freon pressure oil appeared on the leaky joint;
  • evaporator of indoor unit is freezing.

Note. Service ports of split-system are situated under the cover on the side wall of outdoor unit. They are connected to 2 lines, where freon circulates in the liquid and gaseous state. Diameter of liquid pipe is smaller than that of gas pipe.

Complete set of consequences. gas service port in oil, liquid one is covered with frost, on the photo on the right there is frosted evaporator of internal unit

On video and sites of companies dealing with installation of refrigerating machines one can meet the recommendation: it is necessary to charge conditioners almost annually. Actually correctly installed split-split serves 3-5 years without additional charging because the big volume of coolant cannot escape through reliable connections.

If the signs mentioned above are observed frequently, it is necessary to disassemble the joints and to check the quality of rollings. Factory defect inside the aggregates is a rarity even for the “Chinese”.

refill, conditioner, your, home

Hence the advice: do the recharging when it is really necessary. But it is necessary to clean conditioner annually.

When to recharge the conditioner

Unit itself doesn’t consume Freon: It circulates in the unit through a closed circuit. But in practice some amount of gas is leaking, that is why any split-system is subject to regular refilling. As well as any preventive maintenance, it is made only by professionals. If you do it yourself (t.е. wrong), in the best case split-system will work incorrectly, in the worst case it will fail forever.

It is necessary to charge conditioner when it starts to cool worse. One more reliable sign is frost penetration of the tubes (or internal unit).

If split-system has not been refilled during three years it is unequivocally needed topping up, even if it is still perfectly cool. This is a regulations of works, and one should keep them all the time, otherwise a conditioner will be a failure.

Regular topping up will contribute to the fact that the air conditioner will work long and steadily.

How often is it necessary to charge conditioner??

Servicing an air conditioner involves a number of specific activities. Among them is refilling of the equipment, that has a regulated by the manufacturer periodicity. But in some situations unscheduled referral to the specialists is required. It can be caused by various provoking factors. And very often it is a question of users’ negligence. Let’s try to understand the aspects of refueling the climatic equipment and also talk about a number of related nuances that require the most careful attention.

When topping up is a good idea

There can be a variety of reasons for an emergency system topping up. But first of all, it is necessary to think about it when there are such signs:

  • Conditioner functions, but cooling efficiency leaves much to be desired. The fault is inadequate quantity of the refrigerant in the system;
  • If the equipment has been reinstalled. Partial evaporation of refrigerant occurs during disassembly. But refilling after placing the unit in a new place allows to solve this problem completely;
  • There is ice and frost on the connections and pipes. Sometimes icing is also observed on the outdoor module. It is all about the increased load on the compressor when compressing a small volume of freon. Components are wearing out at an extremely high rate. And therein lies the main danger of a lack of freon in the system;
  • If the outdoor unit has been repaired. And it is not limited only by topping up the system. It can be necessary to drain all the available refrigerant in the circuit and completely refill the air conditioner.

Mostly a lack of freon in the system is indicated by a significant decrease in the performance of the air conditioner. Operation of the unit in any mode does not bring the required result, and cooling does not reach the necessary temperature level. If so, it is necessary to immediately check the volume of available refrigerant. The manufacturers very often indicate this parameter in the technical documentation of the device. There you can also find the volume of freon, which is needed for the single charge. Often it is 5-10 g per sqm. m of space.

But what can cause freon evaporation?? The problem can be caused by different factors. The most common ones are the following:

  • Leaky tube connections. If the line is roller coiled with the violations of technology, the leakage is only a matter of time. This problem does not manifest itself immediately, but only after a certain period of time. Already with a shortage of freon in the order of 15-18% the efficiency of the equipment begins to decline significantly. In this case it is necessary to top up as soon as possible;
  • Natural evaporation. This process is quite common. We are speaking about 5-8% of the refrigerant during a year.

Before you start charging it is worth to know the type of freon that is used in the system. In fact, the refrigerant can be not only one-component, but also have a multi-component basis. In the first case it is possible to do a complete or partial refilling at the choice of the user. In the second case we speak only about full charging with preliminary drainage of the rest freon.

If we speak exactly about the frequency of the charge, then this period depends on the type of equipment in use. It is necessary to charge split-systems and multisplit-systems at least once a year. It is advisable to do it before the beginning of a new season.

A design of mobile and window conditioners excludes the refilling. Only full refilling is possible. And it is quite possible to limit its carrying out with once in several years. Frequency of charging of industrial air conditioners directly depends on the type of particular equipment and the intensity of its operation.

You should not hurry with charging. But it is not desirable to hesitate with it. Because in the first place the compressor is going out. Its repair will cost a lot of money and will require a lot of resources.

Why not do the refueling yourself

The answer to this question is quite obvious. The apparent simplicity of the process is deceptive. It is almost impossible to perform quality refueling without certain experience and appropriate tools. If the attempt is unsuccessful, however, it can end very unpleasantly. Subsequent repair of climatic equipment will cost a rather considerable sum.

For this very reason professionals should be trusted. They possess all necessary for qualified refueling of any type and format air conditioner. The services are inexpensive and everyone can afford them. And without serious harm to your personal budget.

There are no strict norms concerning the charging itself. The volume of the charged refrigerant should be equal to volume of that Freon which has been lost during operation. If we are talking about a complete filling, the manufacturer’s recommendations about the optimal operating pressure can be found in the manual of the climatic unit.

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How often to fill the air conditioner

If you have never thought about the condition of the air conditioner in the car. this is the time to deal with it. As one of the most important devices in summer time, it requires charging and care.

How often does one have to upcharge conditioner and what will happen if one neglects it, we are going to discuss in this article.

Why is it necessary to fill up the air conditioner??

Many car owners have wrong opinion about auto air conditioner, like its maintenance, antibacterial processing and filling are only waste of money, profitable only for owners of car service centers. Really, everyone has a simple refrigerator at home which nobody ever filled up, but a good refrigerator is able to work for decades. Why so?

refill, conditioner, your, home

The reason for the differences between the automotive refrigeration system and the domestic refrigerator lies in the conditions of use. Home aggregate spends most of its “career” in one place and doesn’t experience constant vibrations, sharp temperature changes, pressure and other negative environmental effects that provoke freon loss. and already very volatile gas. It’s exactly the opposite in a car. While driving the freon escapes even with a very good quality sealing and the constructors could not yet completely exclude its losses.

So with every drive gas is slowly leaving the system, and in a few years its volume will reach the critical point, when the efficiency of air cooling will strongly deteriorate and problems like constant overheating and malfunctions of the air conditioner will occur.

One more element that influences proper conditioner functioning is technical oil that washes active elements of the system. It, as well as any other lubricating liquid, has its expiration date, which means that sooner or later it will be out of use. It needs to be replaced during service.Changing the lubricant and freon will help make the air conditioner easier to operate, reduce the chance of breakdowns, eliminate extraneous noises, and increase the service life. It is possible to conduct antibacterial processing together with filling. to clean the system from harmful bacteria and fungi, which cause diseases and unpleasant smell in a salon.

Keep in mind that it is rather expensive to repair a broken air conditioner.

How often to fill up the air conditioning system?

You should not hurry up with this procedure, as well as to overstretch it too much. There are supporters among car owners of annual air conditioner filling up even with a new car. This of course is unnecessary. freon certainly leaves the system, but not so fast that you have to rush to the car service all the way.After three years of active vehicle operation the volume of refrigerant decreases to the minimum when the efficiency of air conditioning begins to worsen, and at this point it is necessary to recharge. At the same time it would be a good idea to change little, diagnose freon leaks and anti-bacterial treatment against harmful germs.

If your car is more than seven years old, the next charging should take place in a year or two, as the system is not new any more and keeps freon in it worse. Correspondingly, the time, when it is necessary to charge air conditioner, is considered from the moment of car release for standard conditioner, and if you have installed cooling system on a board, where it is not foreseen, consider from the moment of installation.If you doubt if it is necessary to charge, there is a special window near a dryer where you can see the amount of freon: colorless even mass. the refrigerant is OK, the white substance is in bubbles. the conditioner needs charging.

You can also turn on air conditioner and watch its work. It needs diagnostics of freon leaks and other if:

Quality of cooling became lower; There are leakages of lubricating liquid on the tubes with the refrigerant; The inside unit is covered with frost; You hear hissing noises right after turning on the device; The air conditioner cannot be turned on.

If you feel dampness and unpleasant smell while air conditioner, then it is a symptom of absolutely different problem. Either your cabin filter is clogged, or cooling system has not been cleaned from microbes and fungi for a long time. Only antibacterial treatment in a car service center can help you with this and eliminate odors. We advise to do it every year.

Is it worth to fill up the air conditioner by yourself??

When the moment of diagnostics of leaks has come, to fill up the conditioner with new freon and change of greasing, it is possible to receive such service in car-care center with the use of special equipment, and this option is the easiest. But for economy reasons, drivers often prefer to solve problems with cooling system by themselves and try to.

If you really want to solve the problem with your own hands, you will need a cylinder of refrigerant, scales, manometer, vacuum pump, fittings, adapters and syringe for pumping lubricating fluid. Necessary volume of freon look on a label under a hood or in the instruction. But is it worth the effort?

The air conditioner is a rather complicated system, which can be damaged quite easily, including wrong charging. If you overdo the refrigerant, you will only overload the unit and cause jams in the pipes, which will provoke more leaks. If you are doing it for the first time and you don’t know any experts, it is better to address to knowledgeable people in a car service center.

The workers of repair center don’t use manual devices in the process of air conditioner charging for a long time, but they charge air conditioners with the help of automatic equipment which reduces a possibility of mistakes to a minimum, reduces the price of the procedure and simplifies it. The volume of freon in the system is marked, the substance is removed, the used lubricating liquid is drained, vacuumization is carried out, then the device is checked for the refrigerant leakage and in case of positive result the new freon is pumped and the oil is changed. Also it can make antibacterial treatment to disinfect cavities and filters. As it was said before it will eliminate the bad smell, kill the pathogenic bacteria and have a positive effect on the passengers’ health.

Window Air Conditioner Not Cooling And The Most Common Fix

When do you have to charge the air conditioner?

Once the air conditioner is installed in the dwelling we can breathe a sigh of relief. the problem with air cooling is solved. It operates correctly for some time, but after some time frost appears on the outside of air conditioner unit, air is heating or cooling very slowly. All these symptoms show that it is necessary to charge the air conditioner.

In case of a standard installation, which is done by a professional, it is not necessary to charge the air conditioner. Split-system is already charged with freon, which is in external unit of the device in liquid condition. But if the assembly is done not qualitatively or not professionally, it is impossible to refill the conditioner. Freon can evaporate as the result of bad pipe connection in the freon circuit. The leakage of gas can appear already in a month after installation. The conditioner will slowly cool the room and the frost will appear on the external unit. These signs will testify that conditioner needs to be topped up with freon.Filling of the split-system is also necessary after repair of equipment or freon line. Of course, during the operation of air conditioner there is a natural leakage of gas, but this leakage is very little. It reaches 6-8 per cent per year. That is why if there are no breakages of air conditioner it is necessary to charge it not less often than one time in two years. If it is not done the freon level in the air conditioning system will be lower than allowed value, and it will shorten the life time of this household appliance. The compressor will overheat and burn out, and you will have to repair your split-system, and it will cost much more than topping-up. And here a question appears: how can one define if it is necessary to top up conditioner?? This can be done without special appliances and devices. A lack of freon is evidenced by a decrease in the intensity of air cooling or heating and the appearance of ice and frost on the outdoor unit. As soon as the owner of the air conditioner has noticed one of the signs he should necessarily apply to the service center so that the system could be recharged. The cost of charging depends on the amount of gas that has evaporated and its brand. Freon R-22, R-407C, R-410A is used. The safest is considered to be the last one. It does not destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere and is safe for human health.

How much does it cost to charge an air conditioner? #airconditionerrepair

Diagnostics after refueling

After you pump freon in a conditioner switch it on and watch closely the work of the system within a couple of hours. Overfilling could lead to the abnormal operation of the device.

If you over-ignite by no more than 10%, there is not a big problem. It will not affect the operation. Refilling more than this value will adversely affect the operation of the compressor and can lead to breakdown.

If you have changed freon, but the unit still works weakly, it is worth checking the pressure. You may have added below the required level. If freon level is normal and air conditioner does not cool down normally, it is worth to check the device itself. Most likely, the failure is in the other.

What is included in the maintenance of air conditioners

Proper maintenance of climate control equipment includes:

  • Diagnosis of the unit performance;
  • Detection and elimination of abnormal noise, vibrations;
  • checking of the electrical part of the unit: compressor, terminals, insulation, earthing;
  • diagnostics and adjustment of electronics;
  • Measuring the pressure of the refrigerant;
  • if necessary. recharging of freon
  • deep cleaning of external part mechanically or hydraulically
  • Cleaning of the indoor unit: filters, drain, fan;
  • Check the fasteners, the trace for damage.

Complex of works is carried out once a year, after the winter period ends. For deep cleaning, troubleshooting it is necessary to disassemble the split-system. And for the diagnostics he will need special measuring tools. Therefore, the maintenance of air conditioners should be performed by a master. It is possible to clean exterior surfaces and removable parts of the indoor unit by yourself.

How do you refuel?

First, the specialist will prepare the system. With the help of nitrogen or freon he will make air conditioner purging. This is necessary to dry it out. Then the tightness is checked. If everything is okay, the master will remove all the air from the system with a vacuum pump and manifold.

The air conditioner can be charged in several ways:

  • By pressure level. For this you will need an instruction manual to the device, which will indicate the optimal pressure inside the system. Manometric manifold and freon cylinder are connected to the unit. The charging is carried out by small doses until the manometer shows the necessary value.
  • By mass. It is used when it is necessary to fully replace freon. All the refrigerant is drained out of the system. Scales determine the mass of gas in the cylinder. After that the service technician pumps freon up to the pre-set parameters. It’s a simple and accurate method.
  • With the help of a sight glass. The technician looks at the freon through the glass. If there are bubbles in the refrigerant, the unit must be charged. Charging lasts until the flow of bubbles disappears.

And then a check is done. If there is no frost on the taps of the outdoor unit, the system is primed correctly.

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